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Tear Jerker / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

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  • In "Son of Nergal", Junior attempts to fix his teddy bear, Mr. Bonkers, after Mandy rips its head off.
    Junior: It's *sniff* going to be okay. I'll put you back together and *sniff* you'll be my friend and I'll be your best friend...
  • Billy saying goodbye to his pet Chupacabra Daisy.
    • In a similar light, Billy realizing Trykie had been torturing kids who bully him behind his back and watching the evil tricycle be put down by Mandy.
  • The flashback in Wrath of the Spider Queen. Especially Velma realizing that her 13,000-year-long grudge towards her old friend was unwarranted and tearing up.
  • A few shots of Irwin crying in "Irwin Gets a Clue". And the end, sort of.
  • The end of "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever". Turns out Mandy was just messing with Irwin and Junior's emotions. Her reason? “If I can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day, no one will!”
  • The scene in “Keeper of the Reaper” when Mandy is shocked to realize that in spite of her parents’ love for her, they’re terrified of her and once considered leaving her to be raised by wolves.
  • Grim’s breakdown in “Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians” when the kids destroy Grim’s favorite toy and don’t even care.
    • Grim’s whole motivation for taking over Earth: he used to be the most respected and powerful monster in the whole Underworld before Billy and Mandy won the bet.
  • The ending of "Grim in Love". After Grim works up the courage to tell his new girlfriend Malaria that he is the actual Grim Reaper, she... doesn't take it well. After she runs out screaming, all Grim does is utter a completely heartbroken "Call me." Ouch. Poor guy...
  • A few parts of Underfist may be this, like the team splitting up, Fred's breakdown immediately after, or the subplot of Irwin trying to accept his monster heritage even though Hoss no longer trusts him.
  • “Billy and Mandy’s Big Boogey Adventure”
    • The scene where Grim breaks down after loosing his powers because of Billy, Mandy, and Irwin’s constant abuse of him. What does Mandy do? She keeps insulting him.
    • Mandy’s nightmare during Boogey’s sleeping spell is disturbing, scary, and heartbreaking. Even if she may deserve it for being a bitch, it’s pretty dark.
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    • When Irwin screams when the kraken takes Billy. After being stuck underwater for six hours, Mandy still insists that Billy is okay. However, she looks into the water and truly believes him to be dead, she almost starts to cry. Turns out Billy was fine, but still...
  • Billy’s abuse towards Jeff is really sad since all Jeff wants is for Billy to love and accept him.
  • In "My Fair Mandy", Mindy calls Mandy hideous. Instead of brushing it off, she is legitimately hurt, and turns sad when she is convinced she won't win the pageant as she currently is.
    • All the stage moms at the pageant bluntly tell their daughters that they’ll only love them if they win. It’s really sad.
  • The big climax in “Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon”, where Sperg is confessing all of his true feelings and insecurities to Billy (not knowing that he’s turning into a werewolf). Sperg knows what he must do to make things right...
    • Sperg’s Heroic Sacrifice, anyone? Knowing that the bomb planted inside his head will go off, he barricades himself inside an empty room. He sadly sings "Buttercup Dancer" one last time before his bomb goes off. When it does, it sends the spacecraft tilting onto its side, and the spaceship crashes into the moon.
    • It doubles as Harsher in Hindsight, as you may recall in Sperg‘s first appearance, he broke down crying and revealed to Billy that all he wants in life is be loved and cared for.
  • "The Crass Unicorn" is really depressing.
    • Billy spent the whole day going through complete and total hell: He was punched in the face by Mindy, he got his hand stuck in a sharpener, Sperg shook him down for his milk money, he got pelted with dodgeballs and even his own father bullied him.
    • Mary Frances reason for her attitude? She gets shunned by the other unicorns. Even Mandy shows some concern.
  • "Wrath of the Spider Queen".
    • Velma realizing that Grim didn’t cheat after all and that her lust for revenge was for nothing. She tearfully apologizes to Grim for not trusting him.
    • Jeff tries to get Billy to attend his wedding, but he keeps refusing because of his fear of spiders. After Jeff accidentally spills Billy’s milk, Billy completely disowns Jeff in an extremely harsh manner, making the poor guy break down and run away.

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