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Main Story

  • Sorey and Rose pretending to be a married couple (English version here) so they can get Sorey past Sergei and into the City of the Craftsman Lastonbell. It's not the fact that they have to pretend to be romantically involved that makes it utterly hilarious, but the fact that Sorey is so terrible at lying that the Seraph literally have to puppet him so that he at least he's doing something. Sorey is completely stiff and the worst actor in existence (while trying to deal with the Seraph's harsh puppeteering), Lailah is feeding him lines, Edna has to slowly lead his hand to rest on Rose's hand, Mikleo constantly looks like he wants to bash his head against a wall, Dezel nearly chokes Sorey trying to get him to bow, and Rose is so confused and awkward and has to roll with the complete mess happening next to her while pretending Sorey is doing all of this by himself.
    • The kicker? Sergei believes it all, and gets emotional over it.
    • Sergei's continuing to believe that they're a couple even after realizing the truth about Sorey being the Shepherd is a Running Gag throughout the game. Towards the end of the game, you can even get a skit in which Sorey and Rose admit that they still haven't come clean, but they feel it's probably best that he keeps believing them to be a couple.
  • Alisha is so slow and oblivious to jokes, she's the only one who doesn't get Lailah's puns while everyone else is groaning over them, but when she finally does, she thinks they're hilarious. She's to jokes like what Sorey is to literature.
    • A prime example when they're about to explore the museum:
    Lailah: "We'd better canvas the entire area!"
    (Cue group facepalm)
    Lailah: "See what I did there? A canvas is used as a painting surface and-"
    Edna: "Please stop."
    Alisha: "Oh! I just got it!"
  • The clash between Mikleo's phobia and Dezel's love for dogs.
  • The first time to get Alisha to hear Lailah and Mikleo, Sorey has to hold Alisha's hand, close his eyes, hold his breath, and even then Lailah has to cover his ears. Needless to say, he doesn't last long before he gives up.
  • Rose's reaction to hearing the Seraphs for the first time. She flips whenever one of them speaks, and Edna freaks her out so bad she punches Sorey across the room.
    Edna: We're ghosts....
    (Rose screams and smacks Sorey across the room)
    Edna: Uh oh.
    • Right before that, Edna drops a fist into her palm as if she just understood something (a trait she theoretically picked up from Sorey, who does the same thing when he understands something) before sneaking up on her.
  • Soon after her first encounter, Rose has a heartfelt talk with Mikleo during a battle with a dangerous Hellion, which has her start being able to see Seraph. First thing she does when she sees Mikleo? Push him flying across the room just like she did with Sorey!
    Mikleo: Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do if ever there was one.
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  • While running away from some guards, the party has this scene:
    Sorey: So the bustling city of Ladylake sits right on top of an enormous network of ruins.
    Alisha: You can find a reason to smile in any situation.
    Sorey: Is that weird? I'm just who I am, no matter what happens.
    Alisha: Well, fair enough. I'll give you that.
    Mikleo: Don’t encourage him, Alisha. Sorey needs to realize for himself what a weirdo he really is.
    Lailah: Anyone who hangs around a weirdo must be pretty weird themselves, don't you think?
    Mikleo: Looked in a mirror lately?
    Lailah: [goes to see her reflection on water] Oh my! What a beautiful maiden!
    Mikleo: [looking ready to facepalm]
    Sorey: Pots calling the kettle black, wouldn't you say?
  • Rose jumping on Dezel when he's in the middle of his serious grumpy angsting. One second, he's stood there stewing on his need for vengeance. Next minute, Rose is hanging from his shoulders, swinging around as he tries to throw her off. Definitely a unique way to cheer him up!
    Dezel: "Get off me, you damn pixie!"
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  • When Sorey first gets his Shepherd robes, Mikleo quips "I guess you can put lipstick on a pig." A little later they go see Alisha and she compliments Sorey in his new look. Cue this exchange:
    Mikleo: Some fine lipstick on that pig.
    Mikleo: Hey, pigs are nice.
  • Pun master Lailah strikes again! Lailah says "What did the cat in the bird mask say? ...Me-Owl!" Dezel turns away in a disdainful way, while everyone else facepalms a little at Lailah. Then, Rose goes over and reveals that Dezel's actually turned away because he's laughing too much at Lailah's pun.
    • She also gets outclassed a couple of times. After Sergei says that the way to a ridge has been blocked by a rockslide:
    Lailah: We could've been on the ridge by now-
    Rose: If only we'd been a little boulder!
    Lailah: Roooooose! My puuuuunchliiiiiine!
  • When the party first head through Rolance, you can click on Rose to say "even Rolance has its problems." Her reply?
    Rose: "Same as anywhere. The fancy-dancy nobles bicker over who gets to rule, while the regular people suffer for it. Makes me want to puke. Metaphorically, I mean. Though I reserve the right to make it literal for dramatic purposes."
  • Out in the field, Sorey tries to make Dezel feel welcome.
    Dezel: Hmph.
    Sorey: Glad to have you with us, Dezel!
    Dezel: Hmph.
    Sorey: Wow, I sure am feeling the tension... just like an adventure!
  • Upon meeting Sergei for the first time, Edna remarks: "Is he always like that, or are his boxers just chafing him?"
  • When Rose was going to join as a Squire, Lailah asks Sorey to give her a True Name. Since Sorey was under attack, he had to think of something quick. The name he decided for her? Wilkis Wilk, which literally means "Rose is Rose". Needless to say, Rose called him out on it when he told her the meaning.
    • Even funnier when Lailah makes the Sub Lord pact with Mikleo. They form it while Sorey is trying to fend off monsters that are starting to gang up on them, so Lailah cut a few corners.
    Lailah: Here let our pact be forged, that my unquavering incandescence may be as thy purification! Shouldst thou accept this burden, recite aloud your— (opens eyes and notices a hellion about to lunge towards her) Et cetera!
    Mikleo: Et cetera?!
  • The Fire Shrine: after solving the trials, passing the tests, while Lailah and the Seraph preceding over said tests get to talking about her power of purification, Sorey and Mikleo - distracted by the revelation that some seraphim were once human end up talking about the Turtlez and Normin, trying to figure out what they are.
  • The Earth Shrine has without a doubt has several of the funniest moments in game.
    • The party walks into the shrine... and find a Minotaur standing with its back to them. The group reacts pretty much how you'd expect.
    • Then we meet Shepherd Pawan. He's quirky enough but then he starts ogling Lailah and Rose when she speaks. Lailah's voice makes it even better since she clearly is trying to be polite.
    • Edna scaring away that Minotaur...and then it turns out he's the trial. Edna is not impressed by that. This happens after she does a Deliberately Cute Child act on Pawan.
  • The party stumbles upon a bunch of statues that they eventually learn are people turned to stone. The first thing Edna and Lailah say about one of them?, "he's dreamy" and "he's cute" respectively.
  • The entirety of when the party meets Phoenix, the strongest Normin. And while he lives up to that title, it becomes clear that among the kooky and relaxed Normin Phoenix is a dramatic oddball who gets treated rather patronizingly by his brethren.
  • Our heroes' unwavering referral to the game's main villain as "Kittybeard." Also, during the final battle, one of them suggests that he might be jacked up on catnip.
  • There's something funny about how your "prize" for beating Eizen is a stuffed doll of Ba'ul.
  • Edna repeatedly denying she likes cute stuff... while squishing Phoenix.


  • Mikleo trying to get Edna to address him respectfully, except she just gets lazy and shortens "Mikleo Boy" into "Meebo". Mikleo is so mad and Sorey has to tell them to quit making a racket while they're in his body.
  • Alisha and the girls discussing the full body of a warrior's head statue. It spirals into Edna teasing Alisha about the naked body of an attractive warrior.
  • Rowen's Mad Screams of Love returns in a skit where Sorey, Mikleo, and Lailah find it in one of the castle bookcases. Mikleo and Lailah make fun of the author's "youthfulness," but Sorey is enthusiastic about it. Mikleo and Lailah are embarrassed for him.
    Sorey: Ugh... The looks you guys are giving me... Somehow it's maddening!
    • Call-Back in Pendrago when Sorey tries to make some poetry himself, and he has... no literacy skills. Mikleo gives him the most dead look and Sorey has the humility to be embarrassed of himself this time. Sorey has absolutely no talent for literature.
  • Anything that comes out of Edna's mouth. She's so witty, and her teasing sometimes is just play to cover up for her own embarrassing secrets. She loves teasing Alisha about her devoting for serving Seraphs by making her do little squirrel dances (because Edna is secretly a lover of cute things as well), and Mikleo continuously gets the sharp end of her sarcasm and tease. It's highly implied she does it affectionately, though, but the outcomes are outstanding:
    Edna: If you're truly sorry, do the squirrelcarena for me. The fluffy version.
    Alisha: There's a squirrelcarena!? There's a fluffy version!?
    Alisha: Understood, Ms. Edna! Please teach me the squirrelcarena! I wish to master this "fluffy version"!
    Edna: Are you sure? My training is very strict.
    Alisha: I'm up for the challenge!

    Edna: I am sorry. So heartless of me to make poor, frail Mibo go through such hardships. I shall make sure to avenge you my servant. Do rest in peace.
    Edna: [monotone] Mikleo tried hard and did his best~~
    Mikleo: Don't compliment me!
    • The skit in Lamorak Cave about the Orpiment was probably one of Edna's best. While Mikleo is discussing the possible uses for the mineral, Edna replies to him with one-liners that include a pun about butts. It took a while for it to sink into him.
    Mikleo: Arse-nic? ...really? Really?
    • What's funnier is she saved the actual use of "butt" for Mikleo.
  • The skit about Lailah's encounter with the Armadillo Seraphs. Nobody wants to tell her how little sense it makes, and she's oblivious to all the confusion.
    Lailah: Arma Dylan... Where hast thou gone?
    • This is funnier if you played Berseria first, since it's easy to think Rokurou made the name up. Except, he didn't.
  • Lailah seems to have a thing for things that curl up into balls in general. After defeating a certain enemy, Lailah will chastise it for being called a "curlist" when it's clearly not curling the right way. Rose chimes in with ideas of other things that curl up (mostly food) and the two bond.
    Lailah: Rose, let's start a curlists' club, just you and me! We'll call it...The Curling Circle!
    Rose: Yes! And our motto can be, "The only thing we have to sphere is sphere itself!"
    Sorey: We've lost her...
    Mikleo: I'll quarantine them. You warn the others.
  • The DLC skit that shows how much people have gotten used to enslaving Mikleo for food. It's like they love nothing more than to bully him senseless, and Mikleo just gives up and throws them mediocre dessert samples.
    Edna: Less talky-talk, more worky-work.
    Zaveid: If you don't hurry it up, there's no telling what gentle Zaveid might do.
    Sorey: Yeah, Mikleo. C'mon.
    Rose: Yeah! C'mon!
    Mikleo: Gahh! If you whiners are so hungry, make it yourselves!
  • A DLC skit where Sorey and Mikleo discussing what to do with an apple gel they find in a toilet. See Mythology Gag on the main page for more on this, but neither of them want to let it waste, while Dezel refuses to be a lab rat. Also see Harsher in Hindsight on the YMMV page.
  • The obligatory Hot Springs visit has Zaveid being the voice of Covert Pervert and trying to convince Sorey to peek on the girls. Sorey is disinterested and slightly confused, so Zaveid tries to persuade him with heated mental images of the girls' "hot glistening beauty". Meanwhile, Mikleo comes in, sweaty, hair swept back, and open-collared from some activity, and Sorey finally gets the idea.
    Zaveid: Sorey...let's go hunting for babes.
    cue Mikleo entering in all sweaty
    Sorey: You mean like this?
    Zaveid: That's not the kind of babe hunting I'm talking about!
  • There is another sauna skit in which Sorey, Mikleo, Zaveid are in the boys' sauna. Zaveid, of course, tries to spy on the girls, while Sorey and Mikleo discuss the origin and history of the sauna and how they spread across the world. Later on, you can get a skit with the girls' sauna. In it, Rose, Lailah and Edna speculate about what's happening in the boys' sauna. The conversation goes as follows...
    Rose: Sorey and Mikleo are probably having some sort of conversation about the history of sauna or something like that.
    Lailah: Like a "how did sauna spread to the rest of the world?" sort of discussion.
    Rose: Yeah, yeah.
    Edna: Not to mention one gross perv among them.
  • A series of skits has Lailah teach Rose about battle skills...only to have the lectures halted by Rose falling asleep.
  • One of the Discovery skits involves Rose and Sorey finding a beautiful rainbow coloured butterfly. Rose calls Dezel over to ask him what kind of butterfly it is, and Dezel replies he doesn't know. Rose then admits that collectors will pay loads of cash for butterflies, so she's going to catch it anyway just in case. Dezel immediately backtracks, claiming he just realized it's a type of moth called a "shae monyuroze", which won't be worth anything. While Rose sadly leaves the butterfly alone, Sorey starts sounding out the "name" and just as he puts two and two together, Dezel immediately tells him to shut it.note 
  • Another Discovery skit has Sorey and Mikleo mistake crabs found at a bridge for hellions.
  • During the Wind Trial, a skit has Lailah do a sales pitch for Dezel.
    • Actually, the pitch is funnier since it's for Dezel's wind riding map skill, not Dezel. Then she tacks on that if the viewer called in then, they'd get a free Dezel, a bonus valued at 500 Gald. Dezel gets offended and voices his objections at the low price before realising what he's saying and quitting the conversation.
  • Also during the Wind Trial, Edna repeatedly states that the little fans sure to do work well, and Dezel asserts it's because they're in the Wind Temple, until Mikleo points out she's just going to keep asking until he says something different. The next time, he changes his phrasing, saying almost the exact same thing, but differently enough that Edna leaves him alone after that.
  • Sorey gets in on abusing Mikleo's name:
    Sorey: Let's get going, Touchy-Feely Mikleo!
    Mikleo: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
    Edna: Or for short...
    Lailah: Touchy-Feeleo!
    Mikleo: No! No nicknames!
  • When you encounter goats in the Meadow of Triumph:
    Lailah: What a fluffy puffy goat!
    Edna: A fluffagoat, you might say.
  • The girls start talking about Edna's umbrella, and Lailah explains its advantages: keeping off the sun, rain, and fighting hellions.
    Rose: Oh wow, so it's like killing three birds with one stone.
    Lailah: Not quite. It's also her signature item, so it's more like killing four birds with one stone.
    Rose: If that's true, it's really more like killing five birds with one stone, since it has a cute mascot character attached to it.
    Lailah: Oh oh! And also, she can change it depending on her mood, so that's actually six...
    Edna: I'm like Cinderella with an umbrella.
    Lailah: I must say, that was a good one.
  • After the group find out about a string of murders in town, they resolve to try and solve the case, leading to this:
    Sorey: Alright, let's do it! No regrets!
    Edna: Except the regret of getting involved.
  • Alisha's DLC has a couple gems:
    • In one skit, Alisha remarks how she'd love to hold a slumber party, as the current party members are all female. Edna tells her that it's a dangerous adventure ending with battling a monster called a Pi-Loh.
    • Another has Alisha ask the party about their adventure after she left. She was warned that the story is rather convoluted. She goes and ask Lailah. Of course, Lailah, being Lailah, talks about the word "convoluted".
    Edna: My advice? Don't ask Lailah.
  • The "Every Rose Has Its Thorns" skit from the Zaphgott Moor. Edna says that the given proverb is "plantracist", reasoning that many plants have flowers and many of those flowers have thorns, so why does the rose get a proverb?
  • The group encounters a broken hobby horse in the shrine of the Earth trial and wonders if there's some special significance to it. Horse waffles? Horse cream cone? Sorey and Rose go around and around about it, until finally...
    Edna: The dread overthinking-a-non-sequitur trap of the ancients. Tremble before their mastery of psychological torture.
  • The discovery skit when the party finds an oasis. Zaveid wastes no time in voicing his intentions to the ladies, but they counter right back.
    Zaveid: Go on, Lailah! I know you're just aching to plunge that smoldering fire-seraph skin into the cool crystal depths!
    Lailah: I'll pass. Do enjoy your nice clean spring.
    Zaveid: Then, Edna! Come! It is only fitting that a seraph of the earth should join me as together we leap into this blessing from the land.
    Edna: No wonder you're a wind seraph. Your situational awareness blows.
    Zaveid: That... That one stung.
    Edna: Then wash your tears in this very font of life.
    Zaveid: Yes. Yes, I think I will...
  • Edna has a skit where she uses Mikleo and Sorey as test subjects for her cooking. Mikleo doesn't trust it, but Sorey is too naive and sweet to have any real doubts. Evidently, whatever she gave them was extremely spicy. While they're freaking out and trying to get rid of the burning, Edna comments that it's another one failed, and thanks them for agreeing to be her taste testers in future.

Battle Quotes

  • Lailah reads fortunes for the party.
  • Sorey gets chastized by Rose, Lailah, and Edna for not knowing what a barrette is.
  • During your first battle with a bat in the Patinal forest:
    Lailah: Three strikes and you're out! Whoops, wrong bat.
  • One of Sorey and Rose's tandem battle quotes is a short posing session where the two brag about how no enemy can stand before them. Once Zaveid joins the party, he tends to interrupt this skit by literally standing in front of them.
    • Before:
    Sorey: No foe...
    Rose: Can stand...
    Sorey and Rose: In our way!
    • After:
    Sorey: No one...
    Rose: Can stand...
    Zaveid: But me!
  • Edna's dying remarks:
    Edna: You suck...Sorey...
    Edna: Rose, you idiot...
  • Zaveid asks Rose and Edna, "Hey, babes, what kind of guys are your type?"
    Rose: The type that don't even ask that!
    Edna: Or say "hey, babes" either! (both turn their backs on him)
  • Any quote involving when the party meets a new goblin hellion.
  • Edna tries to give Sorey battle advice...
    Edna: You can't just swing your sword around and win.
    Sorey: What about swinging an umbrella around?
  • Zaveid pesters the ladies again...
    Zaveid: So tell me, how does love make you two feel?
    Edna: I feel like I want this jerk to get away from me. Is that love?
    Zaveid: Oh yeah, that's love for sure!
    Lailah: Love takes many forms, I see.
    Edna: Remove the ego from a love/hate relationship and what's left?
    Lailah: (Long pause as she thinks about it) Must be hate!
  • All of Edna and Mikleo's ones. One of them has her call Sorey strange, which confuses him. Mikleo agrees with Edna, who goes to say something about Mikleo before he cuts her off, protesting that he's "not weird".
  • During a tense boss battle in Alisha's DLC, Rose, Alisha and the seraphim have an extensive argument about whether or not they/Rose have really figured out Alisha's "answer." Eventually, Zaveid suggests they save the comments for later, but when one of them says it's a good idea, he comments "I know. Do I turn you on?" Alisha asks what happened to saving the comments for later and Edna says "She's already mastered comedic banter? She IS a monster." Lailah says "Please, let's focus on the battle, OK?" By the time all of this is said, the battle may already be well past half over, even on Chaos.


  • Some of the descriptions on the trophies can get pretty hilarious.
    • "I Am the Wind"
    This is (WHOOSH) proof that you've attained (NEEEAAAROOOOMMM) maximum speed with the (BEEEOOOWWWWWWWW) Windstepping talent.
    • "Dietician's Nightmare"
    This is proof that you've prepared all available snacks. "The people in my video game eat nothing but cake all day, so I'm sorry, Doctor, you're full of it."
    • "Last Stop on the Fusion Train"
    This is proof that you've acquired a piece of equipment with a +99 modifier. Sanctify it, and a whole new life awaits you. Aim for 9900 fusions! No, wait, that's probably not necessary.


  • The Enemy Book has Sorey fanboying over the goblin carts and going on about how much he wants to ride them in the monster description.
  • A lot of the stuff in the enemy book is pretty amusing, given that a lot of is just a continuation of the sorts of gags already seen in the skits and such. For example, in the Vampire entry, Rose expresses her disappointment in the lack of a cloak, etc., noting that it's not an actual vampire, just a vampire bat. Zaveid comments that "Our girl Rose must be one of those who's keeping the sexy vampire romance genre alive," warning her "those bards will rot your brain." In the Catoblepas entry, Zaveid states that it's "A twisted hellion that damages its own body in order to trigger stat boosts. I mean, sure, we can all relate to that, but..." to which Rose replies "...Backing away slowly now." In response to Mikleo's question in the Hippogriff entry regarding what the "Hippo" part means, Edna claims that "It's just a corruption of 'Hit Points Griffin'. Notice how its HP is?" And Lailah continues to take any opportunity she can to make a pun.
    • The entry for the Orb-weaver (a spider) contains this wonderful freak-out from Rose: "Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. Small ones nope. Big ones nope. Spiky ones nope. Noooope. Nope nope."
  • Sometimes when Edna fails at Snack Preparation...
    Edna: Here Mikleo, I made this for you.
  • Despite being worlds away from his home, Jade Curtiss still finds time to troll the party and Sophie Lhant. When he notices the party believe his glasses are how he sees them, he decides to give a pair to Sophie. Everyone is ecstatic at the discovery of a device that would let people see and hear Seraphs...until it turns out Jade was lying through his teeth, and the fact Sophie could see and hear the Seraphs was just a sort of 'belief makes it real' effect. The fact that Sorey and Mikleo were practically squealing over the invention and their further disappointment just makes it better.
    • Considering what a troll he is normally, it might not surprise you to learn that his NPC in battle has a habit of just standing there, even when being hit (looking unflappable as ever), and his blocking animation seems to just be him pushing up his glasses. It's not because he's an idiot, it's because he's absolutely toying with you. Once you get in close to finish him off, out comes Mystic Cage, likely obliterating your entire team. Considering it's Jade and all and this is perfectly in-character, one can safely assume he was programmed to lower you into a false sense of security before killing you. Also Mystic Cage still hits most of the field, so get the hell away when his HP drops below 7,000.
  • In Alisha's DLC, Alisha goes about in disguise in Lastonbell. You can speak with, as Alisha, an NPC who comments that she dislikes "that Alisha" because she "lacks dignity" as princess.
  • The Monoliths. If you just glance at them, they're just more gameplay information. Except most of them are as snarky as Edna is, and mock you at every opportunity.


  • At the end of episode 5/6 (depending if you count episode 0), the game's original opening played. Many anime-only watchers thought this was a new opening.
  • Alisha falling for Rose's incredibly-sounding items for skin care and the like. Alisha keeps trusting Rose so much that Rose gets sick of her goody-goody attitude and gives it all for free, commenting in annoyance Alisha is a good haggler.
  • Dezel tells Rose that he has been there next to her since forever. After many right answers, Rose asked him what she cooked when she was little, to which he says "dog food", to which she protests it was mabo curry. This spirals into a long argument.
  • Sorey comments how Alisha and Rose both are so similar to each other that both girls start to say their fighter trainers - Maltran and Brad respectively - taught them all they know today. The discussion then immediately spirals with both girls complaining loudly to each other how their respective master would beat the other in a fight.
  • Felice brewing Tea leaves as the sparrowfeathers settle down for the night. She mentions how important steeping time(the act of letting the tea leaves to soak in the water)is so as to infuse the tea with the water... Rose totally ignores it and starts swirling the kettle as she was thirsty. Cue Felice crying out:
    Felice: [crying] Those are some high quality tea leaves your abusinggg~!
  • It gets even better as she continues crying over the tea leaves as Rose talks to Eguille about Sorey's whereabouts.
  • Ian crying when Alisha wakes up after she has been unconscious for 3 days when they defeated the dragon... An unamused Sirel is at standing at the side watching Ian crying into Alisha's lap.
  • Edna tries to push Zaveid out of the shot as things are getting tight.
  • The On the Next segments at the end of each episode are presented in the same format as skits from the games and are usually quite entertaining.
    • For example, in the one for the installment in which Sorey becomes the Shepherd, Sorey and Mikleo talk about who could possibly end up becoming the Shepherd, with Mikleo saying it could never be someone like Sorey. Sorey tells him that if he ends up being wrong, then he's going to have to make funny faces in future On the Next segments. Sure enough, in the next one, he is making a funny face, though Sorey doesn't know why, as he has already forgotten his demand.
    • In another one, at the end of the episode in which Alisha meets Zaveid, she talks about how he travels alone. He says that he goes where the wind takes him and that he enjoys traveling alone, but Alisha replies that he doesn't have to hide anything from her and she can tell he's had a hard life.
    Alisha: ...And then to have somebody steal all your clothes!
    Zaveid: Wait a sec! No one robbed me! This is how I dress!
    Alisha: Please, just give me a moment. I will go and find a shirt for you to wear. (exits the skit)
    Zaveid: Alisha, get back here!
    Alisha: (returning) Sorry, I forgot. Next time: "Purification." Look forward to it. (leaves again)
    Zaveid: No, hold on! That's not what I meant! This is a fashion statement, okay! I don't need a shirt!

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