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All theories are to be placed in the relevant folder. Beware, for unmarked spoilers for Child of the Storm, Chaos Reigns and Ghosts of the Past abound.

Wanda and Magneto will have a discussion about parenting.
I know this is unlikely but with Wanda and Magneto both being absentee parents... There could be an interesting conversation to be had here about who was the better parent or had the better reason.
  • Confirmed in chapter 80, though the conversation is more along the lines of mutual regret at their failings as parents.

Barty Crouch Jr. will serve as Voldemort's Dragon
If the story keeps to this bit of canon, then he'll have already been smuggled out of Azkaban by his father, which means he wouldn't have been present for Gravemoss's breakout of the Death Eaters and subsequent purge of all Voldemort die-hards. And with the new boost to his telepathy courtesy of the power stolen from Harry, Voldemort could easily track him down and reassert his control over him.
  • Chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past confirms this, though Crouch seems to have his own free will.

The events of Dead Beat will happen soon, and Dresden will ask for SHIELD or Avengers support.
And things will go even further Off the Rails when Voldemort and Selene show up to claim the Word of Kemmler as per their alliance.
  • Happens in Ghosts of the Past, though SHIELD and the Avengers are unable to assist thanks to the Red Court's Batman Gambit.

Doctor Strange is Faking the Dead
The man is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He can time travel, can do magic people barely even dream about and can see the future. Something like faking his own death should be easy.How did he do it? He didn't. He decided that, when he was to actually die in a gajillion years, he would time travel to the right point, so that, upon his death, Wanda would take the position of Sorceress Supreme.Why did he do it? Two reasons. The first is that he needs to carry out several missions that require certain degree of stealth, which would be a bit hard if people know he's around: with Wanda at the helm, people will think he's not around anymore, and Strange will have free hands to plan and act from the shadows. The second is that he knows people are relying a bit too much on his almost-omniscience and -omnipotency to solve the big problems, so, by stepping back, he forces people to step up and stand on their own, while he remains hidden, only acting if it is really needed.
  • Mostly confirmed, but the specific method laid out here is Jossed, as is the second reason, as he is very explicitly not the Sorceror Supreme anymore (in fact, one of the missions/errands he pulled off while presumed dead was only possible because of that) and he openly revealed his survival to the Avengers, et al, as well as Dumbledore, McGonagall, Ron, and Hermione just four days later.

The mysterious Lady Knight is...
  • Carol
  • Diana
  • Ginny
  • Sif
  • The equally mysterious Spitfire I.
    • Especially since they Never Found the Body and there's also a throwaway line in chapter 21 that says that "she was close to unstoppable with a sword," and according to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it line in chapter 40, she was a time traveller. Hmmm...
  • Peggy Carter, who disappeared in the 60s. And according to Doctor Strange, it's "wibbly wobbly timey wimey".
  • Saber, from Fate/stay night, since it was said that the Lady Knight is trapped on her endless quest. Probably a long shot, but it does match with Saber on the verge of death after the Battle of Camlann in her home series forming a contract with the World as a Counter Guardian for a chance to claim the Holy Grail in order to redo her life so that she would never become the King of Britain and save her kingdom from ruin. Trapped on her "endless quest" for the wish granting cup, this as explained in the typemoon wiki happens: "She jumps forward or backward in time from the moment of her death, and returns to that moment upon obtaining or failing to obtain the Grail. Should she claim it, her time will flow again and she will die just as history has recorded. Should she fail, all her memories are returned to her body, and she can either continue her search for the Grail or cancel the contract should she find a reason."
    • Jossed by Word of God, who isn't much of an anime fan.

Magneto will speak with Harry Dresden about the latter's relationship with Wanda.
In chapter 76, when told that Magneto is Wanda's father, Dresden reflects on the fact that he had imagined Nicodemus Archleone dropping by to learn what he was doing with his (other) daughter. Magneto appears in battle in the next chapter. More Foreshadowing? Impossible.
  • In chapter 78, he seems about to do exactly that, while Dresden tries to hide behind Wanda (which, since he's over a foot taller than her, is an enterprise doomed to failure), but Wanda just glares at him and says, 'Father, don't you dare', whereupon he backs down.

The Harrys (Potter and Dresden) will have to combine their fire power to deal with a certain threat.
And much Snark-to-Snark Combat will ensue.

Magneto could end up being a recurring character
Since it's revealed that Voldemort got a power upgrade, courtesy of Selene and Magneto has been developed as an enemy to the Hellfire Club then I see both Voldemort and Selene joining forces to take down the Avengers. Which also means the Hellfire Club could play a huge part in this arc and Magneto could serve as an ally of the Avengers to bring forth revenge against the Hellfire Club and Selene.
  • Though while Magneto has been established as despising the Hellfire Club and frequently purging its members, Voldemort seems to have ruled out direct confrontation with the Avengers for the time being.
  • He's certainly become a secondary character, and does indeed ally with Wanda and Dresden to fight Riddle and Selene. So, kinda confirmed.

Bruce Wayne might join Harry and his group later in the story
And the interactions between Harry and Bruce will be hilarious. Also, the team could use a tech guy.

Carol will either keep the ring or gain a power near that of the Green Lantern.
While she is the strategist of the group and a super soldier like Steve and Bucky, she may need a boost in order to continue to punch above her weight class.
  • Well, she got the blood transfusion from Harry at the end of Bloody Hell, so we'll have to see if that does anything.

One of the reasons Strange was so interested in Harry is preventing the Civil War arc.
Harry's presence seems to have strengthened the bonds of the Avengers so it's entirely possible that this will cause them to peacefully talk out their issues until they come to a solution instead of splintering.

Doctor Strange will end up becoming a Big Bad in future instalments.
Given the way he threw his weight around towards the Gods in Chapter 17 of Ghosts Of The Past, even some of the reviewers commented that was Strange's Jumping Off the Slippery Slope moment.
  • Afterwards, he seems to have pulled himself back from the edge, but it's indicated that he's still not entirely all there.

The third child of Trelawney's prophecy is Billy Kaplan
My reasoning for this is patchy at best, but I think Wiccan would be one of the few characters who could fit thematically, and could fit into the description of "a memory in a cocoon of frozen time" without stretching his canon backstory too far.

We know Wanda struggled with her powers when she was younger, so it's possible she caused something M-Day-esque resulting in the 'births' of Tommy and Billy. If this event was then undone, possibly involving reverting the timeline Wanda created, then the description could fit. At the very least, the Young Avengers program has been mentioned, so there's a connection to Billy implied already.

Billy has a very, very similar story to both canon and COS Harry; a seemingly ordinary boy who was actually born under extraordinary circumstances and given incredible supernatural abilities. In canon he's a future Sorcerer Supreme, and his powers as the Demiurge are at least enough to put him in the same power ranking as Harry, Clark and Maddie.

Aside from that, Harry effectively has three power sets. His physical abilities, his psychic abilities and his magical abilities. Clark and Maddie both outclass Harry in one aspect of his powers, so it would make sense for the third child to be his superior magically.

Also I just really, really want it to be Billy.

  • Could also be Kara Zor-El. I don't know too much about her comics incarnation, but I believe that she could be "a memory of Krypton," with her rocket trapped "in a cocoon of frozen time."

Aziraphale and Crowley will make an appearance.
Given the references to Good Omens and the fact that Nimbus is a Gaiman and Pratchett fan, it's entirely possible that this could happen, even if they'll be limited to cameos.
  • Especially since the Jesus appearance seems to have gone down pretty well. Thor and Loki also mentioned being friends with them back in CoS.

Nimbus is using Exact Words when he says that Bruce Wayne won't become Batman.
Bruce is going to become a Crazy-Prepared Badass Normal superhero who relies on intelligence, tech, and martial arts, he just won't become Batman. And that's because Batman was very thoroughly shaped by the murder of his parents - which, in the CoS 'verse, was prevented by the intervention of Harry Dresden.

Peggy Carter will enter the story as a recurring character when Harry returns from the time-traveling jaunt he takes when he's 17.
  • Peggy disappeared around the same time as the Angel of Cuba incident (and is not confirmed to be dead).
  • It's been outright stated that the First Class of X-Men know who or what the Angel of Cuba was.
  • It's been very strongly implied that the First Class of X-Men know exactly what happened to Peggy - especially since Alison Carter, her daughter, was one of their number.
  • It's also been very strongly implied that Harry was the Angel of Cuba.
  • According to Doctor Strange, what happened to Peggy is "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey"
  • Put all of that together and it seems pretty likely that when Harry returned to his present, Peggy ended up joining him.

Dumbledore wielding the Elder Wand is going to be a Chekhov's Gun
Bucky and Ollivander imply that at least part of the reason Strange held back from defeating Grindelwald entirely was that he wanted Dumbledore to take mastery over the Wand. And it's not as if Strange couldn't have gone all the way if he'd wanted to, which means that he probably left the wand for Dumbledore to take so that Dumbledore could use it sometime in the future. Yes, Strange tells Dumbledore that the reason he needs to do it is a case of Create Your Own Villain, but this is Strange we're talking about.

Peter Parker will still become some kind of hero in this 'verse
Judging by how much the author has stated he enjoys Peter and ships Peter/MJ hard, it's hard to imagine that he won't keep Peter around. Sure, Peter could potentially stay alive and not become a hero... but we're talking about the Trope Namer for With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Additionally, my guess is that he will receive some kind of Super Empowering beyond the Grey Court bite that will kick-start his abilities.

Barty Crouch Junior is impersonating his father
The events at the Quidditch World Cup confirm that he's still playing a role as Voldemort's agent in his current scheme, but he hasn't shown up since, and the absence of Mad-Eye Moody suggests that he's not impersonating him like in canon. Meanwhile, at the Yule Ball, Percy mentions how Crouch Senior hasn't been much the same since the World Cup, which he puts down to stress, but what if it really is a case of Not Himself? Plus, one can easily imagine Junior taking great joy out of impersonating his hated father to further his beloved Dark Lord's agenda.

Annihilus will play a major antagonistic role in a future volume.
I mean, come on. I really want it to happen and it's a possibility anyways.He's implied to be the reason the Phoenix exists and chooses hosts(not Destruction of the Endless herself, but the Phoenix part of her) when Doctor Strange says "Of course, sometimes, a threat is so great that the universe has to solve its own problems. In this case… cue the Phoenix." If that is the case, then he would simply be too great a threat to simply ignore. If he was merely a one-mention character he wouldn't ever appear, but he continues to appear afterwards, most notably in Harry's first past vision. And if you remember the author's use of foreshadowing, that could mean he could appear in a future volume. Most likely not Ghosts of the Past, but the volumes after it.

"Nimbus Llewelyn" is actually a fourth-wall-breaking Doctor Strange.
There are a lot of similarities between the two, and it would explain how Strange got onto the The Omniscient Council Of Vagueness and Time Lord pages. Besides, let's face it—do we really think a little thing like the fourth wall would or could stop Doctor Strange?


Bucky will, while not as quickly, soon be looked upon in the same light as Loki by the general populace.
Just a guess based on the Christmas chapter.
  • Jossed. A passing mention in Ghosts of the Past notes that he's being passed off as having been kept on ice by HYDRA and experimented on as a mixture of trophy and guinea-pig. He's well regarded, but the general public doesn't know about the Winter Soldier aspect of his past.

Carol's mother
Carol's mom is such an Extreme Doormat because she's got the same abilities as the rest of her bloodline, and is utterly terrified of them.
  • Jossed. She is not, in fact, the Extreme Doormat Carol sees her as, and her motivations for wanting to stay away from combat are less fear, more a desire to make good rather than fight evil. Equally, as she explains, she wants to keep her daughter away from that world for the entirely understandable reason that she's seen how it can destroy people - but once she realises that that is impossible, she instead resolves to support her and be proud of her.

Jean-Paul will help to rescue Harry and Carol.
Bucky's off on a hunt, which means that it's possible Jean-Paul will return to Little Whinging and find them gone before Bucky notices. Where was Jean-Paul? "Off on an errand," which could mean that he was visiting Clark, especially since he seemed to understand the "red star above the field of wheat." They could come back, find some link to the Red Room among the papers Sinister left, and pull off a Big Damn Heroes, which would allow Harry and Clark to meet for the first time. Alternatively, Jean-Paul will call in the Avengers and much Papa Wolf curb-stomping will ensue.
  • Jossed. While Jean-Paul and Clark teaming up would've been awesome, Clark isn't directly involved in the arc beyond that visit, and Jean-Paul's involvement is also relatively brief.

Maddie placed a trigger in Harry's mind, just as Sinister did for her.
My guess is that inspired by what Sinister did to her, she put some kind of trigger in his mind so that, to all intents and purposes, he would appear broken and would murder all those people (because he'd never do that of his own free will), but could be brought back to consciousness with a passphrase.
  • Jossed. She removed it and hid it in the phoenix feather Harry wears.

Strange is Harry from the future.
And he's carrying out a massive Stable Time Loop.
  • While this would explain a number of things (the sense of humour, the fondness for Wanda, his utter disdain for authority, the monomaniacal obsession with making his failure over Maddie/Rachel right, and the raging hatred for Essex), this isn't the case. However, Word of God has it that this actually was the original plan, but it became too complicated (which for Nimbus is really saying something) and depressing, so it was cut in the grand raft of offscreen changes some time back.

Voldemort will ally with the Black Council
As shown in Dresden-verse canon, the Black Council contains members from just about any organization it can get its claws in. And a restored Voldemort, combined with the power taken from Harry, would be a massive asset. Plus, in this universe, Kemmler and Grindelwald were allies, so there's a precedent for dark wizards of the wanded and wandless varieties to work together.
  • As yet unconfirmed, but as of chapter 80, he has linked up with Selene. Considering that he later dumps her as soon as he's got what he wanted, and only allies with others, such as Dracula, to use them for his own interests, it seems most likely that he's acting on his own.
  • Jossed as of chapter 61 of Ghosts, where Strange mentions that he's disposed of the Black Council—they're either being cured of Nemesis by Mab, or else being dealt with by Wanda and Dresden.

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