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Nightmare Fuel / Twisted Metal

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Hello boys and girls! Now that I'm free, I'm going to be the greatest of all time!

Original four Twisted Metal games:

  • Though Narm unfortunately plays a huge part in the first game's lost endings, Calypso's design can come off as creepy to some. He is suppose to have suffered a severe burn injury to his whole face in his backstory, but it instead looks as though he is completely missing the skin on his face in general. Other than that, his design is just ridiculous.
  • Needles Kane's design in the first game may also count. He is drastically different in design compared to his later appearance, having green non-flaming hair, giant red lips and blue make-up around his eyes. What makes him creepy is his face, being that it looks horribly deformed and bumpy, compared to the simple clown mask in later appearances.
  • Captain Rodgers in the second game is ghastly in appearance. Due to being severely elderly he has tons of wrinkles, pale blue skin, and has an eerie drooped face with dull starring eyes. He essentially looks like a living corpse.
  • Most endings in the second game are terrifying, for example:
    • Mr. Grimm's ending involves him begging Calypso to make the people of Earth die faster so he can get more souls. The whole scenario is meant to reference drug withdrawal, since the lack of souls he obtains makes him weaker. Once his wish is granted, everyone on Earth begins to kill each other in an endless war until humanity becomes extinct. Mr. Grimm enjoys the large amount of souls he obtains from this war, but sadly since humanity is extinct, there are no more souls to gain, and like any other druggie, Mr. Grimm hungers for another fix...
    • Mike and Stu's ending, mainly the climax of it. Though the ending in general also counts as a Funny Moment, the fact that we are given a still shot of the duo face-first against the pavement with a blood puddle forming is a bit unsettling.
    • Captain Rodger's ending has him wishing he had the body of a young man again, being sick of his elderly appearance. Calypso, being the cheep bastard that he is, grants his wish according to these words. Rodgers is given the body of a young man like he wished for, but his head remains the same.
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    • Ken Master's wish is to have his face be seen all over the Earth so he can be world famous. Calypso complies with this wish, by literally stretching Ken's face all over the sky and around the Earth for everyone to see.
    • The climax of Mortimer's ending where Calypso looks into the window of a moving plane and scares a little boy to tears with his Nightmare Face.
    • Minion's ending, where he steals back his power from a cowering Calypso, then throws him into Hell. Counts as a Moment of Awesome though, since we get to see Calypso get his comeuppance.
  • Plenty of the character endings in Twisted Metal 4, even with the game having the reputation that it has with the fanbase. Examples:

Twisted Metal Black:

  • Really, what in this game isn't Nightmare Fuel? Compared to the previous games and even the ones to come afterwards, Black is easily the only game in the series to take itself completely seriously. The atmosphere, character backstories, setting and premise are presented in a dark, grim, depressing and almost colorless fashion. It is also the only game in the series to be completely devoid of any humor even in the slightest.
  • When it comes to Nightmare Fuel heavy characters in Black, the following people are especially worthy:
    • For starters, this is the game that introduces Needles Kane's clown mask design. You know, the one that is used as the picture for this very page. Is an explanation even needed? The mask alone is Nightmare Fuel enough, but this is the game that also introduced his serial killer persona. No longer is Needles depicted as a goofy sociopath or an ice cream addict, but a serious bloodthirsty killer with disturbing motives. These features would become the definitive depiction of the character that would carry on in the later games.
    • Cage. The man's ambition? To be the greatest killer the world has ever known. But what does he want from Calypso? Brain surgery to remove that part of him that feels sad whenever he kills. Calypso's feeling generous, so he throws in something extra for a man with his consciousness literally stripped away - his hands replaced with metal razors and blades.
    • Charlie Kane. First of all, he's a reanimated corpse. No, not a zombie; he's very much dead, but his body is being controlled by his 8-year-old savant son. This is disturbing enough on its own, but then the game presents you with very Uncanny Valley-laden close-ups of Charlie's corpse, complete with a stained hole where his brains were shot out, when you look at his character info, as well as in every single loading screen. It's all incredibly unsettling.
    • To add some more horror to the mix, that means that this kid is the one that kills the other contestants. And he doesn't seem to feel remorse about it.
      • And his ending? Calypso breaks the boy's remote and abducts him, with the intention of raising him to take over the tournament. Oh, and guess what? The kid's big brother is Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane.
    • Mr. Grimm in this game is also quite disturbing, even taking into account that he was essentially The Grim Reaper in the previous games. In Black, Grimm is a Vietnam veteran who, upon getting captured by Vietcong, is forced to eat his fellow soldier and friend Benny to avoid starvation as a form of torture by the capturers. He even sews his comrades skull to his own face as a helmet. Wanting revenge for the man who ruined his life, he fights through Calypso's contest to gain his reward. Once he wins, he is given the chance to eat his commanding advisor from the war. Afterwards, Grimm admits overtime he has gained a strange craving for human flesh.
    • No Face. Just No Face. His backstory involves him losing a boxing match, and because of this the facial doctor that works on him afterwards disfigures his face because No Face made him lose money on the match. As his reward for winning Calypso's contest, No Face gets the chance to murder said doctor, by punching him in the face with a scalpel and knife covered boxing glove.
    • Preacher's story is pretty creepy, especially the depiction of the "demon" tormenting his mind. The whole story gets worse once it is found out that the demon is his own psyche.
    • Minion doesn't have a story in this game, but looking at his close-up image will probably give you nightmares on its own. (especially when you realize that the thing he's using as a mask is literally the mutilated head of a cow.) Maybe it's better that he didn't get a story after all.
      • While Minion does not have a proper story, his coded loaded screen messages are pretty unsettling. "We are trapped in his head." It probably says something that Marcus Kane misses the colorful world that he initially tried to run away from.
    • Bloody Mary. Taken just at face value, while disturbing, her plot can seem a bit silly: an overly-jealous woman who is permanently "always a bridesmaid, never a bride". What puts her over the edge, however, is her loading screen snippets. She just comes across as so cold and unnatural.
    My daddy used to say I was the prettiest girl in the world. Even after he killed my mom, he still said I was beautiful.
    Kristen's parents are sad she's dead. But I know when I find my true love, they'll be so happy for me.
  • All the music in the game (and we do mean all the music) is unsettling. Most of it falls into fast and boisterous industrial music with emphasis on Drone of Dread with plenty of loud percussion, while other pieces are slow and ominous. Some examples include:
    • The main menu music. It's just plain disturbing. It's very industrial and nonsensical, and the fact that it plays over some also quite creepy still shot of our drivers fighting and flying out of their cars doesn't help.
    • The "Snowy Roads" theme. It gives a genuine aura of being stranded in a bleak and hostile environment; the ominous ambience in the beginning with the One-Woman Wail can really send shivers down spines.
    • Junkyard Battle. It's loud, its fast, and its menacing. Really sets the mood for the battle ahead, though.
    • Minion's Stadium isn't much different.
    • Downtown. It is somehow able to make flutes creepy.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck music.

Twisted Metal Head-On:

  • Outlaw's ending. Carl & Jamie Roberts argue over what to do about Calypso. Carl shouts "I wish you'd shut up" and Calypso... takes it literally and grants the wish. As a result, Calypso seals Jamie's mouth closed in a similar fasion to the first The Matrix movie.

Twisted Metal 2012:

  • Calypso in this version is a lot more powerful and sinister than in previous incarnations. In other games, he gets his powers from a demon. In this one, he's the devil. That painting in his office is utterly chilling.
  • Sweet Tooth slaughtering the entire staff of a hospital in the 2012 game, all in the name to finish off the woman his own daughter, mind you who managed to get away the first time he tried to kill her. This is the character you control for a third of the Story Mode by the way.
  • Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage. After Sweet Tooth died after getting his wish, his followers built a giant clown and carnival themed moving battle fortress in his honor. The whole damn thing is horrifying to look at: for starters, its a massive tank like contraption that can only be accessed through an elevator lift at the bottom guarded by a flame spewing clown head. Once inside you have to fight through a giant pinball machine while being attacked by chainsaw wielding monster clowns, then race through a long tunnel filled with giant blades and saws, then finally take flight in a helicopter where you must fight essentially the Final Boss of the game. The final boss by the way is a giant fire breathing, sharp toothed, eyeless clown head that will lunge at you in an attempt to take a bite out of your helicopter if you get too close.
  • The Iron Maiden, Dollface's menacing flying robot she uses against Mr. Grimm. The sheer size of the thing is horrifying, especially for the fact that you have to fight it. It doesn't help that it has the ability to rotate its head from having a standard cute baby doll face to this.
  • Several special weapons involve killing a hapless innocent as a matter of course for their use. Meat Wagon's "Gurney Bomber" launches out a rocket powered gurney loaded down with TNT and a person strapped down to it, while Shadow's "Death Casket" deploys a whirling, rocket laden casket. For the former, the occupant of the gurney seems to come out of a daze and begins struggling against their restraints in vain before they explode, as if they'd been drugged. In the latter, you can clearly hear someone inside screaming in terror, which doubles as a proximity warning in-game if you're near one. Imagine the sheer terror of those people who get forcibly used as part of these weapons for no apparent reason other than just to up the body count even higher.
  • The Metro Square course takes place in a bustling shopping district at Christmas time in what appears to be New York City. Slaughtering holiday shoppers is utterly unavoidable, and hundreds will die over the course of a typical match, all running in blind fear and desperation. If you ever had any doubts that the drivers in this new incarnation of the tournament are all evil, this battleground will put them down for good. Imagine how many innocent families are shattered just in time for Christmas because these monsters are willing to do anything to win that wish.

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