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Memes / SiIvaGunner

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  • This channel made 7 Grand Dad famous.
    • Epic FlintstonesExplanation 
  • "I only upload high quality video game rips."Explanation 
  • "Please read the channel description."Explanation 
  • High quality rips.Explanation 
    • #HighQualityVideoGameRIPExplanation 
  • The channel is ending.Explanation 
  • TODOKETE Explanation 
  • Sens.Explanation 
    • "GAME THEORY: X is Y?!/Why I gave the Pope X".Explanation 
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  • Koriball.Explanation 
  • I have a request.Explanation 
  • CG! Coconut Gun!Explanation 
  • нет.Explanation 
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  • [game the rip comes from] funny momentsExplanation 
  • LOREExplanation 
  • Even the way Siiva titles his videos is memetic - searching for certain songs on YouTube prompts the suggestions to include "[Song name] - [Game name]", just like his videos.
  • IT'S. THE. NUTSHACK.Explanation 
    • TITO DICK, DICKMAN, BABY!Explanation 
  • "I have crippling depression."Explanation 
  • Is it safe?Explanation 
    • Is there bean?Explanation 
      • BITCH YOUexplanation 
      • We got beaned by the man himself. Explanation 
      • Double beaned! Explanation 
  • 4 HOURSExplanation 
  • "I... I couldn't help but come across your comments and page[...]"Explanation 
  • nice Explanation 
    • >:] Explanation 
  • Is this a JoJoke?Explanation 
  • L.A.M.A.J vs ERIOIOIREExplanation 
  • hot oneExplanation 
  • AMUNO Explanation 
  • "LOL with all that reverb and also it being KH, I know exactly who made this one. Good stuff my dude." Explanation 
  • "Oh, Minecrap! I cannot wait to play Minecrap. Do you know what my favorite thing to do is in Minecrap? I love building bricks with Minecrap. Building bricks with Minecrap is the best thing and the most amount of fun you can have while playing an app. I understand why all the kids are playing this game these days — it's because they like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. I also like to build brown bricks with Minecrap. It's the most fun you can possibly have. What is the point of Minecrap?" Explanation 
  • VvvvvaVvvvvvr Explanation 
  • recordcollector1972 Explanation 
  • Chicken and chipsExplanation 
  • "Who the fuck owns the channel anymore?" Explanation 
  • Jerry Temporary Explanation 
  • Wii Shop Bling Explantion 
  • "touhou album when"Explanation 
  • Totino's! Totino's! How did you know?Explanation  Parodied in this video which also parodies another Tim and Eric meme ("Name 10 things that aren't X").
  • Gadunk Explanation 
  • Deez Nuts Fusion Collab Explanation 
  • 2 Explanation 
  • Rock my Forum Explanation 
    • "What’s happenin, forum?" Explanation 
  • Mr. Rental/Own Explanation 
    • Ban all Mashups!Explanation 
  • #UnregisteredHYPErcam2 Explanation 
  • The true final boss of Octo Expansion. Explanation(spoilers!) 
  • The joke is that... Explanation 
  • Welcome to the "I Don't Get The Joke" Club! Explanation 
  • haha hehe funny mixer Explanation 


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