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Basic Jobs

Masters of close-range combat, Warriors are well-apt at the use of a wide variety of melee weapons, but are most at home wielding axes and great axes. Between their hardy defenses and generous damage output, they work well as tanks and damage-dealers.

Nimble and sneaky, thieves are Versatile fighters that can redirect an enemy's enmity, steal items and gil from their quarries, and evade attacks with ease. In a pinch, they can also easily escape from battle, living to fight another day.

Honing their bodies into weapons unto themselves, Monks use hand-to-hand weapons to increase their lethality. Their prowess in mortal combat is further boosted by their ability to harness chakra powers and strong counterattacks.

    White Mage 
A party with a White Mage on their side need not fear death, for they possess powerful curative abilities that can heal injuries or even revive fallen allies. If it comes to blows, however, they are perfectly able to fend for themselves with hammers and shields.

    Black Mage 
Black Mages are feared for the destructive powers their harness, bending elemental forces to their whims and laying waste to any who dare stand against them. With the ability to skillchain spells together, they can rain havoc upon their foes without pause.

    Red Mage 
Master of swords and spells alike, Red Mages are jacks-of-all-trades who are adept at the use of swords, daggers, and both white and black magics. While their overall prowess may pale in comparison to Jobs more dedicated to physical or magical combat, they are excellent at weakening enemies and empowering allies.

Advanced Jobs (Base Game)

With musical instruments in hand, Bards use the power of song to raise their allies spirits and demoralize their enemies. They can play multiple tunes at a time when armed with an instrument, making them versatile support-based party members.

With an intricate knowledge of Vana'diel's fauna, Beastmasters can coax many kinds of monster to join their side in battle. The best Beastmasters can convince monsters to bestow them with items that allow them to summon bestial allies in battle as familiars.

    Dark Knight 
Dark Knights are dangerous damage dealers who combine a mastery of large swords and scythes with powerful black magic that make them feared on the battlefield.

With swords and shields in hand, Paladins are formidable close-range fighters who supplement their skillsets with powerful white magic, making them a great boon to their allies as fierce tanks.

Whether with bows, crossbows, or firearms, Rangers are experts at long-ranged engagements. With the Wide Scan ability, they can track down their prey and put them down before they can pose any serious threat.

The forbidden art of forming a pact with Avatars makes Summoners are force to be reckoned with. From the diminutive Carbuncle to the mighty Bahamut, Summoners are highly versatile.

Advanced Jobs (Rise of the Zilart)

With mighty spears and high-flying jumps, Dragoons are powerful damage dealers who can call upon wyvern allies to fight alongside them. The capabilities of the wyvern varies based on the Dragoon's chosen support job, affording them a great deal of versatility.

The secret arts of Far Eastern assassins make Ninjas devious damage dealers, using melee weapons in both of their hands in addition to the art of "Utsusemi" to avoid damage.

Noble soldiers of the Far East, Samurais are deadly with a wide variety of weapons, but are at their most dangerous with katanas in hand. In conjunction with devastating skillchains and weapon skills, they are fearsome fighters.

Advanced Jobs (Treasures of Aht Urhgan)

    Blue Mage 
One of the most versatile Jobs in all of Vana'diel, Blue Mages are magically-empowered fighters who can take the powers of monsters for themselves. With the wide variety of monsters to learn from in the realm, their is almost no limit to their prowess.

Terrors of the high seas, Corsairs are pirates who make extensive use of firearms known as "Hexaguns" to devastate their enemies. While their overall prowess comes down to luck, they can push the odds into their favor by using "Phantom Roll" to aid their allies.

Travelling entertainers and formidable fighters besides, Puppetmasters can control customizable automatons to perform a wide array of tasks, from aiding friends to confusing foes. The deftness with which they manipulate their puppets also makes them excellent hand-to-hand brawlers.

Advanced Jobs (Wings of the Goddess)

Taking to the frontlines with their healing abilities, Dancers employ waltzes and samba to provide benefits to their allies while using specialized steps to enfeeble their enemies, finishing with flourishes to give their abilities more potent effects.

A magic based job that where common during The Crystal War. Scholars are able to switch between black and white magic depending on the current situation.

Advanced Jobs (Seekers of Adoulin)

Geomancers are support-based healers who can call upon the power of the very land itself to impede enemies and empower allies.

    Rune Fencer 
Magical tanks who are sturdy against enemy magic, Rune Fencers use the power of mysterious runes to strengthen their attacks and shore their defenses.

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