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Mythology Gag / Tales Series

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  • Mythology Gags run rampant in the Tales Series. Some general examples:
    • There's always a coliseum where you'll run into characters from previous games.
    • You can dress characters in the costumes of previous game characters.
    • Each Tales game has a canon set of items, like the gels/gummies.
    • There's a secret island in most games, usually run by Katz, containing Mythology Gags for the series as well as references to Namco-Bandai's other work. In the version in Tales of the Abyss - Nam Cobanda Isle - you can find Lloyd Irving's clothes in a storeroom.
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    • A character named Tokunaga has appeared in at least two of the games, as Anise's puppet in Tales of the Abyss and as the captain of the ship the Fiertia in Tales of Vesperia. Tokunaga is also the butler/caretaker for Seles (Zelos's sister) in both Tales of Symphonia games.
    • The Spirits — Gnome, Undine, Luna, etc. — from Tales of Phantasia recur in almost every game in some form, such as "Summon Spirits" in Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Legendia, "aggregate sentiences" in Tales of the Abyss, or simply "spirits" in several other games.
    • Badly-drawn wanted posters have cropped up as a Running Gag throughout the series. So far Lloyd, Yuri, the Xillia protagonists, and the entire Berseria party have been subject to this. In Vesperia, there's also a poster advertising a contest for "who can draw the best Lloyd."
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    • The Legendary Pirate Aifread is referenced in numerous entries of the series, and his treasure is sometimes available to find. Sometimes, but not always, there will be a party member related to Aifread, like Patty and Eizen.
    • Dhaos and his aversion to the classic lightning spell, Indignation. Get him to half health and it's an instant kill in all his cameos. He also makes it a note to recite his classic line of "Sonna...Sonna baka na!" right before he gets owned by it. Made more then a mythology gag in the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia, where Rita will suddenly learn and use the spell out of the blue if she casts Thunder Blade on him under the right conditions, just so she can nuke him out of existence. She can use it on anything after that.
    • A group commonly known as "The Dark Wings" will also show up throughout the games. They are a band of quirky bandits comprised of two males and a female, and mostly serve as comedy relief. Tales of Rebirth and Tales of the Abyss are subversions however, as the Dark Wings play very important roles in the games' plots.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, there are enemies based on the characters Luke, Tear, and Mieu from the preceeding game, Tales of the Abyss. In the PS3 version, new character Patty Fleur can summon Mieu and Quicky with her Mystic Arte.
    • There are also several bits of graffiti in Vesperia left around from the Tales of the Abyss cast. Cecille <3 Frings is scratched into a wall in Yormgen, you can find descriptions of each of the playable characters carved into the back of a sign in Nordopolica, and there's a note that says "To Asch, From Natalia <3" in a pair of shoes.
  • One of the Gentleman bosses in Tales of Hearts, himself a walking Shout-Out to Katamari Damacy, will attack you with "Tales of Rollup", where he rolls a katamari of Tales references over you, including Swordians, several common Tales items, Tokunaga, and Mieu.
  • A series of weapons available in Tales of Graces f are named after past Tales games, and also have designs based on things from the associated game. Hubert's Brave Vesperia is perhaps the most recognizable, essentially being a much smaller, dual-bladed version of the feather sword Yuri used in the finale to cleave the Adephagos in half.
    • And then there's the absurdly hilarious statue of Kratos outside the Barona Knight Academy.
    • This is obviously the entire point of the Magic Carta minigame, in which you collect cards depicting "legendary heroes" (previous protagonists) and try to identify them by familiar quotes. You know, "Intend to? I already have" or "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." They even added Luke's "Shut up!" to the recording although the text doesn't appear on the card. Comes complete with the voice actors for Asbel and Pascal imitating the other VAs. When Bryce Papenbrook - undoubtedly Playing Against Type as Asbel - imitates Zelos Wilder, he almost sounds like himself again.
    • In the post game Asbel is getting marriage proposals from women all around the world. Two of the proposal letters are from Anise Tatlin and Nanaly Fletcher.
  • In Tales of Zestiria there's a skit where the heroes find the book "Mad Screams Of Love" which is a book that was written by a young Rowen from Tales of Xillia.
  • One oddly dark one is in Tales of the Abyss, in which a random replica says Ze....los....died.... in reference to Tales of Symphonia, despite the fact that that's technically the non-canon ending.
  • Raine Sage's second appearance in both Symphonia games... has her spanking a smaller figure. The first game had her younger brother, Genis, and the second game had a Lloyd-admirer, Paul.