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Some outstanding moments from The Biggest Loser include:

  • In Season 7, Tara was targeted by nearly everyone at the pre-immunity challenge and had to carry an additional 257 pounds with pulling a Nascar car for half a mile in the immunity challenge. She won the race.
  • Just as the first team to weigh in looked as though the 8th season group would suffer the second week curse (almost no weight loss, or even weight gain), the team ended up losing a total of 155 pounds. They had actually been challenged to lose 150 to avoid sending anyone home.
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  • In Season 9, during the finale, Michael, who started the season at 526 pounds, needed to lose 257 pounds in order to become the Biggest Loser, beating the current leader Ashley. He lost 264 pounds, making him the newest Biggest Loser, with a current weight of 262 pounds, and shattering the previous record of 234 pounds lost set by Danny Cahill the previous season.
  • In Season 5 of the Australian show, one contest near the end of the series has the contestants on a Jacob's Ladder. Think a treadmill, but instead it's a ladder at a 45-degree angle. The final two contestants climbed for over THREE HOURS, even breaking the WORLD RECORD for climbing a Jacob's Ladder. Keep in mind these people were morbidly obese and horrifically unfit just two months before.
  • In season 5 of the American show, one week had the teams select one who everyone else would be competing against and the majority vote went to the yellow team (Paul & Kelly). One challenge that week would have Paul and Kelly in a race against the other teams (they were working together). The race involved crossing a swimming pool using a balance beam and placing twelve pegs. Paul crossed the balance beam and placed eleven of the twelve pegs effortlessly. (Kelly only placed the last one because each team member was required to.) The other teams didn't come anywhere close. After the victory, Paul then crossed over into Heartwarming Moment by giving the reward (videos from home) to the other team.
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  • Any occasion where Bob teams up with the contestants in Train The Trainer to make Jillian suffer an all manner of horrible exercises.


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