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The player character (often called The Adventurer in fan material). They arrive in either Bastok, Windurst or San d'Oria with nothing to their name besides a thirst for adventure.
    The Adventurer In General 
  • The Ace: By the time you finish the game, you would have saved all of the major cities several times over, helped countless characters over come their personal demons and mastered twenty two combat styles and many other crafting styles.
  • Ambiguously Bi: By the end of Seekers of Adoulin, it becomes pretty clear that Arciela has a crush on you, but (depending on how you interact with her during the story), its not made clear whether The Adventurer feels the same way about her.
  • Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existance: This happens during one of Iroha's flashbacks in Rhapsodies of Vana'diel. You do it in the present during the end of the story to meet Altana and restart the winds of chance.
  • Ascended Extra: As strange as it might seem. In the original game and the first few expansions, the stories where almost always much more focused on the individual non playable characters and their relationships between each other. Treasures of Aht Urhgan starts to place more emphasis on the relationships between the non playable characters and you, but its not until The Wings of the Goddess that the player character becomes a core aspect of the story, and not just some hired muscle. And finally, Rhapsodies of Vana'diel makes your character an important part of the back story and your relationship with Iroha is at the centre of the entire story
  • Big Damn Hero - Due to the way most mission and quest fights take place, there's usually only something to fight when you get there to take care of the situation, usually just in time to help a given NPC.
    • Given that this is an MMORPG, being in the right place at the right time may provide you the opportunity to be this to another player, either by healing them when they're in trouble or helping out with the enemy they're fighting. (Note that they have to use a "Call for Help" function in order for the second to be possible.)
  • Blood Knight: When you peel away the desire to help and solve problems, and the loyalties an adventurer has towards various nation-states, deep in their heart the adventurer desires combat, strife, conflict, and slaughter. Several characters across many storylines acknowledge the player character as unusually bloodthirsty and savage.
    • This is whats at the heart of The Dark Knight job.
  • Brought Down to Badass: In Rhapsodies of Vana'diel you actually ascend to godhood with a little help form Promathia and Altana. You loose your divinity when you merge with your dark half, and whats left of the powers you got from the ascension after using it to finish of The Cloud of Darkness.
  • The Chosen One: The Adventurer shares this role in Wings of The Goddess with Lilsette.
  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: In Treasures of Aht Urhgan where multiple different competing factions (The Alliance, Grand Vizer Razfahd, Aphmau and Salaheem's Sentinels. This isn't even including the option to join The Immortals) believe that The Adventurer is loyal or at least working for them. For the record, The Adventurer's loyalty lies with The Alliance and Aphmau.
  • Evil Counterpart: They have two. One is from Wings of the Goddess with The Fourth Spitewarden, the version of The Adventurer from Lady Lilith's timeline and another in Rhapsodies of Vana'diel with Volto Oscuro, the darkness that was expelled by the future version of The Adventurer when they obtained godhood. In both cases its subverted. The Fourth Spitewarden is meerly fighting for their future and Volto Oscuro's actions are simply because they had been possessed by The Cloud of Darkness.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Happens plenty of times. Some notable examples include Zeid, Shikaree Z, Lilsette and Ingrid.
  • Hammerspace — Inventory items come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're not wearing them, they might as well be invisible and weightless. And then there's key items, which don't even take up inventory space, which is amazing since, for a certain quest, one of them is a whole cardian in need of repairs, and those are bigger than a taru.
  • Future Badass: As awesome as The Adventurer is in the present, the future version in Iroha's timeline takes it Up to Eleven when they become a god , allowing them to summon eighteen of Vana'diels greatest heroes to fightback against the Cloud of Darkness.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]
  • Heroic Mime — Conversations are implied, but the only lines assigned to you are menu choices.
  • Hope Bringer: Many characters and societies that have long since given up find themselves in a much better place after they are visited by The Adventurer
  • It Began with a Twist of Fate
  • Kleptomaniac Hero — Due to the shared environment, this usually involves interacting with specific spots in the scenery, usually identified only with "???" - while it's safe to do so in towns and cities, in dungeons and outdoors, it may cause a notorious monster (or several) to spawn, depending on your quest and mission progress.
  • Living Legend: By the end of the game they have become famous across seven different city states with exploits lasting over twenty years.
  • Master of All: If you choose to do so.
  • The Mentor: To Iroha in the future.
  • Mix and Match — With the main and support job combinations.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! — The San d'Oria quest line in the past comes to mind.
  • One-Man Army: By the end of the game you are going against actual gods.
  • Only One Name: You only get one name.
  • Protagonist Without a Past
  • Saving the World - You get the luxury of taking your time for this — or not, depending on how much help you may need for a given battle or task.
  • Secret Keeper: Plenty of characters open up some of their darkest secrets to the player, like Zeid being Darksteel Hurricane, Mihli Aliapoh being a former violent revolutionary or Gunther Schultz really being 200 years old.
  • Super Mode - Some of the jobs' SP abilities, originally having a 2 hour cooldown but have since been relaxed to 1 hour. Some Notorious Monsters and some very few allied battle NPCs can also use these, with the more notable characters often being able to use the SP abilities of more than one job.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Several points during the story. A short list of people that have used The Adventurer in their schemes includes Joker, Eald'narche, Eshan'Tarl, Nag'molada, Selh'teus, Carbuncle, Domina Shantotto, and Excenmille

The Five Races

The five intelligent races that you can choose from during the beginning of the game. Legend states that they where born after the goddess Altana shed five tears after the Vana'diel was struck by a cataclysm as a result of the war between The Zilart and Kuluu races. They where actually created to hold the emptiness that was consuming the death god Promathia

The most human like of the five races, and also the most common. As a race they are fairly balanced across all stats, never being the best at anything but never being the worse at anything. It is perhaps this balance that has explained their place in the five races. Since they lacked the shear physicality of the Galka, Elvaan and Mithra or the magical prowess of the Tarutaru, the Hume's struggled in earlier, harsher ages, but as conditions improved the Hume's tendency towards science and discovery has helped them establish the most powerful nations, Bastok, Jueno and Aht Urhgan, in the current age.
  • Create Your Own Villain: The Hume population in Bastok is responsible for the rise of The Shadow Lord, due to their discrimination against the Galka population. And since Raogrimm, the Galka Talekeeper, has the collective memories of all Galka for the past two hundred years, the pain and anger of the Galka coupled with Odin's power transformed him into the Shadow Lord.
  • Fatal Flaw: Like all of the races, Hume's have an inherent flaw as a result of Promathia's Emtpiness existing inside of them. In this case, it's Apathy
  • Five Races: The Mundane.
  • The Hero: Four of the six lead characters are full blooded Hume and one of the remaining two is a half Hume.
  • Humanity Is Advanced: The occupry the most advanced nations in Vana'diel.
  • Humans Are Average: They are the most common of the races with the most balanced stats.
  • Humanity Is Superior: They make up the majority and the control of the three most powerful nations in Vana'diel. Although this is somewhat subverted in Jueno's case, whose leadership is comprised of mostly Zilart and Kuluu.
  • Humans Are Flawed: Like all of the five races.
  • Humans by Any Other Name: In this case, Humes.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: They tend to be the most balanced of the five races.

Vana'diels equivalent of elves. Physically they are the strongest of the five races as well as the second most durable, resulting in a proud warrior race whose nations are prone to civil wars. Their twin nations of San d'Oria and Tavnazia came into power when the Elvaan where able to learn from magic that the Tarutaru had for years tried to keep secret. Coupled with their physical strength, the Elvaan where able to create a society and military that surpassed the Tarutaru. However, after centuries of civil wars, they soon found themselves loosing their influence to the more technological advanced Hume nations of Bastok and Jueno. The Elvaan society took a further blow when Tavnazia was destroyed during the final days of The Crystal War.
  • Can't Argue with Elves: In universe, the Elvaan are incredibly proud with heavily xenophobic.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride
    • Pride Before a Fall: Their constant arrogance and in-fighting has let the Hume nations of Bastok and Jueno become the most powerful nations in the middle lands while San d'Oria slips further and futher into decilne.
  • Five Races: The High Men. Although that's more in their own mind than anything.
    • They also share the role of The Stout with the Galka.
  • Glacier Waif: Maybe not compared to the Mithra or Hume, but elf characters are generally portrayed as pretty agile. Here they have the lowest agility in the game. lower than even the Galka.
  • Honor Before Reason: One of the big reasons San d'Oria is in the state it is because the Elvaan find it hard to overlook their vanity to find optimal solutions to their problems. Its notable that the Tarutaru, despite having a state that is far older than the Elvaan have adapted to a post Crystal War age because they are less blinded by their own egos.
  • The Lancer: Of the two lead characters in the game who aren't fully Hume, Prishe is Elvaan and Lilisette is half Elvaan.
  • Medieval Stasis: Acknowledged in-universe. The long history of civil wars between the Elvaan nations completely stifled their advancement, until eventually the human nations surpassed them.
  • Mighty Glacier: They are the lowest agility of the five races.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Besides their appearance and arrogance, the Elvaan actually different a lot from traditional depictions of Elves. They lack any real sense of magical ability and are instead one of the more physical of all races. The live in highly religious medieval societies.


A small child like race that established one of the first societies on the middle lands after the great meltdown. During the age of beasts they relied on their more physical orientated Mithra allies before learning the secrets of magic from Fenrir at Full Moon Fountain.

  • Create Your Own Villain: Tzee Xicu's four years as a slave in Windurst after her family had been killed by a Windurst raiding party really came to bite Windurst in the butt when she became the God-Emperor of the Yagudo Theomilitary
  • The Fake Cutie: Their innocent appearance and dialect hides their ability for cruelty.
  • Fatal Flaw: Cowardice
  • Five Races: A cross between the Fairy and The Cute
  • Killer Rabbit: Despite their cute appearance, they have produced some of the most powerful characters in the game, including Shantotto and Karaha-Baruha.
  • Pintsize Powerhouse: As a race they aren't this, but certain individual Tarutaru can be this if they specialize as a Tank, like Amchuchu.
  • The Smart Guy: They have the highest intelligence among the races.
  • Squishy Wizard: But they also have the lowest vitality.
  • Verbal Tic. Many of the Tarutaru characters have one, including Shantotto's rhyming and Koru-Moru speaking like Ned Flaners

A large, male only race. Due to their immense size they survived quiet well in the savage Age of Beasts and where able to establish one of the first post cataclysm societies, The Kingdom of Altepa, on Zepwell Island. Unfortunately the kingdom was destroyed during a war with the bug like Antica, and the Galka fled to the middlelands. Today they mainly live in Bastok, where their strength makes them ideal laborers to the Hume's. Tehnsions between the two races as common, as the Hume has a tendency to treat The Galka as an underclass

The Galka are also noteworthy for having a unique reproduction cycle. As a Galka gets old, he sets out on a reincarnation pilgrimage, where upon he is engulfed in a white light. A year latter a new Galka child is seen with no memory of his past and is presumed to be the reincarnation of the older Galka. Whats more, every so often a Galka is born with the collective memory of all Galka who had died over the past two hundred years and is heralded as The Galka Talekeeper


A race with cat like features. Like the Galka they survived incredibly well in the Age of Beasts and were quick to establish a nation, The Gha Naboh Matriarchate on the continent of Olzhirya, well south of the middle lands. They also have the fishing town of Kazham in the Elshimo Islands and where granted land by their long time allies, the Tarutaru within The Republic of Windurst.

Due to the extreme rarity of male Mithra, they tend to stay home in the Matriarchate. The player character can only choose to be a female Mithra

  • Blue and Orange Morality: Judging by the Sin Hunters, who are tasked with enforcing Mithra law, the Mithrans have a moral system somewhat different from the other races
  • Cat People: Just look at their design.
  • Fatal Flaw: Jealousy: This has leads to fierce wars being fought in their homeland.
  • Five Races: The Cute.
  • Fragile Speedster: They have the highest dexterity and agility of the races, but the lowest vitality, tied with the Tarutaru.
  • Gender Rarity Value: Male Mithra are very rare and are almost never seen outside of the homeland. Only a single male Mithra has been seen in the game's long lifespan.
  • Hufflepuff House: Due in part to the fact the plot never travels to their home nation. There are also fewer prominent Mithra NPC's then there are from other races.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The Mithra characters often have more revealing outfits than most other races.


    The Dragon 
A small dragon that hatches from an egg at the end of "The Holy Crest." The dragon follows The Adventurer into battle when ever they take up the dragoon.
  • Breath Weapon: It uses a wide range of breath attacks across a wide range of elements.
  • Dragons Are Divine: It has the holy crest on it, allowing it
  • Healing Winds: Depending on the Dragoons sub job, they can use healing breath.
  • Hope Bringer: A mild version. Its birth, and the revelation that it has the holy crest on it gives both Rahal and Erpalacion hope that one day San d'Oria maybe able to fight along side dragons once again.
  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon: It is the current trope image.

    The Automaton 
A mechanical puppet that The Adventurer finds in Arrapago Reef and is repaired by Ghatsad. The puppet follows The Adventurer into the battle when the puppeteer job is chosen and is able to modified by Ghatsad to change its battle specifications.
  • The Blank: Like all puppets.
  • Cute Machines: A small robot that follows you into battle against the most dangerous monsters in Vana'diel.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Despite its size, it can be modified to be tank.
  • The Quiet One: While there are several other puppets in the series that able to talk, The Adventurer's puppets never say a word.
  • Robot Buddy: To the Puppetmaster.
  • Tin-Can Robot: No matter what its appearance takes
  • The Quiet One: Compared with some of the other Automaton characters, like Ovjang, Mnejing and Elisabeth.


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