YMMV / The Brittas Empire

  • Acceptable Targets: Europe. This show was hitting out at Brussels regulations, bureaucracy and red tape way before the press decided it was cool.
    • Gordon gives his deputy managers two different whistles; one for when a leisure centre rule is broken, the second for when an EU regulation is broken.
    • He also orders the "Europeanization" of the centre, giving Tim and Linda the arduous task of translating all leisure centre signs into over 25 different languages, including little-known or spoken Gaelic, Walloon and Swiss dialects.
    • Perhaps the most damning, agonising, brutal blow? In one episode Brittas gets offered the post of European Commissioner for Sport, which Laura and Councillor Druggett both agree fits him absolutely perfectly, implying that Europe is full of Brittases.
    Laura: Brussels has nothing to do with people, it's perfect for him!
  • The Woobie: The show was pretty prone to turning characters into Woobies whenever it decided to play them straight for a while: