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Fridge: Dragon Ball Z Abridged

Fridge Brilliance

  • While he's not exactly the brightest crayon in the cookie jar, Season 1 Goku seems FAR less stupid and childish than Season 2 and 3 Goku. Of course, this is explained in Episode 11: After the fight with Vegeta, not only did he suffer brain damage, he was smothered with what we can only assume is Clorox, which probably dropped his IQ just a bit.
  • Mr. Popo might come off as *only* being an inconsiderate jerk by making Goku make his own way to the Saiyans, but Popo may have actually just been thinking ahead. As shown in Episode 11, he takes the soul of people who ride with him to feed its insane mileage. Now what is one of Goku's most important attacks, used multiple times through out the series (Though admittedly it only really works once)? The Spirit Bomb. Might not be a very useable technique if Goku's soul got taken away by the carpet. So Popo's carpet was probably running on empty at the time, and he knew about Goku's eventual uses of the Spirit Bomb against Vegeta, Freeza, and Buu so he decided to keep to his toast and let Goku handle things himself. Means that he wouldn't have to do a damn thing to deal with Buu especially, which would help keep his true power secret from the others. Why not just fill up the carpet's tank if he knew Goku would need the trip? Because he's selfish and knew it'd work out regardless.
  • When Mr. Popo starts repeating "All these squares make a circle", he's looking at the floor of the lookout - which has square tiles, but a round shape. So if he's viewing it from above, then yes, all the square tiles make one circle. - USA Bobcat
    • Oh, I thought he was talking about time-travel.
    • Or a club of uncool people.
  • When Zarbon's about to transform, he makes a point of saying that his transformed self is completely different in every way from his normal self. The second he transforms, he says, "IMMA RAPE YA, BITCH!" Vegeta, thinking Zarbon is gay at this point, says he's exactly the same just less subtle. Except he's not gay, as we find out later on. Ergo, his transformed self, in being "completely different," is. - Mr Death
  • In Christmas Tree of Might, Krillin did get another Christmas present: Not being the Butt Monkey (for once). Unfortunately, it was during a non-canon special, so he didn't get to keep it.
  • When the group reaches Planet Namek, Bulma hopes that she'll meet a new boyfriend on the planet. She does, unknowingly in the form of Vegeta (even though she was, at first, infatuated with Zarbon, until he transforms.)
  • In the Bardock special, Nappa distracts young Vegeta from the news that his planet and people have been wiped out by taking him to Dairy Queen. At first, this seems to be typical Nappa idiocy and Vegeta just going along with it to shut him up. But, Nappa has a degree in Child Psychology (with a Minor in Pain)- he knew exactly what he was doing to distract Vegeta, and it worked.
    • The joke goes further when you consider that the Minor in Pain not only references his ability to cause suffering, but that he understands it. If understanding is the first step towards treatment, then of course it'd be a great Major/Minor combo.
  • Guru's "Kill it like the rest" comment. Makes one wonder if the Albino (White) Namekians are similar to a certain Martian race.
    • Or actual Dragonball villains like Pilaf and Garlic Jr. who resemble pale Namekians.
  • In episode 18, a babbling Vegeta annoys Guru who then tells Nail to slap him; Nail slaps Krillin instead of Vegeta. While this may be just one of the many showings of Krillin's butt monkey status, it can also be noted that Vegeta and Krillin are voiced by the same person and thus, technically, he really did slap Vegeta.
  • Vegeta's insult to Bulma in Episode 19 about her hair looking stupid is a probably a joke regarding Bulma's hairstyles changing on a regular basis in a show where nearly everyone's look stays exactly the same.
    • Albeit, that's not entirely true. Most of the characters' hairstyles change somewhat from one story arc to another. Bulma's just the most noticeable because her character design will frequently shift within the arc. Excluding the bald/hairless characters, Goku and Vegeta are the only two whose hair doesn't change at all over the course of the series, and there's a biological reason for that. (And if you count GT, then it's just Goku.)
  • In the Christmas Tree of Might special, while Chi-Chi's stern insistence on what Gohan likes when it comes to Christmas presents might seem overly strict, it makes sense when you consider who Gohan's father is! She simply wants the best for her son, and wants to make sure he doesn't grow up to be a complete moron like his dad, and this could even be Heartwarming in retrospect.
  • At the end of episode 7, Nappa names one of the saibamen "Vegeta Jr.", and Vegeta quickly disposes of it. Remember what started playing as his theme music in episode 20?
  • In episode 23, Vegeta's line, "I don't know what this Yamcha is, but it sounds just like Raditz" is a double joke, the first is obvious, the second being that Yamcha and Raditz after the recasting is voiced by the same person.
    • It's actually a triple joke, in addition to that, it's also a callback to Guru's line: "I do not know what this, "Yamcha" is, but it sounds disappointing."
      • No wait, quadruple joke. Yamcha was killed by a Saibaman, which had a power equal to Raditz.
      • And possibly yet another layer: Vegeta did meet Yamcha on Earth. And Yamcha was so pathetic that Vegeta didn't even bother remembering him.
      • And to top it all off, both Yamcha and Raditz once had the same voice actor (Vegeta3986), but BOTH were changed (Raditz to Lanipator (after 3986 left) and Yamcha to Faulerro)
    • And then in Episode 32, it takes Vegeta a while but then he actually does remember "that one scrub who got killed by a Saibaman", who was Yamcha of course. Then Vegeta realises that same person is right in front of him. He bursts out laughing.
  • In episode 24, when Vegeta's shout from Freeza's ship and Piccolo responds from somewhere else on the planet entirely with "Ow, my ear!", it isn't just pointing out that Vegeta is RIDICULOUSLY LOUD, but it semi-makes sense in-unverse because, as the Lord Slug movie demonstrated, Namekians have hypersensitive hearing!
    • Not just Lord Slug, but the main series canon too; when Trunks first comes back in time, Piccolo overhears the conversation he has with Goku despite being across a huge distance from them.
    • Yeah... it's obvious that Team Four Star has been writing in Piccolo's ability to hear long distances, hence why he has to yell to be heard, while everyone is talking at room level and he hears them just fine. Started all the way back with "CLIMB DOWN!"
      • Shouting "CLIMB DOWN!" is justified, in that human hearing isn't as good as his. As for the rest, maybe he likes the sound of his own voice (backed up by his big ego and desire for attention).
      • I didn't mean the shouting, I meant how Gohan is talking to himself, and Piccolo can hear him from however far away he is.
  • Another one in episode 24 is also a Call Forward- King Kai is so sick of Piccolo & Co. that he demands they be wished back before he kills himself. When Krillian asks if gods can do that, King Kai says he's about to try. Remember what happens in the Cell Saga? Goku teleports Cell, who self-destructs and kills everyone on King Kai's planet.
  • The abridged parody of their first season of abridging had a nice looking short sequence at the end, in the same style as the Inception title sequence. It wasn't just for show, this is an abridged version of an abridged series. WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER.
    • To add onto the fun, Dragon Ball Z Kai is essentially DBZ without the filler episodes. AKA: It was abridged.
    • Takahata101 had a bit of fun with that at Sakuracon 2012.
  • Goku's explanation of the muffin button for how he got mind-reading powers is a better explanation than the anime, where he just says it must come from training at 100x normal gravity.
    • He's already shown to have communicated telepathically with Gohan while fighting Vegeta back on Earth, which is before his trip to Namek. So maybe muffins in general grant you telepathic powers.
      • In canon, Roshi, Karin, Kami-sama and Kaiou-sama all have telepathy, Kuririn and Gohan both displayed telepathy on the trip to Namek, and Goku's ultimate move involves telepathically asking the entire planet/solar system for their ki. This was probably the first time he tried to use it for something other than basic communication, but it was still a tactile version of something that Roshi did from a distance about a decade earlier so its not really unusual that he can do it as well.
  • Piccolo mentions to Nail in episode 25 that he switched to Spacebook. What was he using before? mySPACE!
  • It's unknown if TFS will use this in future episodes, but when Freeza impaled Krillin, he kept jabbing him with his horn, to the point where he got two 1Ups. A funny joke until you realize that after this part of the original series, Freeza is thought to have died twice. The first time when Goku's Spirit Bomb hit him and the second after Namek blew up.
  • To answer Vegeta's unanswered question about Freeza's flashback in Episode 25: The same way Freeza knew about the Namekian Dragonballs. If Nappa was talking with his transmitter on for a whole year, it's reasonable to think he might have blabbed about that at some point.
  • Guldo's Word of Gay on Burter. What did he say in episode 21?
    Burter: Well, you've got very nice hair, you're a beautiful shade of red and honestly, you're the only one on this team I can rely on.
    • It also doubles as Real Life Writes the Plot, as Burter's voice actor KaiserNeko is gay.
    • Also important to note that KaiserNeko voices Yajirobe and Korin, the two openly gay characters who are in a long-term relationship with each other, and probably married (Korin mentions he wants kids, but Yajirobe's not ready). Kaiser is himself married.
  • Goku seems to start off being a very Skilled, but Naive Cloud Cuckoo Lander with just a very small dose of Idiot Hero, even going so far as to trying to be nice to Vegeta, who was the Big Bad at the time. In Season 2, he took a high level in dumbass. Why? Because he was brain damaged.
    • To further this, at the first two specials and the series, he was bit of a dick until he was killed. His personality softened after death!
      • His early ditzy-but-dickish personality makes sense too. Saiyans are jerks, but he already had minor brain damage. He was dropped on his head as a kid! As for being less of a jerk after dying, it seems like each time a Saiyan dies, they become less of a jerk.
  • Right before Kami's death, he told Mr. Popo to get the Dragon Balls from planet Namek. Popo responded with "Bitch, I ain't going nowhere" making him seem like a monster. What does he do in episode 11? He tells Goku & friends about the Dragon Balls on Namek. Looks like he really does enjoy his company.
    • Plus when he returned, Kami and Popo bond over the pot Popo grows.
      • That's probably the only reason why he doesn't leave. He's far too busy getting high.
      • And pot takes a lot of care to grow. Not that I'd know. So running off to Namek isn't an option when there is pot to be grown or toast to be made. As for the Vitriolic Best Buds, when King Kai calls him directly, Popo blows up his antennae remotely. He never does this to Kami. And now, imagine what would have happened had Popo just gone to Namek himself.
  • When Vegeta said that his scouter was upside down it was still on his left eye, something that would be impossible if it was still attached to his ear when he said that Goku's power level was 1006. This means that there's probably a righty-flip option so that people who wear scouters on their right ear can still see everything normally. This leads me to believe that he accidentally activated said righty-flip.
  • Piccolo's CMOA in Episode 25 was also a moment of Fridge Brilliance. Freeza tells Piccolo to stop him if he's heard the joke before. He stops him because he has, as Nail is in his body.
  • In Episode 7, Krillin/Kuririn takes offense at being called a Namekian. Later on, Guru reveals that Krillin/Kuririn looks just like an albino Namekian.
  • Again, in Episode 7, Nappa blows up a cargo robot and the cargo was people! in order to protect his image. Why? Well, as it turns out, he has a modelling career!
  • In DBZ Kai Abridged, Lanipator plays the role of Raditz from first appearance until Raditz’s death; rather than until Vegeta3986 takes the microphone to correct an attack name. But this makes perfect sense considering they skip over the part Vegeta3986 would have interjected at.
  • In Episode 27, Freeza states he'll make an asshole disappear. He kills Vegeta, but never destroys the body. He does however eat the space crab, Orpheus, that would've revealed how to beat him. Given the number of heroic speeches he's heard, he's likely come across people like Orpheus several times prior and saw it coming.
  • Episode 28 shows that Goku entrusts Piccolo with talking to Gohan about what he's been through since he arrived on Namek. It's not that he's lost interest in Gohan, he's just handed the parenting responsibilities over to Piccolo.
    • Either that or he completely forgot that Gohan was his son and assumed that Piccolo was Gohan's father. This is Goku we're talking about.
  • Also in episode 28, a bit of Fridge Brilliance occurs with regard to Freeza's chastising God if you think about the fact that God was giving it his A-game the whole time - in the form of Goku.
    • Alternately, the lightning didn't work because he didn't invoke space God. If there's a space hell and a space Christ, why not a space God?
      • That's a good point. If it really was Earth God, i.e. Kami, then it really is impressive he could hit him at all from so far away.
  • How did Goku know what song Piccolo was singing in his head in Episode 2 in Episode 29? Muffin Button.
  • Almost everyone who first hears about the dragon balls says "a dragon's what?" Preluded in the first issue of Dragonball, where Bulma introduces them to Goku and he says "Y'mean... some poor dragon...?"
  • May be Hilarious in Hindsight or plain old Foreshadowing, but Chiaotzu is compared to a Pokemon by Nappa, and his Heroic Sacrifice is equated to using Selfdestruct. It does nothing but a scratch. Keep in mind, Selfdestruct is a Normal type move. One way this be interpreted as either Nappa is super resistant to said move, which would logically make him a Rock/Steel type-explaining his utter pwnage at the hands of Goku. Or, more obviously, it's a hint to what Nappa is going to become. After all, the one type that's immune to a Normal-type move? Ghost type Pokemon.
    • That said, What Ghost Pokemon use Rock Smash? And since Rock Smash is a Fighting move, albeit weak, it likely should've killed fragile Chaiotzu outright.
  • Minor one, but Dende's status as Bi the Way actually makes perfect sense. Namekians are a One-Gender Race with Bizarre Alien Reproduction (shooting eggs from their mouths). While Bulma's boobs are exotic to him, the natural Namekian union would be based on personal compatibility instead of gender, so of course the poor little guy wouldn't understand Incompatible Orientation.
    • This is, of course, assuming unions would even exist in a race that would not require romance as a pretense for sex, as Namekians reproduce asexually.
    • Additionally, Dende being in love with Gohan gives TFS a reason for him to return to be Earth's guardian during the Cell Saga, despite him hating the earthlings he's met.
    • And also, Gohan was literally the only other person in Dende's age group left on Namek at the time. It only makes sense that he would feel a deeper connection with him, especially considering how much mortal peril they endured together.
  • As stated in episode 2 of the TFS podcast, fans have come up with a theory that not only explains why Freeza had a muffin button on his ship, but also how Goku got that muffin.
    • Essentially, the ship Goku takes to Namek is based on the ship he arrived at Earth in as a child, only built back from the ground up by Dr. Briefs. All of Freeza's ships have muffin buttons (for food for long travel), and so Dr. Briefs unwittingly did install a muffin button on Goku's ship, as he was simply reverse-engineering Goku's old ship, which was Freeza technology.
      • There's a problem with that theory, though. Dr. Briefs reverse engineered Kami's space ship, which was Namekian, not a Planet Trade space ship.
      • Actually, all he did was fix it up so that Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan could go to Namek, since it was sufficiently spaceworthy enough to go to Jupiter and back without repairs. In the original anime/manga at least, he does indeed rebuild Goku's spaceship for his trip to Namek.
  • In episode two, Goku tells Gohan to use headbutt on Raditz. It says that it's super effective, which proves how weak Raditz really is, as normal moves aren't super effective against anything.
    • Alternatively, Raditz is a Space-type exclusive to the DBZA universe and Normal is super effective against that.
      • As nice as it sounds, this theory would fail when put next to the "Chiaotzu being a Pokemon" one - because then Nappa, being same race as Raditz, should have received "It's super effective!" panel also, when being exposed to Selfdestruct. We know this didn't happen. Nappa shrugging the attack off would rather get "But it failed!" panel instead.
  • Goku telling the story of Bardock becoming a Super Saiyan and saving the primitive Saiyan race makes sense. Ashamed is probably too strong a word, especially considering he has no problem exploiting the obscene power levels he gets from it, but Goku has no reason to be proud of his Saiyan heritage, given its hat is aggressive warfare and destruction, while Goku fights for the sake of protecting his family/friends/planet. Turning Bardock into a savior (albeit a 'violent savior') is basically him trying to retcon his own heritage so his father isn't so evil.
    • And once you take in that the whole thing was a dream of Gohan's, it makes more sense. Gohan has even less reason to be proud of his Saiyan heritage, seeing as how he's more pacifistic than his father, and the day he found out about his heritage, he was forced into the life of a warrior, a complete 180 from the life he led-and if GT is any indication, the life he wants to lead. Plus, it'd be hard to reconcile himself that his grandfather was such an evil man, so his subconscious turned Bardock into a Noble Demon.
      • And for extra Heartwarming In Hindsight, a lot of Bardock's mannerisms seem based off of Piccolo. Consider these two dialogues:
      Mook: Please don't break my arm!
      Piccolo: No.

      Lord Chilled: Please don't break my butt.
      Bardock: Kay.
      Lord Chilled: Truly?
      Bardock: No.
    • On the other hand, people who reproduce by kicking each other sound like exactly like the sort of beings who would evolve into the Saiyans.
  • King Kai's little chuckle when Yamcha asks to speak to Bulma makes sense. He's technically an omnipotent god, so he probably already knew that Bulma had long since gotten over Yamcha and was having weird rape fantasies about Vegeta. Which then makes his decision to let Yamcha get bitched at and dumped by Bulma a real Kick the Dog moment!
  • Why did Bulma act much bitchier in Season 2, especially to Yamcha? Popo took her on his magic carpet which got about 10,000 miles to the soul... er, gallon. Having part of her soul consumed left her a much nastier and more selfish person!
    • She seems to have gotten kind of better.
    • Maybe she just needed to get laid. Having Vegeta around seems to have taken care of that!
  • The Kanassans repopulating makes perfect sense. If their entire race is psychic then they knew to hide out from the invading Saiyans and just wait for the invading force to leave.
    • At the very least, they'd pull an Island of Selini gambit, and leave enough of the population to be slaughtered to leave the belief they had been wiped out.
    • Alternatively, it was just the stupid ones who didn't think to hide.
  • Freeza: "How many arms do you think we’re up to? I think we’re up to twenty-four." When did Freeza say this? Episode 24!
  • Freeza's talk about giving Goku pizzas for letting him power up becomes, and Goku's "eat it in reverse" line are foreshadowing Freeza's energy disks. Freeza "eats it in reverse" since he was hit in the back by one.
    • Prior to this, Goku threatens to break Freeza like a Kit Kat Bar. As goofy as it sounds, it's a bit of Fridge Horror; Goku threatened to break him into multiple pieces. But like the "pizza" talk, it's foreshadowing Freeza's defeat. Though it does beg the question if Goku cuts his Kit Kat Bars when he eats them.
      • You break a Kit Kat in half when you eat it. Freeza also gets cut in half.
    • It's Goku we're talking about, he's probably never used a knife in his life.
  • Goku staying on Namek and hitting Freeza's muffin-button over and over may seem like the dumbest thing he's ever done, but remember what Tenshinhan said about how Deathis Cheap since they now have 2 sets of dragonballs. Goku may have realised that he could always come back to life and decided to make the most out of his predicament.
  • In episode 31, Maron tells Yamcha that she takes payments "in the backroom, but those are always under the table, so I don't think they count" when he says that he and the others thought she was a hooker, on first viewing, this just looks like she's being a ditz as usual, but when she's revealed to be a Dirty Cop investigating Krillin for insurance fraud, rewatching the episode means this line can be taken to refer to any other bribes she had taken in her previous assignments
    • Alternatively it's revealed at the end that she was tricking Krillin into spending money on her so she could gather evidence of his spending money earned from fraud. Marin may have been pulling the same trick on Yamcha to get him arrested for solicitation.
  • At first it looks like a plot hole that Krillin wasn't brought back, considering he was killed by Freeza. But it was the Earth Dragonballs that were used, and he'd already been wished back once by them.
  • Similarly, Guru coming back seems odd since his death was not due to grief of losing his people (thus, Freeza's fault) but him stopping his heart to be a dick. But his exact words were, "Oh, right, I stopped my heart for a couple minutes there." A couple minutes. It sounded like he fully intended his death to be temporary.
  • In episode 33, Trunks makes some lame puns while fighting Freeza. Remember, he was trained by Gohan in his timeline, and Gohan probably picked it up from Goku and Krillin.
    • This also explains why he uses the same character's trademark curse. "Oh, crapbaskets!"
  • When Trunks is flying toward where Goku is going to land, his GPS says he's going to land at "Idiot Rock" and Trunks then says it is called "Idiot Crater" in his time. Fitting, considering Goku lands there and makes that crater.
  • Krillin is told that the only reason he isn't being sent to jail is because he'd be eaten alive in there. Fridge Logic kicks in, when you stop and realize that Krillin is the strongest human fighter in the world. However, it becomes Fridge Brilliance when you consider that this isn't common knowledge, and Krillin is smart enough to keep his mouth shut and avoid jail time. Then Fridge Logic kicks in again as you wonder why he would be bothered by jail time at all, since there's no jail on Earth that could hold him.
    • Being a super powered fugitive probably wouldn't help his chances with the ladies.
  • Trunks hearing his father's scream in episode 18 makes perfect sense. In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Space Is Noisy, as evidenced by Goku hearing Vegeta from space. It just took 20 years for the sound waves to reach Earth.
    • It also makes sense for Vegeta to be heard by King Yemma in the afterlife. In the original series, Super!Buu and later Gotenks can rip holes through entire dimensions by yelling.
  • Episode 34 ends with Bulma and Vegeta having sex.
    • Speaking of which, it's mentioned above that a species that reproduces by kicking one another sounds exactly like something that would evolve into the Saiyans. Proud warrior race culture, more prone to aggression than compassion...and then you realize that from day one, Vegeta has been particularly rude to Bulma, but never threatened her with death like he did the others. He wasn't just being an ass, he was flirting.
      • Pretty much confirmed in episode 35, judging by this line:
    Vegeta: You're being bitchier than usual, and not in a hot way!
    • Also, Vegeta has no idea what a condom is (or the idea of one). This makes sense in that Vegeta was a kid when Freeza destroyed his home world and his only parental figure was Nappa. So if Saiyans even had such a thing, Vegeta probably would have never learned what one is at all. It's also possible Saiyans simply never had them period.
      • Likely the last part: remember how Freeza always called the Saiyans "filthy monkeys." Like monkeys they have mating rituals and combat so that the strongest male (or female perhaps) would be the ones to reproduce. In other words, they don't mate for pleasure or romance like humans, so condoms are not an issue. This could also be part of why Freeza eradicated them: they breed so rapidly, just like monkeys.
  • It actually makes perfect sense that Goku would have no idea (besides not being very bright) that his hair turns yellow when transformed. The times he would have been transformed, he wouldn't have had any opportunity to actually notice any superficial changes, what with the lack of mirrors and being distracted by people trying to kill him.
  • In the Bardock Father of Goku special, Freeza mentally bemoans the fact that he's always hearing heroic speeches. The next time we see the tyrant (25 years later) he's started keeping track of how many times he's heard certain Stock Phrases. It's very possible that Bardock's speech inspired Freeza to start his mental list.
  • Makes sense for Cooler to be a Voice Actor Impersonator to Bane. His final form has a mask, and they both are more dangerous than their predecessors, respectively Freeza and Ra's al Ghul.
  • This may be a bit of a stretch, but it's a funny coincidence. Bulma and Vegeta are voiced by Megami33 and Lanipator. They also have their own abridged series, Sailor Moon and Yu Yu Hakusho respectively. The original creators of those shows are married to each other. (like I said, it's a real stretch for Fridge Brilliance, and I doubt this was intentional, but I thought it was a neat coincidence)
  • In the Bardock: The father of Goku special, before the Retcon, Cooler says the reason he's letting Goku live is "Because I'm a prick." At first it just seems like he said the line at random, after all how could he know Freeza called him a prick in his thoughts? Cue episode 16, where we see a flashback of Freeza's Space Twitter posts: "@ Cooler, you're a prick." Cooler let Goku live because he was pissed at the twitter post.
  • Dodoria being a woman might be a joke based on his and Zarbon's character designs. Zarbon could easily have been dubbed as a woman a la various Sailor Moon characters, but instead, they turn the very unfeminine Dodoria into a woman.
  • In Episode 34, Bulma tells Vegeta that if he tries anything, she has Goku on speed-dial. Vegeta retorts that Goku can't work a phone. But in Episode 17, Goku imitated a phone hanging up to get out of promising not to fight Freeza. Goku can work a phone, and Bulma knows it.
  • Gohan seems to have inherited his father's Wrong Genre Savviness. In Episode 10, Goku assumes that Vegeta's Great Ape transformation will make him slower, only to be shocked when he realizes that he's just as fast. In Episode 15, Gohan makes the exact same mistake when he and Krillin are fleeing from Dodoria.
    Gohan: Oh, come on, Krillin, we have a two mile lead on him! Factoring in our speed and velocity and his mass, there's no way he should be able to catch u-
    *Dodoria starts gaining on them*
    Krillin: Well, look who's wrong!
  • In episode 30, Dende wishes everyone off Namek to Earth to screw with Freeza. Everyone except Goku. In the original, Goku specifically asked to be excluded, but he did not do that here. There's no reason Goku should have been excluded from the wish, other than perhaps the fact that Dende never knew Goku was there to wish back. He never met Goku since he arrived at the fight with Freeza while Goku was still recovering and died before Goku came into the fight.
  • Piccolo's obsession with dodging makes a lot more sense when you realize the original King Piccolo died specifically because he chose to take Goku's last attack head-on instead of dodging it.
  • In Episode 38, When Piccolo sees how Vegeta treats Trunks, he tells Gohan that he's a good kid. That seems like just another Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, but remember what Piccolo does next in the episode and in canon? He sends Gohan, Bulma, and Baby!Trunks away so that if something happens, they can get another shot at the androids. He told Gohan he was a good kid because he knew there was a good chance Gohan would never see him again. (It's a CMOH because he was seeing how Future Trunks had turned out with an absent father and how he and his now-present father were getting along, and he figured he'd nip it in the bud with Gohan.
    • Becomes sad when you remember that Vegeta did the same thing with Goten and Trunks before fighting Buu, but there, he told Trunks he was very proud of him and that he loved him. Piccolo's so socially stunted that "you're a good kid" was the closest thing he could get to "I love you."
  • Bulma's treatment of baby!Trunks may seem careless, if not outright dangerous, but she knows more than anyone else how durable Saiyan children are. Goku shrugged off getting shot when she first met him and Gohan has able to survive intense battles since the tender age of five. She knows baby!Trunks can physically handle anything thrown his way!
    • This turns into Fridge Horror once you remember another Saiyan baby before him: Goku. His brain trauma was caused by hitting his head on a rock falling from up high. Minor as it was, he was a full-blooded Saiyan infant when it happened. Now imagine what a outright big fucking explosion caused by an utter sociopath who wants to spite all forms of life would have done to a Saiyan-Human hybrid? While Half Saiyan-Human hybrids have the potential to become stronger than any full blooded Saiyan, they're still part human, and until that potential is reached their durability is not as strong, especially for untrained infants. Also, the above might not apply to Bulma because she said that baby Trunks "doesn't know what's going on", not "oh he's part Saiyan he'll be fine". That trip with Mr. Popo must've done a number on her...
  • It seems rather heartless for Chi Chi to completely ignore Goku while he's slowly dying of heart failure, but remember that just a few hours ago, Chi Chi found out that Goku had been lying to her for three years and had just taken their only son to fight extremely dangerous androids. So maybe her behavior isn't completely unjustified.
    • Plus, in canon, she saw Goku fight Piccolo at the World Martial Arts Tournament. That was the second worst beating Goku took in a fight, the worst was when he and Piccolo teamed up to fight Raditz, and Goku got a hole shot through his torso. She knows he's suffering, but she knows he's had worse.
  • Piccolo as of late has become more caring towards Gohan calling out for him after Dende healed him and even telling him he's a good kid, in contrast to the beginning of the series with his treatment of him. Then you remember his fusion with Nail and Nail despite being annoyed at having to serve Guru did care about his people and what Frieza was doing to them on Namek. In a way Nail has rubbed off of him and made him become a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Guru disliking natural light may seem like a one-off joke, but it's actually foreshadowing! Remember what his good half, Lord Slug, did to the Earth? Blot out the sun.
  • Piccolo dissing Vegeta's attack name and the subsequent conversation with Nail is funny in the obvious way, but there's a second punchline when you remember how no one else can hear it.
    Tien: Did you hear the name of his attack?
    Piccolo: I know, right? "Big Bang Attack?" ...(Beat) Shit that's good...
  • Dr. Gero has been shown taking quite a few levels in dumbassery and slowly losing his mind. Also, he didn't seem that smart to begin with. To wit:
    • He wonders why the hell dodging is a subroutine when it's not that complex. He is the one who built Android 19 in the first place. Either he was lost in the moment or he legitimately forgot about that detail. In the case of the latter, this proves that something weird is up with him.
    • When he asks the Z-Fighters what did he ever do to them, he doesn't remember getting on their bad side by impaling Yamcha or attacking a city. Piccolo tells him that he blew up half a city and Gero doesn't consider it recent despite Piccolo telling him otherwise. This could be justified in that Piccolo and Goku lied to him when they said he blew up the entire city. Therefore, blowing up half a city is not in his memory banks since he blew up an entire city.
    • He mentions that his brain case may be loose while escaping. What did Piccolo do to him earlier? Sucker punch his brain case while distracting him with a seemingly innocent question, likely loosening it. Him saying he thinks it's loose is a subtle indicator that he is slowly losing it.
      • Let's not forget that Goku punched him earlier. Since Gero's hat was knocked off both times got punched, it's possible that Goku did some damage and nobody noticed.
    • He literally can't believe that he fooled Krillin into buying him some time; that was smart on Gero's part, but he called Krillin "Tien" instead of "Krillin". While Krillin and Tien are both bald fighters, you'd have to be blind to not see the stark differences between them. His mind has to be seriously deteriorated by this point.
    • Almost done here. He doesn't even know how he converted himself into an android. The original series had it as him building a robot that transplanted his brain from his human body into the new android one, but no such mention was made here. Chances are that that's what happened, but if he can't even remember that then it's a red flag that he's lost it.
      • It's also possible that he did use a robot to do it, but the robot didn't do the procedure correctly. Remember, his robot drones would've identified Goku and Yamcha as separate people, yet Gero still got them confused before he took any hits.
    • Lastly, the manner in which he tried to command Androids 17 and 18 was downright stupid. For someone who kidnapped two teenagers, roboticized them against their wills, shut them off after they attacked in retaliation, and attempted to shut them off again after they've killed the Z-Fighters, he of all people should know better than to act the way he did. It's as if logic is slowly seeping from his mind little by little. This is what gets him killed by 17, but that's not all. He asks if someone could pass him a Senzu Bean, knowing that they can heal, but remember how Goku earlier said it wouldn't work because of a hole in his esophagus. The bean wouldn't make it to his stomach, and that means no healing. At this point, Gero is just a head, so that's a no deal. And why the hell is he asking his enemies for one anyways? In short, Dr. Gero had gone through a long dumbass inducing, sanity rending trip to hell. All thanks to a loose brain case. If it already wasn't loose before that sucker punch.
    • It could be possible he was going senile before being turned into an android.
  • Android 16 has an extreme Machine Monotone, and a single-minded obsession with exterminating Goku. 17 and 18 express extreme annoyance over these tendencies. Well they wouldn't have had to put up with it if 18 hadn't broken 16's pod when it tried to update his software.
  • Minor one, but when Vegeta claims Trunks is a Super Human instead of a Super Saiyan like everyone else says. Technically, he's half-right.
  • Trunks knows nothing about Vegeta, so naturally he's one of the few people who's ever truly pissed him off. Remember when you said you wanted to know your dad a little more? Now you know the one thing that he hates: confirming, to his face, that he's not as strong as Goku. And as of Episode 40, now you know that you are the spawn of a sociopathic killer.
  • Now we know why Mr. Popo is such a Sadist Teacher, and the source of horror for the whole cast. If he downs AN EXACT GALLON of LSD and absolutely panics at everything, who knows what other insane amounts of drugs he's been abusing (including pot). Either he's always drugged up and the sadism is just the result of his drug-spree, or he is trying to cope with withdrawal and lashing out. Kinda feel sorry for the guy really.
    • Considering Mr Popo is far less violent whenever we see him high, it's probably the opposite-the drugs are what's keeping him pacified.
  • Krillin's lack of use of the Destructo Disk/Kienzan gets more than one mention. However, maybe part of his hesitation to use it comes back to the first two times he did use it in the DBZA series: Against Nappa when the disk barely grazed against his face, and against Oozaru Vegeta who jumped it with ease. Thus, perhaps there's been a severe drop in confidence that the attack will actually do the job. (Cutting off Freeza's tail notwithstanding)
  • I figured the whole "Kami, tell me I can leave the lookout" bit was a basic joke until I realised why Mr Popo snapped. Growing up, when someone says "Can I do this?" they may get the response "I don't know, can you?" as a reminder the correct word grammatically is "may" when asking for permission and Kami does use the word may in his response. But Popo wasn't asking for permission from Kami, which was what Kami assumed, he wanted reassurance he could physically leave.
    • Actually, given Kami's rant in Episode 42, it seems that Popo was rubbing it in Kami's face that he could leave the look-out.
  • Raditz's Berserk Button is being ignored. With a father like Bardock and generally being looked down upon as the weakest among the surviving Saiyans, is anyone shocked?
  • Remember when Freeza told the Namekians in the village where we first see him, "I don't get angry, I have people to do that for me"? Freeza's Villainous Breakdown came about because, after Dodoria's death, he no longer had anyone to get angry for him, so he had to do it himself. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry indeed...
  • Android 17 jokes that his auditory heard whatever Dr. Gero said as "KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME". At the end of the episode, he kills Dr. Gero because he specifically ordered the androids to "do as I say", and since Gero was saying kill me in 17's mind, he was "following orders".
  • In episode 41 the reason why Country Music ceases to exist in the future is because Android 18 destroys it. Why does she hate Country music? Because the word sounds like Cunt which was also why she broke Vegeta's arm.
  • In episode 38 Vegeta mentions Trunks missed 3 androids and jokes about him missing another one....turns out he's right, Trunks missed Cell
  • In the Lord Slug movie, Piccolo is introduced with the theme music of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. After he pulls off his ears, Piccolo constantly says what. One of Stone Cold's catchphrases was what.
    • He also asks about the bad guys' gimmicks right after. Gimmicks are a central part of pro wrestling, especially in the Sports Entertainment style.
  • In episode 19, Guldo drops a steamroller on Krillin out of nowhere. Gohan figures Guldo has the power to stop time, while Krillin figures he has the power to summon steam rollers. Considering they're on Namek, which has no heavy construction machines, being able to summon steam rollers would be the likeliest explanation as to where he got one (besides Rule of Funny).
    • Wait...since Gohan picked up on the correct but less likely explanation, does that mean he's a Jojo fan?
  • In Kai Abridged 2, Nappa unsubscribes after watching the episode. Understandable when you consider they cut out Ghost Nappa.
  • Freeza's "game" in the early parts of the Namek Saga, where he listens to his enemy's heroic speech and counts how many times he's heard certain lines. It cements his characterization in the Abridged Series as being basically a spoiled child... whose temper tantrums result in planets blowing up. Why is this so brilliant? It explains why he bothered to slowly work his way through his different forms in the final battle instead of just going to final form immediately. He's so unbelievably bored about always getting his way that even though he's pissed off beyond belief he's still willing to hold back in the hopes that he might get an interesting challenge out of his enemies.
  • Future Trunks' reaction to Krillin telling everyone that Android 18 kissed him. Everyone else Krillin tells responds with "I don't believe you" (except Piccolo who says he doesn't care, and Vegeta who says nothing), but when he tells Future Trunks he responds "I can't believe you." See, to everyone else Krillin's story was just "a pretty girl kissed me" but Future Trunks comes from a timeline where most of humanity was murdered by said pretty girl and her brother. Telling him about the kiss would be like telling a Holocaust survivor that you kissed Adolf Hitler. It's a minor line that is quickly passed over, but it's tremendously effective in establishing just how radically different Future Trunks' experiences and outlook on life are compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Cell looks to be one of the funniest and biggest Ensemble Darkhorse s in the series. Of course he'd be funny when he's made out of the cells of all the other popular characters. He doesn't just borrow their techniques, but also their humor.
    • Even more than that, there's a logical explanation to why Cell's sense of humor is so child-like and so not-fitting the situation he is in. He has Goku's DNA, after all…
      • Also, as someone wrote in his Character page, at this point he's the equivalent of a teenager.
  • At the end of the Christmas Tree of Might special, it's revealed that Piccolo's gift was a larger part in the next movie. The next movie made was Lord Slug Abridged, where he was badass and had the funniest lines in the movie, the "What's your gimmick" thing and the related snarking that came from that. Plus he got to play a role in defeating the movie's Big Bad. I think it's safe to say that Piccolo got a good present.
  • Kami claims that fusing with Piccolo, and thus being stuck in Piccolo's head, would be like "just another prison". Nail, however, doesn't seem to mind it. Why? Because he's already spent his life alone, with only another Namekian for company. He's used to it. In fact, he seems happier "living" with Piccolo than he ever did with Guru.
  • Dr. Gero modeled Android 16 on his late son, who was a Red Ribbon soldier who died to an enemy bullet. This actually explains Gero's desire for revenge much more than just the RR's destruction: if the RR accomplished its goals, his son wouldn't have died in vain, but Goku crushing the RR rendered his son's death meaningless.
  • I was originally questioning why Piccolo knew the symptoms of a heart attack well enough to diagnose one in Goku in episode either 35 or 36, I don't remember at the moment, considering he's a green slugman, but since Dragonball is canon with DBZA, that means the "All of them?" scene, linked here, happened. After that, Piccolo would want to go look up what were the weak points on a human body, so he'd know human anatomy well enough to hit Goku's vital organs in their next fight. This gives him the added bonus of being able to diagnose medical conditions, such as heart attacks.
  • The character who reads the disclaimer at the beginning is usually going to die, or at least be the Butt Monkey for the episode. In the second Cooler movie, an out of character KaiserNeko reads it. In the movie breakdown, he spends about 50% of the time raging about how idiotic the movie is and what a pain it was to edit. Despite not technically appearing in the special, he suffered more than anyone.
  • In Episode 42, when Turtle mentions that Goku's sweating purple, Roshi's first thought is to ask if Goku's eaten any grapes, mentioning that he can't handle them. And while he hasn't had any actual grapes, what he has had is the heart medicine, which is grape flavored. From this, we can deduce that Goku has some sort of allergy to grapes, one that even the grape-flavored heart medicine can trigger. This sheds a whole new light on why he mentions not liking grapes to Trunks, and why he stopped taking the medicine once he realized it was grape flavored: he's allergic to grapes, and badly enough that they could kill him. It's quite possible that all his screaming from the last few episodes has been a result of the medicine's side effects, not his heart attack.
  • In episode 44, Trunks takes the pro-life stance on whether or not to kill an embryonic Cell. It actually makes a ton of sense that he would sympathise with an embryo, considering he himself was an unplanned child who went on to save countless lives.
  • In episode 45 Chichi decides to finally let Goku do want he wants so hes allowed to go off and train to fight Cell just after recovering from his heart disease, but on the condition that he and Chichi have another child. Goku leaves without giving her a yes or a no. This may seem like a joke at first, but if you remember whether or not Goku and Chichi have a child determines whether or not the Buu saga will be abridged. Teamfourstar is basically telling us they may or may not do the Buu saga -Luckofthe Draw
  • After being the biggest of all bads in the entire series Popo seems to be losing his edge now that Cell has arrived, but if you think about it Popo's power level is based off the fact that he kept up with Goten and Trunks in the Super Saiyan forms and Cell even in his first form is a huge step above Super Saiyan. Popo's reign as the strongest might be in question.
  • According to Dr. Brief's guidelines for a "perfect woman", Android 18 comes pretty close. She won't age, her reproductive system still works, and she's white. The only things that would stop him are probably that she can kill him and would not take kindly to being the submissive in the relationship.

Fridge Horror

  • For an example of Fridge Horror, Dodoria is the most beautiful and fertile woman on her planet. Then....what do the other people on her planet look like? -DaionusThe 23rd
    • Maybe her planet's opinions on beauty are the reverse of ours. What they would consider eye-meltingly hideous would be drop dead gorgeous by our standards.
      • But that was BEFORE Freeza destroyed it
  • The events of Dragon Ball appear to be canonical in DBZ abridged. If that's true, Goku would have spent three years training at Kami's lookout. That's three years with Mr. Popo. Is it any wonder that Goku reacted with panic upon seeing Popo in episode 11? -SFH
    • It actually shows in the episode Goku reacting because of that.
  • A more subtle example: Think about WHY Trunks was able to identify Vegeta's rage-filled scream as his father's. Think carefully. Give up? Assuming the androids were still responsible for the deaths of the majority of Earth's defenders, as in canon, Trunks MAY have been born in time to hear Vegeta scream in agony as he was killed.
    • Technically, in the original History of Trunks canon, he was born BEFORE the Androids started their attack. Heck, he was born roughly around the time Goku died of heart disease. So its fairly possible he was still a baby when hearing his father get killed by them.
      • Confirmed: He was ten months old at the time.
      • Frankly, he's living in the most technologically advanced area on the planet other than maybe Gero's lab. I'd be surprised if Bulma didn't have some sort of recording of Vegeta to show her kid. Well, assuming it's something that she'd want to show her son.
      • Or maybe Trunks saw/heard it himself via Space Hulu. He could've been watching the Ginyu Force on GalacTV. Tokusentai, tokusentai!
  • In episode 24, Krillin dresses up in the Freeza soldier armor and notices how he looks like Nappa. He then goes:
    Krillin: Hey Vegeta, what was that one guy's name? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?
    Vegeta: Goddammit, Nappa.
    Krillin: All right, good old Goddammit Nappa.
    • Please note that Krillin's dialogue was the same as Nappa's right before Vegeta kills him. You can see the cogs turning in his head of wanting to kill Krillin.
    • Furthermore, it's likely that Vegeta wasn't even answering Krillin or seeing Krillin. Rather he was just responding as if he was looking at and talking to Nappa and wanting to kill him again.
  • Gohan's anger at his father for "Abandonment". Remember what happens towards the end of the Cell Games Saga? Goku forces Gohan to fight Cell, who nearly kills him and the rest of the group, leading to the sacrifice of Android 16. how is Gohan going to react to that?
  • Lord Slug is one half from a Namekian, the other Namekian half was Guru, who calls himself Lord Slug's evil half. What was the original Namekian like?
    • Even worse, what if Guru got the idea to wish himself young and strong?
      • Well, he thought dying in the middle of wishing on the Namekian Dragon Balls was a bigger dick move, so that's that problem taken care of.
    • Arguably, he'd be less evil than Guru, since with a good half, relatively speaking, he wouldn't be as monstrous as what Guru is capable of, like drinking all the water, blaming it on the Albino Namekians, and encouraging their genocide.
    • Well, Sloth is a sin. Maybe the evil part is just lazy?
  • What's going to happen to all the people Freeza and his men killed by blowing up the planet? There's this scene in one of the Green Lantern animated movies where the rings become non-functional, and soon after a lot of rings spontaneously fall back onto Oa, indicating all the Green Lanterns that were in interstellar space, which seems quite relevant here.
    • Actually, in canon Dragonball, Shenron's ability to revive someone is limited to around one year, possibly up to a year and a half. Anything after that is generally too far gone to call back.
  • When Super Kami Guru reveals that he was the one who caused the Drought, the Namekians respond by slaughtering him. And then consume him, leading to the creation of a new Grand Elder. Keep in mind that the Namekians don't need food for sustenance. It's likely that the reason Namekians have a mouth and digestive system is to EAT the Grand Leader when they need a new one.
    • Actually, while Namekians don't eat the same stuff humans and saiyans, they still need to drink water to survive, needing a mouth and a digestive system to do so, abeit a fairly more simple one, however, it sure explains why they have teeth, specially such sharp-looking ones.
  • Remember the bug planet? No, seriously. Remember that scene where Nappa asks the king and queen to mate in front of them? Remember how said king was a tyrant? That part's actually true in the anime, and if we're going by the anime's story, then that queen of his was someone he kidnapped off of one of his people (the person who told the two that the king's a tyrant), and so when Nappa had them mate to sate his curiosity, he pretty much had the king rape someone. Hopefully, it doesn't follow that part of the story.
    • Listen to the background during the first prison scene, they DID follow that part.
      • To be fair to Nappa, he wasn't really listening to the prisoner's lecture, so it's unlikely he knew the full extent of what he was demanding.
  • When Frieza tells Vegeta that he'll send him crying to his mommy, Vegeta replies that she's dead. To which Frieza replies, I know; meaning not only his father died at his hands, but his mother as well.
    • Considering Frieza destroyed the home planet, and 99.999999% of all Saiyans EVER, I think it's pretty safe to assume Vegeta's mother is dead, even if Frieza wasn't responsible.
  • In the remade Dead Zone Abridged, Gohan's drug trip is much darker than the original. While the events of the film are the only traumatic events Gohan's experienced in his life at that point, he's handling the situation just fine. It seems that the violent imagery he's seeing is the result of being half Saiyan. If that's the case, than all of the trauma he's experienced since then might be what's keeping him sane.
  • Android 17 makes an offhand comment about his (and 18's) parents being dead in episode 40. Considering how canon has them as human teens kidnapped by Dr. Gero, and how he's aware that his parents are dead, it's rather likely the old man murdered them while kidnapping 17 and 18.
    • Worse-this could be canon considering Dr Gero is no less evil there.
  • Kami's And I Must Scream situation of having to be a part of Piccolo again, just another voice inside his head, "just another prison".
  • If the Z warriors didn't misinterpret Dende's invitation, Metal Cooler would still be in control of the new Namek.
    • Correction: New Namek would be gone and all its inhabitants dead... again.
  • Judging from Cell's reaction to Piccolo regenerating a severed limb, he didn't know Namekians could do it. Since he knows he DOES have Piccolo's genetics, this event is likely what lets him know he can do it too.
  • When he first meets Piccolo, Cell spits out a pacifier. Considering that Cell's consumption is used by his tail and doesn't absorb any inorganic matter, there's only one actual conclusion that can be drawn from that scene: Cell ate a baby alive and crushed it with his jaws. Doubly horrific because he would actually gain zero energy from that method!
    • Somewhat alleviated from the fact that he complained it's 'not even the right hole.'. The way he said it was to imply that Cell absorbed the baby and took the pacifier in through his tail, but he spat out the pacified from his mouth, hence why it was so embarrassing.
  • Goku mentions that the Yardrats fed him their sick. Could it be that one of those sickly Yardrats had a heart virus that would be triggered by consuming too much bacon?

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