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Nightmare Fuel / Grey Goo (2015)

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  • From the trailer, we have a single drop of Grey Goo being touched by an unwitting Beta commando whom the Goo then proceeds to gobble up in less than three seconds flat, complete with an expression of horror on the Beta as he's being disassembled at the molecular level, forming yet more Goo, that then proceeds to eat the bullets the other Beta shoot at it.
  • The Beta believe all life in the universe have a story to tell, a song. This includes the Goo, and it's not technically life or organic. Yet, it still has a "song." The only thing that doesn't? The Silence.
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  • The Silence. It. Scares. The. Goo.
  • Maybe the rest of the examples on this page aren't clear enough: The Shroud/Silence is effectively a parasite on a galaxy-wide scale, relentlessly draining it. It has no other intrest or intent, no care for anything than propogation and consumption. It is also the only thing capable of switching between energy and mass at a whim. They have mastered gravity. They appear to be made out of dark matter. They eat galaxies. Galactus and others may be bad, but usually it's only just one of them instead of an entire race hellbent on a Type 6 . And it's not likely they'll stop there, either.

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