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Characters / Shadow of Destiny

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Voiced By: Scott Keck (Original), Yuri Lowenthal (PSP)

The main character, killed by an unknown individual and revived by Homunculus, he travels through time to discover the truth behind his murder.


Voiced By: Charles Martinet (Original), Unknown (PSP)

A mysterious being, who helps Eike with his murder problem, but he has agendas of his own.

  • Kryptonite Factor: The Philosophers Stone. Or rather, himself.
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  • Logical Weakness: If a person traveling through time interacts with themselves, they disappear. If he interacts with the Philosophers Stone, poof
  • Nonindicative Name: You'd think someone named Homunculus would be a homunculus. He isn't.
  • Playing Against Type: Didn't expect this guy and Mario to share a voice actor now did you?
  • Squishy Wizard: Has some truly incredible powers, but admits to being rather physically weak.



Voiced By: Julia Parker (Original), Laura Bailey (PSP)

A young waitress working at a local cafe. Gets tangled up into the plot pretty early on.


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