Characters / The Brittas Empire

Gordon Wellesley Brittas

Gordon Brittas is the Manager of Whitbury Leisure Centre. He is utterly devoted to his job and is unshakably convinced he can make the world a better place. Unfortunately despite being very well meaning he is absolutely hopeless at his job, myopically devoted to red tape and utterly lacking in people skills. Played by Chris Barrie.

Helen Brittas

Gordon's hopelessly neurotic, adulterous wife. She seems to survive mostly on prescription medication. Played by Pippa Haywood.

Laura Lancing

Brittas's long suffering second in command, Laura is the Deputy Manager Dry of Whitbury Leisure Centre. A highly intelligent and capable woman, Laura is well aware of Brittas's faults but sees beyond them and likes him for his idealism and genuinely good intentions. Played by Julia St. John

Colin Weatherby

Colin is Deputy Manager Wet. He is absolutely devoted to Brittas and his dream which makes it unfortunate that Brittas finds him irritating and incompetent and even more unfortunate that he is both of these things. Played by Michael Burns

Carole Parkinson

The Leisure Centres hapless receptionist who raises her children in drawers at her desk. Played by Harriet Thorpe.

Gavin Featherly
Pool attendant and later Deputy Manager. Perhaps the nicest and most sensitive character on the show. In a relationship with Tim Whistler of which everyone but Brittas is aware. Played by Tim Marriott.

Linda Perkin

Petite blonde attendant. Very keen and loyal but pretty naive and suggestible. She isn't quite as worshipful of Brittas as Colin is but she certainly respects him much more than most of the staff. Played by Jill Greenacre.

Tim Whistler

Pool attendant and Gavin's boyfriend. Probably likes Brittas the least out of any of the staff (or at least joint least with Julie.) Played by Russell Porter.

Julie Porter

Brittas's lazy, gobby, Northern secretary. Played by Judy Flynn