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Nightmare Fuel / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

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"It's okay, Pud'n. I forgive you. I forgive you because I love you! And I love you... to death."

Being a supernatural-themed show in which the literal premise is that Death itself is forced into a friendship with two kids, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy not only has a large number of this, but also a great deal of Black Comedy and gross-out humor.

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     General/ Characters 
  • This old short that Maxwell Atoms made in college, starring early versions of Billy and Mandy. It's been described as being like something out of a Creepypasta, and it definitely shows. Indeed, this version of Mandy is somehow even worse than the final product—at least our Mandy has the decency to make her evil sociopathy and sadism explicit, as opposed to hiding it behind a deceptively cheery attitude. Unless the other one really is like that, which is somehow even worse.
  • The intros, when the characters are brought from skeleton to muscle to skin.
  • The ending credits for the beginning seasons. Accompanied by some utterly eerie and evil-sounding music, it first shows flames with the main characters as Tarot cards. Then as the flames begin vanishing and the credits come to a close, there's a very creepy Voice of the Legion.
  • Mandy smiling. Not her evil smiles, but a genuine grin. Considering her character, it's extremely unsettling.
  • Mandy in general. This girl even scares the Grim Reaper!
    Mandy: You're going to help me fix this mess, and you're going to do it now!
    Grim: And why should I do that?
    Mandy: You're going to do it, or else I will pull your stupid cloak through your eyes and use it as reins to ride your bony butt back to the darkest pits of the underworld FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!!
  • In one of Mandy's intro quotes, she just walks on screen, points at the viewers, and lets out a demonic screech. This scene, or at least one like it, was actually a Shout-Out to the alien screech from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Nergal Jr. You don't want to mess with that kid. His "true form" is truly horrifying. There's also the shot of his tentacles coming out from weird fleshy holes in his back and head.
    • The "green-eyed kid" form he is usually seen on the show in isn't even his own original form, he stole it from the first person he met he met when he rose from the core of the planet. His original form is never seen by the viewer, but the original green-eyed kid is unfortunate to, and is outright terrified of it. The best part? The original green-eyed kid is never heard of in the show again.
  • That creepy anthropomorphic crow without any indoor voice that narrates some episodes.
    "Do not cry for him. DO NOT CRY!!!!!!"

     Grim and Evil 
  • "Billy's Growth Spurt" has Billy suddenly gets a pimple on his back which turns into a creature that acts like him who is dubbed Yupp Yupp.
  • Billy's nightmare of New Mandy coming after him with a spatula in "Tickle Me Mandy". The random detailed close-ups of Billy's face do not help.
  • The ending of "Tastes Like Chicken", in which we find out that while Mandy didn't actually eat everyone else, she did indeed eat Irwin.
  • "A Dumb Wish", in which Mandy wishes that everyone in the world except her would go away.
    • There's also the matter of Mandy, prior to that wish, managing to scream "STOP!" loud enough to stop time itself.
  • The very end of "Something Stupid This Way Comes". "And you. You will be my closest, most bestest friend of all!" And even worse? The whole ending of this episode in general would've probably never happened if Grim had just kept his big mouth shut! Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
  • The ending of "Get Out of My Head!", where it's revealed that Mandy possessed Billy's cat Milkshakes to get back at him for what he did with her body, complete with a Exorcist Head as the music turns sinister. The episode pans out with a Shadow Discretion Shot as the sounds of tearing and Billy screaming and pleading with her is heard.
    Mandy: You know, Billy? You can pick your friends (shink!) and you can pick your nose (shink!), but you can't pick your friend's nose... (shink!)
    • If you listen closely at the end, you can hear Billy scream, “My eyes!”, which heavily implies that Mandy very well might have just clawed his eyes out.
  • "Little Rock of Horrors" with the Audrey II-like space rock that required Billy to get it human brains.
    Brains, brains, it's okay! It's not a matter if it isn't gray.
    • But quickly made scarier through the fact it doesn't use any sort of alien magic or anything, all it promises is to be Billy's best friend. And there is no little boy or girl who doesn't want a friend out there. If Billy hadn't found it, would it have just preyed on some other insecure kid?
  • "Dream a Little Dream" had scenes based on the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence from Fantasia but not as scary. It also had much more horrifying segments for Billy and Grim's nightmares. Billy initially is overjoyed to be in a seemingly tranquil, beautiful and lovable place that Tastes Like Diabetes. Then he finds the cute little baby rabbits that transform into nightmarish monsters that chase him. However, Billy ends up running right into a horde of killer rabbits. Grim, meanwhile, dreams of the unfortunate reality he's stuck in - he's Mandy's eternal slave, and at the end is beaten up by an army of Mandy clones.


     Season 1 
  • In one episode, Grim falls for a goth girl and struggles to tell her that he is, in fact, the Grim Reaper. So how does he show her? By disturbingly rising from the ground while fire forms around him whilst he randomly takes on this slinky look akin to Slender Man with a horrifying frown throughout.
  • The ending of "The Really Odd Couple." The idea of being gagged and imprisoned inside a brick wall is terrifying enough for many people, but then there's Mandy's line just before the credits.
    Mandy: "I'm glad you see it my way."
  • In "The Halls of Time", Billy and Irwin start to mess around with a few hourglasses that control the lifetime of all people in the show, and when Billy accidentally lets one fall several stories to shatter, it ends up unmaking Maxwell Atoms, the creator of the show.
    Billy: Meh. Probably no one special.
    • Not only that, but Irwin kills his own brother by throwing his hourglass away.
    • We get to see Billy's father choking to death, but it's immediately revived by Billy putting his father's hourglass upside down.
    • At the end, the two end up accidentally putting their own hourglasses, and the ones from Grim and Mandy, upside down, making them grow up backwards until all of them become fetuses, and disappear with a pop, leaving their empty incubators in Grim's hand. The worst part is that Grim is happy watching Mandy wasting away before his eyes. But at the very end of the episode, Grim is unable to put his own hourglass upside down, then gives up, waves at the camera and vanishes.
  • Most of "Who Killed Who?" is absolutely terrifying, especially if you haven't seen all of it. It's one of the episodes that use Scare Chords more often than the normally cartoonish sound effects, adding to the horror even more. That's not even counting the Twist Ending, where it's revealed that Mrs. Doolan really was a ghost.
    Mandy: Mrs. Doolan beat Grim. She beat death.
    • Also, there's a possibility this episode is where Bleedman took inspiration for Grim Tales from Down Below. Mandy did the same thing Mrs. Doolan did, only rather than just defeat Grim, she married him, thus taking the power of Death for herself.

     Season 2 
  • Jeff the Spider snapping towards the end of "Spider's Little Daddy." "Love me, Dad! Love me! Love me now!"
  • "Tricycle of Terror", where Billy gets an evil tricycle that brutally attacks anyone that wrongs Billy in any insignificant way. He gets the bike in a strange magic portable bathroom that takes him to a creepy ambient version of Pittsburgh, where a creepy British child tells him that he must love the bike forever, or else. The worst part is that the bike is practically invulnerable, as it simply rebuilds itself when destroyed. Luckily, Mandy is able to finally finish it off by smashing it with the garage door repeatedly until it stops rebuilding itself.
    • The beginning of the episode where Billy crashes his bike and scrapes his face against the street, leaving his exposed skull and flapped skin hanging off of his face.
  • Nursery Crimes featured a tale from Mandy that had Billy cast as Humpty Dumpty... who falls to his death and shatters, and his remains are eaten by all the king's horses, men, and villagers for days. It's quite terrifying to think Mandy has that much hate for a person in her heart.
    • Then we get the already somewhat creepy Pinocchio trying to eat Billy's flesh. Mandy saves the day by carving Pinocchio into a chair, and Pinocchio is seemingly killed when the witch from Hansel and Gretel crushes him under her weight. He gets better in a later episode.
    • Pinocchio's creepy house, which is silent, aside from a ticking clock, and full of inanimate dolls.
    • And finally, the ending. Mandy is trapped inside the fairy tale book, with Grim having fallen asleep on them. Mandy only quietly swears vengeance on us all.
    "Some day, you will all pay..."
  • The episode where Nergal Junior takes over the teacher, and gives the class bully a fanged grin that slowly grows wider than her face? Bring My Brown Pants.
    • It's on the title card, too!
    • Jr. forcing Sperge to become his pet after he takes revenge on him for his bullying, complete with keeping him in a cage in the underworld, with a terrified Sperge slinking out of his dog house like a beaten, frightened animal. This is thankfully lessened somewhat by Sperge loving the food he's given as it's much better than what he gets at home.
  • "Circus of Fear" has Gladys' threat to Grim to bring Billy home to her, complete with an extreme close-up of her Nightmare Face and frightening graphics, which actually make Grim shriek with fear.
    "Listen, mister! If Billy isn't back by dinner, there will be grim consequences!
  • The Clucking Doom stage of the videogame is based off of the episode "Which Came First?," which features Billy and Mandy's school bus breaking down in the desert, at which point the two come across a secret government lab dedicated to growing genetically mutated chickens for the US Army, with eggs containing Acid Yolk and for whom ingesting the meat of the chicken itself causes you to lay an egg containing a mutant chick. Aside from that, the episode featured Pud'n fearing that being stranded in the desert would lead to the kids having to cannibalize each other to survive. By the time the nearby volcano erupts, raining cooked mutant chicken over the camp, Sperg has already eaten Pud'n's arms and legs.
    Pud'n': Giant chickens from the sky! Now we won't have to eat each other to survive!
    Sperg:(Though a mouthful of Pud'n's limbs) Tough luck for you, kid.

     Season 3 
  • In "Sickly Sweet", just to scare off a couple and real estate agent, Grim transforms a tiny, innocent flower into a giant, plant-monster... thing that begins to trash the ever-living hell out of Billy. It's made much worse as Billy screams "IT'S DIGESTING MY NOOOOSSSEEE!!!!!". The real estate agent responds with some mood-clashing Casual Danger Dialogue:
    Real Estate Agent: Looks like we've got a bit of a weed problem.
    Grim: Well, we knew this was going to happen from the start.
    Billy: Yeah, but it was worth it.
    Grim: I just hope we don't need to sit down for the next couple of weeks.
    *cut to show Grim and Billy tied up and repeatedly kicked from behind by Mandy in monster form*

  • The episode, "Attack of the Clowns". Expect to find some Monster Clowns in this one.
    • Mandy's intro quote before the episode:
    Mandy: No matter how bad it seems, it could get worse.
    • That creepy goddamn clownhead that Grim tries to bring to life to help Billy to get over his fear of clowns. It seems the magic didn't work at first, so they leave it in the basement, only for it to suddenly come to life, sprout fangs and a balloon body, and drag itself along the floor, where it meets the cast once they return to the house, and promptly devours all of them then runs off.
    • Billy's psychotic breakdown after having a talk with his "inner fratboy" who tells him to get angry at the things he's afraid of.
  • In "Chocolate Sailor", Billy turns completely into solid chocolate after eating too many supernatural chocolates. If that isn't enough, Billy even begins to eat himself, saying to Mandy that "'s not that painful" at one point, and continues to do so, reducing himself to a limbless torso. The rest of his body is then lost to seagulls who have developed a taste for chocolate due to hanging around the Chocolate Sailors ship, reducing Billy to a mutilated head. At the episode's climax, the Chocolate Sailor gives Billy the antidote, but with a twist: it's in a box of assorted chocolates and Billy has to pick the right one. Since Billy is stupid incarnate (the antidote bar is called Antidote), he eats the whole assortment and promptly explodes. The episode ends with Mandy and Grim eating hot fudge sundaes, with them saying Billy is in a better place. The bottle of hot fudge syrup they have has an illustration of Billy on it who says "I like chocolate!"; implying that they scooped up all that was left of Billy and dumped him into chocolate syrup containers (and to add that Grim and Mandy are eating hot fudge sundaes with sauce made of him...)
  • The ending to "Hog Wild". Even worse is that it comes out of nowhere. Specifically: the closing iris closes on Billy's head and a bunch of blood and snot sprays from his nose and his eye pops out.
  • "Wishbones".
    • Pud'n's part. (shudder) What really drove that one home is how realistic the bunny was drawn. When Pud'n's holding the cute bunny and it lets out a terrifying shriek as its face contorts. Cut to Pud'n's face looking like he pooped himself. And when the bunny rises out of the fire of the destroyed truck in an obvious Terminator homage, complete with its insides showing and says "Of course I forgive you, Pud'n! I forgive you because I love you... And I love you, to death." The epic Mood Whiplash (the truck had just blown up from having its cargo, a giant pillow, hit with the creme filling from an eclair) really made the moment scary. It does just turn into standard cartoon violence for parts of it, but the fact that it goes from that to the said quote is horrifying. That voice is just awful.
    • It was disturbing that Pud'n was searching through the garbage for candy.
    • The part where he rips the cactus out of his eye revealing a hideous, skinless red eye.
    • Skarr's wish is nothing to sneeze at either. The statue he stands on grows out of Earth's atmosphere, causing him to suffocate in space. His face turns blue, his eyes bug out and we hear him choking before he explodes.

     Season 4 
  • In "My Fair Mandy", she smiles at the end of her Over the Rainbow song cover...and reality falls apart. Turns out now the trio and Irwin are in Townsville.
  • Irwin gets a clue: Hoss' backstory, where he was constantly one-upped by a guy called Kyle, whom he now keeps chained to a radiator in his basement, would be this if Kyle wasn't a traffic cone.
  • Then there's the episode with the zipper, where Billy uses the zipper to remove his left arm and replace it with the cat's head.
  • The Cthulhu episode. The real Cthulhu (the one playing golf is really one of his Star Spawn) shows up and eats Billy at the end, meaning they failed to stop him.
    • Although considering everyone returned to normal, it could be the other way around.
    • And when Billy's nose changes into a squid-like appendage which can flip up and spawn hundreds of insect-like creatures with Billy's head, sharp teeth and tiny tentacles. Screaming wildly, they all fly to Grim and attack him.
  • The so-called Christmas episode. Bad Santa? More like blood thirsty Santa. This must be the first time a show's Christmas special is scarier than its Halloween Episode, which is quite mild.

     Season 5 
  • In "Keeper of the Reaper", Irwin is brought into Underworld Court while in the bathtub. When he puts on his glasses, he sees the monsters inhabiting the room in disgusting detail.
  • The ending to "Scary Poppins", which shows Mandy apparently controlling the minds of everyone in Endsville.
    Mandy: This is my world. I'm just letting you live here.
  • "Spider-Mandy" had Mandy slowly transform into a Giant Spider, much to Billy's arachnophobic horror. For Billy's "son" Jeff, though, it's love at first sight.
    • The ending too, where everybody in town has become a mutant spider creature. This proves to be in-universe nightmare fuel to Billy.
    Spider!Gladys: Do you want breakfast...BEFORE I EAT YOUR HEAD!?


     Season 7 
  • The character of Pinface considering his voice is done by John Kassir (you know him as the voice of the Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt.


  • The origin/adaptation of Jack-o-Lantern in Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween. He was once a village fool who loved playing pranks. The problem with Jack was that he didn't know when to stop and would pull dangerous pranks on Endsville, sometimes pranking the same person more than once. When the townspeople couldn't take it anymore, they pulled a prank of their own. They sent a "snake in a candy jar" prank to the Queen and signed it from Jack. When she opened it, the rest was history. After being executed, Grim was sent to take Jack, but Jack tickled him and stole his scythe. He wanted to make a deal: if Grim gives him immortality, he will give him back the scythe. Grim did so, but as payback for being tricked (which he doesn't like), he decided that Jack would not be showing his face around town again...ever. After that, Jack replaced his head with a pumpkin and his pranks became more cruel than ever as payback for what Endsville did to him.

  • From the Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure movie. The main cast and Irwin are put into a sort of dream loop by Boogey. Mandy wakes up on a beach by the River Styx and says "Wow, I just had the craziest dream..." Billy (off camera) then says, "Is it the one where you couldn't save us?" We're then treated to a FREAKY looking creature that has Billy, Grim, and Irwin as part of its body as it wails in a distorted voice, "Where are you, Mandy?"
    Billy: Mandy, this isn't funny anymore!
  • The trailer to "Wrath of The Spider Queen". The Spider Queen's singing as Grim says the title of the special (with him also giving a good punch to the fourth wall in the actual special) is particularly unnerving.

     The Video Game
  • The whole concept of magic balls of energy that can send someone into a violent fit of rage just by being in their presence.
  • The Clucking Doom stage. The three phases to the level are as follows:
    • The laboratory, which has chickens, stripped of all their feathers, floating helplessly in capsules filled with strange liquid. Said capsules can be destroyed, causing the chickens to collapse to the floor, presumably dead.
    • The second segment is the interior of a volcano, and it's probably the tamest of the three segments.
    • The third segment, however, has you fighting on a school bus being chased by a giant chicken. If you fall off the school bus, you roll down the road, straight towards the giant bird. And the chicken also goes out of its way to pick off the other vehicles on the road... The icing on the cake, however, is the incredibly disturbing music they chose to have play before each and every battle on this stage.
  • The first time you use Boogie's Supermove it's likely you'll get a scare: Boogie yells that "With Horror's Hand, I'll be invincible!" and then yells "Boo!" at the oponents... nothing happens for a bit and then... Horror's Hand appears briefly with a sudden yell which causes the oponents to explode.


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