Tearjerker / Dragon Ball Z Abridged


Who knew an Abridged Series could have its sad moments?

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     Season 1- 2 
  • Nappa's remorse over killing his new pet on Planet Arlia, it's Played for Laughs, but it's clear he's torn up about it.
  • Tien's reaction to Chaotzu's death. Great bit of acting from Ganxingba. Also Tien's death of exhaustion. Made harsher by the fact that neither Chaotzu's sacrifice nor his sacrifice managed to hurt Nappa.
  • Piccolo's death. Yeah, his final words were a Brick Joke, but Gohan's scream was pretty heartwrenching, considering Piccolo was his first real friend, there's two killer aliens coming after him and his dad still hasn't shown up.
  • Oozaru Vegeta crushing Goku's ribs results in a very, very pained scream from the latter. Considering this Goku is The Pollyanna, it counts as a massive (and quite literal) case of Break the Cutie. At least until his ribs start making squeaky noises.
  • When Gohan expresses that he'll go to Namek as his responsibility to the deceased Piccolo, Chi-Chi expresses that he won't with Anger Born of Worry. Gohan's response?
    Gohan: SHUT YOUR F***ING FACE! (extended beat) I'll be going to Namek now.
    Chi-Chi: (leaving room) You best.
    (loudly slams door behind her)
  • The first we see of Appule, he's playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and beating up Bardock in retaliation for what happened to his brother in Father of Goku, still harboring resentment for a man that was long since dead. It sets up a grave reminder that, even though the Freeza soldiers are disposable Mooks, they still had friends and loved ones whom they deeply cared about.
    • His final words are pretty somber for what's essentially a background character.
  • Guldo after being decapitated, he starts to ponder the meaning of his life then Vegeta throws another dog treat at him. It's hard not to feel sorry for him.
    Guldo: I f*cking hate you...
    Vegeta: I know. (blasts his head)
  • Burter's death. It's preluded by him opening up about his insecurities regarding his usefulness to his team, and Jeice assuring him that Burter is "me best mate" for helping to move a piano into his flat in "no time at all", also reminiscing about Recoome and Guldo at the time. Just as they resolve to go off to have a good old time (a villainous equivalent of And the Adventure Continues), Mood Whiplash ensues when Goku immediately cuts their plans short. Fatally.
  • Captain Ginyu's reaction to seeing Jeice die at the hands of Vegeta. It quickly hits him that his men are all dead, and he's the last one left. He even asks the group to give him a moment to mourn them, but Vegeta attacks him not three seconds later.
  • Gohan's Parental Abandonment issues.
    Gohan: Think, what would my dad do?
    Goku: [in Gohan's mind] Bye, son!
    Gohan: I'm beginning to think I have issues.
  • Freeza's beat-down of Vegeta.
    Freeza: You see? It's just like I told you. Like a bitch.note 
    • And after Freeza kills him.
    • This conversation just before Goku arrives and Freeza kills Vegeta out of spite.
      Freeza: It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, it's time to send you crying home to mommy.
      Vegeta: My mother's dead.
      Freeza: I know. note 
  • Goku's reaction to Vegeta's death, not helped by the music:
    Goku: C'mon, you deserve a proper burial.
    Freeza: Ah, yes. A proper burial: an unmarked grave on an empty planet in the middle of Nowhere, Space. Honestly, I'd say it's too good for him.
    Goku: I'll be sure to give Freezer one for you, best buddy. Goodbye.
  • Goku's reaction to Freeza killing Krillin. You can hear the sound of his voice that Goku was trying to hold in his tears. Freeza's response is basically the verbal equivalent of kicking the dog.
    Freeza: Oh, out of all the people I've blown to bits, that one will hold a special place in my heart.
    Goku (Shakes and grunts in anger)
    Freeza: Oh, what's wrong, Monkey? Come on, now, give me something funny.
    Goku: (Just barely holding in his rage) You... killed my best friend...!
    Freeza: Ha! That is pretty funny. Hilarious, actually.
  • Krillin explains Karma to Dende, and sums it up as, "If you're good, good things will happen to you." Dende concludes, in a dull monotone, that if he's good, he can have his family back.

     Season 3 
  • Just like in the source material, the Bad Future Trunks comes from. Especially Yamcha's fate. This fate is the above picture.
  • Vegeta's treatment of Trunks in Episode 38 is quite sad to watch note :
    Vegeta: I'm sorry but... I don't listen to bastards.
    • Even Piccolo is appalled at it.
    Piccolo: Gohan?
    Gohan: Yes?
    Piccolo: You're a good kid.
    • Later:
      Trunks: Oh come on, we both know I'm your son.
      Vegeta: And are you as disappointed as I am?
      Trunks: *growls*
    • Even later, when Vegeta sees "the real Androids" that Trunks warned them about...
      Vegeta: Wow, you're just the Grand Central Station of disappointment, aren't you?
      Trunks: <upset> How are these people friends with you!?
    • Immediately lampshaded by Tien who essentially tells Trunks that they aren't "friends" in any sense of the word. They pretty much just embody the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend idea, which in no way states that they have to like each other. The Z Warriors and Vegeta are like Vitriolic Best Buds minus the best buds bit.
  • Vegeta's abuse towards Future Trunks does not lighten up either, as the moment Future Trunks tells Vegeta that he's not as strong as Goku to his face, Vegeta snaps and winds his own son.
    • It all finally catches up to him once Android 18 breaks his arm.
    • On another note, it's just sad that Trunks knows absolutely nothing about the man. His reaction to when Piccolo told him that Vegeta once tried to kill everyone is nothing short of horror and shock. It's possibly (and sadly) justified in that Vegeta has done nothing that would make one even want to tell his child(ren) about him. Hell, the best thing that the mother of his child could say about Vegeta to a young Trunks was "You share his gender." Ouch.
    • Trunks apparently spent a year training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber without receiving any positive reinforcement.
  • Yamcha looking on while Goku is screaming in pain as he suffers from his bacon-induced heart attack, while the spoken dialogue is Played for Laughs you can tell he's real worried about him, probably the only one of the gang that Yamcha can consider a friend.
    • The thought of having to just stand there watching your friend suffer due to an extremely painful condition, knowing full well there's not a damned thing you can do about it can evoke tears...
    • On a similar note, the two instances when a giant enemy is torturing a helpless Goku, first Ozaru Vegeta, then Giant Lord Slug, by squeezing him so hard it makes his lungs squeak like a dog toy. It's played for laughs, but Goku's pained screams aren't, and you can tell he's hurting horribly.
      Goku: Why does everyone laugh at that? That's my ribs crushing my lungs!
  • This exchange that basically sums up what the future was like for Trunks.
    Krillin: Do you think 18's kinda... cute?
    Trunks:(Angrily stares at Krillin) (Beat) No.
  • Kami's revelation about why he's putting off assimilating with Piccolo, bringing up a lot of Fridge Horror about Kami's existence in the process:
    Piccolo: But if you don't fuse with me, the entire world you're guarding might be destroyed!
    Kami: Maybe I'd rather it be destroyed, then ever have to be a part of you again!
    Nail: Mom? Dad? Please stop fighting.
    Piccolo: So that's what this is all about, huh?
    Kami: No, no; that's not what I—
    Piccolo: Naw, no, it's fine. I was kind of a dick. I get that.
    Kami: Listen, Piccolo. I've been the guardian for over three hundred years. I've seen wars, sickness, death, and worse. All the while trapped on this lookout. Unable to interact with the outside world for more than moments at a time. Now the only chance I have left is giving up my free will to someone else. It's just another prison.
    Piccolo: ...Wow I... I didn't-
    Kami: It's fine. I'm done anyway. You're right: If I don't do this now, we are likely to lose everything.
    • The musicNote  during Kami's monologue really drives home the melancholy, too. All in all it is a surprisingly heartfelt scene.
  • Episode 44 has an easily-missed one that mixes in with Fridge Horror — Dr. Gero's notes for 17 and 18 comment that their real names (Lapis and Lazuli) make it sound like their parents "wanted them to become strippers". Seems like a strange comment at first, but then you remember that the two are orphaned teenagers... and were likely rendered homeless after their parents died and forced to do unsavory things just to survive before Gero kidnapped them.
  • Even though it looked like he didn't care before, Mr. Popo now REALLY isn't himself after Kami fused with Piccolo. He even sees a vision of him after Goku asks what gives.
  • Piccolo's situation in Episode 45. After fusing with Kami and essentially taking his role as Guardian of the Earth, Cell appears and starts killing entire cities. And, despite the power boost, Piccolo can't do anything to stop him.
    Piccolo: I get it! He's absorbing people! I'm trying to stop it!
    • Bonus points when you think about Kami's reservations about holding off on fusing with Piccolo.
  • Piccolo's defeat by Cell in episode 47 has a short-lived but poignant moment. Even Cell seemed a bit melancholy.
    Cell: He died as he lived.
    18: Drowning?
    Cell: ...Alone.
  • Android 16 on the drive through the forest:
    16: I personally enjoy this alternate route. It is dense with foliage, and wildlife, and—
    (18 blows the forest away)
    16: And spending time with you. But clearly you disagree.
  • Piccolo's horrified reaction in Episode 47 when he realizes that Cell has possibly murdered thousands more people just to become stronger.
    Piccolo: How? How many people?
    Cell: Enough.
  • The Androids seem to really care for each other when Cell shows up, with 16 telling 17 and 18 to run and them refusing because they want to stick together. They even all talk about pulling a Heel–Face Turn together and giving up the world destruction shtick... and then Cell eats 17 whole. All 16 can do is glare in rage, and 18 is stunned beyond words.
  • Krillin's comment after Bulma leaves him with 18's self-destruct remote:
    Krillin: This uh, this remote's a lot heavier than I expected...
    • It's hard to tell if he means that literally, figuratively, or both. Case 1: The remote is the bomb; Bulma is willing to let Krillin die for them. Case 2: Krillin feels the symbolic weight of what he's about to do. Case 3: Both. Any way you slice it, it's sad.
      • When Krillin was describing Marron he was a complete pervert caring about things like her breasts being as big as his head. While describing 18 he talks about her eyes, the way she plays with her hair, and the little things and when Roshi inquires about her breasts he asks if that's important. He's finally found someone he values for more than just their looks and he's been given the responsibility of killing her. That remote certainly was heavy.
  • When Tien shows up and gives 18 and 16 a window to escape, this little exchange occurs:
    18: Come on 16, we have to go!
    16: Where is 17?
    18: He's gone, buddy.
    16: That is sad. I am sad.
    18: We both are.
  • After Trunks comes out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, we're reminded that he had no-one but Vegeta to talk to:
    Goku: Hey Trunks! Wow, neat hair!
    Trunks: (Inner monologue) Oh my God. First piece of positive reinforcement in over a year. Respond appropriately...
  • Yamcha and Chiaotzu's concern over Tien using the Kikoho knowing that he will likely die if he continues using it.
  • The fact that Cell ended up destroying several islands filled with people who showed genuine concern for his supposed relationship issues.
    • From that same episode, Gohan has some...reservations about being alone with his father for an entire year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It's starting to become clear that he losing his respect for his old man.
      Gohan: (disgusted sigh) I need an adult...
      Goku: I am an a—
      Gohan: No. No, you're not.
  • Krillin's internal rant in episode 51. He's within range to detonate #18's internal bomb but can't bring himself to do it. It's made worse when his attempt to steel himself ends up making him realize something important.
    Krillin: Oh come on Krillin! Be strong for one second in your worthless life, AND PUSH THE STUPID BUTTON. IF YOU DON'T EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND LOVE IS GOING TO DIE, INCLUDING HER! ...oh.
    • The fact that he was thinking about how he wouldn't be able to wish her back and that small sad "oh." as he drops the detonator is just heartrending. Good thing fans of Dragon Ball know how #18 and Krillin's relationship ends up.
    • Just to make it even worse, his long-running habit of being effortlessly swatted aside by the Big Bad (with corresponding "Krillin Owned Count" increases) decidedly stops being funny when it becomes apparent just how desperate he is to save 18, as he gets up again and again after Cell knocks him away despite knowing he can't do anything to stop him. Poor guy gives it his all and ends up losing 18 anyway
    • The usage of Lapis Lazuli's music adds to it. note 
  • Android 18's absorption by Cell is played out as a very tragic situation, with Krillin and Android 16 both sounding absolutely shattered when they realize that they can't save her. Not helping things is how 18 and Krillin are shown genuinely coming to care for each other before it occurs, with 18 even imploring 16 to keep Krillin safe.
    • How she gets absorbed compared to the original series also counts. Whereas there she was defiant to the end, here she instead... rushes headlong to him before being absorbed offscreen with a final shout. If it weren't for the fact that the androids aren't quite dead after being absorbed, 18 would have more-or-less killed herself.
      • It could also be seen as her taking one last swing at Cell, knowing damn well that it won't do a thing. She can't run, he'll catch her. She can't fly away, he'll catch her. So she just tries to land even one punch before...
      • Also Android 16's voice became decidedly shaky and emotional when he "CONFIRMED" 18's last request to look after Krillin. As much of a Comically Serious and extremely robotic robot he is, even he is distraught at losing his "sister"
  • Tien's reaction to Krillin destroying the remote. Before that, he made a bet with Piccolo about either Vegeta or Krillin screwing up their tasks. Tien bet on it being Vegeta, admitting that, while Krillin may be a "total bitch", he always steps up when needed. After the remote is destroyed, he's not only ranting about Krillin risking the earth for sex, but also how he made his own Hold the Line moment against Cell pointless.
    • In relation to the above. Trunks has a total mental breakdown when he realizes that Krillin has destroyed the remote to self-destruct 18, and by extension destroyed their hope of stopping Cell from reaching his perfect form; which he eventually does. Trunks, the poor guy can only form thoughts that amount up to complete gibberish; all coming to a head when he yells out in rage.
    • Krillin's nonchalant noticing of Trunks doesn't help...especially since it pretty much pissed away all the goodwill he built up with Trunks in destroying Gero's lab, including fetal Cell. To make this more tragic, this is also an example of Poor Communication Kills - if someone had let Krillin know the situation had changed thanks to Cell revealing his "absorbing the Androids" gimmick, he probably wouldn't have been so quick to destroy the remote. You'd think Bulma would've made something as simple as a long-range mobile communicator to hand out to everyone... Or just give them phones.
    • Then it's Krillin's time to chew on Trunks when he told him he knew he was holding back. Screaming that his attempts at sparing Vegeta's feelings killed 18. Trunks finally understands why he broke the remote, as well (he previously expressed denial over the possibility that 18 isn't just a heartless killing machine who actually kissed Krillin out of actual affection).
      Trunks: It's more than anger, it's Pride! It would shatter him!
      Krillin: And because of that, 18 had to die!?
      Trunks: What does it matter?! That was your plan the entire—(sees Krillin on the verge of tears)...oh. Shit.
    • There's something really sad about the how desperate Trunks is for Vegeta's approval. It gets to the point where he deliberately holds back and discards his usual pragmatism just because he's afraid of showing up his father. Even after lashing out at Vegeta, he's still grasping at the vain hope that they could have a remotely stable father-son relationship.
      • Considering Vegeta's reaction when he is floating in the ocean that's still a possibility
  • Krillin tries in vain to avenge Eighteen:
    Perfect Cell: So...who's fir—
    Krillin: GIVE HER BACK! (throws a Kienzan at Cell's head; Cell doesn't even react as it shatters around him)
    Perfect Cell: Ah...a volunteer. (hits Krillin over half a mile, breaking his neck and bringing the Krillin Owned Count up to 35)
  • Gohan's motivation to transforming into a Super Saiyan, begging in his mind for Piccolo, Krillin, or anyone else to save him - from his own father no less - and then despairing at the notion that nobody will come and that he can't actually dodge. His triggering emotion wasn't a sense of righteous indignation, but of helplessness and fear.
    Gohan: (thinking) Mr. Piccolo! Krillin! Anyone! (the world fades away so that it's just Gohan; we're treated to flashbacks of some of Gohan's more harrowing moments) No...no one's here to save me...to save me like always...I can't run from this...I can't dodge this...I can't dodge...if I can't dodge—! (Gohan goes Super Saiyan, and throws the massive blast aside)
    • And after he went Super Saiyan for the first time, he's seen growling and grumbling in place, his entire body tensed up. He's only barely holding off a full-on Power Incontinence episode.
    • For added, the music background of Gohan's realization is his theme of game Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2. This song represents hopeless, sadness but same time pure anger have Gohan. This song is basically all suffer he had such age, he has been taken from his childhood almost forced to fight.
  • After Perfect Cell utterly destroys Vegeta, he says this line that not only makes it clear where Vegeta is in the pecking order, but basically sums up what Dragon Ball had become;
    "Next time, why don't you remember your place like the rest of them... and wait for Goku."
  • In Episode 53, My Body is a Temple'O'Trunks, we get reminded of Trunks' feelings on his mentor's death and how that affected him badly.
    Cell: Does Gohan know, by the way?
    Trunks: Does he know what?
    Cell: That you let him die.
    • The entire episode just seemed to want to just break Trunks in half. From the taunts of his alternate future self, Cell's quips about him trying to play hero and how he's a novice, and finally Cell just playing him the entire episode.
      • Speaking of which, Cell just shatters his spirit after revealing that not only is his new form highly impractical, it isn't unique. In fact not only does Cell use it in front of him (mocking Trunks while doing so), he commented on the fact that Vegeta probably figured out this form too but even he wasn't stubborn enough to use it.
      Cell: Now, how 'bout you come on down, stop using that useless form, and quit wasting everyone's time.
      • Once broken, all Trunks can say in response is the following.
    • Tien's...just Tien's constant and growing frustration with the situation at hand. When Trunk's Ultra form was unveiled (and before the reveal above)—Tien's rant sounds more like him screaming at the very staples that hold the series together and it's clear he's nearly fed up with dealing with it. His Moment of Awesome with Semi-Perfect Cell gets a tad sadder with this in mind.
    Tien: That's Trunks?
    Piccolo: Yeah. Pretty astonishing, isn't it?
    Tien: It's infuriating!
    Piccolo: Why, because the gap keeps widening?
    Tien: Because he could have A: killed Android 18, B: killed Cell, or C: killed Vegeta!
    Piccolo: Why Vegeta?
    Tien: Because I deserve something today!
    • There's also Vegeta's moment in The Stinger. He'd really pushed himself this time and he was completely worfed by a glutton who never trained a day in his life. You can't blame him for wanting to cry then and there.
    • It's muddied a bit when you remember that had Vegeta not gotten cocky and let Cell absorb 18, he wouldn't have gotten his ass kicked.
    • And that Vegeta hadn't trained much in the series prior to Cell's arrival. For the first two seasons, the only way Vegeta ever powered up was by taking advantage of the power boost Saiyans receive when they're beaten and then recover.
  • In Episode 54, Gohan has a nightmare that Cell kills Chichi and Piccolo. It says almost too much about Gohan's relationship with his mother that his initial reaction to her death is "Oh thank God."
  • Episode 56: As Bulma goes over Android 16's data files, she finds one file that is uncorrupted: A video message from Gero's son (whom 16 was modeled from) to his father that was sent from the Red Ribbon Army's HQ, which cuts off right as a young Goku destroys the entire base with a Kamehameha. note  With just one scene, Gero's obsession with getting revenge on Goku takes on a much darker context...
    • Then Bulma shows the bomb in Android 16, Gero was still ready to detonate a copy of his son if things went wrong.
    Briefs: At least Gero was consistent.
  • Goku knows Chichi's pregnant. Given what happens to Goku at the end of the Cell saga in canon, that makes his upcoming decision that much more heartwrenching.
  • Chi-Chi's plea to Goku to keep Gohan from dying during the Cell Games. She's made peace with the fact that Goku has died before and might die again, but she just can't take that happening to her firstborn. Goku's response is this mixed with a Heartwarming Moment.
    Goku: Chi-Chi come on, don't be like that!
    Chi-Chi: Goku...
    Goku: If Gohan dies, that means the world's doomed anyway so what will it matter?
    • And it's scored with the legendarily heartwrenching music from Lost.
  • When Perfect Cell asks Mr. Satan if he has any personal relationships that aren't based on his money or his position, Mr. Satan neglects to mention his wife.note 
    Cell: "Do you have any actual friends? Any relationships at all that aren't about your money or your position?"
    Mr. Satan: (weakly) "I have a daughter..."
    Cell: Oh that poor orphan.
  • Granted, he deserves this at this point, but Vegeta, the show's proud, resident shit talker, only has two lines in this episode. Both of which are out of irritation and neither are directed towards Cell. He just remains stoically silent even as Cell mockingly goads into him into fighting him again, only changing his expression when Cell almost suggests that he's taking his advice: Wait for Goku.
    • Noticeably, Vegeta had a regular amount of lines in between this episode and his last bout with Cell... because he wasn't near Cell. Now he's bitterly silent in his presence because they both know Vegeta can't do anything about Cell's shit talking. His training in the Time Chamber after his defeat amounted to him just ranting like a mad man, trying to make excuses for his mistake in letting Cell achieve perfection, and he has little to show for it. His only possible reason for showing up to the games at all is probably because he knows that Cell would still taunt him for quitting or being a coward that didn't show. It's pitiful How the Mighty Have Fallen moment.
  • It's hard to not feel bad for Chi-Chi right about now. Think about it. The amount of sheer Adult Fear Chi-Chi is going through right now. She has to sit there and watch her own son fight a monster that even Goku couldn't defeat, and what's worse is that it was Goku who initiated the confrontation to begin with.

  • Bardock's reaction when he sees his slaughtered crew and when his friend Toma dies in his arms.
    Bardock: "Listen! You won't end like this! We're not too far from a healing planet... We're gonna get you fixed up! We'll get you better! We'll warn everyone else! And then we'll..."
    (Toma dies.)
    Bardock: (thinking) "My best friend just died in my arms, didn't he?"
  • As opposed to his canon counterpart, Turles's motivation in Christmas Tree of Might is that he hates Christmas because Santa Claus never visited Planet Vegeta, thus denying him the joy other worlds received. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight when, after he gives Goku the motivation he needs to defeat Turles, Santa reveals that he did try to visit Vegeta, but the Saiyans kept trying to shoot his sleigh down.
    • It becomes even harsher with Plan to Eradicate Christmas, where Santa's gone absolutely Ax-Crazy.
  • Cooler, despite his snark and wit, is just a member of Frieza's race that got screwed out of a good childhood. His utter disdain for his brother, this line, and his death (which has both a heartbreaking score and death scream) cement this.
    Cooler: "See? This is the difference. My brother would have stood around postulating and claiming his victory, like some haughty greenhorn child. I know what it takes to get the job done, [[WHICH IS WHY FATHER SHOULD HAVE-"
    • After hearing (off-screen) the story of his life, Goku has only one reaction:
    Goku: "Wow... I'm... sorry about your dad..."
  • On the same vein that Cooler, we have Lord Chilled. Maybe it's the sad music, maybe it's the fact that he was shown to be a Benevolent Boss, or that his Famous Last Words were him encouraging (in his own strange way) his men to be even better. However, Chilled's death is way sadder than you would expect from a movie villain, even though of course the overly sad music and Mythology Gag referring to the Ginyu Force are also played for laughs.
  • And now TFS has a Do you Want to Build a Snowman parody, only replace "we're orphans now and only have each other" with "we're an endangered species and homeless now and only have each other". And a few years after Nappa says this, Raditz dies and Vegeta murders him.
    • There's also the fact that Nappa doesn't remember Raditz's name during the song. Raditz actually was stronger than Goku at that point, but Nappa only remembered the latter's name.
  • The 2014 Halloween special. In Krillin's dream, Cell brings up how Krillin never feels he can measure up compared to his friends. Likely, that's how he feels every time he fights evil with the others.
  • The History of Trunks is looking to be one big episode of this, even the trailer shows this, with somber music and no hint of comedy. The guys even had to take to the comment sections to assert that there would be funniness in it.
    • Android 17 actually undergoes a Heel Realization when he comes to the conclusion that all the death and destruction he's caused has been meaningless and how his true dream is to become a Park Ranger. Then Gohan sneak attacks 17 and he decides to reject his epiphany.
    • Trunks' reaction to Gohan's death and Trunks' first time turning Super Saiyan. After Trunks regains consciousness, he immediately realized that Gohan attempted to face the Cyborgs alone with the only words being "Oh no...". Then afterwards, in an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene-variety, he finds Gohan dead, and lets out a Skyward Scream, just like in the original Japanese version of the Special. Kaiser's performance throughout the whole scene is just heart-rending and one can imagine how his voice was after that scream.
    • Chichi's smothering nature was always played for laughs at best or to make her look like a Flat-Earth Atheist Jerkass at worst. Then you see how she's turned out in a future where any hope she had for Gohan is long gone, and her methods caused him to never visit.
    • The deterioration of Gohan's relationship with Goku to the point he considers Piccolo the father he never had.
    Gohan: You know if you think I'm rough you should have trained with Mr. Piccolo.
    Trunks: You really looked up to him didn't you?
    Gohan: Yeah! He was like the father I never had.
    • Then he talks about the pain of losing a loved allowing hm to turn into a Super Saiyan.
    Gohan: For me it's my greatest source of anger. I just think about losing Krillin or Mr. Piccolo-
    Trunks: Or your dad?
    Gohan: Uh, yeah. Sure.
    • Gohan's death is this. Ready to make one final stand against the Androids... and he loses. We don't even get to see the fight in sequential order, though we do get flashes of it during Trunks' transformation scene.
      Gohan: No! This isn't where my story ends!
      Trunks: This is where Gohan's story ends.
      • Easily the worst part is how Trunks says that. Usually, you'd expect somebody to sound choked up or saddened when they say somebody's dead. Trunks just says it so matter-of-factly...
      • Immediately before this scene, as Gohan is talking to Trunks about using the pain of loss to go Super Saiyan, the music playing is "Brooks Was Here".
    • The opening has a montage of the various remaining Z-Warriors getting killed by the Androids. Except Yamcha. Just like Trunks said, Yamcha learned Bulma was pregnant with Vegeta's child, and as a result, hanged himself. "Dark", indeed.
    • It becomes very clear that Future Gohan never had a real childhood, starting with his father dying for the first time when he was four and quickly going to hell from there. The human race's approaching demise began when he was nine, which apparently pushed him past his breaking point, to the point he seems to imagine Piccolo's voice in his head.
      • The worst part is until Goku's death everything was the same as the Main Gohan...
    • Minor one that (oddly) doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, and pretty much solidifies Vegeta's Inferiority Superiority Complex:
    Vegeta: (Attacking Gohan viciously) So what?! You think having a dad as a Super Saiyan makes you better than me?!
    Child Gohan: (Barely able to answer) No!
    Vegeta: (Still attacking) Wrong answer!
    Adult Gohan: ...He had a lot to prove.
  • In Super Android 13, Goten is erased from the future when Goku suffers a Groin Attack. This is, however, shown to be fixed by the end.
    Goku: Yep! Senzu beans healed m'nuts up good!
    • Even worse, his own brother doesn't even remember him the instant after he's gone
  • Also in Super Android 13, Android 14's last words: "By metal, my life was given. By metal, it was stripped away. No dreams before, nor after. Only the end."
    • Made worse by the fact nobody who could hear him understood him.
  • Also also in Super Android 13, Android 15's words before his fight with Super Saiyan Vegeta are to down the rest of his generic alcohol, responding to Vegeta's reaction ("Does that even do anything for you?") with "...not anymore."
  • Dr. Wheelo in World's Strongest. He's not even evil in this version.
    Goku: Nah. He's alive up there. Plotting like the evil scientist he is.
    (Cut to Wheelo drifting over the planet in low orbit)
    Wheelo: Look at this planet... so beautiful... I'll never see it with my own eyes again. (starts sobbing in self-pity)
  • Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
    • Vegeta's reaction to hearing that Broly's hatred of Goku is motivated by having listened to Baby Goku's crying for three hours. He finally meets the figure of his people's mythology, the incarnation of the legend that likely gave him strength while under Freeza's rule, and is paralyzed by the mental whiplash of it all.
    • The movie really hammers home the whole 'Goku is a bad father' narrative. He botches Gohan's college interview (forcing Chichi to pay through the nose in donations to get her son accepted), he continues to care less about Gohan than Piccolo does (once again Piccolo saves Gohan, and is way more concerned about Gohan's well-being than Goku was during the movie to the point where Goku's response to Broly about to murder Gohan was a joyful realization that Gohan could meet King Kai), and by the end of it all Chichi coldly says she wants a divorce. Which Goku assumes is another meal. Watching Goku's marriage crumble is a Gut Punch to anyone used to the way it's portrayed in canon, where it's clear that the whole family loves each other despite everything. What's worse is that it's actually not Goku's fault this time. Paragus started all this when he accidentally set Broly off (with how the abridged version plays out, Paragus didn't want Goku involved at all), and it's Vegeta who inadvertently drags Gohan into the trap. Likewise, it's King Kai who inadvertently interrupts the interview by contacting Goku and indirectly throws him into the fray through his request. Were it not for at least King Kai, it wouldn't have been the last straw for Chi-Chi. What makes this all worse is we know due to canon that Chi-Chi will be widowed soon, for seven years this time.
      • But what's even sadder is that this declaration of wanting a divorce probably wasn't a spur of the moment thing. The complaints that she makes about him not being able to function in society? The statements that he doesn't have a job and they have to live on her father's money? Her forcing Gohan to be schooled as much as possible so he doesn't end up like Goku? This has been building for literally years. Coupled with Goku lying about not taking her son to fight Androids (which she eventually found out led up to something far worse), him being so utterly socially incompetent in public and costing her father a large sum was probably the final straw. She's given him all the chances she could give- and then even more- but she's done. She's at the end of her rope and can't continue to support this idiotic, selfish man-child.
      • The blow is softened a bit, however, by Episode 57 of the main series demonstrating that Goku and Chi-Chi actually do love each other, which at the same time, renders the movies as a separate canon.
  • Plan to Eradicate Christmas
    • Meta example: After Plan to Eradicate Christmas ends, the team tributes Hiromi Tsuru, who had voiced Bulma for years. This would definitely put a tear in one's eye.
    • Trunks saying the events of Plan to Eradicate Christmas was the best Christmas he's ever had is this when you apply Fridge Horror. He grew up in a Bad Future set After the End, and his days were spent struggling to survive all the evil Future 17 & 18 wrought on the world. It actually is the best Christmas he's ever had by default, since he might not have been able to truly celebrate in the Crapsack World that is his timeline.
    • Just the sheer fact that Santa Claus turned evil because he was sick and tired of all the naughtiness in the world. Goku's reactions to this go from happy that he's seeing Santa, to outright distraught that he has to fight him; he slowly has to accept that Santa's turned bad and that he has to defeat him to save the Earth.
      • Of special note is when Vegeta kills Santa's first form. Goku sounds the saddest he's ever been after it happens.