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    Anime and Manga 
When you two are done releasing sexual tension we have got a meeting to finish!

Rain belongs to Domon! I'm not going to let you get in the way!

Usagi: I am NOT on a date with Melvin, okay?
Rei, Mamoru, Ami and Kunitachi: Looks like one to me!

There is a god. He preaches the President x Kaguya-sama gospel...
Karen "Shiptrash" Kino, We Want to Talk About Kaguya

    Comic Books 
Scott and Ramona, my favorite boy/girl couple.
Wallace Wells, Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness

Why isn't Mary Jane sitting over here? Mary! Mary Jane! Get over here, girl! Don't you look like a million dollars. Doesn't she look fab, Peter?
Uncle Ben, Ultimate Spider-Man

    Fan Works 
Glynda: Are you not disturbed by that at all?
Ozpin: Nope. I think they're cute together.
Butt Pats, a RWBY fic

Do you know how many tires I had to slash, how many boys I had to threaten, how many dates I had to turn down just the make the way clear for the two of you to finally see each other for what you were? Half the fights I got into at school in some way involved you lot. But that's okay, that's what I wanted. The two of you belong together and not just because it was necessary to maintain the timeline, complete the paradox and create me, but because you truly love each other.
River Song (to Amy and Rory Williams), Epistolary: The Fifty Years Before We Were Born, a Doctor Who fic

"I wrote-" Trucy began, but Pearl squealed and clapped a mitten-covered hand over her mouth. Following Pearl's gesture, Trucy watched her father struggle with the luggage until Maya grabbed one of the suitcases. When he tried to take it back, Maya yanked his hat down over his eyes and laughed.
The girls sighed in unison.
Folding her hands under chin, Pearl whispered, "It's an elegant, adult love, blooming slowly for years!"
Trucy cracked her knuckles. "And I can't wait to hurry it up. Did you get everything?"

But I finally told Lois about how I'd tried to get her and him together once, without showing my hand, and she cracked up. She said, 'That's just like what he'd do! You're a real member of the family, all right.'

"Honestly, I think it's kind of cute."
Rage promptly morphed into confusion. "What."
Bingo. Blake pressed on, "It's very cute. Think about it — it's classic. A seemingly insurmountable rivalry that blossoms into heartfelt romance, forged through the heat of battle."
Road to Recovery, another RWBY fic

“So… ”
“So, is she?”
“I think so. Taylor?”
“Oh yes.”
“Should we say anything? I’ve been considering it for awhile now, but I’m not sure how they’d react.”
“Hmm, probably not well. Taylor likes to feel in control. If she thinks we're trying to manipulate her, she’ll retreat. Let them be for now. We can always lock them in a room together later.”
“That’s what I thought. We can still tease them, right?”
“Of course.”
— Vicky and Lisa discussing Taylor and Amy in Worm: More Than Meets the Eye

She follows the thread, she sees the situation. And suddenly Draco Malfoy is being cornered by a very firm and protective Ravenclaw who doesn’t want anything — anyone — sinking her ship because it was clearly sailing just fine. She tells him under no uncertain terms to “Get on the ship.”

“They’re changing because Phos suggested it,” Dia said, a dreamy tone to their voice as they latched onto Cinnabar’s arm. “It’s sweet.”

"Oh, and Hiccup, my boy?...Keep her close. You won't find someone who can fence that well with you twice in a single lifetime without Frigga's and Odin's blessings. And, you, Miss, that goes for you as well. You've got him, don't let him get away. He'll be going down in the histories next to the natural philosophers of old, at the very least, and that's not even counting how well you're matched with him personally."
Trader Johann to Hiccup and Astrid, A Thing of Vikings, a How to Train Your Dragon fic

    Films — Animation 
"Oh, just look at you. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savanna. Your parents will be thrilled what with your being betrothed in all."
Zazu to Simba and Nala, The Lion King (1994)

    Films — Live-Action 
Steve Rogers: That's nice.
Bruce Banner: What...what is?
Steve: You and Romanoff.
Bruce: No, we haven't...that wasn't-
Steve: (chuckling) It's okay. Nobody's breaking any by-laws. It's just she's not the most... open person in the world. But with you, she seems very relaxed.
Bruce: No, Natasha, she... she likes to flirt.
Steve: I've seen her flirt. Up close. This ain't that. Look, as maybe the world's leading authority on waiting too long, don't. You both deserve a win.

"Raisa!" Inna called from outside the dugout. "We're up! Let's go!"
"Just a minute!" She scribbled a last few lines.
P.S. My wingman, Inna, will be very upset if I am killed. She’ll think it's her fault, that she didn't cover me. (It won't be true because she’s a very good pilot and wingman.) I think you should make an effort to comfort her at the very first opportunity. She's a redhead. You’ll like her. Really like her, I mean. I keep a picture of you in our dugout and she thinks you’re handsome. She'll weep on your shoulder and it will be very romantic, trust me.
"Raisa Stepanova", Dangerous Women

Once or twice Harry considered asking for Hermione's help, but he did not think he could stand seeing the smug look on her face; he thought he caught it sometimes when Hermione spotted him staring at Ginny or laughing at her jokes.

Fauna was one of those rare people who not only have convictions but are quite willing to take responsibility for them. She knew that Doc and Suzy should be together. And since they were too confused, or thoughtless, or shy to bring about that happy state, Fauna was prepared to do it for them.

    Live-Action TV 
Because it's obvious you and Agent Booth were attracted to each other. I mean, a blind man could see that. I just couldn't understand why you two just didn't rip each other's clothes off. I mean, just get all butt-naked and— Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Uh. I'm—I'm sorry. It just popped out, okay?
Clark Edison, Bones

Bones: And... I got into bed with Booth last night. (long pause) Why aren't you saying anything?
Angela: Because I don't want to yell "Hallelujah" so close to losing Vincent.
Bones, "The Hole in the Heart"

Dawn: (seeing that Willow and Tara are back together) You — you two — oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
Tara: Think that's my cue to put some clothes on...
Dawn: No! I'm totally not here! You guys do whatever you want. I'll watch TV. Really loud. In the basement. Where I can't hear anything! Oh my god! Oh my god! (runs offscreen, then comes back) I love you guys!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Seeing Red"

Oh for Heaven's sakes, Detective, just — kiss the man!
Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates to Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, Castle

Two thousand years. The boy who waited. Good on you, mate.
The Doctor watching Rory and Amy dance at their wedding reception, Doctor Who, "The Big Bang"

In no particular order, we need to neutralize all the Daleks in this Asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Amy and Rory's marriage.
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "Asylum of the Daleks"

Honestly, it's got to be you two. Cut to the song already, it's getting boring.
Mels, Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"

The world needs Marshall and Lily together!

Lister: What are you so bothered about? I thought you hated the idea of [me and Kochanski] getting it together.
Kryten: That was the old me, sir. I've grown and matured since then. The new me wants you to have children so I can iron those itty-bitty little socks!

Natalie: You're going to Vermont for the weekend with Gordon.
Dana: Yes, I am.
Natalie: And you bought new lingerie.
Dana: Yes, I did.
Natalie: And you went out of your way to make sure Casey knew you bought new lingerie.
Dana: I did not!
Natalie: Right, that was me.
Dana: Natalie!
Natalie: Well, let's get this show on the road already, huh?
Sports Night, "Intellectual Property"

Oh for Heaven's sake, just kiss, you morons!
Geraldine, The Vicar of Dibley

Det. Jake Peralta: Amy and I kissed.
Det. Charles Boyle: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!
Det. Amy Santiago: To keep our cover from being blown; we didn't have a choice.
Det. Charles Boyle: TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!
Det. Jake Peralta: Charles, it was just a kiss, okay? It was for work, it was nothing.
Det. Jake Peralta: Okay, you and Rosa follow Augustine.
Det. Charles Boyle: Right! And you and Amy follow your hearts.
Det. Jake Peralta: No! We're gonna stay with the package.
Det. Charles Boyle: And each other forever.
Det. Jake Peralta: Come on, man!
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Johnny and Dora"

Santiago: I love you. So much.
Peralta: I love you so much too.
Boyle: [gestures to both of them] I love this so much.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Greg and Larry"

"I want them to get together. Sue me!"
Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation

Tom: Those pants look great on you, Leslie.
Leslie: Oh, thanks!
Tom: They'd look even better on Ben's floor.
Ben: Are you hitting on Leslie... for me?

This is not a sacrifice play. You know why? Because I will beat them, you hear me? I know it, if for no other reason than this; through all the insane crap we have gone through, the one thing I've known without a doubt the whole time is you and Fitz belong together. This is not how your story ends.
Daisy Johnson to Jemma Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Self Control"

I warrant thee, Claudio, the time shall not go dully by us I will in the interim undertake one of Hercules' labours; which is, to bring Signior Benedick and the Lady Beatrice into a mountain of affection the one with the other.

    Video Games 
Sheba: But, Jenna... Aren't you and Isaac an item? Couldn't you, you know, do something?
Jenna: (luminescent blush) A... An item? No! I mean... It's not like that! Not...really... Stupid Sheba...

Sora: (watching Will and Elizabeth embrace) Good for them...
Goofy: Hey, Sora, how come your face is all red?
Sora: What? It is not red!
Donald: Aw, I know who you're thinking about.

Her name is Peatrice, and she is a sweet, kindhearted person. During the day, you can store pouch items with her at the Item Check. Master, your interest in this young woman is clear. I can see your aura shine bright with joy in her presence. ...I strongly recommend you do not mention this when you next encounter Zelda.
Fi's description of Peatrice, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I wonder if Master Link is in love with Princess Zelda... If so, I think they suit each other quite splendidly. If they became a couple, I'd give that pairing my full support. Though just the thought of that makes my heart hurt... I wonder if I'm coming down with something. I'll ask Grandmother for some medicine tomorrow.

The word is that Garrus really likes you. I can never tell with turians. I think you should go for it. A lot of people want to see you two together!
Tali is so cute. You're all she talks about, in that sweet rainbows-and-butterflies kind of way. She loves you, Shepard. Be good to her.
I've seen the way Jacob looks at you; like he's thinking of using his biotics to get you out of that uniform. I say... don't make him work that hard!
It's really weird to see Miranda smiling while she's working. And it's all because of you.
Kasumi reacts to the different romance options, Mass Effect 2

    Visual Novels 
Pearl: You... You're Mr. Nick, right? I know who you are. You're... You're Mystic Maya's... "special someone"...!
Phoenix: WH-WH-WH-WHAT!?

They're the OTP in the fanfic I call my life.
Daru on Okabe and Kurisu, Steins;Gate

    Web Animation 
I like this one [Leia], Chewie. Tell Han, she's a keeper.
'Maz Kanata, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, "Bounty Hunted"

    Web Original 
Girl: So beautiful out there.
Guy: Yeah, it's just me, you and the moon.
The Moon: Hey! You two should kiss.

Luigifan: Hey! I'm a love freak, okay? If I see a cute couple, I want to help them get together!
Garcia: Even when it involves the systematic destruction of the dignity of everyone involved?
Luigifan: Yes, even then. Love conquers all!
Garcia: (facepalm) Spare me...
One of many, many conversations regarding Luigifan's tendency to play matchmaker in the roleplays of White Dark Life

I'm the shipper on deck, jerkface!
Luigifan again, taunting a villain after having just stopped him from killing somebody by performing a Fastball Special in an attempt to facilitate a Rescue Romance during the "Esther Bio" roleplay of White Dark Life

Yuna: Cloud and Sandra watching a movie! Kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-en-gee! First comes lo-ove, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!
Cloud: Yuna!
Ye Thuza: A warm hand pressed itself against Cloud's cheek, and those soft, pink lips got ever closer to his own. "Sandra," Cloud breathed. Only millimeters separated them now...
Cloud: MOM!! (to the audience) These Cloud X Sandra shippers can get really annoying...

    Western Animation 
Is it just me, or is there something going on between those two? Will Green Lantern ever admit to his feelings? Will Hawkgirl ever stop sublimating her passions with that big honkin' mace?! Will True Love conquer all? Not on my show! (BOOM)
The Joker, Justice League, "Wild Cards" Part 1

Lo: Wow, you're kind of obsessed with this whole Reef stealing lines thing.
Emma: What do you care what he does?
Fin: It's for the good of womankind.
Lo: Whatever, you totally looove him. You want to marry him and have like, a hundred of his surfer babies!
Stōked, "Waves of Cheese"

Steven: That's it! We all need a workout! Let's do it! Let's workout together! (to Sadie) You can beat up Lars, (to Lars) and you don't have to starve to death if Sadie divorces you!
Lars: We're not married!

Lars: BWAHAHAH! Way to go, Steven! Is this your magic love bubble or something? Did you make it because you're in looove?
Sadie: Lars, quit being a jerk and help!
Lars: What? I'm helping Steven on his date!
Sadie: You're embarrassing him!
Lars: No, I'm not!
Sadie: Yes, you are!
Steven: (to Connie) [Lars] and Sadie run the Big Donut.
Connie: Do they get along?
(Sadie and Lars talk over each other arguing)


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