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  • From the 2008 Quiz, the Jon Snow question is about "That's Not My Name", which leads up to James Corden (yes, THAT one) doing an entire verse from memory, and rallying all the panelists and audience to clap along, leading to massive applause. Not surprising how it would catch on!
  • From the 2009 Quiz, one pre-recorded question is from Tim Minchin, who goes the whole hog and turns it into a music video, "(It's Just Like) 1984", which was an instant hit.note 
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  • From the 2013 edition, the contestants completely tear apart "Blurred Lines".
  • Jack Whitehall telling a DALEK to "chill out".
  • Mel B, it must be said, was a bit of a killjoy. So it was an extremely satisfying CMOA when the other panelists started making cracks at her expense...using Spice Girls lyrics, of course.
  • One for the Sophisticated as Hell hall of fame in the 2017 edition when the guest questioners are the London Philharmonic Choir, and the guests have to guess which hip-hop tunes they are performing... to uproarious applause, it must be said. note 
  • Quiz of Everything 2018 marks a first as Jon Snow breaks out his linedancing moves, the first time he's tried to match the genre of the correct song (Achy Breaky Heart).
    • Jonathan Ross makes a long-awaited return to the show, and thanks to being partnered with the surprisingly well-read for a first-time player Nish Kumar, wins the quiz.
    • Likely coincidental, but this installment also had a surprisingly large number of Strange Minds Think Alike cases.
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    • Claudia Winkleman and Miranda Hart have some bananas that they share with the others by throwing them. Jonathan just manages to catch one, pointing out how the odd shape and spinning made it even harder to catch - then they throw one to Vic and Bob, and Vic has to reach with some effort but manages to catch it. Then they throw one to Jimmy, who nails it with an offhanded fluidity that makes him look like he's in the Matrix.
      Jonathan: There's a certain robotic quality in the way you caught that...
  • Though not surprising considering who it is, some of Noel Fielding's outfits have been pretty spectacular over the years.

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