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Awesome: Dragon Ball Z Abridged
For an Abridged Series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged still has its share of pretty awesome moments, as well as funny ones, as well at their Lets Plays.

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    Season 1 

    Season 2 
  • Gohan finally tells Chichi off in episode 11. The word fuck coming out of a kid's mouth has never been so awesome.
    • You forgot Gohan telling Nappa he was going to skullfuck him?
    • How about his Big Damn Heroes moment in saving Dende before he gets killed by Dodoria:
      Krillin: Breathe, Gohan. You're a leaf, a leaf in a calm stream.
      Gohan: F*CK THE STREAM!
  • Episode 18, we have Krillin letting loose some pent-up aggression against Bulma. Of course, Bulma punches him for it, but still.
  • The sheer audacity Vegeta had to stay in Freeza's ship, search for the Dragon Balls and throw them away before leaving.
    • And to add insult to injury, he left a note:
      Freeza: It just says "dear Freeza," and there's a picture of a butt.
    • Followed by Gohan having the same audacity to steal a Dragon Ball from Vegeta right as he stole one from Krillin and Bulma. The realization of this leads to the below.
  • The scream from Episode 18, so powerful it went through time and space.
    Gohan: Hey Krillin, you hear that?
    Krillin: I feel that.
  • In episode 19, when they first meet the Ginyu Force, Guldo attempts a ZA WARUDO on Krillin (read: dropping a steamroller on him) and Krillin shrugs it off without interrupting his ranting.
  • Vegeta effortlessly dispatching Zarbon in episode 17 after all the grief he put him through. Especially his final words to Zarbon immediately before killing him:
    Vegeta "Now let me put this is a way you'll understand. I'm about to blow my load all over your insides."
    Zarbon: "What the.....?"
    Vegeta: "No homo."
  • Goku leaving his spaceship Namek... to the tune of I Am A Real American!!!!
    • Also hilarious, considering the fact that the whole episode was one long series of wrestling jokes.
  • And of course, prior to this was Recoome (in this universe, a combination of The Rock and Hulk Hogan) No Selling Vegeta's attack ("The only thing Recoome sells is merchandise"), along with his Badass Boast.
    • The best part about this Badass Boast is that it's actually present in the original dub, where it more or less fell flat. So TFS took the line, added a ton of ham, and made it awesome. That's awesome on a meta level.
  • After an entire episode of the Ginyu Force destroying Team Three Star, Goku appears and decimates each of them in a few seconds.
    Recoome "Oh. Recoome apologizes."
    Recoome "That's IT! Recoome has had enough. Feel the strength of the Recoome ULTRA FIGHTING MIRACLE-
    Goku SIR! *ELBOW JAB*
    Goku I will fight you in a minute.
    • More specifically, Goku Time.
      Goku (without a hint of irony): Now where are the fighters?
  • A more low key example: Krillin getting Bulma, after all her frustration and anger at getting left behind on Namek, to calm down and give them to Dragon Radar simply by calmly talking to her.
    Bulma: [enraged] WHY!? Why would you leave me alone here!? I don't know this place! Did you know there are giant crabs down there!? I do! I killed one!
    Krillin: Okay, Bulma, let's just calm down. Why are you upset?
    Bulma: Why? Because I am always alone.
    Krillin: Okay, Bulma. If we were to stay here - what would that accomplish?
    Bulma: ....just take the f[bleep]ing radar.
  • There's a sort of meta moment of awesome in Episode 23. Now, Goku and Ginyu have exchanged bodies. Now, you may think that Voices Are Mental just as they were in the main series, but nope. Goku and Ginyu have each other's voices...but still talk like themselves throughout two-thirds of the episode. It really shows some competent voice work and attention to detail.
  • Vegeta Vs Jeice was even better then the actual version in the show. Not only is Vegeta more badass, but he's darkly funny as well.
    Jeice: What the hell happened to you? You were not this strong when you fought Recoome.
    Vegeta: Looks like you have some required reading to do. (Holding his Saiyan Handbook, which cuts to scene of Jeice reading it)
    Jeice: Okay. Warrior race, full moon, lose your tail, stronger every time you almost—Oh, well I'm right proper f***ed aren't I?
    Vegeta: Right in the down under. (Teleport boot to the face, chop to the ribs, and Jeice opens his eyes just in time to see Vegeta about to blast him point blank.)
    Jeice: Clever girl... (KABOOM)
  • Freeza's genuinely chilling entrance at the end of Episode 24:
    Vegeta: Don't you understand!? If it didn't grant my wish, then I'm not immortal, and Freeza's going to... g-going to... (All freeze, making sounds of abject terror).
    Freeza: Oh no, don't mind me. By all means; give me some ideas.
    • Earlier in the episode, there's his Badass Boast to Nail.
      Freeza: Tell me, have you ever heard of Planet Vegeta?
      Nail: N-No?
      Freeza: Funny, because I expect to hear the same from the next person when I ask them about Namek.
  • Nail laughing right in Freeza's face after he just got curbstomped by him. It takes serious hutzpah to do that.
  • This Call Back is an awesome moment for Gohan in my opinion:
    Vegeta: SO WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'?!
    Gohan: What am I doin'?
    Vegeta: WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'?!
    Gohan: Nothing much.
    Vegeta: THWARTIN' MY PLANS?!
    Gohan: Thwartin' your plans?
    Vegeta: ARE YOU?!
    Gohan: ...Yes.
  • YMMV on this but Super Kami Guru's crowning moment of jerkassry through forcing himself to die when Vegeta is about to make his immortality wish, thus disabling the Dragon Balls, is awesome in a weird way especially when you consider he is literally sacrificing himself in order to be the biggest dick in the universe, and (unknowingly) preventing Vegeta from gaining immortality.
  • Episode 25 contains a CMOA for Vegeta, Gohan, and even resident Butt Monkey Krillin.
    • Vegeta holds his own against Freeza's first form and forces him to transform.
      • And even gets a Badass Boast out of it. "Go ahead and mock me, Freeza. But I'm not afraid of you. So why don't you doll yourself and get ready for a night on the town, because I'm about to take you to a ballroom blitz!"
    • Gohan gets pissed all to hell and lays an epic smackdown on Freeza after Freeza impales Krillin.
      "Gohan SMASH effeminate alien! GOHAN STRONGEST THERE IS!"
    • And Krillin has himself a Big Damn Heroes moment when Freeza's about to crush Gohan, throwing a Destructo Disk that slices off Freeza's tail.
      • That part was more awesome than in the actual series! (This seems to be a trend throughout the entire series)
        Krillin: Kiss my ass bitch, I'm immortal! Even though he isn't.
        Krillin: *flying off* "SUCK MY DIIIIIIICK!!!"
    • Also, Piccolo uppercutting Freeza while he's telling one of his sadistic jokes.
  • Another from 25, a Call Back to episode 18, this time demonstrating just how powerful Freeza is.
    Gohan: Krillin, do you feel that!?
    Krillin: I taste that!
  • Freeza, also in episode 25, single-handedly brought the "Krilled Owned Count" all the way up to 25, for 11 Ownings at once.
    Freeza: "One down. Ahh, I think impalement is my favorite way to kill a person."
    • Which is itself another one. This series can have the villain earnestly say that and still be a legitimate comedy.
  • Gohan Calling the Old Man Out upon seeing it's Captain Ginyu in Goku's body.
  • While ultimately useless, there's something awesome about seeing Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan firing at Freeza with all they got, complete with a Badass order from Vegeta.
    Vegeta: Dust this bitch!
  • Dende takes out his aggression towards no one using his proper name (and Vegeta's casual slaughter of his people). On a mortally wounded Vegeta asking him for a heal.
    "Oh no... do not be that guy right now..."
    "Oh, I'm going to be that guy right now."
    • "Nobody f*cks with the white mage." Nobody but Freeza, anyway.
  • Gohan pulls off another Badass Bookworm boast in episode 26:
    "Hey Freeza! The human body is composed of 70% water. I am 100% death! HAVE SOME!"
  • Also from Episode 26, this gem from Freeza.
    Freeza: I have a question for you though.
    Piccolo: What's that?
    Freeza: Die.
    Piccolo: That's... not a... questio- (gets cut off and spiked into the ground by Freeza'')
    Freeza: That's because I don't do requests.
Episode 27
  • Freeza utterly curb stomping Vegeta after a particularly egotistical Badass Boast.
    But before we part ways, Vegeta, let me tell you a tale. *whacks Vegeta with his tail* The end.
    • I thought this part was incredible:
      Freeza: *While hitting Vegeta in the back repeatedly.* Stop hitting yourself. *WHACK!* Stop hitting yourself. *WHACK!* Stop hitting yourself. *Lets go of Vegeta, letting him fall to the ground*
      Vegeta: Aahh! ... Aahah, you're the one hitting me... !
      Freeza: Au contraire, Vegeta. You brought this upon yourself.
  • Earlier in the series, Freeza mentions keeping track of how many times he hears various Badass Boasts, since the Namekians are unable to come up with one he hasn't heard at least twelve times. When Goku arrives to stare down Freeza, he immediately delivers one Freeza's never heard before.
  • This little exchange is a CMOA for both Vegeta and Freeza:
    Freeza: It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, it's time to send you crying home to mommy.
    Vegeta: My mother's dead.
    Freeza: I know.
    • It's a Crowning Moment for both VAs, that's for sure.
  • Vegeta swallows his pride and delivers a Badass Boast for Goku while fighting to stay concious.
    Vegeta: You see, Freeza? You aren't dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore.
    Freeza: Ooooh myyyy GOOOOOD...
    Vegeta: He has risen above, and become a legend! The legend that you fear! He has become... A SUPER SAIYAUGH!
    Goku: (Gasp) Vegeta!
    Freeza: No, seriously, you have no idea how old that got.
  • After Goku insulted him without any malice, Freeza starts shooting an entire volley of beams at Goku. Who nonchalantly diverts each one of them without breaking a sweat, while still describing how ridiculous he thinks Freeza looks. When you consider that one of those beams is enough to kill Vegeta, that's quite impressive.
  • After Vegeta gives his little Super Saiyan speech for the second time, Freeza delivers this amazing retort.
    Freeza: Okay, seriously, first off... Super Saiyan. What is that, what even is that? I'll tell you what it is. It's just some stupid legend passed by your filthy monkey ancestors around a campfire like it was their own dung. Let me tell you Vegeta, I don't deal in legends... I deal in facts. And here's a fact; by the end of this, you are going to be crying... like a little bitch.

Episode 28
  • Freeza and Goku's banter for all of episode 28. It's equal parts hilarious and amazing that Goku is driving Freeza up a wall without even trying.
  • An Episode 28 comment really summarizes what makes DBZ Abridged so great:
    Nevikx666: What separates the TFS DBZ Abridged series from most abridged shows is that they can be both hilarious and still retain the likeness of show they're parodizing without bastardization of plot, characters or any part of the show holistically. Cracking up hilarious jokes amidst the momentum of the action — this is what most shows lack.
  • Also from episode 28, Goku firing off his Kamehameha at Freeza, another very well-done moment from Goku's voice actor.
    • Which is immediately followed by the Kaio-What? gag finally getting subverted
      Freeza(after tanking said Kaio-Ken powered Kamehameha): "No seriously, Kaio What?"
      Goku: "Kaio-Crap."
      Freeza: "I thought so."
      -blasts Goku
    • The lead-up to that gag is, even though it didn't work, really made of win in itself:
      Freeza: Any last words monkey? I mean besides "gurgle gurgle."
      Goku: (Breaking free of Freeza's grip) Yeah! KAIOKEN!
      Freeza: Kaio-wha-?
      Goku: KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!
  • The fight ITSELF between Goku and Freeza, being so awesome and intense like the original show (with much less filler to drive the point). If you're not laughing at the banter, you're enjoying the clash between titans.

Episode 29
  • King Kai, of all people, beats (almost) all of the Ginyu Force single-handedly (offscreen).
    King Kai: (after being insulted by all of them) Yeah, all of you can just go straight to hell.
    Recoome: Oh yeah? And who's gonna make Recoome?
    (King Kai is giving a wry smile then it cuts to Hell's Bloody Pond with the Blue Ogre Goz singing and lodging on a chair, and then all the Ginyu's crash land into the pond)
  • Freeza calling for God himself to strike him down, then surviving the result.
    Freeza: Ha! Nice try, jackass. Next time, give it your A-game.
  • Another right near the end. Namely, Freeza finally being serious.
    Freeza: By the way... Not dead. KTHXDIE.
  • Piccolo getting a taunt in before stalling Freeza to buy time for Goku. He was going to get wailed on either way, so why not make the most of it.
    Freeza: And I just keep getting reminded of my failures!!
    Piccolo: You mean your failure at killing me or just in general?
  • Goku's Ironic Echo to Piccolo when asking him to buy time so he can charge the spirit bomb.
    Goku: I've got the Spirit Bomb, but I need both arms to charge it. You'll have to distract him while I gather energy—
    Piccolo: Well that's not so bad...
    Goku: —for five minutes. And considering how bad he was kicking my, I'm sure you can handle it.
    Piccolo: just hold a grudge?
  • He's terrifying, and a complete asshole, but Freeza's almost-Pre-Mortem One-Liner, as he plays along with Goku's suggesion of a game of "20 Questions" is ice cold.
    Freeza: Alright then. First question: are you about to die?
    Freeza: Ah ah ah! [aims finger at Goku's head] No lying.
    • And Goku's response when Freeza finally notices the Spirit Bomb.
      Goku: Are we still playing 20 Questions?

Episode 30
  • Goku finally ascends to become the legendary Super Saiyan. Yes, it is just as epic as the original anime!
  • This exchange is particularly epic:
    Goku: I'm going to break you.
    Freeza: What?
    Goku: Like a Kit Kat bar.
    Freeza: What?
  • Freeza, hopelessly outclassed, manages to talk Goku into giving him extra time to power up, before beating him down.
    Freeza: Wait! I'm only at half my Full Power!
    Goku: I don't see how that's my problem.
    Freeza: No, listen! ...If you let me power up... I'll give you a pizza!
    Goku: You killed my best friend, Freezer! That's not gonna work anymore!
    Freeza: Two pizzas!
    Goku: I said I'm done! Hraaaaaaaaaaa-!
    Freeza: (Smiling calmly) With stuffed crust.
    King Kai: Goku.....
    Goku: Now hear me out, King Kai...
  • Goku's (somewhat botched) "I Am" Speech.
    Freeza: What are you?
    Goaku: Can't you tell Freezer? It's just like Vegeta said.
    Freeza: No you f**king don't.
    Goku: I am the hope of the omniverse! I am the light bulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Amiga! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am Son Goku, and I am a Super-
    [Freeza laser blasts his face]
    Goku: (leans forward unharmed and smiles) Saiyan.
  • Gohan's REALLY not in the mood for backtalk.
  • The Namekians finally turning on Guru, as he channels Colonel Rhodes.
  • Dende swiping Freeza's wish from under him, and taunting him as he's teleported to Earth.
    • To wit: He might be even ballsier then Nail!
      Freeza: Filthy wish dragon! Grant me immortality as so I may rid myself these vile creatures and secure myself as ruler of all creation!
      Porunga: (in Namekian) Your wish has been granted.
      [Everyone on Namek begins to teleport to Earth]
      Freeza: What? No! This isn't what I wished for! What's going on!?
      Dende: Down here!
      Freeza: YOU. Nooo...Nooo you didn't.
      Dende: So what if I did? What're you going to do about it, huh? Come at me bro!
      [Freeza shoots at Dende who teleports before the blast hits]
  • This Call Back was equal parts awesome and funny.
    Goku: *while Freeza's gripping him from behind* KIDNEY SHOT! KIDNEYSHOT-KIDNEYSHOT-KIDNEYSHOT! And paaauuse... STOMACH PUNCH!!
    Freeza: *pukes blood* Gonna wiz red.
    • Goku avenged Vegeta here, even for a part he wasn't there for.
  • Goku slapping the crap out of Freeza so hard slow motion was used.
    Goku: Are you sorry yet?
    Freeza: I think I peed a little.
  • Goku's reaction to Freeza's energy disks is to immediately suggest that he's stealing Krillin's move, and jokingly asks if he should watch out for attacks used by Tien, Vegeta, and Piccolo as well.
  • A semi-major plot hole from the original series is closed off and entirely explained by... MUFFIN BUTTON!
  • Honestly, most of Season 2 can be a CMOA for Krillin. After the "Krillin Owned" counter and becoming the resident Butt Monkey in Season 1, the fact that he survives almost the entire Namek Saga with only Gohan, on a planet with such strong characters as Zarbon, Dodoria and Freeza is a huge accomplishment.

    Season 3 
  • Popo assimilating Garlic Jr., complete with Bond One-Liner.
  • Freeza and father land on Earth and Freeza begins laying out the rules of a scavenger hunt (humans are one point, Namekians twenty points, Gohan fifty, and Vegeta is an instant win). He dismisses his troops with a cheeky "Off you go!", a chorus of "Yes sir!" comes from the group, they fly away... and fall to the ground as a series of slashes cuts through them. Future Trunks stands in front of them, drops his sword into scabbard, and simply snarks "So. How many points are those?"
  • Trunks spends a good bit of Episode 33 being awesome, but this moment sticks out:
    Trunks: *After killing a minion in about a second* Consider that a warning. Either leave now or die.
    Freeza: Ooh, is that an ultimatum? I love ultimatums! Here's mine. Either die to him or die to me! *Trunks takes a stance as the soldiers rush him... and slashes them all faster then can be seen. All the soldiers are still standing, immobile.*
    Freeza: What... What just happened?
    Trunks: Give it a second.
    Freeza: No, really they're just...
    Trunks: No, no hang on... *Trunks sheathes his sword and the bodies all drop.*
    Trunks: Yeah, took me a whole three months to get that one down. They make it look a lot easier then it really is. *One soldier is shown still alive, visibly terrified of Trunks* REAL hard part was that guy's armor. *Said soldier's scouter breaks in half, and his armor follows suit as Trunks keeps talking.* Went through a dozen mannequins before I cinched that one.
  • Episode 34 has Goku blocking Trunk's sword strikes with one finger. And, unlike in the source material where Trunks warns Goku that he was going to attack, Trunks just attacks out of nowhere here and Goku still casually stops him and then goes right back to what he was talking about a second ago. Badass.
  • You know how much Goku cares about Krillin's safety? While wondering if Krillin died, he is able to think coherently.
  • Amazingly enough, Yamcha gets one that doubles a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in Episode 35. The Androids are killing helpless civilians and he's the only Z Warrior in earshot. He's completely aware that he's almost certainly out of his league and could very well die (for the second time!), and he's freaking out about it. So what does he do? Go in anyway to try to help people.
  • Episode 36 gives us Vegeta's brutal takedown of #19, every bit as wonderful as it was in the show.
    Vegeta: [#19 hits Vegeta in the face, to no effect] Hrm, what a shame. Looks like you just initiated your self-destruct sequence.
    • Vegeta then proceeds to provide a "count down sequence", via the number of hits it takes to defeat him. And actually gets it right.
      Vegeta: One. Big Bang Attack!
    • Vegeta's Kai theme song (Saiyan Blood) being played as he goes Super Saiyan.
    • His entrance into the scene. 19 is whooping everyone's asses, and it looks like he and Dr. Gero have won, and 19 is draining Goku's energy, and then very faintly in the distance...
    Offscreen voice:...Mineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemine...
    Krillin: Does anyone else hear that?
    Offscreen voice:...minemineminemineminemine...
    Yamcha: Yeah; it's getting closer.
    Tien: And it sounds an awful like like...
    THWAM! Android 19 is knocked backwards by a fist belonging to...
    Vegeta: Mine.
  • As of season 3, Krillin appears to have gotten a lot less scared and a lot more snarky, now that he's not the only piece of cannon fodder on the team. This growth spurt in balls will probably help him with 18 in later episodes.
    • As a testament to this, when his owned counter returns in episode 38, he recovers from it immediately, and succeeds in his objective, effectively rendering the owned counter meaningless.
    • Krillin all but taking charge about moving Goku's location. Despite moving him to, what is literally the second place the Androids would look.
    Krillin: Less lip, more ship.
  • "Sorry Doc... just following orders."
  • After seeing Vegeta's abuse of Future Trunks, it's extremely satisfying to see 18 break his arm.
    • Between his poor treatment of his family, his sexist comments towards 18 during their fight, and his general dickery for the past few episodes, it's safe to say that no one was rooting for Vegeta on this one. Then he calls 18 a cunt. Needless to say, what happened next was well deserved.
    • And it continues in episode 40.
    (18 crushes Vegeta's other arm, making him wheeze in pain again)
    Android 18: This guy!
  • Toriyama, the bird Goku saved in the Cooler special, returns in episode 40. And, believe it or not, it has taught a dinosaur to ride a ball. A little bird, smaller than a grown man's fist, taught a beast several times its size to ride a ball. That bird is awesome.
  • Krillin being the only Z-fighter on the scene to actually keep his head and realize the androids would waste him, immediately. He gets the team back on their feet and plants the seed of Piccolo fusing with Kami in the most casual way.
    • And the fact that, once the androids state their intention to go off and kill Goku, he actually stands up to them. They completely disregard him as a threat, but it took guts to challenge them to begin with.
  • Just how ominous the end of episode 40 was. The tone completely shifts as we're about to be introduced to.... Cell.
    • No jokes, no snarky remarks or any wisecracks, they let you know the moment the tone shifts that the you know what is about to hit the fan the next episode.
      • Well, no jokes apart from Popo pointing out how creepy it is, anyway.
  • Similar to how Krillin seems to have grown a backbone this season, Yamcha actually spends all of Episode 41 graduating to the Deadpan Snarker level, noting the idiocy of Krillin's plan to move Goku to Kame House (literally the second place they'd look), and opining that Trunks' deployment of his time machine in the Capsule Corp ship reignited Goku's anguished screams. He never actually gets picked on this episode, either.
  • Chi Chi might be overbearing but teaching Gohan theoretical physics note  so he can explain Trunks's time traveling predicament was pretty awesome. Next is cellular biology!
  • Piccolo's rant to Kami in episode 42.
  • Cell's introduction at the end of episode 42 is scary and awesome.
  • Piccolo tricking Cell into telling him his entire backstory by invoking Just Between You and Me.

    Movies & Specials 
  • The Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged episode gets a great one. See, throughout their entire run, they've either mocked or avoided the "Over Nine Thousand" meme; so it's pretty fulfilling to finally hear Lanipator yell that line out in his best Chris Sabat impersonation.
  • Christmas special. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK THE DRAGON, DRAGON BALL Z!
  • The Touch. Applied to Bardock.
    • Ditto for "Dare" at the start of the special.
  • Make a Man Out of You. Showcases some great singing skills, as well as some funny moments.
  • In the Lord Slug special:
    Goku: NOBODY RAPES CHRISTMAS! (proceeds to destroy Slug's men) And that's how I saved Christmas...again!
  • Piccolo channeling equal parts Bugs Bunny and his father and curbstomping one of the cliche minion characters while cracking jokes.
  • In the DBZ Abridged movie Revenge of Cooler, Cooler Just... Cooler. Some standout moments include:
  • Also from Revenge of Cooler, Goku going Super Saiyan. He also says, in reference to the theme song CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA, "Go, Toriyama. And teach a dinosaur to ride a ball!"
    • Cooler blasts Super Saiyan Goku point blank and Goku shrugs it off like it didn't happen.
    • "Now get off my planet!"
  • Bardock going Super Saiyan in Episode of Bardock.
    • They managed to make the ensuing beatdown of Chilled even more epic by setting it to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
      • And the dialogue just beforehand and after is epic.
        Chilled: ...Please don't break my butt.
        Bardock: OK.
        Chilled: Truly?
        Bardock: No.
        After said beatdown...
        Bardock: You mad bro?
        Chilled: A LITTLE, THANK YOU FOR ASKING! *throws Death Ball*
        Bardock: Then MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHILL! *throws energy sphere that grows into a Beam Spam, which dissolves Chilled's attack.*
        Chilled: I'M ALWAYS CHILLED!... oooh I get it Nooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww~ *blasted away into space*
  • Piccolo takes care of Pepper in the Deadzone Abridged special.
    Piccolo: How about I grab a couple of friends and try to murder you?
    Pepper: Well, personally, I feel that would be uncalled f-*punched across the room*
    Piccolo: You're right. Because, unlike you *ki blast coup de grace* I don't need help.
  • In Cooler 2, Piccolo's Terminator style Big Damn Heroes.
    • Vegeta continues his trend of badass one liners, regardless of how horribly outclassed he may be:
      Cooler: Saiyan, hm? Forgive me, I was under the impression there was only one of you.
      Vegeta: Oh, trust me. There is only one of me.
      Vegeta: (Slices Cooler's arm off) That. Was For. M'dick.

  • Episode 30 part 1 debuted on June 17. Within five days, it got over two million hits. It's past 4 million after almost two weeks. Most of their videos have been up for years and not gotten that many.
  • Episode 33, KaiserNeko's reading for Trunk is just awesome. Seriously, you could place his lines in the original material and it would fit perfectly.
  • Christopher Sabat telling Takahata101 that he's jealous of Team Four Star.
    • Also, Kyle Hebert voicing Santa in one of the specials. Now that's official recognition for you!
    • Along those lines, LittleKuriboh's voicing of Freeza. It sounds like Creepy Awesome and Wicked Cultured had a beautiful baby.
    • Just the fact that out of all of the abridged series out there except for his own, this is the only one LittleKuriboh, the creator of the Abridged Series genre, actually appears in. note 
    • LittleKuriboh's Freeza voice has been complimented by Chris Ayres, the voice of Freeza in Dragon Ball Z Kai
    • Chris Ayres's Freeza sounds significantly different from Linda Young's, but interestingly enough, sounds VERY similar to LittleKuriboh's. And Little Kuriboh's first performance as Freeza in the Bardock special came out BEFORE Ayres's debut as Freeza in DBZ Kai. It's doubtful, due to lack of knowledge of recording schedules, but Maybe - just maybe - Chris Ayres was influenced by LittleKuriboh's Freeza voice.
  • The voice acting of all of TeamFourStar. They had quick Vocal Evolution and all do an incredible job on the voice acting.
  • The amount of attention KaiserNeko puts into each and every episode, shown in the episode breakdowns. He even fixes problems with the original episode.
  • The early episodes of the Incomplete Cell Saga is one of the darkest and most ominous in the entire Dragon Ball series. And Team Four Star managed to make the episodes leading up to Cell's arrival (ESPECIALLY Episode 42) both darkly hilarious AND extremely tense and unsettling. Show me another abridged series that matches the tension of its original series as well as these guys.
  • Guest star Lee Rastus' voicing a Captain Ersatz Claptrap from Borderlands in Cooler 2.

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