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  • Let's just get this out of way: Dawn of the New World is a major case of Art Evolution between two video game installments. It's best described as a 3D-rendered anime. This means the expressions are hilarious in ways that wouldn't have been possible in a more traditionally-rendered game.
  • So, the first time Colette joins the party, several skits reveal that Marta think Emil is infatuated. One of them has her demand a straight answer from Emil: who does he like better?
    Emil: I... that is... Tenebrae, what should I say?
    Tenebrae: Are you saying you like me best of all? I must admit, I'm flattered.
    Marta: That's not fair, Tenebrae! I won't let you steal him from me!
    (Marta leaves; Tenebrae laughs)
    Emil: This is starting to get old.
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  • "The maker of these handcuffs isn't exactly known for their quality craftsmanship. Perhaps you should try the Lezareno model. I'll send you a free sample." This from Regal, who had demonstrated the inferiority of the former model of handcuffs by snapping them right off his wrists.
  • Presea's warning of a border guard that opening her "good luck charm" Iron Maiden (where Marta is hiding), will result in a curse that involves many months of vomiting, diarrhea, and the Lord of Demons shoving his finger up the guard's nose. He capitulates. Turns out Marta was hidden behind a false door anyway. Presea was just screwing with the guy.
    • The fact that it's Presea makes this scene even funnier than it would have otherwise been.
  • Presea talks about going through the checkpoint with the Vanguard and how nervous she was and how her heart was making a noise that sounded like "waka waka waka" in her usual monotone. When Emil questions her about it she repeats it at least two more times and it gets funnier each time.
  • Just after Sheena joins the party, she makes a comment about how she'd never forget seeing a guy like Richter because he fell for the oldest trick in the book. Sheena then falls into a pitfall and Regal apologizes in a tone that fails to hide how amused he is.
  • For that matter, ten bazillion of the skits as well. They turned the funny Up to Eleven for the sequel, it seems.
    • Full voice acting on the skits (which didn't make it into the English-language release of the original) works wonders.
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    • Sheena and Regal talk about how fond Zelos is of his half-sister Seles is, followed by Tenebrae twisting their words to make it sound like they're insinuating he's in love with her. Zelos is not amused.
    • Colette summarizing up Raine's Ruin Mode in one skit. Emil is appropriately creeped out.
      • The real kicker? Colette's impression of Raine is straight from the first game, upon the party arriving at the stone dais; Raine's question, Genis' answer, Raine's reprimand.
    • Emil is depressed. Marta tries to talk to him. Emil doesn't hear her at all. Marta wonders if something is wrong with his hearing. Tenebrae implies Lloyd Irving is nearby. Ratatosk Mode Emil goes looking for him (presumably) with his sword drawn.
    "I don't think the problem is with his hearing."
    • Tenebrae making a pun so bad - a sighs four that is! - that Raine and Genis attack him with Prism Stars for it.
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    • "Mom".
    • Ratatosk Mode Emil and Marta having a fight and in the skits, Marta full on ignores him by talking to everyone else while R.Emil is trying to get her to talk to him.
    • "Older Women." Genis's best trolling of Lloyd ever. And even funnier when Marta - a dedicated romantic at heart - comically misses the point (and the joke), supporting it.
  • Not to mention Decus' intro scene. Acts like Emil WANTS him and forces his hideously foul-smelling cologne on him. Cue pop-up box:
    Eau de Seduction was forced on you!
    • And then we find out Regal's Lezareno Company made the perfume. When Regal himself finds out, the disappointment in his company is palpable.
      I'll have it discontinued immediately. This odor is a menace.
    • Later on, Emil drops his bottle while trying to avoid a Solum-crazy Decus. Sheena wasn't kidding when she said it could wake the dead; the reek of Eau de Seduction is enough to (temporarily) snap Decus out of a Centurion-core-induced Berserker haze.
  • Even Marta and Emil's battle victory quotes are pretty funny.
    • Dwarven Vow #7 seems to have spread throughout the new world....
      Marta: There's no victory before love!
      Emil: So you lose if you there's no love?
      Marta: Yes! So please, tell me you love me!
      Emil: ...We can lose next time.
      Marta: EMIIIIL!
    • This one's good too, especially as Ratotosk Mode Emil says his line completely deadpan.
      Marta: Beautiful roses have thorns!
      Emil: Cutie Marta has a fang.
      Marta: Be a little more enthusiastic!
    • See also:
      Marta: Oh, Emil, I was so scared.
      Emil: You were more scary.
      Marta: What did you say?
      Emil: N-Nothing.
    • The returning party members don't waste the chance to bust your gut, either.
      Colette: The key to victory is love and goodness!
      Ratatosk!Emil Then there's no victory for me.
      Marta: Colette, you're a genius!
  • The Spot the Impostor scene. Oh dear GOD, the expression on the fake's face...
  • During their trip to Palmacosta, post-attack, our heroes come under attack, but are saved by Zelos. Who then flirts with Marta by twirling her, and says this immortal line: "My darling kitten, you're not hurt, are you?". Marta and Emil's expressions... they have to be seen to be believed, and emoticons can't accurately represent their expressions.
    • Their discussions immediately after reject the possibility of Zelos being Tethe'alla's Chosen of Mana, solely on the grounds that "he couldn't be more different from Colette if he tried".
  • Marta temporarily takes Raine's place as the game's Lethal Chef.
    Marta: Here Emil! (Emil and Tenebrae both recoil) Try my home-made cooking.
    Emil: You want me to eat this?
    Marta: You're so mean! [...] It might not look like much, but it tastes great! Try it!
    Emil: Okay, here goes.
    Tenebrae: He appears to have fainted.
  • Decus' Mystic Arte intro. He lovingly stares at a picture of Alice... which then randomly gets burned for no reason, putting him into a rage and slice you up for it with the letters L-O-V-E, ending with him Stabbing the Sky and yelling ALIIICE!
  • When the party discovers that the fires started in Izoold are caused by a light-frog, Tenebrae insists that they call it by its proper name - Nazdrovie. They just keep calling it light-frog anyway just to spite him, and when he finally caves and starts calling it a light-frog as well, they all switch to calling it a Nazdrovie instead.
  • When the party escaping from Alice and Decus in the Ice Temple, one of the skits has the party trying to have a conversation mid-chase, only for Tenebrae to cut them off and declare a ban on speaking so they'll focus on running. Cue more skits of Tenebrae trying to speak and everyone yelling at him to be quiet.
  • During Richter's sidequest, Emil makes a joke and Richter laughs at it. Emil, Tenebrae, and Aqua all go dead silent in response.
  • In the second fight with Magnar, if you use enough lightning artes on him, his hair will turn into an afro.
  • After hearing endless flowery incantations from Album Atrum, it's kind of funny to hear him suddenly yell "YOU PIECE OF CRAP!"
  • In the PS3 port, one of the accessories you can get for Emil is this.
  • Tenebrae's nickname Tenebie is this. Colette gives it to him and sticks to using it because she's Colette. Everyone else in the original cast uses it to troll him.
  • A series of sidequests has Emil meeting up with Richter and keeping it a secret from Marta (who sounds like she's going to gut Emil if she finds out about it). When this happens in Triet, Marta's on her way to get her fortune told; the two of them agree to meet up "at the shape of the Chosen".
  • Lategame spoilers: After meeting with Verius, the Martel Temple quakes. Emil looks like he's in pain, and Tenebrae realizes that the door to Niflheim is about to open. Cut to Richter at the Ginnungagap, with the highest look on his face.
  • Late in the game, if you return to The World Tree after the scene that happened there and approach the tree, Emil will begin to loudly ponder his own relationship to the Giant Kahrlan Tree and its offsprings, causing Tenebrae to state that he, as Ratatosk, the spirit and soul of the old World Tree, is basically the father of the two new trees on Dherris-Kahrlan and Aselia. Marta's reaction?
    Marta: (Disappointed look) I can't believe you had an illegitimate child, Emil.
  • A bit meta, but this Affection Guide for the original game starts off with a lot of disclaimers about things that do not affect affection values, most of which are reasonable misunderstandings. The last is about the Sardonyx item received from defeating Volt, the description of which claims it will 'help you find your soul mate'.
    (Editor's Note: I would point out that in Dawn of the New World Zelos comes equipped with a Sardonyx. JUST SAYING.)
  • After hearing the conversation of the characters inferring what the guardian of the World Tree is, Colette comes to the conclusion that the guardian of the world tree is a old wise lady with a killer body and paw pads.

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