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Fan Fic / Dolphin Rider Koishi

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A completed Web Serial Novel which follows alternate versions of Touhou characters in a Magical Girl Warrior story. Better than it sounds, with well-expressed characters and creative reinterpretations of Canon and Fanon elements. Can be read here, with a less complete version readable on Fan Fiction Dot Net. Finally completed on 24 November 2013 after three long years.

In the coastal Japanese city of Gensouto, Ordinary High-School Student Koishi Komeiji has been living alone for the last few months (apart from her pet cat and raven) since her sister Satori vanished without a trace. Bullied and lonely, when she hears a rumour about an abandoned shrine that grants wishes, she begs for someone strong and brave to look after her. Instead a strange jewel materialises out of thin air, and she's attacked by Fish People only to be saved by a talking dolphin. The dolphin tells Koishi to squeeze the jewel, and she defeats the fishmen by transforming into the "Siren" Dolphin Rider Koishi. Back at her apartment the now-human dolphin explains that she is a youkai, and a junior member of a human-protecting organisation called the Order of the White Pearl. Koishi and the dolphin (named Sango) must find the remaining six Sirens before the White Pearl's enemies, the Children of the Black Claw, can use their powers for evil.


Along the way Koishi ends up as a sort of Warrior Therapist, recruiting Sirens and curing Monsters of the Week by forcing them to confront their psychological issues.

Spoilers are partially unmarked. Readers beware.

See Touhou for tropes carried over from canon, and the character sheet for character-specific tropes.

Tropes in Dolphin Rider Koishi include:


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