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Tales of Destiny
  • That skit that features every single party member switching bodies.
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  • Bochaa-----nn
  • Dymlos telling Stahn that he was a chosen hero of destiny when they first met; which lasted until Atwight blew the lid on Dymlos's scheme.

Tales of Eternia

  • In a hilarious subversion of Only Smart People May Pass, the party is trying to get into Volt's Temple, but the door is closed, and a sign nearby says that they must first solve a riddle before it will open. The party laments that The Smart Guy was left behind at this point...until Max just rams the door open on his own (and shortly thereafter gets electrocuted).
  • Speaking of Volt's Temple, the boss battle with Volt can be unexpectedly hilarious. In all other games, Volt is completely silent, but for Eternia, Volt speaks with a robotic voice. The fight immediately starts off with a robo-voice "INDIGNATION".
  • Honestly, the whole game is filled with awesome humor. There's the moment where you find the pot that contains "Colin's fart" at the Mine of Gnome.

Tales of Destiny 2

  • Loni accidentally suggesting Judas was in an incestuous relationship with his sister, and Judas's immediate disgusted reaction to this.
  • In one skit, Harold brings Loni a bowl of Nanaly's food. He suspects she's dosed the food with something and gets Nanaly to switch bowls with him... Only for Harold to reveal she knew he would come to that conclusion and only dosed Nanaly's bowl.
  • Kyle asks Harold to make a Swordian for him. While Judas tells him off for trying to change history by making a seventh Swordian, Harold just agrees, then talks about all the tests they'd have to run first, including cutting his head open. Kyle quickly backs off.
  • There's a similar scene where Loni asks Harold to make him more appealing to women. She agrees, stating it'll be easy, then considers whether to cut out his brain or to just replace everything from the neck up. On, and by the way, they still have spare parts from the HXR-2. Loni's horrified expression sells it.
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  • This scene (The party has traveled back in time):
    Loni: Hey, Kyle. If we were to meet Mr. Stahn and Mrs. Rutee (Kyle's parents), make sure not to reveal your identity.
    Kyle: Ahh! Right! ... Ah, but how? I don’t have anything else to dress myself in ...
    Loni: ... Maybe you could borrow Judas‘s mask?
    Kyle: Oooh! What a great idea! So Judas, how about giving me your mask ...
    Judas/Leon: And thus reveal my identity, long before they would recognize an unborn child? Don't be stupid.
    Loni: ... Pfff! Ahahahah! IIIH! M-MY STOMACHAHAHAHAH!
  • Pick any skit when Loni runs his mouth way too freely about how much of a tomboy Nanaly is, within her earshot and him realizing it waaay too late, until Nanaly cracks her knuckles and starts cracking his bones.
  • After a successful completion of Infernal Suffering, Judas's mask breaks off, revealing his identity, and he fights the rest of the battle unmasked. What does he do at the end of the battle? Tries to cover his face with his hand. Yeah, I think it's a bit late for that...
  • After one of Harold's robots goes out of control and the party defeats it, Loni looks towards her and asks if she's okay in a Rescue Romance tone of voice. For a few moments she's silent as she slowly approaches, then... Groin Attack!
  • Loni's super long Blast Caliber. Especially when it fails, and he gives the enemy a little ineffective punch.

Viva! Tales Of! (and other Tales Series bonus videos)

  • The Tales Series skits contains a lot of funny things. From Tales of Fandom Gaiden:
    • Harold chasing Cress away from the scene by summoning a Swordian Team. After that event, she claimed that 'disrupting her chairmanship is a crime greater than changing history itself'
    • Stahn instantly recognizing Judas as Leon Magnus despite his mask, embarrassing Judas and making him shove Stahn away from the scene. "SHUT UP!"
    • The representative of Tales of Symphonia is about to enter. Please welcome... Zelos?? Huh? But he's not the main character... Oh right, there's Lloyd, apparently he's been Bound and Gagged so Zelos can take over...
    • Just when Judas managed to calm things down among the bickering heroes, Zelos sparks a new firestorm by asking them which female protagonist is the best. Harold asks Judas to stop them again, only to find that he too is arguing on behalf of his beloved Marian.
      • While most of the guys make reasoned arguments on behalf of their love interests (such as Reid mentioning Farah's homemaking skills or Lloyd pointing out that Colette is technically a miko), Veigue's contribution is simply his usual shout of "CLAAAAAIIIIIIRRREEEE!!!"
  • In the Apple Gummi, Suzu complained about her lack of popularity, and then Mint tried to comfort her by saying 'popularity doesn't matter'. Cue Arche telling her that she ranked higher than Mint despite her being the heroine. Cue Mint getting petrified out of shock. Zelos gets ecstatic that he gets to be number 3. Cue to Zelos saying that to be popular, they don't have to be heroes, which caused Cless getting petrified out of shock. Jade dismisses the poll as unreliable because Tales of the Abyss was not represented yet, but Chester points out that Luke made 10th, which causes Jade to get petrified out of shock.
    • This is followed by a battle between Jade and Cless to prove which game's battle system is superior. Jade runs circles around Cless (literally) thanks to the free-run system from Tales of the Abyss.
    • At the start of Apple Gummi, Zelos introduces himself as Tales of Symphonia's main character. Jade tells him not to lie about that, and that he has to be accurate. So Zelos concedes and reintroduces himself as a supporting member of the cast... and then Jade calls himself Tales of the Abyss's "Lead character from the shadows". If that wasn't enough, one of the scene transitions uses Jade's face, and has "Main Offender" plastered all over it.
    • Then at the end, Zelos starts talking about love, and the mood gets all warm and fuzzy. Klarth leaves to go find Mirald, Cless and Mint leave together to "go look at the snow," Chester begrudgingly asks Arche to go get something to eat with him, and Zelos quite literally skips off to spread his love to the hunnies. That leaves Jade and Suzu. Jade offers to take her out for curry, and Suzu basically says "I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO GO PLACES WITH STRANGE OLD MEN" and runs away.
  • In Lemon Gummi, there's a lot of them: Reid getting sacked by Jade for almost mentioning Monster Hunter; Senel's mock battle with Zelos; Veigue repeating his fist fight with Tytree towards Reid; Jade suggesting a 'Raise-A-Luke' game; and finally... the announcement that Veigue is not in Radiant Mythology 1, causing him to cry "CLAAAAAIIIIIIRRREEEE!!!"
    • How about Lloyd suggesting a Tales Of Dating Sim, then mentioning that Collete would be impossible to get because she's with him. Then Zelos mentions that by that logic, NOBODY would be available, 'cause all the main heroines are with a hero already. Then Lloyd suggests Sheena, and Zelos starts running his mouth about her, saying that she's OK, but how he'd rather have a heroine, etc. All the while Sheena's portrait is gradually running in from the background. She gets closer and closer, all the heroes except the oblivious Zelos run away. He turns around, cut to black, and Zelos screams.
      • And during the talk of what each character's role would be in a Dating Sim, Jade thinks that he would be the math/science teacher and gets into role, asking Luke to take some print-outs and pass them along, only for Luke to start complaining that he wouldn't do that because he is the Student Council President. It's not only funny because it is so in-character for them, but becomes funnier when one realizes that Jade's seiyuu would end up voicing Reiichi Himuro from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and Luke's seiyuu voicing Itaru Hikami from the second game in that series. And they are the exact roles Jade and Luke were talking about.
    • Luke's suggestion is also worth a chuckle. He suggests a Cheagle-raising Sim... except his suggested features were downright abusive. Jade then suggests another animal-raising sim, except the animal is kind of weird... Play as Guy Cecil, raise your apparently spoiled and bratty animal where a screw up can result said animal blowing up a continent... but nothing an Important Haircut can't fix! Luke is not amused, because Jade was indirectly referring to him and the Akzeriuth incident.
    • This exchange between Zelos and Jade when introducing Luke
      Luke: (complaining about everything)
      Zelos: (to Jade) Hey, what's up with this main character?
      Jade: I'm sorry, I requested 'after hair cut mode,' but... there was a mistake, so we ended up with 'long hair mode' instead.
      Luke: Hey! I'm complaining here!
  • Peach Gummi... anything with Barbatos, really.
    Jade: Then, if Reala was a 200-kilogram woman, you'd still have said... *dresses up as Kyle and speaks with nasal voice* "For your sake, I shall be your hero!" *back to normal* to her?
    Kyle: Y... Yes I would!
    Jade: Then, then, if someone like this appeared from the lens...
    Barbatos (dressed with a ribbon and lipstick): Hahahahaha... I'm a sacred beast. I came to this world to search for a hero... Yo! That brat over there! Are you the hero I'm searching for?
  • Golden Gummi has Karol Capel fearing that he's trapped in a parody of Saw. The role of Jigsaw is played by Tokunaga.
  • On celebration of Tales of Hearts, there were some funny drama CD including casting Shing, Kohak, Luke and Asch as preschool kids (with Guy as the teacher). Luke bullying Shing might go over the line, but then what follows was Asch bullying Luke to tears by constantly calling him replica in Motor Mouth ("Replicareplicareplicareplicareplicareplicarepliiiiica!"). And after Kohak ends up crying, Guy enters and tried to get Asch apologize... only for Asch to think Guy is just siding with Luke... and cries. To quote a youtube user... "ASCH IN A CRYING VOICE. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE."
    • Same drama also includes Guy trying to start a musical, until Barbatos kicks him off the main spotlight and led the musical. Guy eventually got a bit fatigued and tried to eat a Gumi... cue "NO ITEMS EVERRRR!!!". To add bits on the fun, when Guy tried eating, Luke is warning him, Emil and Ruca are already sweatdropping in fear, while Shing and Kohak (that time being the newest of the Tales hero/heroine) remain blissful in question mark until that one attack land in.