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  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Harry often has discussions with his Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin selves. Represented by this picture rather well.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: After finding the titular game, Shinji's mind picks up four companions based on some of his models. The Space Marine acts as a chivalrous, heroic role model, but places Honor Before Reason and isn't much with people. The Eldar Farseer embodies the virtues of rationality and planning, but is also a harem-seeking Dirty Old Woman with a hotline to Shinji's sex drive. The Ork Warboss is all testosterone and mindless aggression, which is more useful in some situations than others. And the Chaos Marine is a conniving, unapologetically Evil Mentor representing Shinji's dark side, but can offer keen insight about his foes. While the Marine and Farseer are close to "good" angels and the Warboss and Chaos Marine "evil," all are dedicated to Shinji's well-being, even if they have very different ideas about what this means.
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  • This rather adorable Naruto mini fancomic.
  • In Manchester Lost, this ends up having an interesting twist. Crowley has a shoulder angel and demon represented as Inner Aziraphale and Inner Hastur. Aziraphale has an Inner Crowley and Inner Raphael. Both sets are hilarious (even more so when a Love Triangle develops between Inner Hastur, Inner Aziraphale, and Inner Crowley).
  • Played with in Guys, I Shrunk the Adults, an X-Men: Evolution fic. Forge's experimental Shrink Ray accidentally de-bigulates several of the adults - including Beast and Angel, who end up climbing onto Kitty's shoulders and arguing about what to watch on TV.
    Kitty: This is, like, so surreal.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: The floating heads of Zack and Cody are this to Tristan. He calls them his Imaginary Friends. Both are chaotic, and have trouble deciding which is which. Zack gets killed off.
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  • In this deviantART pic we see Tsumugi from K-On! get advice from her angel (Yui) and devil (Ritsu) in an awkward situation.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Achakura and Kuyou transform into these temporarily, but neither of them quite get Black-and-White Morality.
  • Calvin and Susie have an argument in In Love and War. In responce, Spacemann Spiff and the Dictator-for-Life appear. Shortly afterwords, a Hobbes and pirate Hobbes appear as well. As it turns out, the entire shoulder angel secquence was All Just a Dream.
  • In the Dark World of the Pony POV Series, the Nameless Passenger and the Benevolent Interloper serve as this to Twilight. Both speak to her, the former trying to turn her against her friends and focus on her revenge on Discord, the latter reminding her to stand by her friends and not make the battle with Discord be about vengeance. The Passenger turns out to be Nightmare Eclipse, the true Big Bad of the Dark World Series and Twilight's own potential future self, while the Interloper turns out to be Twilight's future Alicorn self Amicitia acting out a Stable Time Loop.
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  • During the Hot Springs Episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia, they try to talk to Kamina. The Bad Angel argues that Kamina should see the girls' side, but the Good Angel tells him to not do it, because Nia is among. Then the Bad Angel reminds that Nia shouldn't be there anymore, and thus the Good Angel tells Kamina to continue with his plan.
  • Played in a literal sense in Ah! Archfall!, in that Jago actually has an angel AND a devil.
  • In The Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, heroine Vale Whitaker has recognizable versions of these as voices in the back of her mind: "the pragmatist," a cynical Deadpan Snarker who tries to convince Vale to trust no one and likes giving her "The Reason You Suck" Speeches, and "the idealist," who is a lot more like Vale herself and wishes to trust and care about others and survive the arena without sacrificing her morals. The final confrontation is truly more between these two voices than anything else.
  • In a Ranma 1/2 doujinshi (Mantou 12) Ranma's good righteous side is represented by Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun, while his bad lustful side is represented by Lina Inverse
  • On chapter 3 of "Days of Futures Past What Does That Mean It Kinda Sounds Sexy" a Naruto Young Justice crossover Naruto gets excited that two of his shadow clones argue on ether doing the right thing or turning his back on the young heroes. He demands that both shadow clones transform in order to make their points first transforming into Naruko in a sexy devil costume and a white robe wearing harp player but choices to flow the good clone due to the fact the bad one snapped at him for being indecisive.
  • MLP Next Generation: Love Conquers All! Avarice Takes It All! has a variation: While Nidra doesn't immediately don the Orange ring that chooses her as a host, mere exposure to its Light of Avarice awakens all her darkest and most selfish impulses, which constantly battle her conscience in the form of internal dialogue.
  • In A.A. Pessimal's Discworld fic Hear Them Chatter On the Tide, red-haired Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes is caught, at a fraught time, between the Two-to-the-Power-Three Virtues and the Four-Squared-Divided-by-Two Vices. She has the Vice Anger on her right and the Virtue Fortitude on her left, both claiming her as an earthly avatar, one suggesting she go postal and use unfettered agression, the other counselling that her anger be productively channeled to bring about bloodless change. Johanna acknowledges that both have a point. Then forces the opposed qualities to clasp hands. Anger and Restraint both scream with agony as their energies cancel each other out, leavimg only an Assassin who has just won the Teatime Prize (awarded for the most inventive inhumation of a supernatural entity).
    "People created you." she said. "Therefore both of you are part of me. I accept you both. But I remain human end free to choose!"
  • In a chapter of A.A. Pessimal's Good Omens fic I shall endure..., Azaraphale points out that he and Crowley are the original Angel and Devil, who have been standing on the shoulders of the whole human race, ever since the Beginning...
  • Discord starts off with only a shoulder devil in Bride of Discord, but Fluttershy's influence leads to him gaining an angel as well to signalize his Character Development. He also has semi-sentient reflection, who more or less serves the same purpose as the shoulder devil.
  • Mocked to all hell and back, in the Dan Vs. and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga where Dan only has a should devil and a slightly less evil shoulder devil (who at the time of the story, has somehow swapped places with Elise's shoulder devil, so he can torment her), while Pinkie Pie (who is currently in human form and can somehow who can see Dan's shoulder devils) has her own, which are represented by her cannon self in her regular pony form and her fannon Cup Cakes incarnation. Dan's shoulder devils are understandably creeped out and decide to get out of their.
  • Played with in a chapter of X-Men: The Early Years. In "Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things", Iceman's good and bad selves are represented as Professor Xavier (who urges him to not put himself on a bully's level) and Scott Summers (Who tells him: "Don't get caught when getting even"). After brief deliberation, Bobby chooses to go with Cyclops' advice.
  • As Horns and Haloes Surround Us: Interestingly for this trope, the angels and devils apparently physically exist, because the plot is about Rarity's shoulder devil falling off her and landing on a pincushion, and her friends' various shoulder devils having to step in to keep her psyche balanced until her own gets out of the hospital.
  • In the Naru Hina Chronicles minisode Hanabi has one.


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