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Tales of Phantasia

  • Arche's sleeptalking during the ride over to Alvanista. She's clearly dreaming of doing things with Cless, though how far those things go, depend on the version. Most seem to imply her making out with him or doing some naughty touching - the Fan Translation flat out made her scream out her pleasure.
  • When the party needs to find a unicorn and obtains its horn, it's said that only pure maidens can encounter it. And while Mint and Arche head off through the White Forest, Arche decides to stay behind halfway through because she thinks 'the unicorn wouldn't meet her'. When asked about it later, she starts to explain how she used to have a boyfriend, and then changes the subject.

Tales of Legendia

  • During the character quests, Shirley is seen holding a baby at one point and Senel thinks it's hers, appearing shocked at this. While Senel is Shirley's brother, he's not her birth brother and he isn't even the same race as her... It's amazing that this wasn't censored.

Tales of Symphonia

  • Once again, the party needs to obtain a Unicorn's Horn to proceed and they talk about whom to send into the middle of the lake, where the unicorn is. Raine says that she can't go because she's 'an adult' and Colette cannot be sent on her own. Cue Sheena getting a little agitated at this.
    Lloyd and Genis: 'Qualified'?
    Sheena: Y-you don't have to say it at the same time...

  • Chivalrous Pervert Zelos Wilder can earn a title called "Gigolo" for talking to all the women (including underage girls) in the game. Said women/girls also give him gifts. This wouldn't arouse too much suspicion except look up what a Gigolo is. Yes, they went there.

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  • It can be easy to miss for younger players, but when the party defeats the fake Summon Spirit of Wind which was demanding a human sacrifice, it leaves behind an ancient tablet that will lead to the Wind Seal. Raine, who did the ritual dance in the place of the girl who was volunteered, leaves with Aisha and her brother Linar to solve the tablet. She spends the night at their house, while everyone else stays at the inn. Only, when you go pick up Raine the next morning, Linar claims she solved the map "in seconds" why did Raine stay overnight if she'd discovered the next Seal's location so quickly? Linar's gushing over Raine and Raine's defensive reaction (smacking Genis when he teasingly agrees with the praise) only makes it more suspicious.


Tales of Graces

  • Pascal really likes touching Sophie. One instance: "Come on, Sophie! Let me touch you! If you do, I'll let you touch me wherever you want! It's only fair!"

Tales of Xillia

  • Direct-Tethering between humans and spirits, allowing the human to share their mana with a weakened spirit. Several reactions to it make it clear that direct-tethering is very intimate. Muzét likes to tease about Jude direct-tethering with her and Milla reacts like Jude is having illicit affairs with Muzét.
    Milla: I knew it! You really do have that sort of relationship!
    Jude: Can someone explain this to me?

Tales of Xillia 2

  • Once again, direct-tethering is talked about and any implications are made more obvious this time around. One skit basically revolves around one huge Does This Remind You of Anything? talk about direct-tethering.
    Muzét: Oh, no. Direct-tethering is a very intimate experience for spirits.
    Gaius: What? Really? Why did you never tell me this, Muzét?!
    Muzét: I'd have to say that Jude was a very giving tetherer, while Gaius was so forceful, I was just too overcome with it.
    Gaius: Even if she's a spirit, as a man, I must take responsibility...
  • The Hot Springs Scene has the guys placed inside Teepo's stomach and moving occurs, to put it mildly... making it not look out of place for a gay porn.

Tales of Berseria


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