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The fanfic Bulbagarden! The Fanfic has a lot of characters populating its eponymous town!

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     The Heroes 

The protagonists of the story. These are the people you'll be seeing the most of.

Jabber Wocki

"It's a shame Pokemon battling is technically illegal, because it is epic as hell."

The main character. Jabber is a sophomore at Bulbagarden High School, and is pretty much your average kid. He has one sibling, a bunch of friends, and does well in school. He has a fair few Pokemon, and thinks that battling is awesome. He and Alison start dating soon after she moves into town, and is soon thrust into the heat of battle when Serebii invades.

In season two, Jabber's main goal is to find Alison, who went missing at Christmas. Although he initially suspects Water Pokemon Master, it is eventually revealed that the Pokemon Prince was holding her prisoner the whole time. Upon his return to Bulbagarden, he becomes a de facto general in the resistance effort, coordinating battles alongside his uncle Saturn during the war for Bulbagarden. He faces the Pokemon Prince himself in battle, and is present for Joe Serebii's final defeat of the Prince.

In season three, Jabber, alongside most of his friends, has graduated from high school and is currently touring the Isshu region with Saturn, hunting down rare Pokemon to be studied at the Bulbagarden Zoo. In chapter 39, he defeats the Pokemon Prince once and for all, killing him with Aaron's rapier. He is traumatized by his actions, and distances himself from his friends until Feli and Alison convince him not to alienate his friends.

Based on author Jabberwocky.

Jabber's Pokemon: Torterra (Tara), Blitzle (Marty), Swampert (Swampy), Darmanitan (Paco), Absol (Abby), Staraptor (Stark), Tropius (Phonicks), Sazandora (Hydra)

Dan See Emm

"Sometimes, Ali, the only thing you can do that makes any sense at all is save the frickin' town."

Dan is Jabber's best friend. He is a hyperactive, fun-loving kid who is constantly cracking jokes. He has a Bidoof that wears a cape because "it's cool like that." He was dating a girl named Kitty for a while, before they broke up under mysterious (and apparently poor) circumstances. Isn't as big a fan of battling as Jabber, but is a competent trainer when the situation demands.

Based on forums member DCM.

Dan's Pokemon: Bidoof

Alison Sanford

"You forgot what teenagers do best. We rebel."

Alison is new to Bulbagarden, She starts dating Jabber Wocki, and kisses him on their first date. She's a bit reserved and keeps to herself most of the time, but can be very determined to get the job done, whatever said "job" may be.

Goes missing during the first Christmas special, and spends the majority of the second season missing, drugged and held captive by the Pokemon Prince, providing much of Jabber's motivation throughout season two. She eventually is freed and is present for the Prince's downfall.

Based on forums member Dark Dreams.

Alison's Pokemon: Ninetales, Teddiursa, Umbreon, Porygon.

Tyler Winchester


"Smugleaf and I are free agents!"

Tyler is a friend of Dan, Jabber, and Alison's. He is rarely seen without his Snivy (later Servine and later still, Serperior), Smugleaf. He hates his literature class with a passion. He doesn't have a girlfriend, and this irks him. However, he covers this up by saying that he's a "free agent." However, in season two he begins dating Jay Morrison.

Based on forums member Hide in Plain Sight.

Tyler's Pokemon: Serperior(Smugleaf), Charmander (Drago)

Saturn Yoshi


"A researcher's job is never done, Mizzleflan."

Jabber's uncle. He's a Pokemon researcher working for the Bulbagarden Zoo, and specializes in Legendary Pokemon, of which he's caught several for the zoo. He finds Dan slightly obnoxious. He tends not to like people who are being stupid. Due to his status as a Pokemon researcher, he is legally allowed to own eight Pokemon, as well as some Pokemon that are outright banned by law.

In season three, he's taking Jabber and his friends, as well as his assistant Cynthia, around the world to hunt down rare Pokemon specimens for the zoo.

Based on forums member $aturn¥oshi.

Saturn's Pokemon: Umbreon (Shadow), Cacturne (Cactina), Sharpedo (Fang), Houndoom (Hell-Hound), Spiritomb (Spook), Weavile (Klaws), Electrode (Roy), Koffing (Koffman, or simply Koffey)

Aaron Ryuu


"For the last time, it is a flat cap! A flat cap! How hard is that to comprehend!"

Aaron's a bit of a loner. Not by choice, but because he's not very used to interacting with other people. He's made friends with Jabber and the gang, though, and is getting better all the time, especially after he starts dating Feliciano Gwynn.

Like Jabber, his primary motivation in season two is to be reunited with his girlfriend, as Feli was separated from the rest of the group early in the season.

In season three, it's Aaron who's separated from the group, having missed the plane to Isshu. He eventually reunites with them.

Based on forums member Ryuutakeshi.

Aaron's Pokemon: Houndoom (Victor), Espeon (Chloe), Absol (Xanatos), Zuruggu (Biff), Komotana (Alanna)

Feliciano "Feli" Gwynn


"Um...Hon...That's quite possibly the least subtle sexual innuendo he could have said..."

Recently graduated from Bulbagarden High. She and Aaron are dating and having a blast with it.

She starts up the rebellion against the Pokemon Prince in season two alongside Nelson Nicotra. As the season progresses, she slowly becomes more serious and warrior-like as a result of the horrors she's had to witness living in the Prince's Bulbagarden. This change in personality is something that worries Aaron.

Season three reveals that she may be experiencing psychological issues to to her time as resistance leader.

Based on forums member Feliciano.

Feli's Pokemon: Ninetales (Kit), Leafeon (Vinnie), Mebukijika (Bambi), Honchkrow (Don), Girafarig (Gigi)


Dan's former girlfriend. She was originally a one-off character mentioned by Jabber in passing, but has been incorporated into the main cast. Not an Expy of any forum member, but instead on DCM (Dan)'s real-life ex-girlfriend.

Kitty's Pokemon: Persian, Glameow, Delcatty, Leperdas

Mayor Archaic Liam


"Attention, citizens. This is a situation of absolute emergency."

The mayor of Bulbagarden. He's a good leader, and most people like him. He also has mysterious connections to Joe Serebii. It turns out that Joe was Archaic's childhood friend, who was framed for plotting a coup. Mistakenly believing Joe to be guilty, Archaic permanently banished him.

Based on Bulbagarden owner and head administrator, Archaic.

Archaic's Pokemon: Venasaur, Enbuoh, Kingler, Pinsir.


     The Admins 

These are Archaic's advisors. They serve as the town's council, and are answerable only to Archaic himself. They make a Five-Man Band.

Evan Evkl

The Admin of Defense. Runs the town's emergency services. One of Archaic's closest friends.

Based on forums member evkl.

Alex Kasumi

Archaic's wife and the Admin of History. She's the recorder of the town's history for official archiving.

Based on forums member Kasumi.

Mozz Gold

Admin of Preservation. Keeps the town's historical places in tip-top shape and runs official city construction projects. Based on forums member Mozz.

TTE Echidna

Admin of Tourism. He keeps the tourism industry of Bulbagarden thriving by thinking up attractions for the town. He's later revealed to have been killed in the war for Bulbagarden.

Based on forums member TTEchidna.

TTE's Pokemon: Typhlosion.

Satoshi Kun

The Admin of Entertainment, he organizes public events, festivals, and the like.

Joins the main cast (sans Feli) in season two, and aids in their escape from the Pokemon Prince-controlled Bulbagarden.

Based on forums member Satoshi-Kun.

Figgy Newton

The Admin of Law.

Based on forums member Evil Figment.


The bad guys.

Joe Serebii


"Soon, Bulbagarden will fall."

Joe used to live in Bulbagarden. He was even acquainted with Archaic the Mayor. Then, for plotting to overthrow Archaic and take over the town , something he was actually framed for by Max King, he was banned. Permanently. Now, years later, he wants revenge. To get this, he decides to invade the town. After Max reveals his treachery, Joe is (partially) forgiven for his actions, but he still has to serve prison time, and it's unlikely anyone will be trusting him for a while.

In season two, he plans a prison break with resistance member Netto Azure. He and Archaic have become uneasy allies in the year they've spent as cellmates, though neither really trusts the other. During the climax of the war for Bulbagarden, Joe shows up on his Charizard, and sacrifices himself to stop the Prince by shoving the prince and himself into the portal the prince had made for the residents of his universe to cross over into the Bulbaverse.

Serebii's Pokemon: Charizard, Honchkrow, Gliscor, Electvire, Lucario, Dainkenki.

Max King


"Sir, you sent for me?"

Joe's second-in-command. Not much is known about him, but during the invasion, he accompanies Joe everywhere.

It turns out that he masterminded Joe's framing and banishment, in an elaborate plan to take over Bulbagarden. He's ultimately defeated by Saturn.

Max's Pokemon: Muk, Raichu, Yanakkie, Kuitaran, Tsunbear, Waruvial, Abagoura.

Serebii's Generals

The other highly-ranking members of Serebii's army. The generals currently known are: Turbo, Yeti, Neo, Tsutomu, the Master (no, not that one), and Nando.

The Pokemon Prince/ Jabber Dodgson Wocki

The Pokemon Prince

"I am the king of all I look upon."

The Big Bad of season two. He came to Bulbagarden, claiming to be the reincarnation of legendary Bulbagarden shaman, the Legacy, a claim that managed to land him the position of Bulbagarden's Mayor in the town elections.

After winning, he shows his true colors as a first-rate Jerkass, suppressing the townspeople's rights and freedoms and generally turning the place into a dystopia.

[[spoiler: As it turns out, he's the Jabber Wocki, ruler of the Earth of an Alternate Universe that was experiencing heat death, and was sent to find a safer world for his people to colonize and conquer. After becoming Mayor, he began work on a massive machine that would open a portal to his world for his people to reach the Bulbagarden! universe. He is eventually defeated by none other than Joe Serebii, who overloads the machine by shoving both himself and the Prince into the portal, which was only meant for people to exit, not enter. The Stinger hints that he is alive and preparing some other scheme.

He shows up in season three on a deserted island in Isshu. He has bent an ancient Pokemon called Genesect to his will, and resolves to kill Jabber and the gang, and then himself for failing in his mission. After a short battle with Jabber, he is defeated once and for all when Jabber runs him through with Aaron's rapier.]]

The Prince's Pokemon are: a Swampert, Torterra, and Alakazam.

  • A God Am I: Somewhat understandable, given that the powers of the Legacy he received are on par with those of a god.
  • Death Seeker: Becomes this in season three after his humiliating defeat at the end of season two.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In his own timeline, he crossed his after Team Obsidian overran Bulbagarden and killed all of his friends.
  • Evil Counterpart: He's the Jabber Wocki of an alternate universe.
  • Evil Overlord
  • Expy: Of infamous Bulbagarden forum member Pokemon Prince, who angered many with his pretentious attitude and claims that he was the only good writer on the site, even though he had not actually posted any sort of fiction on the forums.
  • Freudian Excuse: His world was dying, so he decided to pinch another one. Serebii points out that his intentions aren't really noble at all, though.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard
  • Jerkass
  • Kick the Dog: Orders his obviously-exhausted Alakazam to use the last of its energy to teleport him, which he knew full well would kill it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Crosses it very quickly.
  • President Evil
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He just wanted to save the people of his home universe. He went about doing it in entirely the wrong way, however.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Begins to have one after Jabber beats him in a battle. The Stinger hints that he's lost it completely.

The Pokemon Prince's Admins

The Prince's elite mooks. Not much is known about them, or how they were recruited by the Prince, but they are very loyal to the Prince, and aid him in his plans without question.

They consist of Kathia "Kayi" Rowling, Matkin Breaker, Cy Royal, Wiggly Tuffman, Koo Kee, and Watto Impi, though Kayi and Matkin later defect.


Sneaky, shady crook who has some sort of past with Sato. Works for Water Pokemon Master, but is all too willing to give up intel on his boss to the tune of a few hundred dollars.

Water Pokemon Master

Water Pokemon Master

An infamous crime boss wanted internationally for various crimes. He's often called "WPM" for short. He makes his debut in the first Christmas special as the leader of an illegal, underground Pokemon fighting ring. he finds his plans thwarted by Jabber, Alsion, and the Bulbagarden police force, and kidnaps Alison in response. She's saved by Jabber and agent Looker of Interpol, but he escapes.

In season two, he shows up again as the prime suspect in Alison's second kidnapping. After spending a year tracking him down, Jabber and the other Bulbagarden refugees storm his base, only to learn that he played no part in Alison's disappearance at all.

In season three he kidnaps the gang to exact his revenge on Jabber and Alison, but is neatly taken down by Cilan Triton.

     Other Citizens 

The town's average Joes. They populate the town and help it thrive.


Bulbagarden High's resident queen bee. Described as a "total bitch" by Jabber, whom she apparently hates. Except not anymore, apparently, as after the invasion she considers Jabber a hero and tries to make him her boyfriend. He is less than pleased about this. Chapter 29 reveals that she has shifted her attention to Dan. Based on forums member Peaceloveglaie (though not in personality).

Annabelle's Pokemon: Snorunt, Spheal, Linoone

Jay Morrison

Bulbagarden High senior. Works as an usher at the local theater. She enjoys art. Based on forums member Shiay.

Jay's Pokemon: Houndoom

  • Local Hangout: Works at one.
  • Ship Tease: Goes to Homecoming with Aaron. However, in chapter 24, she and Tyler get together.

Ken Brazer

Rich kid. Standoffish at times, but kind at heart. Based on forums member BlazakingEX.

Ken's Pokemon: Linoone


Competed in the Pokemon League in its last year of operation. When battling was banned, he moved to Bulbagarden, and now works at the Bulbagarden Zoo. Based on forums member Yoshi-san.

William's Pokemon: Croconaw


Botanist. Works with Saturn at the Bulbagarden Zoo. He wants to find and befriend a Shaymin. Based on forums member Mijzelffan.

Johan's Pokemon: Sceptile


Jabber's cousin. Friends with Jay. Not much else is known about her at this time. Based on forums member Keldora Dragon.

Keldora's Pokemon: Pidgeot (Nadine), Absol (Damion), Fearow (Francis), Meganium (Bailey), Gastrodon (Squishy), Blaziken (Ken)

Nelson Nicotra

The town's resident Jerkass. Dan thinks he might be nicer underneath, but that remains to be seen.

In season two, he rescues Feli from the Prince's Mooks, and agrees to help her form a resistance, based out of the family mansion he inherited, but never used.

During a raid by the Prince's forces on the resistance's new base, the Bulbagarden Zoo, Nelson is killed by an enemy's Fire Blast attack.

Based on forums member YeOldeJacob.

Nelson's Pokemon: Noctowl (Calabash), Meowth (Joe Pesci), Koffing (Starbucks), Umbreon (Gromit), Ampharos (Plummet), Quilava (Hans Landa)

Marcus Rogers

Bulbagarden High student. A newcomer to the town. Based on forums user Flame Haze.

Marcus' Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Starly, Pachirisu

Maya Dayanand

A friendly freshman at Bulbagarden High. Nice and trusting to everyone she meets. Based on forums user Anime Aficionada.

Maya's Pokemon: Chikorita, Smeargle, Pidgeot, Spheal, Growlithe

Scott Revoire

One of the few openly gay students at Bulbagarden High (though he hides this fact from his family), Scott had a very troubled childhood. Because of this, he has several disorders and has delved into bouts of self-harm. He also has a reputation for being sarcastic and snarky. Based on forums member Questionable Tendency.

Scott's Pokemon: Absol (Havoc), Vibrava (Skittles), Yanma (Venus)

Jack Astleford Wocki

Jabber's younger brother. He's obnoxious and loves fire. He wants his first Pokemon to be a Cyndaquil. Created by forums member Sarcastically Insane, though not based on him.


Little is known about him other than that he dresses like Deadpool and is quite insane. Based on the forums member of the same name.

Stranger's Pokemon: A Rock (he calls it a Pikachu)

Simon Findespix "Cypher"

Technically works for Serebii, but is on a Snipe Hunt because Serebii thinks he's an idiot. Needless to say, he's pissed at them for not telling him first and fights against Serebii's forces. Has a bizarre hatred of speedy, electric rodents. Based on forums user CypherFDP.

Simon's Pokemon: Haderia (Ace), Riguree (Pylon), Magneton (Rhodes), Doredia (Scarlet), Meraruba (Mothra), Staryu (Pat)


Girl who goes to Bulbagarden High. She's a senior, and is in Dan and Tyler's Literature class. Based on forums user Insansih Danish.

Ms. Blackjack

Dan and Tyler's literature teacher. Based on forums member Iron Mask Marauder.

Kathia "Kayi" Rowling

A former agent of the Prince. She and her boyfriend Matkin eventually betray the Prince and aid Jabber and company in freeing Alison and stopping the Prince.

Based on forums member Kayi-chan.

Matkin Breaker

Another former member of the Prince's posse, and Kayi's boyfriend. He later double-crosses the prince alongside Kayi.

Based on forums member Every Breaking Wave.

  • Expy: Of Every Breaking Wave, but also is mentioned in-universe to resemble Bruno, a member of the band Unova (based on Bono of U2 fame).

Cynthia LeBeau

In the world of Bulbagarden! Sinnoh Champion Cynthia is a scientist, and partner to Saturn Yoshi. She appears periodically, but will have a larger role in season three.

  • Canon Immigrant: She's the Bulbaverse version of the character Cynthia from the Pokemon video games.
  • Hot Scientist: Well, she is Cynthia, after all, and she's a scientist in this 'verse...

     Other Characters 

These are friendly characters who don't actually live in the town of Bulbagarden.

Burgh Entemo

Fashion designer, artist, researcher, and Gym Leader. Will have a starring role in season three.

Cilan Triton

"The name's Triton. Cilan Triton."

Head chef, Gym Leader, and secret agent for the Isshu Intelligence Task Force (IITF).


Aaron's former roommate and all-around jerk. Accompanies Aaron in his trek across Isshu.

Ino Chan

Leader of the Pan Clan dancing group, who Aaron meets during his trek across Isshu.

Ino's Pokemon is a Pansage.

Based on forums member Ino-Chan.

Hurri Stats

Another member of the Pan Clan who travels with Aaron and Guido for a time.

Hurri's Pokemon is a Panpour.

Based on forums member Hurristat

Piper Equus

The third member of the Pan Clan.

Her Pokemon is a Pansear.

Based on forums member Paperhorse.

Brycen Quarto

The Caretaker of Dragonspiral Tower. Tells the story of Dragonspiral Tower to the gang in Chapter 37.


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