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Hero & Daughter is a 2014 traditional RPG by tachi in RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is updated fairly frequently and an English translation can be found here. An Updated Re-release, Hero & Daughter+, was released on Steam, on February 18, 2016.

The great hero Ralph has gotten to such an absurdly high level, beating the resident dark lord is like swatting a fly. But when he decides it's beneath him, the king reduces him to Level 1, in hopes that he'll learn something by going back to his roots. Only thing is, he's so weak that he can't even beat a lowly slime.

With the help of a local summoner, Ralph gathers a party of cute girls to fight for him. With these new allies, perhaps the dark lord can be defeated yet...

Hero & Daughter contains examples of:

  • All-Loving Hero: Pun not intended, but it's clear that Ralph is just a genuinely good guy whose only fault is his initial laziness and lack of tact. He spares his opponents (even the Dark Lord(s)) who he has defeated in the past, considers even the Haremancer a friend, and constantly inspires hope in his party members at higher affection dialogues.
  • An Interior Designer Is You: You can buy houses in House Park and fill them with furniture that's gotten through encountering Dungeon NPCs, or some Village NPC encounters.
  • Anywhere but Their Lips: When Lara wants a kiss at 1000 affection, Ralph gives her one on the cheek. She thinks they're "graduated" up from that, and Ralph responds "Graduate from high school, first."
  • Arm Cannon: Yomi, and apparently Robotta as well.
  • Attack Reflector: Everyone has the Reflect Magic Self-Skill which "Reflects back enemy magic for 1 turn."
  • Battle Harem: In spades, with up to 37 girls to choose from.
  • Big "WHAT?!": More accurate, big "WHAAAAAAA", from Ralph, after he gets turned to LV1 , after the King finds him too cocky.
  • Blood Knight: Lenna tries picking fights with anyone, anywhere.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Multiple:
    • After some missions (notably, those that do not result in a new MacGuffin to unlock the Dark Lord's dungeon), the Haremancer will approach a girl and reveal her character popularity based on player votes, with both characters reacting to the result.
    • Ralph (asking his daughter why she dressed like him):
    "You're dressed so much like me, you can hardly tell our sprites apart."
    • Candy Lix's dialogue makes reference to cheat codes, Event Flags, and Illustration at Intimacy 800.
    • Before the battle against Haeti, The King Of Evil says he's so powerful, he breaks the game's balance.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Ralph's main flaw, which leads to being Depowered.
  • Butt-Monkey: Multiple:
    • The Haremancer, who no one takes seriously most of the time. It's clear that Ralph truly appreciates him for his help as a friend, however.
    • Ralph himself, as most insults revolve around his current level. Keep in mind once again that even random villagers (Felice) start at level 5!
  • Cap: For Ralph: 999,999 HP, and 99,999 in all other stats. The max HP for girls is what her Level 999 stat is +10,000. For all other girl stats, LV 999 Base + 1000.
  • Can't Drop the Hero: Ralph, at least in main dungeons. This means that he is The Load for the beginning but (hopefully, with stat boosts) becomes just as powerful as any other case of Can't Drop the Hero in an otherwise revolving party.
  • Crutch Character: Until she joins permanently, Leffy. She has a unchangeable set of equipment (of poor quality) and relies on her powerful skills and advanced level to help you — only some minor heal spells, too. She is also AI-controlled only. Worse, any EXP she gets is lost — she joins your party as a permanent character at level five like the rest, without even her equipment from before!
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Chapter 4 of the game involves the girls transforming into Dark Lords, one of whom is then called "Dark Lord Dark Lord Arue".
  • Dirty Old Man: The Haremancer, who attempts to hide it. No one buys it.
  • Fanservice: OH SO MUCH.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: The Haremancer can summon characters from different worlds to help create this effect. The non-guest characters nonetheless include a robot, a cyclops, a cheerleader, an angel, and a highschooler. Similarly, several bosses in the Tower are based on various sources: H. P. Lovecraft (Y'Golonac, Mi-Go...), The Four Gods of Chinese mythology (plus the rarely-seen Dragon of the Center), The Bible (Satan, the Red Dragon and Lucifer), and so on.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: It's clear that several characters have preferred weapons — some are shown to use unarmed combat (Lara, Lenna, Rouge), some have a particular weapon (Yomi's Arm Cannon, Ayame's kunai, Leffy, Ralphina, and Schildt's swords), and some are mages (Strega, the Red Witch). There is nothing stopping the player from equipping with any weapon, and punching with a gun is just as effective as anything else.
    • In fact, every equippable can be equipped to anyone. The A-Class Brassiere is said in the description to be for A-cups; it can be worn by even the bustiest of girls. There is a pair of glasses; you can even equip them on the cyclopean Iris, or go for redundancy by equipping them on Sakia.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Beside the "Bounty" enemies found in the dungeons, after completing a certain chapter there's a 50% chance that the bosses of the early dungeons get replaced by some very weird, but also very powerful, "things". They're represented in the overworld as a Bedsheet Ghost instead of the usual skeleton.
  • A God Am I: The "God (Self-Decreed)" enemy, from its name.
  • Guest Fighter: Several.
    • Akari, from Hello? Hell...o?
    • Red Witch and Spirit Queen, from Moonlight Ghost.
    • Yomi and Apil from Full Swing, an early platformer by Tachi.
    • Erina from Headless, an untranslated game.
    • Candy Lix, from Death Village, a cancelled game.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Leffy if you get defeated in 3 dungeons (or simply leave them part-way). She joins you for a nominal sum (500 gold) and is over level 60 with a strong variety of elemental skills and even some healing spells. She can even permanently join the party if you defeat her, which must be done with a less than full party.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Discussed. Iris, at Affection 100, has a conversation where Ralph wonders what a Cyclops-Human hybrid would be like, as Iris's parents were both Cyclopses. Holly similarly warms up to Ralph by asking this question.
  • Heart Symbol: Used for a Pictorial Speech-Bubble by Lara when first summoned.
  • Hero of Another Story: All of the town's merchants are Ralph's former adventuring buddies, and are supposedly just as capable in-battle as a pre-drained Ralph, but we never see them fight.
  • Hot Springs Episode: Of a sort... When you get past Part 3 of Hero and Daughter, you have the opportunity to join a girl for a Hot Springs Date. Her affection for Ralph must be over 2000, but once you have the date, she learns "(Girl's Name) Heart" which does damage based on her affection for Ralph. In version 2.81, you could only take 17 of these girls to the Hot Springs, but as of version 2.82 you can score with all 37 of them!
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Ayame has been born into a world of assassination, but she really wants to be just like the other girls. Well, relatively normal.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Felice is "just" an average villager who gets summoned, whilst amongst her are ghosts, mages, robots, and Cute Monster Girls. As she puts it, she "want[s] to be special... Like everyone else, like [Ralph]." This carries over to her own opinion of her character popularity, as she is squarely average.
  • Impossible Thief: Liv's final two Self-Skills are, without flavor text, a defense-piercing Stun and a buff that recovers TP. However, going along with her theme, they're described as stealing time and stealing herself, somehow.
  • Kid from the Future: Ralphina's defining trait, along with Strong Family Resemblance.
  • King Incognito: Priscilla is secretly a princess, as revealed at high affection. As a sheltered girl, being captured by her father's escaping slaves was the most exciting time of her life, and she's like being abused or treated as a slave ever since... to the point where said slaves ended up returning with her to the castle rather than put up with her personally.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Akari comments that the setting is as colorful as a video game!
  • Lighter and Softer: You'd almost believe that Akari wasn't from a horror game if this was your only experience with her. The setting and her own situation certainly helps.
  • Lucky Charms Title: The Updated Re-release, Hero and Daughter+.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: Fantasy Kitchen Sink and Schizo Tech elements aside, the setting and a good chunk of the gameplay involves a village lorded over by a king in a European-style castle.
  • Mega Manning: Ralph, to an extent, can learn the skill of some of the girls, when using a summon stone when he has all the girls available.
  • My Name Is ???: Behemoth, the boss of the Forest Dungeon, is called "???" before it gives its name.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: All the girls' portraits and scenes that appear at high enough intimacy and also their sprites when they get turned into Dark Lords by Haeti and you have to beat the evil out of them were made by tachi himself and are quite animesque. As such, they stand out a lot amongst the generic RPG Maker sprites and the more realistic style of the other illustrators that made the battle sprites.
  • Pictorial Speech-Bubble: Multiple uses:
    • A sweatdrop one is used by the King, when he's exasperated, in the intro cutscene.
    • When Lara's summoned, her first action is to have a Heart Symbol in this trope.
  • Pre-existing Encounters: In the dungeons, they fade in and out as you approach and leave their area. They chase you, but can be avoided.
  • Palette Swap: Played straight as usual for some Underground Monkeys, but in a funnier way. As the village attacks level up, for example, "Mr. Bandit with Dreadful Skin" shows up: your usual bandit, but painted teal.
  • Punny Name: Most, if not all of the girls' names, and some of the skill names. From the Translation Notes (WARNING: Wall of Text):
    • The Haremancer was simply called the "ero summoner," i.e. "perverted summoner" or whatnot. But given how his suggestion of starting a harem is immediately followed by Ralph giving him that name, it was the perfect opportunity.
    • Dieh was ディエ, pronounced “dee-eh,” and the joke is that it reads as “d-i-e.” Dieh was the best compromise I could get so that was clear, but people would still pronounce it differently from the word “die.”
    • Selphie’s name was originally “Hightech.” That is a ridiculous name, so I came up with the best possible pun. Also, her class and first Self-Skill were “uso denwa” (fake call), and while I made the skill simply “Fake a Call,” I decided to make her class “Cell Phony.”
    • Priscilla was just “Prizun.” Uh… yeah. Priscilla is kind of a pun on “prison cell.”
    • Cherie was just “Chia.” Not like the pet, but from “cheer.” Cherie is just a bit less obvious. Although actually, it may be intended to be “Tia,” which would be slightly better.
    • Harmony was Wagokoro, “peaceful heart.” However, that “wa” is also used to refer to traditional Japanese things, so everything about her has that angle to it as well. Paci-Fist was “Wadoken,” which is beautiful, which is why I worked in the “down-right fist” part. Some of her skills also repeated the name of the move in all hiragana in the description, which ties into the whole classical Japanese thing.
    • Apil and Yomi are from an old platformer called Full Swing. Apil’s name is probably a pun on “ahiru,” duck, but she’s also kind of tachi’s mascot, so I didn’t care to come up with my own terrible pun name. (Not to mention one of her skills is named “Appeal” as a pun on it.)
    • The King of Evil was “Maou-sama,” a combination of “maou” (dark lord) and “ousama” (king). Of course, “Maou-sama” could be used as a respectful name for any old dark lord, but the joke is essentially “you never knew what he was the king of!”
    • I ended up keeping the name Meiji Staff, but it’s probably a pun on “Mage Staff.” Maybe I could have made it “Magey” or something. I dunno.
    • The “My First Dagger!” and “Dagger” relationship was originally based on a Japanese homophone pun. たんけん (Tanken) can mean “exploration” or “dagger,” but 短剣 is unquestionably “dagger.” So it’s like “Yay, let’s go exploring!” to “Bah, that’s for kids. It’s a DAGGER.”
    • Rain Bow is an entirely new pun. The original was 真弓 (mayumi), literally “True Bow,” but the description acts like it’s a girl’s name: “Mayumi! Mayumiii! It’s me! Marry me!”
    • (Take) My Sword For It is a modified pun, but it remains somewhat intact. It was 真剣 (literally “True Sword” - yes, again), which can also be read as “serious/earnest.”
    • Ram Bow is a mostly new pun. It was 剛弓 (Sturdy Bow), and the description had another homophone pun since “lamentation” is pronounced the same way; it was basically like “when shot by a Goukyuu, you goukyuu.”
    • Smile & Bow was 千弓 (Thousand Bow), senkyuu, so the description joked about it sounding like “thank you.”
    • Cross Sword is a new pun for yet another Japanese homophone pun. 魔剣 (Demon Sword) = maken, and the description said “maken” in the “I won’t lose” sense.
    • To the Point was 短刀直入, putting the word “dagger” into 単刀直入… which means “getting right to the point.” So that worked pretty well.
    • Magic Dagger’s description noted the similarity between 魔力 (magic power) and 魔刀 (magic sword).
    • Spear It was “yarikiru,” which contains “spear” (yari) and means “to do something to completion.” But tachi used it to joke about “finishing up alone” in the description, because of course he would.
    • Cluelash was “muchi,” which means whip, but also means ignorance. Frankly, I’m surprised I came up with anything close.
    • The Whipper was “mucchi” in reference to “mucchimuchi,” a word for supple skin, usually in reference to sexy women. I, uh… just felt it was better to replace that one.
    • Brawlblade was 剣嘩 (ken-ka), replacing one of the kanji for “brawl” with “sword.”
    • Broad Sword was 太い刀, a joke on how “tachi” is written 太刀, which literally means “fat sword.” Yeah, I know it has a katana sprite, but if Chrono Trigger can give a broadsword the name of a katana, I can do the opposite.
    • The Master Bracelet was the “Sage’s Bracelet,” and its description was simply “Whew…” (And so it was before I got the reference.) This is in reference to “sage time,” a term for the period of exhaustion after a guy ejaculates. …Yeah. So my lewd puns there aren’t unwarranted.
    • I don’t know what the joke is with the Utah Cap either. It’s… it’s made in Utah. That’s what it said.
    • Assass Innate was just the word “ansatsu” (assassination) split into two with a dot. So, I mean, it’s totally the same thing, right?
    • “Ninja Ninny!” was “Ninja Ninjin!” (carrot).
  • Rare Random Drop: The 1/1000 chance drops, like "LUK Up" from "Fire Guardian Ifrit", where the common drop chances are higher than 1/100, although there are 1/100 items too, like Potions from Believers.
  • Redemption Demotion: Not literal as most foes that become playable characters aren't truly antagonists, but they follow the rule of all newly-recruited characters starting at level 5.
    • Leffy just suddenly loses her competency as a Dungeon Patrol Corps member, for example — particularly striking as she was a Guest-Star Party Member before.
    • Dark Lord Arue is a straighter example, but Ralph still doesn't take her as seriously as the other Dark Lords in the first place. His comment on her joining is that she was just "a part-timer" anyway (despite her complaints).
  • Reused Character Design: One part this and one part Creator In-Joke, the sprites and portraits used for Ralph and his former adventuring party are the default "protagonist" models of the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.
  • RPG Mechanics 'Verse:
    • Everyone can see Ralph's low level and openly talk about levels in general.
    • When Ralph asks Schildt about her Chainmail Bikini-esque skimpy armor, she justifies it as being ok because her stats are high anyway.
    • The party members can apparently see each others' skills — some explicitly joke about Ralph's heroic resolve, Ralph suggests that Cherie learns some offensive skills, and Iris discusses many of her Self-Skills' uses in her affection dialogue.
  • Secret Character: Defeating Dark Lord Dehmon lets you unblock (via barrel explosion) the Extra Room. Inputting two codes nets you two characters, separate from the "main" 37, who lack affection dialogue or bath or catfight participation. I'm a Dark Lord! and Deste otherwise appear as antagonists in the... "story".
  • Schizo Tech: The setting is Medieval European Fantasy with some Fantasy Kitchen Sink elements pretty much based on Rule of Funny. It does not help that the Haremancer can summon characters from different worlds entirely.
    • It's clear that swords are the usual weapon of choice for characters in the main universe alongside typical fantasy weapons such as axes, bows, staves, and knuckles. However, guns exist... with a squirt gun being called a product of "modern science" alongside "sniper rifles".
      • The common mid-game weapon "Coping Saw Bow" is a bow with a string made from a saw blade, somehow.
      • The Magnum can be used to kill elephants.
    • Akari, who is from modern Japan, remarks about cars and traffic and Ralph has no idea what that's about.
    • Akari also asks about modern medicine. Turns out that with magic being thrown around everywhere (any person can learn spells via tomes), potions such as Refreshers curing any ailment from poison to Puppet, and Felice being able to create amazing healing potions from commonplace herbs, medicine is all but extinct in place of alchemists.
    • Lara is wearing modern Japanese schoolgirl clothes and talks about schooling and homework as if it's normal for a vaguely-fantasy-medieval person to attend public school until adulthood. Ralph is able to keep up with her conversation and even makes a remark about waiting until her graduation before advancing from a kiss on the cheek.
    • Priscilla wears modern black-and-white prison gear with handcuffs. At the same time, she's a princess who has owned slaves, so somehow these things coexist.
    • Aquata wears a swimsuit, which Ralph thinks is just underwear, so clearly that's non-standard. Same story with Sion.
  • Spin-Offspring: Discussed in a Random Event:
    Goral: "You oughta marry, have a kid... To be the protag of Hero & Daughter 2!"
  • Sticky Fingers: Liv; her generic introduction dialogue to giving her gifts or EXP is claiming she didn't steal your wallet.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Ralphina's other main trait besides being a Kid from the Future. Her sprite is almost the exact same as her father's except for longer hair, and the two are easily mixed up.
  • Together in Death: Joked about (hopefully, for Ralph's sake) regarding Felice and Ayame if their affection is high enough.
  • Updated Re-release: Hero & Daughter+ on Steam, as said here:
    • Version 3.0.0:
      Full set of affection conversations for all girls!
      Extra dungeon at the Ancient Shrine after Part 6
    • Version 3.0.1:
      Extra Room in the pub, where you can summon bonus characters with secret codes
      I'm A Dark Lord and Deste added as bonus characters
  • Visible Silence: Multiple:
    • Ralph replies with "..." when Oc-Ock talks about getting stronger to become a legendary monster.
    • In the first Affection conversation with Leffy, it happens a lot:
      Ralph: This Patrol Corps of yours... Are there other members?
      Leffy: Yes!
      Leffy: There are many of us!
      Ralph: ...
      Ralph: Wait, hold on.
      Ralph: Don't tell me you're including us?
      Leffy: That I am!
      Ralph: ... [Pause] And don't tell me you'd just been calling yourself the "Patrol Corps" with one member?
      Leffy: Err... [Pause] Is that bad?
      Ralph: Not really, but c'mon...
      Leffy: Dungeons are full of danger!
      Leffy: But they also have lots of charm!
      Leffy: That's why I figured a service to safely explore dungeons was needed...
      Ralph: I see...
      Ralph: ...
      Ralph: Well, that's a fine thing.
      Ralph: Good luck with it.
      Leffy: Ralph...
  • World of Action Girls: Pretty much; the only named women who aren't are the shopkeeper NPCs.
  • Yandere:
    • Commented on by Ralph when Felice non-jokingly comments that maybe she should just poison her medicine so that they can be together forever.
    • Ayame also provides some If I Can't Have You…-style comments, but assassination themed: either killing the potential competition or Ralph himself.
    • Lilia may be this way as well, as one dialogue has her asking if she should 'burn the flies around Master'.
    • Discussed by the talking fireplace in the Extra Room about Deste when she is summoned and joins your party.
  • You're Cute When You're Angry: Holly finds Ralph "pretty cute" when he's angry.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: The Immobile Golem in the Goblin Mine just gives Ralph his jewel instead of going through the usual boss battle. Justified since, well, he's immobile. However, you can go back to him and have a fight in order to include him in the Monster Compendium. Still, at that point in the game (the second continent) he's quite weak if compared to the other nearby bosses and even random encounters. Visit him enough times and he comes a proper boss.