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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Twisted Metal 3, the intro of the level London had Calypso talking about London and told the player to say hello to his "old friend." At first, I thought that Calypso knew about The British Royal Family because he said that right after he referred to the Buckingham Palace. Now I just realized, after almost 10 years, that Calypso was talking about Minion. As he is the boss that the player will face in London after defeating all the other oppositions.
    • One of the things that that people had problems with in the game was with the endings, with not only none of the characters getting what they want, but with certain contestant's wishes in their endings not matching with their backstories. This was the case with Buster Cobb, Amber Rose, and to some extent, Granny Dread; the wishes in their endings didn't yield the fact that in their character info, they all wanted revenge against the Twisted Metal competitors for their own reasons. When you think about it, they all already got what they wanted when they partook in the contest and won by killing all the other contestants. They all might have realized this, and decided to change their wishes.
  • In Twisted Metal Black if you read Minion's coded messages you'd find that the entire game takes place in Sweet Tooth's head. With this in mind I suddenly realized that Darkside's ending makes a lot more sense. She was locked inside a mask and is fighting for the key, when she wins she must kill Mr. Creel, the man who locked her in the mask, if she wants the key. She does this then decides she doesn't want the key saying how great her mask is and then goes off to hunt for (and presumably kill) people like Mr. Creel. It seems stupid but consider Sweet tooth's fondness for his mask and his ending. He wants to remove a curse that causes his head to be on fire 24/7. Calypso gives him a cure but then says if he continues killing people it would wear off. He then rejects the offer within 10 seconds and kills Calypso. Put it this way they both decided to stay in their mask and hunt and kill people. What Darkside did is what Sweet tooth would've done.
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  • The music that plays over the credits is "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones, which reflects on the outlook of a man who sees darkness and vile emissions in his world, and anything that challenges this needs to be changed to reflect this. Add into the fact that Black takes place entirely inside the mind of Needles Kane, better known as Sweet Tooth, and suddenly it all makes sense.
  • Of all the characters, Cage seems to be the only one not seeking revenge who gets his wish without Calypso screwing him over in any way...until you realize that the "new pair of hands" that Calypso gives him is essentially just a series of sharp blades made into hand shapes. This may make killing a whole lot easier, but every other task involving his hands is going to be an exercise in futility.
    • To make matters worse, he won't be able to wield a gun anymore. (And even if he manages to hold one, he won't be able to pull the trigger due to not having any fingers left.)
  • Upon studying the vehicles in Black, a few of the special weapons can be linked the personality and background of the drivers they belong to.
    • Darkside's special is an instant-activation turbo ram that gives the truck a sudden, dramatic speed boost before slowing down again. Dollface's main disorder is Bipolar I, and is characterized by sudden, violent changes in mood. (i.e. manic episodes)
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    • Crazy 8's special is TM 2!Outlaw's taser weapon taken Up to Eleven, and demands that the player maintain a close proximity to the opponent and anticipate their moves in order to wear them down without leaving themselves open to a counterattack. Fundamentally, this is exactly how "in-fighting" in boxing works.note 
    • Spectre's Ghost Missile locks onto an opponent and pursues their vehicle, going through all obstacles and chasing them to the ends of the earth. Bloody Mary pursues her dream of finding true love in a similar fashion, going through everything and everyone who stands her way in order to reach her goal.
    • Sweet Tooth's special transforms the truck into a weaponized mech and fires a barrage of 20 missiles at the opponent, triggering a hefty damage boost if all 20 missiles make contact. It's one of the most threatening specials in the game, and the most common (and logical) response is to run like hell...Now take a moment to think about who the driver is.
  • Calypso's name makes a lot more sense when you realize one of the meanings of "Calypso" is "to decieve". Remember how almost 99% of the time the contestants' wishes are deliberately screwed up by him?

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