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People going mad from the revelation in Web Videos.

  • In the Nat One Productions universe of The Last Stage, the characters have all become noticeably crazier over time. With the most obvious example of Agent PARKER, it seems most field agents are doomed to this fate. Assuming, of course, that they don't end up stomped to death by an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • The Nostalgia Critic:
      • The Batman & Robin episode of has the Critic going Ax-Crazy after he watches a scene where Batman pulls out a "bat-credit card", and another person had to come in and restrain him for several hours. He manages to compose himself twice, but is immediately set off again when he mentions the card.
      • The Tom and Jerry movie review has him reiterating to the viewers the basics of a particular scene: "A cat and mouse are driving a ship trying to save the daughter of Indiana Jones while being chased by a purple people eater, a dog on a skateboard, a performing ship captain, his hand puppet Squawk, two Mexican wrestlers, and a doctor riding an ice cream cart. Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO THE MIND FUCK." Cue footage of the chase scene interspersed with clips of the Nostalgia Critic going bananas while Flagpole Sitta plays in the background and a big red "MIND FUCK!" flashes on the screen.
      • In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie reviews, he tried to stay positive on the first and second movies, but still gives out negative responses. He tried to hope that the third movie, which even The Angry Video Game Nerd declares to be awful (he considered the first and second decent), will turn out good... then "5 minutes later"... we see him cuddling around in the bathroom, bawling incoherently, followed with much more Freak Out! and inventing the word horrifuckus, after the revelation that the movie was really really... bad.
      • In a scene similar to the Tom and Jerry incident, one of the last moments in the Jingle All the Way review has NC explaining that the movie simply doesn't care anymore after Arnold gets a jetpack and starts doing silly CGI stunts. He then says, "You know what they say... if you can't beat 'em... join them." Then comes the insanity, the flashing "WE DON'T CARE!", and "Playmate, Come Out and Play with Me" playing in the background.
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    • Atop the Fourth Wall:
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    • The Nostalgia Chick:
      • While hers are much milder than her Spear Counterpart's, she has had a few of her own; most recently in Freddy Got Fingered where she, her friend Nella and co-reviewer Oancitizen have a "going mad montage" involving screaming, sausage and mayonnaise.
      • In the Lost Episode of Dune, when a navigator does its thing and she cries about just wanting to understand this ridiculously confusing movie.
    • Brows Held High:
      • When Allison Pregler can't work out the deeper meaning of MC Kung Fu's lyrics in City Dragon, she employs Kyle to work it out for her. After watching the film, Kyle starts spouting lines from the film out of context, gradually descending into madness.
        Kyle: I can't speak the English language anymore! God help me!
      • Kyle himself has had a few incidents of this in his own show. In particular, there was the "if you can't beat 'em..." segment at the end of the What is it? review, and the Psychic Nosebleed and subsequent Unstoppable Rage he had after keeping his cool through most of A Serbian Film.
      • "Sean Connery is DOROTHY"!!!
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    • When the "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight fails to work on The Nostalgia Chick in To Boldly Flee, Todd in the Shadows resorts to this trope, showing her his face. Word of God is that his face reflects one's soul, and The Nostalgia Chick did not like what she saw. This is also why Obscurus Lupa was just dandy after looking at it.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • The Nerd himself gets one after hearing Zelda's Bond One-Liner in The Wand of Gamelon.
    • In another James Rolfe-related video series called Shit Pickle, the monkey father from Munky Cheez 2 (yet another video series) goes mad after his kids keep saying "monkey cheese" over and over while watching the original, and those two words are all that the monkey dad can say from then on. Watch it here.
    • During part 2 of Christmas 2013 episode, he finds a good Spiderman game. Then checks who made the game. It's LJN, which makes Nerd go crazy.
    • When reviewing Seaman, the Nerd puts in another game called Explosive Fighter Patton for the Famicom that gives him a message that has "fuck" in it. The Nerd promptly loses his mind knowing that there's a game, released earlier than Hong Kong '97 (which had the famous "herd of fuckin' ugly reds" Precision F-Strike), on a Nintendo console, that uses the word "fuck".
  • Filthy Frank: A gem from the aptly named Lemon Guy: "Uh... I'm A LEMON!"
  • Once of the consequences of reading a good book discussed here. If knowing the unknowable is crazy I don't want to be sane.
  • JonTron:
  • Josh Scorcher, a Top Ten List maker and a reviewer of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, upon witnessing Alicorn Twilight, went utterly apeshit in the same vein of The Nostalgia Critic over TMNT 3 with the music "Bãtutã Din Moldova" playing on the background... but then parodied it as he suddenly calms down, thinks a bit and says, "I'm OK with this."
  • In this sketch from The B.S. of A. with Brian Sack, three teenage girls watching the MTV Video Music Awards have this reaction upon seeing *NSYNC take the stage to perform a reunion show. When one of them looks up *NSYNC to find out who they are, she sees that the middle-aged men they were making fun of used to be cute young guys, which means that their favorite Boy Band One Direction is doomed to also grow old, which causes them to start quoting The Seventh Seal as they realize that everything eventually dies and turns to dust. Then Dad comes in, tells them that he had the same reaction when New Kids on the Block grew older, and offers them wine to cope now that they've become adults.

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