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You may question his degree, but his bedside manner is second to none.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love of humanity."

An index of medical professionals. See also Indexitis and Healing and Curing Tropes for other tropes related to diseases and medicine.

Not to be confused with tropes regarding a certain Time Lord.


  • Afraid of Doctors: A character has an intense fear of doctors.
  • Auto-Doc: Instead of a human treating you, it's a machine.
  • Back-Alley Doctor: Illegitimate doctors who work in seedy conditions.
  • Battleaxe Nurse: The nurse is cruel, cold, and overall not very nurselike.
  • Caretaking is Feminine: Certain healthcare professions are thought to be the job of women.
  • Candy Striper: Hospital volunteers who wear an iconic striped uniform while performing their duties.
  • The Colored Cross: Doctors, nurses, and medical staff in media are given green or blue cross logos as shorthand,
  • Combat Medic: Just because they're stuck behind the front lines healing people, it doesn't mean they can't fight.
  • Court Physician: A private doctor assigned to a head of state.
  • Creepy Physical: A physical examination gets a little too physical.
  • Deadly Doctor: A capable fighter who has a medical motif.
  • Depraved Dentist: A dentist who takes advantage of the "appointment" to do some unsavory things to their poor, poor patient.
  • Determined Doctor: Medical care must be rendered no matter what.
  • Doctor's Disgraceful Demotion: A Mad Scientist lost their medical license for performing some horrible experiment.
  • Doctor's Orders: The doctor has the last word on everything.
  • Doctor von Turncoat: A doctor or scientist switches sides in a conflict and avoids punishment because their expertise is considered too valuable.
  • Dr. Feelgood: The doctor is giving out drugs to those who don't need them. Maybe because they don't care. Or maybe there's some money involved.
  • Dr. Jerk: Man, the doctor is so good at their job! If only they weren't a total Jerkass.
  • Dressed to Heal: The best way to tell if a character is a medical professional is to look at their clothes.
  • Frontier Doctor: Caring for the sick and needy in the The Wild West.
  • Healer God: The divine version of a healing specialist often with medicine as a domain.
  • Hospital Hottie: The medical personnel are as helpful as they are attractive.
  • The Intern: Not quite a doctor yet; this character is still in training.
  • Kidnapped Doctor: If you can't bring the person to the hospital, just bring the hospital to the person!
  • Kindly Vet: A character who is a veterinarian is also as kind as can be.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: If the character is a worker in Science and/or Medicine, they must be wearing the white labcoat.
  • Like a Surgeon: Characters who aren't surgeons act like they are, performing something that is not surgery.
  • Mad Doctor: The doctor just so happens to also be certifiably, Ax-Crazy insane.
  • Martial Medic: A medic who is just as skilled in healing bones as they are in breaking them.
  • M.D. Envy: If you're not a physician, you're not a real doctor.
  • The Medic: In a team, this character is the one whose main skill is tending to the injured.
  • Medicine Show: There's no better way to sell your amazing new medicinal creation than to show it off!
  • Obscene OB-GYN: A gynecologist or urologist who behaves unethically.
  • One Dose Fits All: Any varying factors don't matter—anyone administered with a dose of the same medicine will get the same effect at the same time.
  • Open Heart Dentistry: Sometimes, characters just make do with whatever medical professional they have, whether the situation is in their field or not.
  • Orderlies are Creeps: An orderly takes advantage of their position to do whatever they please, however unmoral it is.
  • Plague Doctor: This doctor has a creepy birdlike mask, dark clothes, and a focus on treating the bubonic plague.
  • Playing Doctor: Children are naturally curious about everything. To satiate this curiosity, they "play doctor."
  • Post-Treatment Lollipop: Doctors reward good patients with candy.
  • Psycho Psychologist: They put the "psycho" in "psychology".
  • Quack Doctor: A "doctor" whose medical legitimacy is quite questionable.
  • Quirky Doctor: They are weird, but in a funny way.
  • Roadside Surgery: A proper hospital room isn't always available, so surgery must be done wherever is available.
  • School Nurse: A school's resident medical professional. Is usually a Hospital Hottie or a Battleaxe Nurse with no middle ground.
  • Self-Surgery: There's no one to do your surgery except yourself.
  • Shoot the Medic First: The medics are the ones who heal the enemies back to strength. Ergo, they're primary targets.
  • Shot to the Heart: To keep the heart beating, it's stabbed with a syringe full of adrenaline.
  • Super Doc: This doctor has godlike skills.
  • The Shrink: The psychologist can only be three things: good, bad, or "well-meaning."
  • Trojan Ambulance: Usually involves characters being disguised as paramedics.
  • Turn Your Head and Cough: The stock method to see if a male patient has a hernia.
  • Triage Tyrant: How bad the injury is doesn't matter to them as much as if they like or value the injured.
  • Vampire Doctor: A vampire or other monster who works in a profession their own dietary needs and compulsions make extremely difficult and unexpected.
  • Witch Doctor: These guys are often practitioners of pre-modern traditional medicine.

Tropes that have little to do with medical professionals, but still have them in the title:

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