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     Child of the Storm 

Thor: "I am the God of Lightning and Thunder, not Reason and Understanding!"
Thor making clear his precise title.

Odin: "Thor could raise an army and lead it into the bowels of Muspelheim and to victory. With you at his side, he and his forces would come out the other side smelling of the roses, with the Twilight Sword in hand and Surtur owing you both a lot of money."
Odin explaining Loki's new role to him: instead of being in Thor's shadow, he will become Thor's shadow.

Steve: "I can be edgy."
Clint: "Steve, last time I and Nat went running with you, you stopped to rescue a little girl’s kitten that was stuck up a tree. You’re about as edgy as cookie dough."
Steve being the world's least convincing liar.

Sif: "The Lady Sif, at your service. The Warriors Three would be here IF THEY WEREN’T SO BUSY CHECKING THEIR WEAPONS, FLIRTING WITH THE MAIDS AND EATING HALF THE ROYAL PANTRY. AGAIN!" *turns to Frigga* "My apologies, my lady."
Sif, having resigned herself to the position of Cloudcuckoolander's Minder for the Warriors Three.

Harry: "I just want to say a few things. One, your hospitality is terrible. Two, you’re really ugly. Three, you’re really thick if you’re going to trust anyone related to Loki. Four, you’re not the first soul eating monsters I’ve met, and you’re not the scariest either. You don’t even make me relive my worst memories. I know just the word for you: Pathetic. *Disir snarl* Oh hush, I’m getting to the good bit. Five, Expecto Patronum, suckers."
Harry setting the tone for the rest of the series, Refuge in Audacity and all.

Fury: "I'd have recruited you for SHIELD a long time ago if you weren't doing such a damn fine job in the Air Force and in making sure that Stark didn't fry his brain on a daily basis."
Rhodey: "In point of fact, sir, Tony fried his brain at least three times a week."
Fury: "But never so badly that he couldn't function."
Fury and Rhodey discuss Tony's Bunny-Ears Lawyer tendencies

Fury: This is the part where you run away.
Nick Fury performing the most epic Shrek quote ever.

Clint: Congratulations, Thor. I think you just threw a garden gnome into space.
Clint, during an afternoon visit to the Burrow.

Dumbledore: "I need to speak to your fellow student and his talking ravens."
Dumbledore explaining that he needs to talk to Harry, Huginn and Muninn.

Bruce: Don't make me angry, Mister McGee. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!.
Bruce referencing That Quote.

The Winter Soldier: Well. Fuck the Mission, then.
The Winter Soldier's Internal Monologue hits a tipping point.

Tony: "In the end, all you can do, when you’re handed a second chance like that… is to do right. In every part of your life, you have to do the best to live up to what the person who put themselves on the line for you believed you could be. Be the best person you can be."
Tony talks about living on after someone makes a Heroic Sacrifice on your behalf.

Wanda: "He's been pulling the omniscient act on me since I was a girl and he hasn't been wrong yet. Well. Except when he was trying to get me to clean my room."
Wanda discussing Strange's (supposed) omniscience.

Harry: "Tears are for babies. I don't normally cry."
Thor: "I am over fifteen hundred years old, and I am definitely no baby. Yet I cry. See? There is no shame in tears."
Once again, Thor reveals his Hidden Depths while parenting Harry.

Loki: "[Steve] is the superman, the ultimate expression of humanity's evolutionary potential, taking its native strengths to the greatest limits that can be reached while still remaining a member of humankind. He is the ultimate human. In times gone by, he would have been worshipped. He could take control of this nation so easily, he has the strength, the wits and the charisma to do it. And how fortunate humankind is that it does not occur to him."
Sif: "Maybe it does occur to him. And maybe that is why he is such a humble and good man. Because he knows what he could become."
Loki and Sif discuss Steve's status as both an Übermensch and a Humble Hero.

[Harry's] head was hurting rather less this morning, for which he would once have thanked god. Now, he thanked his grandmother, which was still a little weird to deal with. If he'd been Twitter savvy and pretentious, he might have posted it as #demigodproblems.
The Lemony Narrator commenting on a Running Gag within the series: Harry trying to figure out who to swear by/at.

I.O.U. one Loki
Strange being his usual self.

Jean-Paul: I am going to meet my end alongside total lunatics.
Carol: He has problems. Useful problems, but still problems.
Doctor Strange: "Indeed, Lucius… you should know better than most that the most incomplete picture of any situation is that seen by a piece on the board."
[Lucius] did not have the words to adequately describe how he felt – as far as he was aware, the English language did not have a word that encapsulated the utter horror of realising that all your efforts, all your best laid plans and most cunning manoeuvres have been nothing more than a small part of someone else's grander scheme. Nor did it have a word that described the feeling where you thought you were writing your own song, but found that it was merely a small part of a greater symphony. Nor did it have one that described how you felt when, in fact, your very worst fears had just come true. But if there were such words, he would have used them.
Strange: "Now you begin to see. You have never been anything more than a piece on my board, a pawn to be moved to and fro as I saw fit. Your plans were simply incorporated into my own."
Doctor Strange takes a moment to, effortlessly, verbally break Lucius Malfoy and cement his own Magnificent Bastard status.

Steve: "Is it a bird?"
Strange: "Spoilers."
Strange being Strange, in every sense of the word.

Harry: "I never wanted power. I never wanted to be god. And I am done playing."
Harry's Humble Hero status saves the universe.

     Ghosts of the Past 

Harry: "...Much."
Harry trying and failing to defend his lot in life

Wanda: "Actually, no. You're right. I am like my father. I am his daughter. And do you know why? Because I am going to fulfil that promise I made, a promise to render you down to traumatised, screaming atoms if you ever went near my godson again. And while I'm not going to have the time to make it last, I am going to enjoy it. So scream, you bastard, scream!"
Wanda explaining to Sinister just why it was a very, very bad idea to kidnap her godson.

"Everyone turned to [Steve]. It wasn't a conscious thing. If he'd said 'I think we should have lunch', everyone would have still turned to him, attentive and waiting on what suggestions he would make about the composition of their midday meal."
Steve's magnetic personality strikes again.

Magneto: "Good evening. My name is Magneto. You kidnapped my daughter. You kidnapped my daughter's godson. You tortured them both. You have twisted the latter into your weapon. I would like to discuss this. And once we are done, if you are very lucky... I might actually allow some of you to live."
Magneto taking the opportunity to let his inner monster off the leash.

Maddie: "I am the Mistress of my fate, the Captain of my soul. You have no power over me, Doctor Essex. Not any more."
Maddie takes a stand against the man who made her life hell.

Strange: "Hello, Nathaniel. Long time no see."
Strange bringing Essex's nightmares to life.

Dresden: "That's right, suckers. It's hammer time!"
Fix: "Really, Harry?"
Dresden and Fix's reactions to Maddie lifting Mjolnir

Carol: "Oh my God, you total fucking drama queen."
Carol's gift for timing strikes again, at the end of Forever Red.

Strange: "I am the Sorcerer Supreme. I am the Evergreen Man, the Lord of Time, and I know my place perfectly well. I fight beings like you every single day. I have guarded reality against them for centuries, and for the most part, I have done it alone. For centuries I have stood, and I stand here still, now with an Infinity Stone in my hand. Do you really think that you, any of you, is a match for me? So how dare you? How dare any of you? How dare any of you raise your voices to me!"
The Moment When Strange Finally Snaps (which is worrying, since he's holding the Tesseract and knows how to use it).

"How dare you?" she said, in the sort of perfectly calm voice only achievable by those in the icy plains on the far side of berserk rage. "How dare you. How dare you."
Alison Carter, in very calm, very controlled tones, absolutely loses her shit at her son-in-law after finding out that he tried to get Harry to rewrite Carol's mind.

Harry: "What if you're wrong? What if I... what if I make the wrong choice? What if this was for nothing?"
Jesus: "Then at the very least, little cousin, I will know that in this time and this place, I chose to do something right."
Jesus gives Harry a little speech about the importance of choices.

Xavier: "Remarkable."
Essex: "Remarkable?"
Xavier: "You are. You are a brilliant scientist, Essex and a powerful telepath. You have, by your own account, worked with the likes of Weapon X and the Red Room for decades. You have accrued a level of knowledge and experience that is perhaps unparalleled. But for all that brilliance, after all that time, there is one truly remarkable thing about you, which surpasses all others."
Essex: "What is that?"
Xavier: "You are extraordinarily stupid."
Essex: "...What?"
Xavier: *cheerful* "Ignorant on a scale that beggars belief."
In which Xavier, prior to dissecting Essex's failings pointing out that his ignorance of The Power of Love would always have been his undoing, leaves the other man completely flat-footed.

Harry: "Dracula, King of Corpses, Lord of Leeches. I, Harry Thorson, Prince of Asgard, would have words. Words, vampire, with thee."
Harry, ripping off his dad's catchphrase.

Dracula: "I am Dracula. I defied empires, causing the fields of Europe to steam with the blood of my enemies, long before I began drinking it as well. When I destroyed their armies, I made a screaming forest of their survivors, earning the name of Lord Impaler. I am the Lord of the Vampires, I have slain gods and demons alike, and I, little Prince, am going to teach you a lesson you should long since have learned. Why not to meddle in the affairs of your betters."
Dracula offering a Badass Boast of his own, before proving definitively that he's more than capable of handling Harry.

The Hulk being the Hulk.

Wanda: "I am the Sorceress Supreme. Harry is my godson. And if any god, or goddess, or other entity of that ilk, even breathes the wrong way towards him, then I swear by my power and my name that I will make them wish that they were dealing with my predecessor."
Wanda, once again reminding people that she's capable of being every bit as terrifying as either of her father figures.

Loki: "And it's all Doctor Strange's fault."
Loki summing up the entire story so far.

McGonagall: "One term. One. Term. That's all I ask: for just one term to go by without Harry finding some new, spectacular, and undoubtedly horrifying way to risk his life and take years off mine."
Dumbledore: "I would advise asking for something more practically attainable. Perhaps a month. Or maybe a fortnight."
In which, after the events of Bloody Hell, McGonagall despairs, and Dumbledore is realistic.

Carol: " Screw it. Let's dance."
The big Wham Line at the end of chapter 46.

Carol: I swear, your fucking family…
Harry: Believe me, I'm right there with you.
The absurdity of Harry's Tangled Family Tree being fully lampshaded.

Doctor Strange: "It is time, Clark Kent of Earth, Kal-El of Krypton, that you accept who and what you are: a hero, at the start of your story."
Strange encourages Clark to accept his true identity and step up to become a superhero.