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     Tales of Phantasia 
  • Even the regular battle music, Take Up the Cross, deserves mention here. Same with the regular boss music, Overcome Difficulties.
  • The opening theme, "Yume wa Owaranai" ("The Dream Will Never Die"). Awesome Music indeed because it's not only catchy, but it makes Tales of Phantasia the first game ever on the SNES to have a title theme with vocals!, making it double as the SNES' Moment of Awesome!
  • Premonition deserves a nod too. It is both serene and epic.

     Tales of Destiny 

     Tales of Eternia 

     Tales Of Destiny 2 
  • Tales of Destiny 2's first battle theme, aptly named Theme of Battle, another great piece by Motoi Sakuraba. Then... there's also Barbatos' Leitmotif Coup de Grace, as another proof that he's just that damn awesome for a villain. The Tales of Versus version cranks it way up. The Narikiri Dungeon 3 version is also really catchy.
  • Dona Nobis Pacem, the last standard battle theme of the game, definitely deserves a mention here.

     Tales of Symphonia 
  • The Land of Sylvarant, Sylvarant's world map music, really captures a sense of adventure and naivete, and the percussion (which has a lot more weight in the original Gamecube audio) adds a determination and confidence to it. Perfect for a group of naive adventurers out strongly believing that they are saving the world.
  • Yggdrasill's theme, with its organs and ominous chanting, is haunting and powerful, lending serious gravity to this villain. This track is used in the scene where it's revealed that your companion is, indeed, the final boss, making the horrifying realization sink in all the swifter.
  • The final boss song Final Destination is epic, especially given the main villain's backstory.
  • It Can Waver and Fight, a remix of the villain's theme, which plays on the penultimate battle with him and is just as epic.
  • Ymir Forest. Simultaneously conveys "magical place of wonder" and "prelude to an epic fight" in the same track.

     Tales of Rebirth 

     Tales of Legendia 

     Tales of the Abyss 
  • Although it's played fairly often, the track Wish and Sadness is very beautiful and also very fitting in the scenes it plays in.
  • Time For Farewell is a song fitting for the major Boss Battle it plays in.
  • The God Generals are well set up as Psycho Rangers to the party and are typically among the most challenging boss fights in the game, so its only fitting that fights with them come packed with one of the most intense boss themes out there, Awkward Justice.

     Tales of the Tempest 

     Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World 

     Tales of Vesperia 

     Tales of Graces 
  • The amazing Windor-region battle theme, "Whet the Sheath", and the adorably awesome kids' version, "Never Let Go", which is played during the prologue.
  • Later in the game, we have "Emergence at Eternity's End", the Celtic-sounding battle music for Fodra.
  • "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" gets a special mention for not only being beautiful, but for being one of the few Tales games where the lyrics really suit the theme of the game, and not just pure promotion's sake. It gets a depressing remix titled, "Unspoken Feelings", which plays at some of the most touching moments of the game.
  • Sophie's Leitmotif titled, erm, "Sophie", captures the protagonist's mysterious yet innocent atmosphere perfectly.
  • "Refreshing Atmosphere" is pretty much the Graces version of Vesperia's "Serenade of the Morning Star", in terms of beauty and tranquility.
  • "Defender of Life" is the beautiful and mysterious theme of Arcadia Forest.
  • "Risk Everything" is a solid, blood-pumping theme that plays for the battles in the final dungeon of the Future Arc.
  • The Final Boss theme, "Life's Cry", is not only kick-ass, but really haunting, which the haunting holy music in the background.
  • "Pomp and Majesty" is pretty awesome for a town theme. That opening fanfare, man....

     Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 1 - 3 
  • Radiant Mythology 1:
    • The battle theme, Blazing, is very catchy.
    • The game isn't really noted for its music. However, there is at least one song that stands above the rest. And that song is the Battle With Widdershin.
    • Once you learn of Kanonno's past, you'll have to battle her with an original theme titled 'Sad Memory' and it fits the situation, though it is very emtional.
    • Its opening theme, Hikari to Kage along with its animation make so epic to listen to!!
  • Radiant Mythology 2:
    • The normal battle theme, Beginning of a Battle is definitely AWESOME!!
    • A Desperate Battle is just as epic as the near-identically named Desperate Battle from Tales of Rebirth.
    • Into the Battle is nothing but awesomeness.
    • Holy Crusade. The vocals on this one make it even more epic.
    • If you are looking for a good boss battle theme you can always go with Worth Dying For.
    • Moscoby Desert is very calm but adventurous at the same time.
    • Mandarge Underground City Ruins. Makes you wonder what lies further within....
    • Radiant Battle the official battle theme for the legendary Radiants. The moment it begins you already know it's about to get serious.
    • Anger to Sadness. The third secret optional theme for the first part of the final boss. Easily the best one out of the other two secret optional battle themes for the first part of the final boss, since it captures the final bosses ambitions and reasons.
    • The secret final boss theme Final Damnation is merely a taste of Go Shiina's capability as a composer. See God Eater Burst for more evidence.
    • Deus ex Machina. The third secret optional theme for the second part of the final boss. Not as epic as Final Damnation , but it's still pretty cool.
    • The theme Cave of the World Tree, which is from the World Tree dungeon which is available in the epilogue. Makes you think that the Descender is finally visiting the location where he or she was born from.
    • The theme songs, flyaway and where is the future? are oh-so-epic.
    • The remixed version of flyaway, with the collaboration of Kanae Ito (Kanonno Earhart's VA) turned out very awesome!
    • Triumphant Heroes is really awesome and along with the other original themes for the second game, it's definitely one of the best.
  • Radiant Mythology 3:
    • The theme song, with you feat. Me is nothing short of badass.
    • The normal battle theme, The Sword Sparks, is probably the best normal battle theme out of all 3 Radiant Mythology games.
    • Vital Garden is quite possibly one of the best final dungeon themes in the entire Tales of Series.
    • World Rules is an ominous theme. The bells really bring out the epic. Only problem; Lazaris is SO FREAKING ADORABLE!
    • Creation from Zilch, the game's final boss theme. A very HORRIFYING theme to say the least.
    • The ending theme song Nagareboshi really captures the events of the story, especially the ending.
    • The game has a few extra songs, which are really good and most have a calm tone to it, which make them even better compared to the other songs in the games.

     Tales of Xillia/Tales of Xillia 2 
  • After a somewhat disappointing absence in the first Xillia, the cameo fights return in Tales of Xillia 2, and the music that plays in the background, Feast with Those Who Transcend Dimensions, combines "Common Destiny" and "Unfinished World" from Tales of Destiny with the second overworld theme and "Decisive Battle" from Tales of Phantasia to create a battle theme fit for duking it out with the main hero and heroine from the respective games.
  • The final boss theme, Following One's Own Purpose, definitely gives off a vibe that pushes you to fight at your absolute best. Then, it transitions over to the Theme Music Power-Up, If It's For You ~Song 4 U~, and it's AWESOME.
  • Splendid Dance Performance of a Spirit. Everything from that amazing orchestral intro to the fast-paced battle theme is simply fitting for the return of Milla Maxwell.
  • Victor's battle theme, Betting on the Last Guide. Just when you thought combining metal with a choir couldn't get any more intense, this song happens. It definitely fits its corresponding battle since you're fighting a future version of Ludger, complete with his own Chromatus form. What further makes this song awesome is how different it is from the rest of the games soundtrack. You'd think fighting what likely is the final obstacle to saving the world so far would warrant a heroic theme? Not when you have to kill a evil version of yourself, whose also the father of the games heroine. Some people actually were upset that it didn't play in the games bad ending.
  • The Proof Discovered in the End of Sadness, for taking that recurring musical theme that plays throughout the game and making it absolutely heartbreaking.

     Tales of Zestiria 
  • All four of the trial themes are more than worth an individual mention. Brilliantly, the game knows it, and replaces the battle themes in each trial with the normal dungeon music, allowing Go Shiina's music to really shine.
  • And speaking of battle themes, here are the game's three battle themes. What makes this batch of themes unique is that they all share the same melody and tune but are different in tempo. Compare the first theme, which plays when Sorey first starts his adventure light-heartedly, to the third theme, which plays when Sorey is near the end of his adventure and the stakes couldn't have been higher.
  • The Very Definite Final Dungeon theme, Throne Of the God That Caused Everything, deserves a mention for being one of the most ominous final dungeon themes in the series. It's also followed by a unique final dungeon battle theme, Take Up Your Bow and Shoot Out the Truth.
  • Journey's End is a beautiful twelve minute piece that plays during a certain cutscene near the end of the game with a couple of variations like the unreleased instrumental version.
  • Cheer Yourself Up, a theme in Zestiria that returns in Berseria as Phoenix the Normin's boss theme. It is an utterly epic piece fitting for a powerful rival who will kick your teeth in over and over and over and over and over again.
  • "White Light" is a hard-rock opening clearly meant to make one excited for the game. The Japanese version has vocals whilst the US version has a guitar-emphasized instrumental version. Both versions are awesome!

     Tales of Berseria 
  • The opening theme, "BURN" by FLOW. In heavy contrast to the epic rock of Zestiria's "White Light", "BURN" seems to take a much darker tone fitting of the new protagonist, evoking a more post-hardcore style, and providing us with the most aggressive mothership opening to date.
  • The Main Theme of the game, which has also been rearranged to be the leitmotif of our protagonist Velvet.
  • The Cameo Battle Theme, Clenched Fist and the Sword Dances, is a medley of songs from the first Tales of Xillia all rearranged to be in-line with the instruments of Berseria and to herald the return of Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell. The songs used are (in order): "Clenched Fist," "Daring Sword," "Believe in Me," and "Life or Death."
  • Rokurou's theme, which notably plays in the first encounter with him and in later bits of the story where he gets to show off his stuff. A fast-paced guitar piece accompanied by a Japanese flute that perfectly represents the Daemon samurai who lives for the thrill of the battlefield. In a similar vein, there's the battle theme of his older brother Shigure. The guitar riffs and Japanese instruments are made a lot more menacing to portray the bigger threat that Shigure poses to the party.
  • The Evil Surging on Prison Island, the dungeon theme for Titania. It perfectly encapsulates the sentence "I have returned. Let vengeance begin." in music form.
  • Justice of the Knight, when you finally get a serious battle against Oscar. Complete with Ominous Latin Chanting perfectly blended with One-Woman Wail, this song is meant to bring chills to the player when you realize the Oscar you're fighting is armatized.
  • The Will that Opposes Reason, otherwise known as the theme that plays when you fight Eleanor. The abrupt shift from the menacing, slow opening to a frenetic violin melody with electric guitar and choir lets you know the Abbey means business. Later on, you can unlock an alternate costume for Eleanor that replaces the battle music with this track.
  • Daemon's Assault helps add a feeling of intensity to fights with major Daemons, such as therions. Thematically, it even sounds somewhat like a more intense version of the Tales of the Abyss theme for the Six God Generals.

     Tales of Arise 
  • Tales of Arise is the first entry to have live orchestrated music and doesn't take long to deliver with Alphen's theme, a rousing piece extolling his fight against oppression and hate.
  • Motoi Sakuraba seized the opportunity to show off his prog rock chops with the battle themes and played the keyboard parts. An early example is Gladymede Castle.
  • Just go on, an excellent theme for climbing a huge, dangerous cliff.
  • Confession, a heart-breaking accompaniment to the reveal of Shionne's true intentions.

  • Sakuraba came back for Tales of Hearts, and of course the results rock. A kind GameFAQser has archived the battle themes.
  • Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave got some awesome theme songs in the form of SHINE and NEW DAYS.
  • Tales of Versus gives us the catchy Be your wings as its theme song.
  • Tales of the World: Dice Adventure has a kickass theme in Chizu no Arika.
  • There's also the incredible orchestral remixes made for the 20th anniversary.
  • Tales of Zestiria the X, the anime adaptation of the Zestiria game, combines the game's BGM with some awesome new vocal music, the foremost being FLOW's "Kaze no Uta" and "Innosense", which serve as the first opening theme and second ending theme respectively.
  • Tales of Crestoria's battle theme may not be as hype as some of the Mothership Tales titles, but it is by far one of the catchiest.

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