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A reminder of the rules of Fridge Brilliance:

This is a personal moment for the viewer, but follows the same rules as normal pages, meaning no first person or natter. If you start off with "This Troper", really, you have no excuse. We're going to hit you on the head.

This revelation can come from anywhere, even from this very page.

Also, this page is of a generally positive nature, and a Fridge Brilliance does not have to be Word Of God. In fact, it usually isn't, and the viewer might be putting more thought into it than the creator ever did. This is not a place for personal commentary on another's remark or arguing without adding a Fridge Brilliance comment of your own.

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Games with their own pages:

Other Games

  • Tales of Asteria has Luke fon Fabre take on Chronos solo as noted in the Adaptational Badass entry on the page. Great Spirits got beefed up here (partially since plot related powers are removed/downgraded in Escort Titles) so why is Luke able to go one-on-one against Chronos? Well, if you check out the fridge page and look at the rules of Abyss you will discover Luke is Another Lorelei. Of course he can solo a Great Spirit he's one himself!