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Meaningful Echoes in fanfiction.

  • In chapter eighteen of Harry Potter and the Guardian's Light, Voldemort does a dark take on "you look so much like your father, but you have your mother's eyes."
    Voldemort: Well there's an interesting look. So... fierce. No fear like before. Reminds me of your father. [chuckles] Yes, you've no doubt been told that you have your mother's eyes. Even I noticed, and I didn't even know them that well! Of course, it's hard for me to forget the details of the night I died. Anyway, it is true that you have your mother's eyes, but that look... that look is your father's. It's the same look he had right before I killed him. Defiant until the end, he died like a Gryffindor. He died like a fool.
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  • Happens several times in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, most notably after the student council calls Kyon to question him for fighting in the high school grounds.
    Kyon: I don't really believe that last part, but it's nice of you to say. I just want to point out, though, that a challenge against any one of us is a challenge against all of us.
    Haruhi: [after barging in the room] Trying to pick us apart by calling out my underlings when I'm not around, eh? Well, you've got a lot to learn! A challenge against one of us is a challenge against all of us!
  • In Luminosity, Bella tells a person who wants to be a vampire that being bitten — which is a requisite for turning — is "not fun". She is quoting, Alice, but the echo comes when Elspeth is with the werewolves. When saying that a friend is probably going to be ill for a week:
    Brooke: Bites are not fun.
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  • In the Bleach Fanfic series Heirverse, these are are everywhere both subtle and blatant. Lie and I love are this to each other and Heir and cwst are full of painful Echoes to game.
  • In her debut episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the Great and Powerful Trixie started her magic show (which ended up being her humiliating anyone who challenged her) with the phrase "Watch in awe as The Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes!". At the climax of To Forgive Is Equine, she says it again, only this time it's in a much more heartwarming context as it's to mentally prepare herself to perform an extremely difficult spell which, at this point, is the only thing that can save Twilight Sparkle's life. Her stage name even becomes this whenever it's said after we know where she got it. It was her deceased father's pet name for her and a way to dedicate her shows to his memory.
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  • The Back to the Future fanfic "Almanac Chronicles" ends with one from a quote from the Alternate Timeline from the trilogy's second movie. When Biff married Lorraine, he stated "third time's the charm". After killing Biff, she eventually married his son from a previous marriage and repeated Biff's line.
  • An example similar to the second listed echo for Naruto happens in doujin, in which Kakashi reflects on his ninja career, and believes that he failed to adequately instruct Sasuke and pass on his teacher, the Fourth Hokage's example. Naruto then repeats his line about not letting his comrades die, causing Kakashi to realize that he may not have gotten through to Sasuke, but Naruto is following his example.
  • Legacy of the Rasengan: Naruto: "Deception is an essential ability that all shinobi must have." Said by Sakura both times. The first is when she answers a question in class. The second after she royally fucks up with Naruto (stole something special to Naruto) and realizes he was using the sentiment to appear as the dead-last.
  • Two Halves: Naruto asks Hinata this question after they leave Konoha and before they go back: "Do you still want to be my partner?".
  • In The Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, this device is used more than once. However, the most notable occasion would be when Vale reuses the "bedtime story" she told her district partner Kit on his deathbed, about a "place without districts" in the climax of the story, only this time, she is defying the Capitol, knowing very well that she will die for it.
  • Used in It's All in the Details, a Supernatural fanfic where Castiel at the end of Season Six goes back in time to the end of Season Two to change history; during his time in the past, he allows Jimmy Novak, his Vessel, to talk with Jimmy's past self in this new timeline, and later meets with his own parallel self, with both Jimmy and Castiel having similar introductions to their younger selves;
    Past Jimmy: Why the hell are you wearing my trenchcoat?
    Vessel Jimmy: Because I'm you, you idiot.
    —->Past Castiel in Claire: Who are you, who have taken her father?
    Castiel: I'm you... dumb-butt.
  • Relatively early in And Another Thing I Hate About You when Xander returns from an Expo in Las Vegas with Cordelia (whom he married), Buffy happily exclaims that he "brought back presents". After his Journey to the Center of the Mind, Xander brings back not only Cordelia but also, Faith, Oz, Ampata and Cordelia's long dead dog. Xander tries to play it off by claiming that he "couldn't go on a trip and not bring back presents."
  • Used in the Facing the Future Series where Ghost Tucker says the exact same things to Hotep-Ra when Hotep-Ra was conning Tucker.
  • Earlier in Apartment Gensokyo, it was noted that "interesting" was Reimu's favorite word and, from time to time, she would say it when describing something. Later, in the final chapter, she says it a final time.
  • In The Second Try, Asuka told her daughter Aki "Cry when you feel sad. Laugh when you're happy." so that latter wouldn't become a Stepford Smiler. When they're finally reunited at the end, Asuka tells her "Smile when you're happy. Cry when you're sad, and do both when you're happier than you've ever been."
  • In Volume VII of the supercrossover fanfic "The Terminators: Army of Legend", Alex "serenades" Ruby with "On Melancholy Hill"... He sings it to her (or tries to) again as she's dying in Volume X.
  • There are a number of recurring phrases in Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything, due to Light Yagami's Lemony Narration, which is dotted with catchphrases and Brick Jokes. One of these is his insistence that he only smokes socially - "My doctor doesn't even consider me a smoker." He says this at least three times where it's Played for Laughs, being one of the most obvious details where he serves as an Unreliable Narrator. Then, toward the end of the story, after Light has mostly completed his descent into madness, he throws out this quick line:
    Light: ...My doctor says I should stop smoking now.
  • The Sanctuary Telepath: John jokingly says to Janine that he "has the best sister in the world" when she tells that she'll cover for him and Helen. Almost a century later, when she saves him from the energy elemental he repeats and this time, really means it.
  • In This Bites!:
    • Robin tricks Cross into seeing her in her underwear because "It's an older sister's job to embarrass her younger siblings." A few chapters later, Cross finally gets his revenge on Robin that he hinted at back during the Alabasta arc by giving her a noogie.
    Cross: It's a younger brother's job to embarrass his older sister.
    • Earlier, Luffy assures Cross he does belong with the Straw Hat Pirates, by listing everything the rubber-man can't do by himself in a Call-Back to Arlong Park, to make Cross understand he can do that his captain is unable to.
    Luffy: I can't cook. I can't predict the weather, I can't swing a sword, and I can't lie. And I'm not that smart, either.
  • In the South Park fic The Mysterion Mythos, Karen McCormick gets a spectacular one when saving Kenny's life from the Cthulhu cultists who are planning to sacrifice his girlfriend to turn him into The Antichrist.
    Karen: Kenny McCormick is off limits.
  • In The Ever Twisting Wind: The Lightning Thief, Andi comforts Annabeth over her family issues by telling her they aren't worth it if they cannot see how amazing she is. Later, after Andi finally quits the Dursleys, Annabeth realizes how upset she is about their treatment of her and gently tells her:
    Annabeth: If they can't see what an amazing person you are, they aren't worth it. Someone very wise told me that once.
  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, the first time Evelyn talked to Solas, she asks “Do you have anything that you wish to keep?” His answer was “My pendant.” as that necklace held the most personal value to him. Much later, when he remembers that question again while fighting a Templar who hurt Evelyn, his answer this time is “You (Evelyn).” as she looks on, wearing the very same pendant on her neck.
  • Advice and Trust: During the battle against Zeruel, Rei shouted "You... will not... harm them... I... will... not... permit... it!" while defending Asuka and Shinji. She shouts the exact same thing when protecting Kaworu from Armisael. In both cases, this happened soon after she realized she was in love with the person she was defending.
  • "Glory to the Maratine... long live Equestria." First said in How Do You Shoot a Gun with Hooves?? by Lord Tydal when he sacrifices his life to help Celestia and Luna defeat Discord, predicting just before how great of a nation the Princesses will create. He repeats it in The God Squad when he once more sacrifices himself to hold the line against Tirek, this time having seen the greatest of Equestria come to pass and choosing to die to save it.
  • When Cinder is blackmailed over her marriage to Jaune in A Monster's Marriage, she silently declares that she is Jaune's wife and she'll kill to keep it that way, meaning she'll kill the people Watts tells her to. A few chapters later, she makes the same declaration as she kills Watts.
  • In Where Talent Goes To Die, after the first class trial ends, Mitamura, The Leader of the group, promises to ensure that no more murders happen, and after she leaves, Miura says that Mitamura is "asking the impossible of herself." Four Chapters and four murders later, Miura, now The Leader of the group after Mitamura's execution, starts to express the same desire, but Edogawa tells her, "You'd be asking the impossible of yourself, just like Mitamura-san did."
  • The first story in the Double Agent Vader series has Darth Vader on a mission to Tattooine overhearing a story he remembered from his past involving a legendary trickster who freed the slaves via a Scheherezade Gambit. The trickster of lore bore the name Ekkreth, which translated to Sky Walker (of which Vader’s family drew its surname), and after a conversation with the storyteller, he reports in late to the Emperor.
    “Sorry, my Master,” said Ekkreth, “I need more time.”


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