Characters: Ultra Seven

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    Ultra Seven 

Ultra Seven

Suit Actor: Kohji Uenishinote , Voiced by: Kohji Moritsugu

    The Ultra Garrison 

Dan Moroboshi

Played by: Kohji Moritsugu

Commander Kaoru Kiriyama

Played by: Shoji Nakayama


Played by: Shinsuke Achiha

Shigeru Furuhashi

Played by: Iyoshi Ishii AKA Sandayu Dokumamushi

  • A Day in the Limelight: "Fly North!"
  • The Big Guy
  • BFG: Shoots rounds instead of laser beams.
  • Butt Monkey
  • Expy: Of Arashi. Played by the same actor.
  • My Beloved Smother: In "Fly North!", Mrs. Furuhashi pretends to be ill so her son would visit her in Hokkaido and maybe even quit the Ultra Garrison. Upon hearing this, he went back to work. She then drops by for a visit just as he is about to crash his plane with an airliner thanks to the Kanan aliens.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: His reactions are priceless.


Played by: Satoshi (Bin) Furuya

Anne Yuri

Played by: Yuriko Hishimi

    Capsule Monsters 




    Recurring characters 

    Monsters and Aliens 

Alien Cool

Alien Wyann

Alien Pitt


Alien Godola

Alien Bira

Alien Pegassa

Alien Quraso

Alien Metron

  • Affably Evil / Friendly Enemy: Dan enters his house...and Metron promptly has a nice, long chat with him, and treats him with respect.
  • Evil Laugh
  • Flaw Exploitation
  • Hate Plague: Tiny seeds hidden in cigarettes would drive people to violence when smoked. Metron's responsible for hundreds of violent acts in the town alone.
  • Never Found the Body
  • Smug Snake: Very smug.
  • Starfish Aliens: He resembles a type of shellfish found in Japan, or at least a mashup of them.
  • Worthy Opponent: They warned Dan to stay away lest they be forced to kill another alien. Dan also agrees to duel him in the sunset, and it's shown that they're pretty much equally matched.

Alien Chibull

Android Girl 01

Alien Icarus

Alien Wild


Alien Spell

Alien Iyros

King Joe

Alien Pedan

  • Human Aliens: A Doppelganger of an American scientist they kidnapped for the secrets she may have had on them.
  • I Lied: After promising Dan that the scientist would be returned unharmed, the scientist had her mind wiped. That, and King Joe was set loose again.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: "Observation" trip to their planet? Yeah right! Invading our planet's more like it!
  • Worthy Opponent: Seven



Alien Bell


Ticks Of The False Space

Alien Bado

Alien Shaplay


Ironrocks / Alien Mimy

Alien Black

  • The Virus: They create one that affects women. There was no known cure on Earth, only in Saturn.
  • Zerg Rush: A bunch of spaceships try to stop Seven by imprisoning him in a bubble of energy beams, but the UG saved him, so Seven could fly to Saturn.


Alien Shadow

Alien Kanan


Alien Poll

Starbem Gyeron

Alien Borg

Alien Kill

  • Human Aliens: A motorcyclist, and possibly the crew of the helicopter.

Dinosaur Tank

Alien Prote

Alien Plastic



Shadow Men



Alien Zampa

  • Evil Laugh
  • The Mole
  • Revenge: Kurata had foiled his people's plans three years earlier, so he trapped him, along with Dan and Kiriyama, on the Moon.

Alien Pega

Maya "Alien Magellan"

Alien Banda



Alien Guts




  • Ultraterrestrials: They claimed to have inhabited the Earth before humans drove them underwater.

People of the Fourth Planet

  • Alien Sky: With several moons.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Their living conditions are reminiscent of communist countries. There are soldiers, like Robot Commander's bodyguard, decked out in uniforms similar to DPRK and old USSR military uniforms.
  • Human Aliens: Or maybe even humans...
  • Public Execution: Their leader, Robot Commander, would stage firing squads live on TV to kill people who disagreed with him.

Robot Commander

Alien Goron

Alien Perolynga

  • Creepy Child: Human form
  • Crying Wolf: He tells the only human who knows of their impending invasion that humans eventually won't believe him if he keeps calling the authorities.

Alien Salome

Robot Ultra Seven

  • Beam-O-War: Seven vs knockoff
  • Evil Doppelganger: To Seven
  • Spot the Imposter: After fighting to a draw, Seven and the knockoff play a mid-air game of chicken, resulting in a collision. Then the survivor flew under the Salome's getaway boat and took off with it. Suddenly, there was an explosion in the horizon; the real Seven had fooled the aliens and blown them away.

Alien Hook

Alien Ghose