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This WMG page is for theories pertaining specifically to Vento Aureo/Golden Wind. For theories regarding the series as a whole, click here. For theories for other parts, visit one of the following pages:

Leaky-Eye Luka's shovel was his Stand
...Called the Ace of Spades.
  • Unlikely. Normal people can see it. Most likely, Luca passed the lighter test without letting the lighter go out.

Why Giorno's mother was spared by Dio
She was one of the few women who did not hear Dio accidentally scream "Oh, Jonathan".

Bucciarati is part of the Zeppeli family.
An Italian friend of someone from the Joestar family who dies heroically trying to assist his allies? Sounds like a Zeppeli to me! Maybe he's descended from one of Caesar's siblings, or a descendant of Caesar himself, seeing as how he was a womanizer.

Having a Requiem Stand kills you.
The shock of developing a Stand kills most people. Even if you survive that, being stabbed with a Stand arrow a second time is painful and can kill you. Stabbing your Stand with the arrow is said to be even more extreme. Why doesn't Giorno show up in Florida with the other sons of Dio? He didn't last long after using Golden Experience Requiem. This is also why Jotaro, who was keeping tabs on the events of Vento Aureo, never tries to unlock Star Platinum Requiem.
  • He's all but said to be alive during part 6 by the narration.
    • And he's explicitly said to be alive in Fugo's side story.
      • Purple Haze Feedback was not written by Araki and is not canon. The "Narration" in part 6 was part of extra pages added when part 6 was compiled into volumes, and whether Araki wrote them is questionable.
  • Then again, the arrowhead fell out of GER at the end of Vento Aureo. It all depends on if GER needs to keep in contact with the arrow, or if it's like part 4 (where getting stabbed by the arrow activates it permanently).

Diavolo is a hardcore drug user.
Notice how emaciated and garish he looks when his face is shown for the first time. This could be a result of him abusing the drugs his gang has been dealing over the years and thus becoming more and more paranoid and scrawnier. He is going through a very long Tony Montana phase but more prepared and careful in comparison since he goes to great lengths to make sure nobody knows who he really is.

Every piece of art, animation, or writing, fanmade or not, that involves Diavolo or any form of him dying in any way
is canon.Gold Experience Requiem made it so that Diavolo would suffer an infinite amount of deaths with no end. Since that would involve an infinite amount of scenarios, any possible scenario would have to be considered canon.

Mista would've been the fourth member of Passione to die.
After the deaths of Abbachio, Narancia, and Bruno before the story ended, in a fit of cruel irony, Mista probably would've been the next one to kick the bucket.
  • Jossed in-story actually, since Diavolo punched Trish through the gut killing her near the end of the story. Although Deus ex Machina, and also considering she was inside Mista's body during the whole thing, Mista could've effectively died too. This makes him the 5th member to die if things kept going wrong

Diavolo is literally of the Devil.
Satan himself decided to impregnate an inmate for whatever purpose, something he could easily do and would leave Diavolo's conception unexplained. One of the side-effects of being a demon spawn was the extra-long pregnancy and Doppio. The evil-sounding name is his mother giving a hint to his origin. In truth Diavolo is The Anti-Christ, and his purpose to set up the Devil's rise is subconsciously expressed in his desire to be emperor. His sudden shift from quiet child to villain in his teen years comes from the Devil's influence asserting itself.

Vinegar Doppio is the original personality, for lack of a better term.
Flashbacks show the Diavolo Used to Be a Sweet Kid, then something happened that caused him to become a paranoid maniac. He was clumsy, a bit of a doofus, and overall a lot more like Doppio than the monster that is Diavolo. This happened when he was 17-19. Vinegar Doppio is around that age, and flashbacks have a young Diavolo that looks a lot like Doppio. Whatever caused him/them to snap led to a Jekyll & Hyde situation. Diavolo exists to deal with the world he can't handle and is in the driver's seat, while Doppio doesn't age anymore and his childhood innocence is preserved. Diavolo gets the ugly memories and things they don't want to know, along with all the dark thoughts that might take away from that innocence. Diavolo is like Dark Marik, except he's beneficial for the original self. Well, at least until he's developed enough to all but completely dominate their body and survive with Doppio removed. Given their nature, not even Diavolo is certain he's a split personality and so assumes that he created Doppio instead, which ties into his own fractured mind and history. The paranoia about people learning his history is because it might further fragment their mind or even put Doppio back in control again, if it leads to Doppio knowing for certain their relationship. Had he survived Doppio's death might have further fragmented Diavolo's mind, considering he no longer has his original self.
  • Perhaps adding to this, I want to say that Diavolo's true identity is King Crimson, Doppio's stand. Stands tend to typically be born from or be representations of various desires of the user, so then what if Doppio gained the stand King Crimson which would in turn develop its own identity as Diavolo. Doppio himself have shown a strong desire to not have his past found out so then it might be possible for Diavolo and King Crimson to just be this desire taken to its extreme. I have this guess mostly from just how often King Crimson is shown to speak and act for Diavolo, almost like King Crimson is the primary source while Diavolo acting like its human face.

Carne had the power to see his own death.
Notorious B.I.G is one of the strangest Stands as it's absolutely pathetic when its host Carne is alive, but one of the most broken Stands when he died. Passione would know he had a Stand if the Stand Arrow didn't kill him and he could see any other Stand, but given how it becomes useful they wouldn't be able to use that without somehow knowing. And Carne was part of the Unità Speciale, so it seems odd he'd let him in on the off chance his useless Stand would have some secret power unless they somehow knew, but how would they? Perhaps before its user's death, Notorious B.I.G had a power, just one completely useless in almost any situation; the power to see when you'll die and what happens. With this, Carne was able to see the future and that post-mortem his Stand could continue to exist. It's why he sports a small smile when facing the heroes—he's foreseen this moment and knows what he's about to release. It might also go to explain how he has enough rage to be one of the very few who can make their Stand live on after their death—you'd be pissed big-time if you knew you'd die pathetically and can't do a thing about that. Carne tested this by putting himself in some high-risk venture, like Russian roulette with one blank, and the fact it didn't do anything meant he's telling the truth about it. Unfortunately for him he could only see what his Stand would evolve into after his death as well, making him unable to prepare for Spice Girl... or maybe he did, but knew he couldn't change anything and just wanted his prescience and life to end.

The members of La Squadra encountered by Buccellati's team are thematic of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Formaggio represents Envy, in his insecurity about his stand being the weakest out of all the Hitman Team's and how the others are said to mock him for it.
  • Illuso represents Pride, not only because of how mirrors are a traditional symbol of vanity, but also because of how he's always boasting about his stand's unbeatable ability even though it's one of the physically weakest stands in the entire series, and two out of the three users he faced were able to trick him fairly easily into bringing something dangerous to him into the mirror world.
  • Pesci is probably the one I had to reach furthest to make a connection - I connected him with Gluttony because he's one of the few visibly overweight characters in Jojo history.
  • Prosciutto represents Sloth, since his Stand ability doesn't require him to actually attack or even move; indeed, he spends the first and last third or so of his arc sitting perfectly still and almost always offscreen while Pesci does the majority of combat. Also, people who overexert themselves are weaker to the effects of his Stand, which makes them more inclined to remain at rest.
  • Melone represents Lust, for obvious reasons.
  • Ghiaccio represents Wrath, for equally obvious reasons.
  • Risotto Nero represents Greed, for his motivations for wanting to capture Trish and overthrow the Boss. He believes that the stipend his team received from the Boss isn't enough and wants the revenue from the other cells as well. He claims that he has his team's interests at heart as well as his own, but doesn't seem particularly shaken up when they're killed off one by one by Bucellati's team, and presumably even if the entire team had survived to see their plans come to fruition, Nero himself would have been the one to actually take the Boss' title and distribute his new earnings.

Pesci's Stand, Beach Boy, was either the Act 0/Act 1 form
Similar to Koichi and his Stand, Echoes, Pesci's Beach Boy started off a good, albeit not amazing, Stand with some capabilities and again, like Koichi, Pesci started off afraid and unsure of what to do without guidance. However, throughout his fight with Bruno, he gained a sense of worth and confidence, similar to Koichi fighting Tanami and unlocking Act 1. Meaning that, if Pesci were able to defeat Bruno, a long shot I'm aware, and continue on the path of discovering who he is, he could potentially have an even stronger Stand.

Narancia is Trish's brother
Lampshaded by Narancia himself in chapter 523/Golden Wind episode 21: The wound on her arm is a wound on me.
  • He probably just related to her on the level of not having a loving parental figure.

Doppio's father was a Stand user
The only logical explanation I can find for someone being pregnant for two years, then suddenly having a child. The Stand was designed to let the man survive by possessing his own offspring. That explains the odd changes between Diavolo and Doppio, it's literally two separate souls sharing one body. That also explains how Diavolo specifically possessed Trish during the Silver Chariot Requiem event; he already had the power to possess his own offspring, and Requiem just gave him a shortcut.
  • Adding onto this, it's possible that this resurrective Stand allows him to take over his child's Stand, to a degree. He clearly usurped King Crimson from Doppio, and it's possible that after dying he would've hidden himself inside of Trish and added Spice Girl to the collection. Hypothetically, if he kept going, Diavolo would've kept reincarnating, gathering more and more Stands and powers, but he wanted King Crimson Requiem to cover his bases.
    • Possible. The only alternative explanation is that his father was a ghost, and he impregnated Diavolo’s mother during her prison stint.

Buccellati had actually touched the Rolling Stones stand.
Unbeknownst to Mista, Buccellati had already touched the stone when he arrived. And that's why Giorno got the arrow. Just like how the florist's daughter was fated to die of a disease, but instead chose to kill herself before her organs were infected, so that her father could get a transplant. Buccellati was supposed to die after getting punched through the chest by Diavolo, but because he touched Rolling Stones, the stand gave him a less futile death instead - setting in motion the events that handed Giorno the arrow. Scolippi also said that a person would die painlessly after touching the stand, and when Bruno's soul eventually rises to the sky (his "real" death), he isn't in pain and looks satisfied with himself. After all, Scolippi never stated that a person would die immediately upon touching Rolling Stones. That was just Mista freaking out. Buccellati did touch the stone, and accordingly, the stone spared him from his original fate and killed him when the time was right - when his death could become a new beginning for Giorno.

After Vento Aureo Trish ends up in solitary confinement
Okay hear me out. Trish clearly inherited numerous mental disorders from her father. She is seen three separate times in story quivering in a fetal position, extremely paranoid. Similar to her father, her source of paranoia lies in the existing or nonexistent risk of someone being out to kill her.A portion of her personality is shown in story through her stand, Spice Girl, who turns out to be very vulgar and violent (She beat another stand to death with a metal pole).Finally in the Eyes of Heaven game, Trish has a straitjacket costume, and her hair is very jagged in it. This could simply be a fashion statement or it could be alluding to her instability.Given this, Trish may have had an encounter with gang members who were still looking for connections to Diavolo. She could've ended up killing them, then later tried for murder. Now faced with even more people who really want to kill her, she is unruly in prison and by the time Giorno bails her out she's already been in solitary for a while.Solitary could be stretching it but it's not impossible to bet her mental issues have gotten her in trouble with the law.
  • If Purple Haze Feedback is canon, this is jossed. The costume is actually a reference to this manga cover, and it's a blanket with a design of Spice Girl on it. That, and while this is potentially non-canon, Purple Haze Feedback states that Trish pursued a career as a successful pop star, as she's heard on the radio at the end by Fugo and Giorno.

Potential Part 5 dub cast

Why DIO let Giorno's mom live
In the first episode of Vento Aureo, it's established by the narration that it's weird that DIO let Giorno's mom live, as that wasn't a privilege he extended to most of his lovers. He says that he's unaware of why he let her live, but I have a theory as to a possible reason. In the final battle of Stardust Crusaders, DIO drinks Joestar blood and compares the effect to that of a drug. If DIO predicted the effects of Joestar blood on his body, he would probably want to drink more. However, he also wants to kill all of the living Joestars, and if there's no Joestars left, there's no Joestar blood left. However, there is a solution. Since DIO's body is actually Jonathan's, all of his children would be Joestars. What if he let Giorno's mom live, as well as Ungalo, Rikiel, and Donatello's mothers, to start a "farm" of Joestars? That way, he could have as much Joestar blood as he wants, and as long as he kills the baby Jojos off before they're old enough to become dangerous, he doesn't have to worry about anyone threatening his reign.

Diavolo's stand cry
It's been shown that stand crys are inherited from the user's parent. Jolyne inherits Jotaro's ora, and Giorno inherits DIO's muda. Since Trish's stand cry is wannabe, we can deduce that Diavolo's is also wannabe.

In the dub, Gold Experience Requiem will speak fluent Italian.
Unlikely, but doesn't hurt to dream, since David Productions specifically requested Viz Media have characters and their stands voiced by the same person. And unless they plan in advance I doubt Phillip Reich can learn enough Italian come the final episode.
  • Jossed. GER still speaks English like Giorno does in the dub.

Secco is a case of Becoming the Mask.
Inspired by this comic. What little we know about Secco is that he used to be one of Cioccolata's patients. In order to survive him, Secco pretended to be as degenerate as him to appeal to Cioccolata's sadism/ego enough to be spared, and pretended to be his friend in order to survive him. While Secco's psychopathic traits were a mask for survival and he planned to eventually expose Cioccolata at some point, Stockholm Syndrome and the sanity-draining cruelty of his master turned him into almost as much of a sadist, just with some level of Obfuscating Insanity.

Diavalo IS King Crimson
King Crimson is an autonomatic stand with a mind of its own similar to Cheap Trick although it still needs its user alive and hence killing Doppio was not an option till it had a body of its own, this is also why Diavalo often speaks threw King Crimson, because King Crimson is his true body and his human form is just a puppet so its more natural that way, Dappio/Diavalos daughter also had a stand that initially acted independently with its own personality, but she came to understand it is a part of her preventing her soul from completely fracturing like her fathers.

The meteor containing the Stand virus was brought over from the Steel Ball Run universe by the Holy Corpse
While we know where Stands are derived from, the origins of the virus it comes from are unknown besides the meteor it was on that fell to Earth. However, Steel Ball Run provides a much simpler explanation, being that Stands are granted by the power of the Holy Corpse, A.K.A. Jesus Christ, and this concept carries over into JoJolion, given that they're in the same universe. With this in mind, it could very well be possible that Jesus wanted to share his blessing with other universes, and given that he's a being linked with the creation of the world, he could've very well imbued his power into the meteor, and sent it off to a specific universe, that being the original Jump Comics universe.

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