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Headscratchers / Child of the Storm

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Any series that's over 2 million words long is going to generate questions, especially one so densely plotted.

     Forgot About His Powers? 
In chapter 59, Tony mentions that because of phone signal and wi-fi being down, he can't have JARVIS summon an Iron Man suit. But earlier in that same chapter, Loki teleports Nat's, Clint's, and Steve's equipment to them. So why can't Loki just teleport an Iron Man suit over?
  • Loki states when he teleports them over that he could do so because he'd placed tracking signals on each of their equipment in case of kidnap, so he's got a basis to work a teleportation spell. The implication is that Tony wouldn't let him do the same/has his own arrangement of tracking signals - which, considering Tony's reputation for paranoia, isn't entirely unsurprising.

     Why Hogwarts for Alan's kids? 
So, Alan Scott has a couple of kids attending Hogwarts. Fine, so far, so good. But he was said to have been killed in the Battle of New York, implying that he was living there at the time-he was retired, after all, and besides, he was an Agent of SHIELD, not MI13. Shouldn't his kids be at Ilvermony?
  • Doylist Answer: That part of the fic, introducing Jade Scott, was written very early on, before information on the existence of Ilvermorny, and details about it, was released. Also, the author is British.
  • Probable Watsonian Answer: One of SHIELD's most senior magic involved Agents was Nick Fury, who was more familiar with Hogwarts, and recommended it.
  • Makes sense, thanks.