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  • Creator Backlash: While he still loves the end product, David Jaffe has commented that Twisted Metal Black's gameplay suffered in favour of the tone and setting.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: Inexplicably, the PC port of the original game was only released in Japan.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • FMV endings for the original Twisted Metal exist, but unfortunately were dropped in favor of simple text endings (possibly because Calypso's design was hilariously bad and the endings themselves were chock full of Narm.) Fortunately, the FMVs were eventually released in Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition, and can now be found on YouTube in all their So Bad, It's Good glory.
    • David Jaffe himself released videos of endings that were scrapped from the 2012 reboot: The idea was that there would be three different endings for each difficulty level per character.
      • Sweet Tooth had two endings. In the first, he makes the same wish he did in the canonical ending. Instead of being locked in Sophie Kane's coffin to die, however, he's sent to a summer camp straight out of Friday the 13th, where he finds dozens of bodies... and Sophie, now a slasher villain herself known as Sweet Chick. The two fight, and Sophie triumphs over her father, hoisting his severed head; it's implied that Marcus/Needles' sentiment for his daughter got in the way of his judgment. (Sophie/Sweet Chick would still appear in the final version of the game during The Stinger, where she's brought Back from the Dead by Calypso to fight in next year's Twisted Metal tournament.) In the second, Sweet Tooth gets exactly what he wants. He is sent to the hospital where Sophie was, but she is still alive. Confident that he wouldn't kill his own daughter, she at first appears to have talked him out of it. He agrees that he can't bring himself kill his daughter... when there's a much more fun alternative in throwing her out the window from the top floor...
      • Mr. Grimm had two alternate endings. In the first, he realizes that the jump his father tried to make was impossible to pull off on any motorcycle in existence, and wishes for a bike fast enough to make the jump so that he can honor his father's legacy. He gets a badass-looking bike that looks like something the Ghost Rider might ride, imbued with the souls of three deceased daredevils. Calypso gives Mr. Grimm his assurance that the bike will make the jump, and he sets out off the ramp... but while the bike sticks the landing, Mr. Grimm goes flying off in midair. The last thing he sees before dying is his father's ghost. In the second, he wishes for Calypso to bring his father to him. Calypso does just that... by placing Mr. Grimm into a truck with his father's corpse, which promptly goes careening into an oncoming semi driven by Calypso, killing Mr. Grimm on impact.
      • Dollface got three endings, wishing for her mask to come off in all of them. In the first, her face is beautiful, but she's still unpleased with it, seeing imperfections that her imagination blows up to monstrous size. Reluctantly, she puts the mask back on rather than let anybody look at her "hideous" face, and then walks into traffic. In the second, it turns out that she's a robot underneath the mask. Calypso's nemesis, the preacher Jebediah, created her and put her into the tournament to get close to Calypso and kill him. Watching Calypso through Dollface's eye cameras, he rants to him before detonating a bomb inside Dollface, presumably killing Calypso... only to find that he had, in fact, survived without a scratch when Calypso sends his aides to capture him. Calypso has Jebediah declared insane and locked in Blackfield Asylum from TM: Black. In the third, it's revealed that the mask had healed her scar, but left her face horribly deformed; the text compares it to the movie The Elephant Man. She proceeds to go on a rampage killing supermodels. Calypso reads about the exploits of the "Supermodel Slasher" in the tabloids, then greets a now grown-up Charlie Kane, revealed to have survived Sweet Tooth's rampage, stating that, when the day comes when he enters the Twisted Metal contest, he will wish for revenge against his father for killing his family.
      • Also from the 2012 reboot: this Greenlight video shows that there was originally a "Chase to Vegas" multiplayer mode, where one team had to defend a tractor-trailer carrying a nuke to Las Vegas while the other team had to destroy it. The scraps of this mode were later recycled into the Diablo Pass level. Nuke Mode in multiplayer also originally had teams competing to capture a government scientist instead of the other team's leader in order to launch a nuke.
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    • Darkside would've appeared in Twisted Metal 2 as the boss of Los Angeles.
    • There are screenshots of Warhawk from Black showing he was at one point planned as a selectable car.
    • Several hidden files exist in the PAL version of TM: Black. Among them are a couple of character select CG renders of Warhawk, a pre-rendered garage area with the unlockable cars/characters, a mini-cutscene with Axel driving out of the asylum (implying he was going to have a beginning cutscene), and a few other bits that can't be seen while playing.
    • Twister, Spectre, Mr. Slam, Crazy 8, Yellow Jacket and Pit Viper were all planned to appear in the 2012 reboot and some of them were far enough into production to have finished models, but ultimately all of them were cut from the final game.
    • Twisted Metal: Head-On showed content for a game called Twisted Metal: Black - Harbor City, a sequel to Black, which was unfortunately scrapped. According to the bonus material on "Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition", the game was cancelled after the deaths of six key developers, but this was proven false. It was however repackaged in that game under the name Twisted Metal: Lost.


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