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Small Brawl could take up it's own page!
  • The premise itself could give a few laughs. This time Calypso is a neighborhood bully called Billy Calypso who still somehow has the power to grant wishes, who organizes an RC car demolition derby. The drivers this time are kids who want to get back at him for his bullying along with those who want their wish granted. So imagine someone like Spectre as a kid wearing a bedsheet ghost costume or Sweet Tooth as a kid with a clown mask.
  • Shadow's driver, Mortimer is a nerdy boy who just wants to rescue his pet frog from Calypso. In his ending, however, He decides to let Billy keep the frog. Why? Well when the bully goes back to his shed, it bursts open revealing the frog mutated! He gives out a shrill cry as he's eaten alive! Before that, you can hear Mortimer running off cheering.
  • Warthog's ending involves a kid wearing a tank costume trying to blow up Calypso. The only thing is he his a cardboard cutout standing over dynamite.
  • Twister's wish was for a thrill ride so She finds herself on a kiddie ride. Only Calypso reveals it's on top of a missile!
  • Crimson Fury is a boy called Agent Stone who acts like a James Bond expy. In his ending, he encounters Calypso in a secret lair who's acting like such a cliche evil genius that he actually has a cat in his lap complete with exaggerated accent! And how does the agent dispatch the bully? By spraying his cat with a water pistol and the cat has a great Oh, Crap! face before getting sprayed! Agent Stone leaves and we see Billy Calypso crying for mommy in a corner!
  • Outlaw is a kid wearing a cop uniform that clearly doesn't fit. He tries to blow up Calypso with a missile(nevermind how he got it and how he hid it in that tiny rc car!) but misses when Billy falls down a manhole. Guess what he hits instead. No really, guess
  • Hammerhead's wish? To become a real rock star. Calypso's twist? He's in a boy band!
  • Sweet Tooth's ending full stop! All he wants is a little ice-cream. Calypso gives him an ice cream truck asking if that's really all he wants. Sweet Tooth gives a sinister laugh and we immediately cut to high driving down the road in a high-speed police chase with Calypso tied to the front!
  • Slam gets revenge on Billy in the greatest way possible! The construction worker buries the bully in sand and puts a porta potty on top of Calypso's head sticking out of the sand! The last we see of Calypso, a construction worker is going to the bathroom...

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