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Trivia: Ultraseven
  • In Real Life, Kohji Moritsugu (Dan) and Yuriko Hishimi (Anne) are both restauranteurs.

  • Acting for Two: Those twin alien girls from "The Secret of the Lake"? In human form, they were played by one actress. "They" appear together at the end of the episode.
    • Kohji Moritsugu plays both Jiro Satsuma and Dan in Episode 17.
  • Bad Export for You: It's nice to have it on R1, but the set itself lies and says its mono, when it's really a 5.1 remix with new sound effects, and the video is taken from basically ripping the R2s.
  • Banned Episode
    • "From Another Planet With Love" was banned in the 1970s after a support group for atomic bomb survivors complained about comparisons between bomb victims and Spehl Aliens.
    • In 2011, "Super Weapon R-1" was banned in Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.
  • Completely Different Title: In Mexico, it was known as El Agente Ultrasiete.
  • Creator Backlash: Director Akio Jissoji always thought the scene between Dan and Alien Metron in "The Targeted Town" was silly, even when he filmed it.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Given that Bin Furuya was a judo expert and he played the Henshin Hero in the previous show, it's surprising he played the Non-Action Guy in this show.
  • Missing Episode: Ultra Seven is this and then some. Tsuburaya has a self-imposed ban on Episode 12. Out of the Hawaiian Dub, only episodes 21, 22, and 35 survived. In the Cinar/Turner dub, all episodes were dubbed, but between 1985 and 1994, Turner's own video copies of episodes 5, 6, and 7 disappeared. Strangely enough, the banned Episode 12 was dubbed and broadcast in the States, and can even be found online. Nowadays, "Super Weapon R-1" is banned due to parallels to the Fukushima-Daiichi disaster.
  • Prop Recycling: Alien Qurasso's costume is a Kemurjin costume with a new head.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Was originally supposed to be a more hard sci-fi show similar to Lost in Space called The Ultra Garrison, but TBS urged a rewrite due to being too similar to rival show Captain Ultra, and the show was turned into Ultra Eye, where Dan was supposed to transform into Redman, who was also Ultraman Junior. The Capsule Monsters were supposed to be kaiju from Ultra Q and Ultraman, but Tsuburaya wanted to do more with their budget, so the capsule monsters became new monsters. Ultra Eye was reworked into Ultra Seven and the rest is history.
    • Among the bizarre rejected ideas, producer Masami Sueyasu proposed the series become a Japanese analog to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland combined with The Red Balloon, writer Akio Jissoji proposed a series revolving around a time-traveling family and their everyday lives, Hajime Tsuburaya proposed a new season of Ultraman that basically pandered to the sponsors (think Merchandise-Driven to the Nth degree like today's Kamen Rider), and Eiji proposed a cross between Thunderbirds and Lost in Space.
    • The Ultra Garrison proposal would have revolved around a team of astronauts and Robot Buddy "John", who lived in a space station called Mother and were Earth's first line of defense against alien invaders. The concept came off as too derisive, and the executives ordered Tsuburaya to rewrite it.
    • In addition to Ultraman Junior, there would be both good and bad monsters, and good monsters would fight on humanity's side. Ultraman Gaia saw this idea come to fruition.
    • In one draft, Dan would have been half-R-alien (possessing ESP), half-human.
    • One of Seven's preliminary costume designs looked similar to Ultraman Mebius.
    • Most of those designs lacked an Eye Slugger.
  • Working Title: Ultra Eye

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