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Nightmare Fuel / Hero: 108

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  • The leeches in the episode "Leech King" when they're masquerading as the members of Big Green. They have unnaturally green eyes and weird black goo oozing from their eyes, not to mention they also stretch and bend in horrific ways and speak in a rather disconcerting manner. And in one of the scenes, before the leeches begin replacing ApeTrully and First Squad, the episode provides us with... this. Just try to imagine a couple of big worm-like creatures crawl out of your eye sockets...
    Leech!Mighty Ray: We have been waiting for you, Mystique Sonia.
    Leech!Jumpy: Your... turn...
    Mystique Sonia: My turn for what? Why are you guys acting so creepy?
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  • In the opening scene of "Fox King and the Arachno Tanks" we get to see three fox cubs, but then there's only two of them the next time we get to see them. We can only assume HighRoller actually killed the third cub offscreen, and the fact HighRoller hung the rest of the family (sans Fox King) in a cage above a set of spikes doesn't help in the slightest.
  • In "Pitched Battle of the Air Force Part 2" we get the Twelve Eyed Striped Dumbat, a dangerous fusion of Big Green's enemies created by Mighty Ray toying around with Woo's invention. Basically, what happens first is that Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy Ghostface are kidnapped, who then break free from the Dumbat's grasp and start assaulting the heads. What does it do to dispatch them? It grabs them with Bearstomp's arm and pulls them into HighRoller's mouth. Not only is HighRoller satisfied right after (even commenting on their taste), there's also the fact that two of the victims are humans.
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  • Twin Masters. Although the show is typically lighthearted, Twin Masters mean business and have a genuinely intimidating appearance of a gargantuan, half-blue and half-red, vaguely humanoid entity with a skull sitting on top of its incredibly wide torso and twelve hands (two big ones and one on each finger), not to mention their voice is as equally intimidating and their motive being plunging Hidden Kingdom into everlasting chaos.

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