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Player Characters

    Conor Coolidge / Rage 

Conchobar "Conor" Coolidge

Despite the superhero name, Conor Coolidge is no edgy '90s Anti-Hero or bloodthirsty supervillain in the making. For the most part, he's just an ordinary kid from Seattle with eclectic pop culture tastes, a low tolerance for liars and authoritarians, and an endless thirst for knowledge. What makes him extraordinary is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. On his way home from a party, he decided to take a shortcut down a weird sidestreet, where a group of witchcraft wannabes were playing with Wild Magic in an attempt to turn themselves into gods. Conor happened to walk by the house they were in just as the explosion set off, and he ended up taking some magic straight to the jaw, but where the spellcasters got severely injured and the house got blown to smithereens, Conor walked away with a sudden power over electricity. As soon as he stopped freaking out and attemping to run away from himself long enough to figure out what was going on, he applied to Adyta so he could hammer out his new superhero persona and, more importantly, become the superhero he always wanted to be.

Tropes pertaining to Conor Coolidge:


    Mark Browning / Magnum 

Mark Browning

An Anglo-Native-American of Comache descent, for years his family have been upholding the law since the days of the old west, his two guns, both Colt revolvers, infused with magic from a shaman and have been passed down in his family. His life was rather mundane compared to other heroes. The only thing unusual was being trained in guns since he was seven. When he was given the family guns at fifteen, but before he could just go off and do some heroics, his parents (mostly his father) have decide to enroll him to Adyta, apparently after some sort of incident.

Tropes pertaining to Mark Browning

  • An Ice Person: One of his bullet types can freeze things over in thick ice.
  • Blow You Away: His air bullets can easily send things flying if they hit.
  • Elemental Powers: Mark can use the four classical elements plus ice. Well, through the bullets of his two magic guns anyway.
  • Green Thumb: Can grow plants and raise trees using his nature bullets.
  • Nice Hat: In true Cowboy style, he wears a hat and a brown one, but what kind of hat isn't mentioned though.
  • Playing with Fire: Of his many bullets, Mark can coat his targets in fire.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: Much for the same reason as above, he wears a red scarf.
  • Shock and Awe: His guns can fire bolts of lightning, electrocuting anything they hit.
  • Quick Draw
  • The Trick Shot
  • Young Gun: A bit of a family tradition since the old west. He even looks the part.

    Riku Saito / Icarus / Little Fang 

    Angela Maqinia / Seraphim 

Angela Maqinia

Tropes pertaining to Angela Maqinia:

    Sora Gunther / Ventus Lionheart 

Sora Gunther

An eccentric, energetic and kind teen, the meta human was actually a god made by paranoid mages afraid the magic communities before the first Magic Inducing Pulse in 1940 would reveal themselves. So, they created the rumor that a Suppression God was back and Ventus is the result. She thinks she was a Suppression God that existed a long time ago with others. Though that was a lie, everyhing else wasn't. She attacked communities for a while until her curiosity got the better of her and she saw the care and sacrifice of families. Not wanting to hurt hem anymore but knowing he consequences would be grave, she hibernated and blocked anything that could be used to trace her. Sometime later, she was found by an archeology group. She ended up getting adopted by the heads of the group, the Gunther family, consisting of Mark, Mist and Gwendoline, disguising as a human and them creating papers for her. After spending time wih them, she told them about herself and some time after that, was put into a human body so she wouldn't be that much of a danger. Since she wanted to protect the world, she decided to have her body be teenaged so she could attend Adyta without much trouble.

Tropes pertaining to Sora Gunther:

    Cole Jacob Garvin / Lightshow 

Cole Garvin

A young man who had ambitions on becoming a master computer technician, has now had his path in life irrevocably changed. During a shopping trip with his younger sister, Alena Garvin, an attack by villains, and the events that followed led to his awakening of his abilities and subsequent, accidental death of 3 innocent people. This led to him being offered the choice of jail, or Adyta under probation. He chose Adyta.

Is a Photo-Kinetic, someone that can manipulate light, however his body acts like a battery and he can only use what he absorbs. His full potential is currently unknown.

Tropes pertaining to Cole Garvin:


    Tina Thompson / Sea Singer 

Tina Thompson

A shy, sweet girl who, on a recreational diving trip, found a magical black pearl that transformed her into a beautiful siren. Now, the pearl's magical powers have begun to take over her life— her beautiful voice and control of water have caused a good many problems in her civilian life. After stopping a thief, the Justice Forgers decided to suggest she receive official training at Adyta Academy.

Tropes pertaining to Tina Thompson:

  • By the Power of Grayskull!: To turn into Sea Singer and unlock the full extent of her powers, she must say "I sing the song of the seven seas!" To transform back, she must say "The song is sung".
  • Compelling Voice: Her beautiful voice can make unsuspecting people fall under her spell and listen to her. She has trouble controlling when this happens, however, and it doesn't always happen at the best of times.
  • Magic Music: Her singing can control water, and even the minds of people she meets.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: In battle she can use her voice to create shockwaves of sound. Sometimes when she gets upset her voice begins to boom.
  • Making a Splash: Using the sound of her voice, she can control water, and even boil or freeze it over.
  • Meganekko: In her civilian form.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Sea Singer has legs, not fins, but she can swim just as fast and can still breathe underwater.
  • Power Incontinence: She has trouble controlling her powers.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: She is very shy, yet her outfit as Sea Singer is quite revealing.
  • Shrinking Violet: Is very sweet, but shy.
  • Sirens Are Mermaids: One of her primary powers is her lovely singing voice.

Adyta Students

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Justice Forgers

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    Lucifel / Eternal Light 


One of the original Justice Forgers and an extremely active heroine, she's very well known to even the most mundane. However, with an eternally twelve year old body, Lucifel is commonly treated like a child despite nearly being ninety chronologically. Still, devoted to protecting others and possessing immense magical power to do so, underestimating her is the biggest mistake one could make.

Tropes pertaining to Lucifel:

  • Non-Elemental: Her primary application of offensive magic, attacking with raw magical energy.
  • Not Growing Up Sucks: Though she has mostly come to terms with her eternal youth, she's hardly pleased when people treat her like a child.
  • Red Baron: Is sometimes called "The Mistress of Magic", referencing her incredible skill with the mystic arts- Most prominently fire, ice, gravity, motion, and healing.
  • The Ageless: Her Magicyst ability, making it impossible for her to physically age. Unfortunately, being an immutable ability, means she is forever stuck as a barely pubescent tween. Though she did go through a phase deeming herself Blessed with Suck, Lucifel has long since accepted its value given it makes her immune to age manipulating attacks & effects.

Authority Breakers

    In General 
  • Evil Counterpart: Usually compared as such to the Justice Forgers.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Orignally started out because they were appalled at the discrimination done by humans, unfortunately, most of the group has evolved to be more violent in their methods and it doesn't help that they're recruiting more amoral members.


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Criminals & Threats

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Civilians & Others

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