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  • Four years after Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and Gohan still calls him "Mr. Piccolo". Shows that he respects him more than he does his actual parents.
  • "You stupid.. ugly... son of a bitch. His name... WAS CHIAOTZU!"
  • Similarly, in early episodes, Yamcha and Krillin shared a respect for each other. Yamcha suggested fighting on Krillin's behalf when under Popo's training, and Krillin avenged Yamcha's death by killing three Saibamen. Yamcha gets a glare from Tien, and Krillin gets recieved with disappointment (and a backhanded comment from Nappa) for the latter, but it's still kinda nice.
  • The end of Episode 20, when they ask for help for victims of the flooding in Australia.
  • Episode 21, where Jeice and Burter talk about how they're the best of friends... followed immediately by Goku nearly killing Burter. Unwittingly.
  • Episode 21 has another moment with Gohan's reaction to Goku's arrival. Of course, Goku being Goku...
    Gohan: Dad? Dad! Oh, my God, you're here! I love you, Dad!
    Goku: That's right, Gohan. I am here!
  • This troper found Guru's false Rousing Speech to Nail this, somehow.
    • It helps that it follows a rare moment of Guru backing him up, complimenting him on being a smartass to Freeza.
  • Ginyu's realisation that all his men are dead. Really made Vegeta into more of a bastard for denying him that moment.
  • Dende healing Gohan while saying he's the only person he respects and can really talk to.
  • Even though it was Played for Laughs, Vegeta mentions that the Kanassans miraculously repopulated.
  • At the end of episode 27, Vegeta gives the "Super Saiyan" speech to Freeza for a third time, only now, he's talking about Goku. The incredibly pained delivery of the line as he's dying makes it all the more awesome.
    • Also of note is that while Vegeta's fighting him, Freeza's thinking of what gifts to use to break the news to the Ginyus' families. This is a guy who'll execute minions to end an awkward conversation.
      • Though Freeza does show more tolerance to the stronger of his minions. Seriously, in episode 28 he openly admits to himself that he misses Zarbon.
    • Goku's concern for Vegeta before and after Freeza kills him.
  • Vegeta's whole "keep being awesome" thing to reassure Team Three Star's victory against Freeza was kind of heartwarming since it meant he didn't intend to kill them.
  • Goku burying Vegeta after he died is surprisingly not turned into a joke, bar Freeza's snarky comments.
  • Gohan running up and giving his dad a hug after the battle.
    • The entire post-Spirit Bomb sequence, really.
      • Until Freeza came back, sadly.
  • Kami remarking that it's "easier than you think" to work with Mr. Popo. In spite of the fact that Popo is terror incarnate it's clear that he treats Kami a lot better than the other maggots.
    • Popo ranks Kami above his own poop. For him, that is high praise indeed.
    • He identified himself as Goku's friend when he showed up at the hospital.
    • He lied to Bulma about what his magic carpet runs on, even though he has literally no reason to give a shit besides the fact that it'd hurt her feelings.
    • After acting so callous about Kami's death, he turns around and tells the heroes that there is another set of Dragon Balls they can use. Granted, Popo could've done this himself, but he didn't need to mention using them to bring back those "worthless maggots". It seems Mr. Popo is shaping up to be a jerk with a heart of gold.
  • Despite how he's treated Krillin throughout the show's run, Goku's reason for going Super Saiyan here is still the anger he felt from Freeza killing his best friend.
  • Just like the source material, Goku still warns Freeza to get down to avoid his energy disk.
  • Parental Neglect and the ensuing Daddy Issues aside, the flashback has King Vegeta in Episode 25 ordering Nappa to escort his son off of the planet "in case things go south." Glad to see that he cares about his son's safety.
  • The Namekians killing Guru for lying to them about who caused the famine, resulting in the deaths of many, many Albino Namekians. They clearly showed their disgust and rage at Guru for tricking them into doing such a thing.
  • Seconds after being healed by Dende on Earth, Piccolo's first thought is to call out for Gohan, proving that he does indeed care about the boy (more than the boy's own dad, it seems...)
    • And right before that. Dende asking for a hug was adorable, especially in contrast to his Creepy Child persona.
  • How about Dende actually showing that he loves Gohan?
  • The Turtle's birthday party in episode 31. His thank you was just so heartfelt.
  • King Cold is much more broken up about Freeza being murdered than in the original work.
    • He also in general seems to be a bit of a Doting Parent to Freeza, much to the later's embarrassment.
  • Piccolo's Big Damn Heroes moment against Freeza, accompanied by Gohan's gleeful "Mr. Piccolo!"
  • The revelation that the Capsule Corps jacket that Future Trunks wears once belonged to Bulma. A little creepy since it is a jacket she made to show off her midriff, but still heartwarming.
  • When Krillin crossed Goku's mind, the first thing he asked was if something happened to him. After Trunks attacked right the hell out of nowhere and Goku blocked it like it was nothing, he simply repeated the question. Nice to see Goku cares.
    • The entire conversation between Future Trunks and Goku is this. Future Trunks has already been through a lot, so it's kind of sweet that he finally gets the chance to talk with his childhood hero.
  • This exchange between Goku and Yamcha:
    Goku: Wait, Yamcha?
    Yamcha: Yeah?
    Goku: You're my friend.
    Yamcha: Oh, uh... thank you, man.
    • He did this after hearing Yamcha would commit suicide in the future after finding out Bulma was pregnant with Vegeta's child. Given that his reaction to Freeza showing up on Earth was "The dragon wouldn't be happy 'bout that one!", that means a lot.
    • Listen to Yamcha's reaction to it as well. After suffering as The Chew Toy for so long, he was legitimately touched.
    • Jump forward three years. Everyone's together just before the androids are set to appear. Bulma has a baby that everyone knows is Vegeta's. At worst, he seems annoyed that everyone assumes the kid couldn't possibly be his. Seems like Goku really helped back there.
    • Yamcha returns the favor by taking Goku to get medicine when he has a heart attack.
  • This exchange between Gohan and Goku after Goku accidentally slaps Chichi through the house walls and into a rock, which shows that, despite Goku's neglectful parenting, Gohan still cares about him and loves him:
    Goku: Oh my gosh!
    Gohan: Dad, run!
    Goku: W-what!?
    Gohan: The worst she can do is ground me, now run!
  • Goku and Piccolo have formed a genuine friendship as of episode 34.
    • Shown big time in episode 36. For a few moments, Piccolo is clearly concerned for Goku during his heart attack.
    • Episode 39. Android 17 threatens everyone to stay out of Vegeta and 18's fight, but Piccolo only responds that he doesn't really like Vegeta enough to do that. He does state, however, that he would help if it were Goku.
  • After Dr. Gero attacks the city with his eye beams in episode 35, he brags that he just killed the entire population. Even Goku realizes that Gero couldn't have blasted anyone that was behind him, and is stopped from pointing this out by Piccolo. Piccolo, a former villain, showed concern for civilians.
  • Krillin tells Tien to get off of Yamcha's case after the latter forgets to provide important information. One Butt Monkey has to look out for another, it seems.
  • Episode 37 has Tien and Piccolo taking jabs at Vegeta's blandly named Big Bang Attack, acting like friends. Nail notes that Piccolo's not one to talk, being Mr. Special Beam Cannon, and they exchange suggested names until Nail makes one that Piccolo admits is pretty good.
    • It turns out Future!Trunks picked up his mentor's catchphrase.
    • It's small, but the way Yajirobe cares about the possibility of Baby!Trunks being hurt by the Androids when he, the baby, and Bulma are flying out to the battlefield. It's a stark contrast to Bulma's 'meh, whatever' attitude.
      Yajirobe: [holding Baby!Trunks protectively] You do know your kid's in the plane, right!?
      Bulma: Oh, he doesn't know what's going on.
      Yajirobe: Yeah, I don't think that's the point!
  • In episode 38, Piccolo sees how Vegeta treats Trunks, turns to Gohan, and tells his student that he's a good kid...who doesn't quite grasp what Piccolo fully meant by that.
    • Also, Bulma for once acting like a mother when she expresses concern and fear over Baby Trunks after the ship got blown up and Future Trunks saved them.
  • In episode 39, Android 16 acquires a hobby: Bird watching. Heartwarming considering the rest of his personality is a single-minded desire to kill Goku. He even expresses disappointment at seeing them fly away.
    • Hell, even Android 17's reaction to him finding a hobby is somewhat heartwarming:
      Android 16: The birds flew away.
      Android 17: Oh yeah?
      Android 16: I liked the birds.
      Android 17: Good for you man.
  • Yamcha being concerned and caring about Goku while he's suffering from cholesterol problems.
    • Goku is one of the few people Yamcha can call a friend.
  • Episode 40:
    • In the previous episode, Piccolo blatantly said that he's in no mood to help Vegeta. Yet, he and Tien went into battle after Trunks did. Trunks was trying to help his dad, but they were clearly going in to help Trunks.
    • Toriyama, the bird Goku saved in the Cooler special, returns in episode 40. Apparently, Toriyama was very grateful for bring brought back to life because it actually taught a dinosaur to ride a ball like Goku asked it to.
    • Krillin is too scared to help the other Z warriors fight the androids, it's when they reveal their intention to kill Goku that he tries to force himself to intimidate them. Looks like the feeling between them is mutual.
    • Korin worrying over Yajirobe and, when Yajirobe finally calls, saying he's "not mad, just concerned" much like a lot of parents.
      Yajirobe: ...I love you.
      Korin: I love you too.
      • Which is even more heartwarming when you realize that both Korin and Yajirobe are voiced by the openly gay and married KaiserNeko. Kaiser also voices the gay Burtur (who is Heterosexual Life-Partners with Jeize), George Takei, and the Camp Straight Zarbon.
    • We see the beginnings of Android 18 and Krillin's relationship start to set in. Seeing him at least try to stand up to them, even though he's scared out of his wits, seems to endear him to Android 18, and she declares him "cute," even giving him a peck on the cheek before flying off with Android 16 and 17. And even after that, when Android 17 starts picking on her, she gets a little defensive at him. She brushes it off nonchalantly, but she's still on the defensive.
      Android 17: The hell was that? You got a thing for dwarves now?
      Android 18: What if I do? Societal definitions of beauty are BS anyway.
  • Piccolo flies up to the lookout and greets Mr. Popo and is greeted by the same, albeit as "Young Kami". Remember, most of the heroes are wary of Mr. Popo at best, yet Piccolo can just fly up and talk to him no problem. And while it's obvious Mr. Popo doesn't generally treat people with much courtesy, calling Piccolo "Young Kami" is better then the insults he calls everyone else by, and is technically correct to boot. Seems Mr. Popo puts Piccolo up pretty high on the pecking order.
    • Admittiedly, this is somewhat diminished by the fact that Popo was tripping out on a gallon of LSD at the time.
    • On that note, Kami acting as Mr. Popo's "babysitter" while he's tripping out. The two have a strange relationship, stemming from whatever nonsense Mr. Popo is getting into at the moment or whatever evil he's doing in "Eldritch Abomination Mode," but it's pretty heartwarming to see the moments where they do get along and see eye-to-eye on things (like when he allows Popo to grow pot on the Lookout because "That shit's great for [his] glaucoma"). The fact that Kami cares enough about his friend to make sure he doesn't hurt himself while on LSD really says something about their friendship.
      • Though it should be noted that he might be keeping an eye on Mr. Popo because of his in-series status as an Eldritch Abomination, to make sure he doesn't do something that might destroy all of reality as they know it.
      • It should also be noted that, since we have no idea just what Mr. Popo is capable of, we don't even know if he can get hurt. It's still nice how Kami is taking care of his emotional well being.
      • Oh God, just imagine what Dende's relationship with Popo will be when Kami's gone?
  • Though it's a small one, Korin's comment that even though Piccolo was rude to him, he's still invited to Sunday Brunch because Korin and Yajarobi enjoy his company is heartwarming when you consider that at the beginning of this show, Piccolo was willing to risk his life against a stronger warrior just to get a Myspace friend.
  • The scenes with the Androids in episode 41 are nice; 18 aside, they're just having a fun road trip.
    • 17's brotherly encouragement of 16 is particularly nice.
  • Kami bidding Mr. Popo goodbye as he begins to fuse with Piccolo:
    Kami: Well then, Mr. Popo. I suppose this is goodbye. It's been... a trip.
    • Likewise, the way Piccolo and Kami seem to reconcile (or at least come to an understanding) before the fuse is pretty great in itself. Especially because it leads to Piccolo acknowledging the Namekians as "their people".
      [Piccolo places his hand on Kami's chest]
      Kami: All right, now. Lower.
      Piccolo: [smiling] Yeah, not falling for that.
      Kami: [chuckles] Hmm, I didn't think so.
  • Krillin can't stop gushing over Android 18, and completely ignores Roshi's questions about her boobs.
    • He doesn't even ignore it. When Master Roshi presses the subject, he asks if that really matters. It really highlights the difference between his attraction to 18 and his attraction to Marron (where he was constantly talking about her body and how he wanted to sleep with her)
    • And comparing the comments he makes about the two women, it's clear he respects 18 a great deal more than Marron. While Krillin focuses on the sexual aspects of Marron like her "heart-shaped pillow of an ass" and her "boobs that are as big as [his] head", the aspects of 18 that enamor him are her beautiful blue eyes, her quirk of brushing her hair out of her face, and her stunning confidence.
  • Gohan and Trunks investigating the abandoned time machine is pretty cute. Despite him now technically being younger than his future student, Gohan takes the lead on the search for clues, enjoying the chance to solve a mystery. At the same time, he notices Trunks uses the phrase "Crap baskets" just like he does.
    • What helps is that it's one of the few times that Gohan gets to act like a regular kid. You can even see a bit of his father in him when he asks to keep the giant molt from Imperfect Cell, thinking it's a regular insect molt.
  • While it seems weird in Gohan's POV that Trunks is staring at his arm, it makes sense to Trunks as in his timeline, Gohan loses his arm in the battle with the androids. So he's being Crazy-Prepared to make sure that doesn't happen to his future mentor.
  • Definitely one-sided, but there's a chance that Cell of all people has a soft spot for pandas.
  • Piccolo apologizes to Tien for his dad killing Chiaotzu.
  • The fact that Android 16 was based on Gero's son. Showing that even a bitter old man like him had loved ones.
  • In episode 44, when Future Trunks questions Krillin about his making laser noises as they blast away the rubble of Gero's lab to search for the basement. Krillin is totally unashamed of it... and then Trunks joins in. Glad to see he's getting in some fun in the past, at least.
    • Then as a nice little cap to the whole blowing-up-the-lab escapade:
      Krillin: That was fun. We should hang out more.
  • In episode 45, Goku comments that Popo doesn't really seem like himself today. Popo responds with a noncommittal grunt, and it cuts to his POV as he pictures Kami standing next to Goku. No words are spoken, but the message is clear: Popo misses Kami.
    • Piccolo has revealed that fusing with Kami has neutralized the Dragonballs. Krillin starts to freak out now that the team's safety net is gone, asking we they don't have Goku. Then Goku suddenly teleports in, takes Gohan and teleports out just as suddenly. After a beat from all four characters on the ship:
    Piccolo: ... Good news, we have Goku.
    Krillin (now completely calm): Bitchin'. Let's go hang out at Kame house.
  • Chi Chi's behavior throughout this episode. She show concern for Goku when she hears commotion from his room, is willing to fight Super Saiyan backstopping androids for him, is absolutely overjoyed when she learns Goku woke up, brushes off getting thrown into space, and is fine with Goku taking her son to fight evil. Her only condition is that they expand their family by having another child. It's like she took over 9,000 levels in kindness, though it may or may not be an effect of having been in deep space.
  • Goku himself got a nice moment when Chi Chi hugs him after he wakes up.
    Goku: Aw, hugs are nice.
  • Android 16 saying he likes spending time with the others.
  • Despite being as politically incorrect as always, Dr. Briefs seems to have nothing but love for his illegitimate, half alien grandson. You'd think the whole not being fully human thing would get to him, but being told that he won't get to hold baby Trunks is an efficient threat.
    • It probably helps knowing that Bulma got nailed by a prince. Trunks is his royal illegitimate, half alien grandson.

  • In the Christmas Tree of Might special, Piccolo wishes Gohan a merry Christmas before being blown away. Brief, but touching.
  • At the end of the Bardock special, there is a montage of scenes from the original Dragon Ball series, showing Goku's youth to the main theme song, the actual end credits to the special albeit with CHA LA HEAD-CHA LA overlaid on it. Despite the silliness of the episode, it is nice seeing Bardock's sacrifice pay off.
    • Nappa distracting the young Vegeta from the trauma over his planet's destruction by the announcement that they're going to Dairy Queen.
  • In the Lord Slug movie, Goku while fighting Lord Slug on Iguana Street randomly notices how nice a restaurant is (while he's being flung through the window of said restaurant!) and mentions that he should take Chi Chi there.
  • In the Revenge of Cooler movie, there's something really nice about Cooler saying he knows he's still cooler than Freeza as he dies.
  • From the end of Episode of Bardock; Piccolo watching over Gohan while Goku is in space. Even Played for Laughs, it's sweet.
  • In the remake of Deadzone Abridged, Goku goes to rescue Gohan so that he won't miss lunch. Goku, if nothing else, makes sure his kid is well fed.
  • In Cooler 2, Yajirobe confesses he loves Korin when he's about to be killed, after he'd spent most of the movie sulking about the fact that he and Korin had been fighting!
  • Nappa's ''"Bald This Way"'' video can be this for anyone worried about hair loss.

  • The comment of a Youtube commenter. Yes, we are talking about the same website.
    TFS got me into Maximum The Hormone.
    Maximum The Hormone got me into Zetzubou Billy.
    Zetsubou Billy got me into Deathnote.
    Deathnote got me into criminal justice.
    Basically, DBZ Abridged made me choose criminal justice as my major for college and my future career.
    So thanks TFS. Your stupid humor helped me sort my life out.
    blacklegionairsoft1 7 months ago 67
  • From ConnectiCon 2012, Mr. Popo and Slenderman (or at least their cosplayers) meet (From 1:05 to 1:55). It's oddly sweet to see two terrors of the Internet form a Villainous Friendship.

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