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With its rise to power built on the corpses of other nations, The Empire of Aht Urhgan is a heavily militaristic nation that will stop at nothing to increase its power, up to and including human experimentation. Located east of the mainlands, The Empire takes up most of the Aradjiah continent.

Prior to the Crystal War, the empire enjoyed a partner in trade with Tanzania. When Tavnazia requested military aid, The Empire refused and closed it's borders to The Alliance.

In the modern day, The Empire's past is starting to catch up with it. On its eastern front it is currently at war against multiple nations of the Far East, and the western half is under constant siege from the various beastmen tribes after the Astral Candescence, a mysterious object that enhances whoever posses it. Desperate to replenish it's armies, The Empire has recently began hiring mercenary companies who recruit from the middle lands.


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The Royal Court

    Empress Nashmeira 
The mysterious Empress of the Aht Urghan Empire who only ever addresses her subjects from behind curtains. After years of isolation with The Alliance, she has recently opened up the borders of The Empire to enlist mercenaries to help defend from The Empire's many enemies.

She is in fact only a teenage girl who acts as the Royal Puppeteer. Control over The Empire largely falls to her older brother, Grand Vizer Razfahd.

For more information, see Aphmau's entry below.

    Grand Vizier Razfahd

Aphmau's older brother and Grand Vizier to The Empress. He's a cold man who puts the well being of the empire above all else.

  • Aloof Big Brother: He's not very kind to his younger sister.
  • And I Must Scream: Waking the Colossus reveals he survived the final battle of Treasures of Aht Urghan and has been stuck in the Astral Plane ever since.
  • Evil Chancellor: To the Empress.
  • Fantastic Nuke: His ultimate goal is to build one of these.
  • Made of Iron: He was infused with beastmen blood when he was younger to save him from an injury. So while he has no demonstrable combat experience, he is still able to take a beating. In Waking the Colossus its revealed he survived being caught in the Astral Plane for as long as he did precisely because of this.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Since Nashmeira is just a teenage girl, Razfahd is the one who is actually controlling the empire.
  • My Country Rightor Wrong: His one loyalty is to The Empire.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When Alexander takes over Iron Colossus.
  • Pet the Dog: Through everything he does, he does respect the soldiers of the empire and treats them fairly. He is willing to over look things like lineage when considering promotions and gives loyal soldiers they benefit of the doubt when the muck up .
  • Redemption Equals Death: He sacrifices himself to close off the portal that's allowed Alexander to possess The Iron Colossus.
  • Redemption Equals Life: The quest Waking the Colossus reveals That he actually survived, and has been stuck in the Astral Plane ever since. Once The Adventurer and Raunbahn save him, he gives up to role of High Chancellor and vows to aid Nashmeira's reign of peace.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He builds a weapon of mass destruction in order to protect his Empire from its numerous enemies.

    Royal Puppeteer Aphmau / Empress Nashmeira
I won't let you lay so much as a finger on Ovjang or Mnejing!

The main character of Treasures of Aht Urghan. The Royal Puppeteer and younger sister to the Grand Vizier. She is in fact Empress Nashmeira. Being a mere teenager, her older brother rules as regent, while she spends most of her time playing with her two Automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing.

  • Adorkable: She might be an empress, but hell if she isn't this when she falls flat to her face when she tries to greet you.
  • Authority in Name Only: As Empress. Razfahd is the one that runs The Empire.
  • The Heart: Unlike the other leading ladies in the game, Aphmau has no combat abilities. Instead, her sheer optimistic personality has a tendency to bring out the best out of those around her is what makes her important.
  • Irony: The Royal Puppeteer is a Puppet Empress.
  • Marionette Master: The only puppetmaster in the whole FFXI who can control two Automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing. Only Ovjang is hers, though.
  • The Masquerade: She is actually an Empress pretending to be just a puppeteer.
  • Morality Pet: To Luzaf and her brother Razfahd.
    • The Serpent General quest line shows she is also this for Mihli Aliapoh.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Much to Razfahd's frustration.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Not at first, but she becomes this more and more as the story goes on.
  • Royal Brat: As sweet as she can be, her refusal to take her responsibilities seriously allows her older brother to perform some heinous actions in the name of the Empress
  • Undying Loyalty: Once she befriends someone, she really dedicates herself to them.
  • Unexpected Successor: Raùzfahd was groomed to take the role of Emperor, until an accident required him to be infused with beastmen blood.
  • You Are Worth Hell: Boards the Black Coffin trying to unite with Ovjang.


    Ovjang and Mnejing 
Aphmau's two automatons that follow her wherever they go.

Salaheem's Sentinels

A mercenary company hired by The Royal Court to provide extra man power due to the bulk of The Empire's army being out fighting in the far east.

    Naja Salaheem
This isn't just a weapon. It's a tool with which I exprrress “affection” for my employees
The cruel owner of Salaheem's Sentinels, a mercenary unit that serves the Empire of Art Urghan.
  • Bad Boss: Abuses her staff and keeps them in debt to keep control of them.
  • Berserk Button: Don't call her a cat.
  • Big Damn Heroes: When The Adventurer fights Amnaf
  • But Thou Must!
  • Carry a Big Stick: Her infamous morning star, which she often swings or slams down on her table with bravado while giving a melodramatic speech... or while she's upset. Or while she's using it on her own employees.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: One of most greedy and abusive business owners in the game.
  • Greed: Probably the biggest example in the game.
  • Jerkass
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: She is willing to go into battle against Amnaf, even after she transforms into a Soulflayer, but as soon as Raubahn arrives on the scene she turns tail and flees.
  • Money Fetish: Her biggest drive.
  • The Runaway: A daughter of a famous mercenary leader, but ran away from her homeland and changed her name for an unknown reason.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Raw fish with salt and olive oil, also coffee and some dessert of Aht Urhgan. Giving her these items will makes her generous enough to give you a scroll of Instant Reraise.

A Yagudo ninja that works for Salaheem's Sentinels.
  • Butt-Monkey: Gessho doesn't have a pleasant time during the game. He is abused by Naji, attacked by Shantotto who thinks he is a generic Yugado, almost dies of thirst from working too hard and is attacked by the player as part of Flit's schemes.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Being a Ninja, he uses shadows as a part of battle style.
  • Crutch Character: His Alter Ego can be gained pretty early on in the third expansion, relatively early on. He is one of the best tanks in the mid game, and only really starts to loss his usefulness in post game, especially when the player gets access to August and AA EV.
  • Cultured Warrior: Remarkably eloquent and diplomatic, when you consider he looks like the You No Take Candle Yagudo you deal with in the game sometimes.
  • Face Death with Dignity: After his boss battle, he accepts his defeat even as he thinks The Adventurer is coming to finish him off. Thankfully, he was wrong.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Zig-Zagged. On one hand, he tries to align himself with The Beastmen tribes of The Aradjiah Continent, and then is used by Flit to try and kill The Adventurer. On the other hand, he only listened to Flit because of his ties with Luzaf, and he was right that Luzaf was more honorable than he first lead on.
  • The Mole: For the Yagudo Theomilitary Rhapsodies of Vana'diel goes on to further explain that he also has ties with Tenzen.
  • Odd Friendship: He gets on really well with Trion, despite the Elvaan's usual aggressive approach to dealing with beastmen.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: He does this frequently during the story.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Flit tries to use him to kill The Adventurer.

The Immortal Lions

Also known as "The Immortals", The Immortal Lions are the blue mages that form the elite guard of the Aht Urhgan Empire. They gain their power by infusing themselves with the essence of a monster. This allows them to gain the strength of the monsters they fight, but at the same time the have a constant struggle with "the beast within."

    The Immortal Lions in general 


The captain of The Immortal Lions, and the Grand Vizier Razfahd's right hand man.

  • Bad Boss: He recruits members into the Immortal Lions without revealing the horrors that are involved with becoming. a blue mage and kills members of the Immortal Lions if he feels they have grown too strong.
  • Confusion Fu. This is what makes him so dangerous. He has access to every blue mage spell up to level seventy five.
  • Defeat Means Respect: This is how the blue mage story ends. He attacks you, fearing your quick increase in powers will lead you to morph into a Soulflayer. When you beat him, he acknowledges your mastery over your inner beast and let's you go on your way.
  • The Dragon: To Razfahd.
  • Implacable Man: He needs to be put down three times during the his final fight with Razfahd, and he still ultimately survives the encounter.
  • Luck-Based Mission: The limit break battle against him is this. His moveset is made up of all blue magic learned before level seventy five, meaning the difficulty you will face fighting him is completely determined by what moves he knows. This has been somewhat alleviated since Rhapsodies of Vana'diel has allowed you to bring trusts to the battlefield.
  • The Mentor: He guides the player through the growth as a blue mage.
  • Mercy Kill: One of the duties of the The Immortals is to do this to blue mages that fall victim to their beast within and transform into a Soulflayer. He does this to Amnaf towards the end of the story.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: He loyally serves his country, whether its been ruled by a power hungry tyrant or peace making teenager.
  • Power Glows: He shows off his power by showing off his blue flame.
  • Secret Test of Character: This is how he recruits.
  • Villainous Friendship: His reaction in Waking the Colossus after finding out Razfahd was still alive suggest he saw him as more than just his superior.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Despite doing some horrible deeds, he does it all for the well being of The Empire.

A female member of The Immortal Lions who is second in command to Raubahn.
  • Assimilation Backfire: During your battle with her, she looses control of the beast within and transforms into a soulflayer.
  • Bodyguard Crush: On Razfahd.
  • Body Horror: She shows us what happens when a blue mage losses their battle with "the beast within."
  • Child Soldier: Her and Rishfee where recruited into The Immortals as children.
  • The Dark Chick: Summons a bunch of Imperial Gears during her boss battle.
  • Flunky Boss: She fights with several Imperial Gears.
  • The Heavy: Raubahn uses her to execute Mihli Aliapoh.
  • Mercy Kill: At the hand of Raubahn.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After beating her back twice, she begins to freak out. Being a blue mage, that has dire consequences.

A member of The Immortal Lions tasked with protecting Aphmau.

A former pirate who becomes a blue mage during the corsair storyline. He aids Yazquhl in his quest to capture Qultada and the crew of the Seagull Phratrie.

The Serpent Generals

The five generals tasked by The Empress herself in protecting The Royal City of Al Zahbi from beastmen attacks. The Serpent Generals are among the most noble and capable generals in the western half of the empire and aid the player during the Besieged battle system.

The Skyserpent General and the leader of the Serpent Generals. He was awarded the position after rallying the defending army against an onslaught of trolls after his cowardly general fled the battlefield, but not before he was punished for defying orders.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: His commanding general was a spoiled coward who dismissed the oncoming threat of the beastmen army
  • BFS
  • A Father to His Men: He is immensely popular among the men he leads
  • Foil: To Raubahn. Rughadjeen and The Serpent Generals represent the Aht Urghan Military at its most noble. They protect the people of the empire from hordes of beastmen, they are chosen because of their merit and are hugely loved by the population. Meanwhile, Raubahn and The Immortals represent the empire's military at its most sinister. They are often feared among the general population, are the result of human experimentation and are part of a unit where team members often have to kill each other to prevent them turning into monsters
  • The Leader: Of The Serpent Generals
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: He was 'rewarded' for saving Al Zahbi by being confined to his quarter for disobeying his general. Razfahd corrects this
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: How he got his position.
  • Worthy Opponent: He views Mihli Aliapoh as this

The Flameserpent General, and the first of the serpent generals to be recruited by Rughadjeen. Originally a commander on the eastern front, he was chosen not just because of his combat abilities but because of how protective he is of the members in his unit.

  • Clear My Name: He is accused of being a Yagudo spy during his quest. He is being frammed by an older comrade and a corrupt general.
  • Fighting Your Friend: He ends up fighting Shayeeha, an Elvaan that used to be in his unit, after she joins the Yagudo.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He attacks Feri-Wari for simply asking for an interview
  • Hot-Blooded: He is very impulsive
  • Kill It with Fire: His main tactic in combat
  • The Lancer: The second member recruited into The Serpent Generals
  • Personality Powers: His element of choice goes hand to hand with his personality
  • Pet the Dog: After tormenting Fari-Wari constantly, he uses his fire magic to create a fireworks display for Fari-Wari's perfomance
  • Pyro Maniac: He is a little too eager to use his fire magic
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Although its not explicitly stated whether Gadalar and Shayeeha where lovers, Feri-Wari seems to view them as this

The Stoneserpent General and the only Galka of the group. Zazarg was the captain of the Golden Musketeers in Bastok, but left during a period of peace to find other conflicts to fight. Despite starting at the bottom as a mercenary, his combat and tactical abilities saw him rise to the rank of general, before being chosen by Rughadjeen to join the Serpent Generals

    Mihli Aliapoh
The Springserpent General, Mihli first came to the attention of the Serpent Generals when she was studying at Walahra Temple. She was actually part of a rebellion group aimed at fighting the empire. After killing several corrupt officials, she was tasked by to kill The Empress. Finding herself unable to follow through with it, Empress Nashmeira placed under the watch of The Serpent Generals. After dedicating herself to helping the people of The Empire she was officially admitted officially into the ranks of the Serpent Generals
  • The Atoner: She joined The Serpent Generals in order to help atone for the murders she committed.
  • Blade Run: She does this to Rughadjeen
  • Combat Medic: She is the white mage of the group
  • Dark Action Girl: Not apparent at first, but when you learn her back story it becomes pretty apparent.
  • Fragile Speedster: She can run circles around Rughadjeen
  • Genius Bruiser: As well as being a capable soldier and general, she is also a gifted scholar
  • Heel–Face Turn: From violent revolutionary to member of The Serpent Generals.
  • Morality Pet: Aphmau is this to her.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Her motivations before being recruited by The Serpent Generals.
  • Serial Killer: She murders several high ranking politicians out of revenge for the damage done to her island.

The Galeserpent General. A legendary archer who made a name for herself on the eastern front. She was recruited by Rughadjeen while she was recovering from an injury in Al Zahbi.
  • The Atoner: She took up the position of Galeserpent General in order to redeem herself for the lives lost because she wouldn't endanger her brother in order to kill a troll chief
  • Cool Big Sis
  • Living Legend: She was famous even before joining the Serpent Generals
  • My Greatest Failure: Her refusal to shoot a troll chief because there was a chance she would hit her younger brother. This resulted in the troll army sacking Al Zahbi
  • Promoted to Parent: After her mother died she started acting like a mother towards her younger brother
  • That Woman Is Dead: Rughadjeen executes "Najelith Taira," and then takes on "Najelith Vareviya" as the Galeserpent General

Other Members of the Aht Urghan Empire

A gifted engineer. While spends most of his time working on Automatons, he teams up with Razfahd to work on The Empires new secret weapon.


A high ranking commander located in Al Zahbi. He is dedicated to bringing the crew of The Seagull Phratrie, a pirate ship that has been fighting against The Empire.

  • Bad Boss: He abuses and murders those that work under him.
  • Big Bad: Of the corsair story line.
  • Karmic Death: He likes to inflict this on his prisoners. He tried to execute Qultada a pirate, by getting him to walk the plank. He also attempts to have Imutira executed by throwing her off a boat after she aided in him in his attempt to execute Qultada in the same fashion.
  • Knight Templar: His drive to wipe out not just The Seagull Phratrie, but any pirate who opposes The Empire is so great that he attacks a former corsair that had aligned with him against Qultada right before he was about to fight Qultada.
  • Never My Fault: He blames Qultada and The Seagull Phratrie for "forcing" him to kill a child.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: Yazquhl is easily the most vile member of The Aht Urhgan military lacking even the Well Intentioned part of Well-Intentioned Extremist that sums up characters like Raubahn. He also appears exclusively in one of the few storylines told from a point of view that opposses The Empire.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Not him, but what he is found of doing to be people that have jumped ship to his side.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The way he went taking down Qultada was......not wise.
  • Underestimating Badassery: He completely underestimates Qultada and The Adventurer to the extent that he attacks an ally of his just before his battle with The Adventurer.
  • Villain Ball: He turns on an ally just before starting a battle against Qultada and The Adventurer.
  • Would Hurt a Child:Fortunately he's stopped just in time.


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