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  • First and foremost, it should be noted that due Tite Kubo's storytelling style - namely his constant usage of Ass Pulls (referred to as Plotkai within Bleach's context) and habit of creating new characters at random to move the plot along (Raymond Chandler would be proud) - virtually every character in Bleach can, and likely has (at least once), drift into this trope in as little time as one chapter, and then be rescued from it in the same span. The following are just a few noteworthy examples.
  • Orihime Inoue became disliked by some people after the series entered the Arrancar Arc. This has to do with several factors.
    1. Her character turning from Genki Girl into a depressed mope though for a good reason.
    2. Her being the necessitation of another Rescue Arc, a long, long rescue arc.
    3. Her confessing her feelings for Ichigo, invoking ire from hardcore Ichigo x Rukia shippers and Rukia fans who accuse Orihime of stealing her spotlight as the series' main heroine.
    4. Not having any offensive powers after Tsubaki ate it when Orihime tried protecting her friends. He gets repaired, but so far has not been used in battle since then. Not helped at all by the fact that Tsubaki's power is directly proportional to Orihime's killing intent, which is non-existent thanks to her Actual Pacifism.
    5. The hate intensifies with every utterance of "Kurosaki-kun" after a chapter had her repeat it a dozen or so times.
  • Before Orihime, there was Momo Hinamori, Aizen's sweet and cheerful but naive and obsessive Woobie of a lieutenant. She was brainwashed into unquestioned obedience by Aizen for decades, leading her to attack her best friend/adoptive brother Toshiro Hitsugayanote  because of some very shaky information in a letter Aizen wrote her before his apparent death. It became even worse when after she came back after being stabbed to almost certain death as part of Aizen's plan, Momo was in such heavy denial and so damaged that she still thought he was partially innocent (and that Gin Ichimaru was the one actually responsible), begging for Aizen to be saved. This earned her even more hatred from fans.
  • Some people hate Soi Fon, a.k.a. "Captain Bitchninja" because of her extremely harsh attitude toward everyone except Yoruichi.
  • Sosuke Aizen drifted into this trope after a while. While initially very popular for his series-changing role in the conspiracy and his suave villainy, he wore thin for a lot of fans as the Arrancar arc went on. He started getting flak in Hueco Mundo (and most of Fake Karakura) for sitting on his ass while his army did his dirty work. Once he started fighting, and began explicitly doing things said to be impossible (like surviving overcoming Hirako's ability to reverse senses), the fans immediately began lamenting him to be too powerful for the rest of the cast to handle without help from an Ass Pull. He receives virtually no backstory, his powers are vastly Story Breaking, and many of his tactical decisions and plans turned out to be very stupid. Aside from the good looks and god complex, he just wasn't much of a character.
  • Kaname Tousen during his time as a Gotei 13 captain and Aizen's right-hand man, he's easily disliked by nearly everyone of the fanbase due to being blind, and joining the bad guys for a stupid and hypocritical reason (although it turns out that he isn't as noble as he claims, and only wants revenge). Not to mention when he gained his sight back, he calls Komamura (remember, Tousen was the first person not to treat Komamura as an outcast) ugly.note 
  • Kon: gets this for being a flat character and his complaining.
  • Anime-only characters especially get flak from fans:
    • The Modsouls were reviled during their debut, but it softened a bit afterward. By the end of the Bount arc, once they were reduced to comic relief, they quickly got hated again.
    • Hardly anyone likes the Bounts, the filler shinigami, and the filler arrancars.
    • Lurichiyo Kasumioji is notorious amongst the fandom for her Spoiled Brat demeanor as a princess.
    • Shu Kannogi's got a particularly grating voice in both English and Japanese, and he's such a wimp that it's hard to take him seriously.
  • Nozomi Kujo, being a Creator's Pet and a Flat Character who is an example of multiple different Sue tropes.
  • Kenpachi Zaraki became cemented as one following an ambiguously-canon novel by someone other than Kubo portraying him as a God-Mode Sue, to the point where, when he got beaten to a pulp by the new Big Bad's Doombot in the actual manga, the fans were happy (not because they disliked him per se, but because that proves Kubo himself does not believe Zaraki is as powerful as he was portrayed in the novel).
    • His killing of Unohana due to Kyoraku's orders for her to train him in a Duel to the Death hasn't done the man any wonders either. It struck many as not only terrible character shilling on Kenpachi's part, but a waste of Unohana's merits after finally averting the "informed" part of her Informed Ability and a monumentally idiotic moment in light of Wandenreich recently turning the Soul Society into a slaughterhouse.
  • The Xcution as a whole are smug replacements to the Arrancar. Unlike the arrancar which had their own fleshed out backstories and interesting powers, the former on the other hand seems to be introduced solely to provide a means to restore Ichigo's powers and an enemy group, despite being very low on the Sorting Algorithm of Evil to fight to fill in the time before the Wandenreich arc.
    • They are called out to be recycled replacements for the Vizards, lacking the sympathetic motives and being complete jerks to everyone after The Reveal.
  • Komamura's great-grandfather is already gaining dislike for apparently saying he's proud of Komamura for falling to his clan's roots of revenge and becoming a mindless beast driven by it. He's even gloating about the fact that Sajin's life is in ruins and his days as a Shinigami are most likely over.
  • Even the Wandenreich, namely the utterly random Sternritters, are not immune to this trope. Primarily, it's Gremmy Thoumeaux, who has a highly overblown Power of Creation, a cocky attitude despite not being that threatening, an incredibly underwhelming fight that had his enemy countering everything he did, and a very sudden death that was caused by his own hand and served to continue overhyping his already-Bad Ass opponent.

    Code Geass 
  • Suzaku first and foremost, on both sides of the Pacific no less. Being The Quisling was bad enough, but his blatant Hypocrisy on virtually every subject combined with a smug Holier Than Thou attitude (namely toward Lelouch) and being perceived by his detractors as something of a Creator's Pet have made him less endearing.
  • Nina. Her racism (caused by bad experiences in a Japanese ghetto), her affection for Euphemia, and her role in creating the Geass-world equivalent of a nuclear bomb resulting in the death of millions earned her the hatred of the fanbase. The Table-kun incident didn't help. Though unlike other cases, she actually learned her lesson and wised up... but tell that to the fanbase, which REFUSES to see her change.
  • Rolo and Shirley have also been hated on and considered as Scrappies, though it seems to be mostly by fans of one that hate the other. Rolo's hated for killing Shirley and considered a Depraved Homosexual (with all the homophobia it brings), Shirley is hated and blamed for various problems in the series (whether she did cause them or not is something else) and her detractors feel she deserved that fate.
  • Typically, by the end of the series, all the fan hatred has, in an interesting meta-contrast to the ending, been shifted towards Kaname Ohgi. Initially he was able to compensate his status as The Generic Guy in an otherwise vividly colorful cast by virtue of being the Black Knights' Voice Of Reason to the point of becoming a minor Ensemble Darkhorse. His increasingly rash decisions and degeneration into hypocrisy towards the end of R2 (including backstabbing Lelouch based on Villains Never Lie and functionally surrendering the entire world to Britannia in an under-the-table deal to free Japan) quickly plummeted him to Scrappy status. Not only he does not suffer in any way, shape, or form for his mistakes and ends up both a Karma AND an Idiot Houdini, but at the end of the series, he gets one of the happiest endings out of all of the cast by being Happily Married and he even became Prime Minister of Japan while two of the main characters get the less ideal endings, which made him even more hated by several fans of the show. This was amplified by the knowledge that Ohgi's betrayal basically led to the final arc and the characters' bad ends, which have been a matter of controversy among various fans, but for different reasons.
  • Ougi's newlywed wife, Villetta, also shares in the hate for arguably leading him astray in the first place and screwing Lelouch over in the most inopportune moments, culminating in her being trusted over Lelouch leading to the betrayal when she has no right to be, as an agent against him on behalf of Britannia (re:the geass and him being AWOL following the Black Rebellion, even though she was the one watching over Lelouch for geass, meaning she may have very well misled them, and keeping him under surveillance during that year, making her partly responsible for the latter, and also that she was the one who incapacitated Ohgi in the first place partly due to the latter's carelessness, and Ohgi still completely blames Lelouch for being treated as an expendable and abandoning him during that moment). And yet, she too shares in Ohgi's happy ending for her convenient team switch, even though she undergoes no redemptive character development nor actually does anything for the peace. Meanwhile, each of the main leads had already lost a love interest they both cared about, one of which started falling deeper into despair after being used by Villetta. It's not too strange to find fans who wished they didn't survive the waterfall incident.
  • Tianzi of the Chinese Federation because of her complaining.
  • Gino Weinberg, and arguably the entire Knights of the Round, as they really don't get much screentime (except for Anya), and when they do get screentime, they don't really contribute anything (though Luciano is a peculiar one in that the little screentime he has manages to be the biggest asshole in the entire series.) Gino's entire character is essentially "Hit on Girls and act buddy-buddy with Suzaku", and he doesn't do much else than that the entire series, all 20 or so times he shows up and wastes precious time just being there. Worse, any attempts on the show's part to further define him begin and end with him failing to understand the desires and struggles of everyone else, from Kallen's Japanese pride to his effective complicitness with Britannian policy (he doesn't see anything wrong with a purge during the second SAZ, for instance). The other Knights of the Round, (barring Anya & Luciano) may be considered examples of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character given their potential as a Quirky Miniboss Squad of Elite Mooks and what little characterisation some of them got. You'd expect them to become compelling players. Alas, the series may as well have not had most of them at all for the little good they did (especially the two, Monica and Dorothea, who were reduced to Mauve Shirt status). This may be a partial result of the Executive Meddling which afflicted Season 2, but it doesn't change what we got on-screen.

  • Zeta Gundam:
    • Katz Kobayashi is hated for being gullible and stubborn as well as obsessed with enemy pilot Sarah Zaviaroff. It is no surprise that the fandom squealed with joy when he died by his own stupidity when he crashed into an asteroid, then get blasted by Yazan.
    • Reccoa Londe, for betraying the AEUG for "using her" despite the fact that they never thought of her as anything less then a great friend and ally, and that she defected over to Scirocco, a womanizer of the highest order. And also, she indirectly caused the death of fan-favorite Emma. Many fans snidely remark that if Char had just slept with her once, all this could have been avoided.
  • CharsCounterattack
    • Both Quess Paraya and Hathaway Noa could also be considered Scrappies. Hathaway was partially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap because of how things go wrong in the sequel novel Hathaway's Flash.
    • Chan Agi from the same film also takes some heat, mostly due to the fact that fans felt her role should have been filled by the conspicuously absent Sayla Mass.
  • Gundam Wing:
  • Gundam SEED and its sequel Gundam SEED Destiny:
    • Flay Allster because she used sex to lure Kira Yamato to his death, as punishment for failing to save her father from an horrible death in space..., Yuna Roma Seiran for being the Romantic False Lead, Shinn Asuka for being the Replacement Scrappy, Meyrin Hawke for standing in between Athrun and Cagalli, and, to a lesser degree, Lunamaria Hawke for being a Faux Action Girl, Lacus Clyne for being Purity Sue (but like Momo from Bleach, Japan loves her for that exact reason), and Kira Yamato for being the ultimate one-man Spotlight-Stealing Squad in Destiny (but see Lacus's note). Basically, these two series are a perfect example of how completely different characters can be the Scrappy in the eyes of different segments of the fandom.
    • The trio of DOM Trooper pilots, who do nothing other than act as attack dogs while berating people who dare disagree with Lacus-sama; even those on Kira's side of the fan-war find them irritating and one-dimensional.
  • Gundam 00
    • Lyle Dylandy, apart from bordering on an In-Universe example of Replacement Scrappy, can't catch a break from fans. He's either not enough like his brother or too much like his brother, then he gets together with Anew Returner during a four-month timeskip (which was not the best writing decision). Then when she turned out to be a Manchurian Agent and Setsuna had to kill her, Lyle was very upset for some reason and beat him up.
    • Andrei Smirnov wasn't popular due to hating his father, Sergei, for some reasons that were rather tenuous and could have been solved if they'd sat down and talked things out, as well as having feelings for Louise. When he kills Sergei, calling him a traitor when Sergei was actually acting as a negotiator for A-LAWS and trying to save lives after a not-Colony Drop, nobody could forgive him. He even had the gall to say that it was a "difficult choice" when he was basically taking a very flimsy pretext to commit paricide.
      • The Cute Psycho Nena Trinity gained instant Scrappy status right around episode 18 after she opened fire at the wedding ceremony of Louise's parents and killed lots of innocent people because she could. Fan hatred softened a bit when she watched her beloved brothers Johan and Michael die at the hands of Ali Al-Saachez, since it's partially because of them doting on her endlessly that she gets to do what she wants. She does get somewhat better in S2.
    • Wang Liu Mei for being too secretive, a Smug Snake in training, and her plan to "destroy the world she hates, through change" without ever saying why she hates the way it is now so vehemently. Her mistreatment of her insanely loyal brother and self-centered attitude cements it.
    • Saji Crossroad heads on his way back to scrappydom in season 2 for being selfish and practically ignorant of Celestial Being's efforts to pay for their sins, even after Tieria already told him that the world conflict cannot be resolved with simple pacifism, and to see the world through his own eyes. For the kid, though, he's gotten better.
    • But the same cannot be said for Louise who went from being pitiful into despicable for some people when she joins A-LAWS to get revenge on Celestial Being and deeming the latter an Ultimate Evil despite A-LAWS' atrocities. Even though she was heavily damaged mentally and physically, some couldn't excuse her attitude or trying to kill Saji And even when Louise kills fellow Scrappy, Nena, it didn't help. For some, it even made it worse, considering that it didn't solve anything and that, while not forgiving her of her actions, they felt that the handling of Nena was completely botched.
    • There were already complaints about Billy Katagiri's reduced role, but after he apparently tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend Sumeragi Lee Noriega in episode 23, the fandom was screaming for his blood. The revelation that joining Ribbons was solely due to the fact that he can't say I love you didn't help.
    • Rebellious Princess Marina is hated due to the fact that she seems to have no use other than hanging out with the orphaned Azhadistan children. It was an attempt to show how the war effects people who have nothing to do with it, but way too much time was spent on it, and Marina comes off as basically an Expy of Relena, without Relena's Character Development or Badass Pacifist tendencies. Her season one portrayal doesn't help this image, in which she spent the entire season effectively doing nothing but going on a pointless trip to the UN (in which she ended up a pawn of season one Big Bad Alejandro Corner) and being completely indecisive when Azadistan ended up collapsing into civil warnote .
  • Gundam AGE
    • Flit Asuno during the second season on was hated by a fair amount of fans over his near single-minded obsession toward wiping out the Vagan. Some had even compared him to Gihren Zabi, Patrick Zala and the Blue Cosmos people, despite the fact Flit had otherwise legitimate reasons to want Vagan destroyednote . Fortunately this is lampshaded in-series, and Flit eventually develops past his hatred.
    • Kio Asuno wasn't exactly well liked at the beginning of his arc (some saw him as a poor replacement for Flit and Asemu), but he definitely made no friends when he switched to Technical Pacifism. Viewers who had hated SEED quickly drew parallels between him and Kira Yamato, but even those who like Kira or have no opinion on him were annoyed by Kio's actions. Bad enough that the reasons behind Kio's shift were extremely dubiousnote , but his portrayal as a Technical Pacifist was even less endearing: badmouthing his grandfather (who had already lost much to the Vagans' wanton genocide) and anyone else who didn't see the Vagans as warm wholesome people, insisting on pleading with enemy pilots to "understand" no matter how many times it didn't work (i.e. it never worked), and overall seemed far more concerned with Vagan deaths than his own wingmates.
    • Zeheart Galette. Being a Char Clone is often a Base Breaker enoughnote , but Zeheart only compounded that status by being the most ineffectual Char Clone to date; despite his continually getting promoted up the ranks, Zeheart was at best an indecisive commander who repeatedly botched the Vagans' chances of victory. Even worse is the fact none of the characters ever saw Zeheart as a General Failure; throughout the series he's reputed as one of Vagans' top generals, (one who eventually became Ezelcant's successor as Vagan supreme commander), while the only character that ever saw Zeheart in any type of negative light, Zanald Beihart, was dismissed as a self-serving glory seeker (which he was) who demeaned Zeheart for personal gain (which he did) and otherwise had no basis to his claims (which was quite the contrary). Combine that with the the Third Generation's inconsistent writing, which caused Zeheart to alternate between a Father to His Men and Worthy Opponent to a pure General Ripper with a We Have Reserves attitude in the span of a single episode, and you have one of the most poorly received Gundam villains since Jerid Messa.
    • The faction of Vagan as a whole, due to inconsistent writing. They were given a sympathetic and plausible reason for going to war, but most of the named characters who served as Vagan's face were Jerk Ass Blood Knights with few redeeming qualities. The writers threw in a pair of Anvilicious episodes to remind people that Vagan still had a good reason to fight (and explained the jerkassery as being a consequence of bad living conditions)... then they gave the Big Bad a nonsensical secret plan that tore down the sympathy that had been built up and returned the job of representing Vagan to the Jerkass Blood Knights as soon as they left Second Moon. Not surprising that many fans were rooting for Flit to carry out his genocidal dreams.

  • Pokémon. Being a Long Runner with a broad fandom, features many characters who receive hatred from some groups. Replacement Scrappies are frequent. Principal scrappies include:
    • Out of the main cast, Max gets the most hate. Certainly being an insufferable know-it-all and his apparent pointlessness qualify him as prime Scrappy material. However, strangely enough, he didn't make it to the point of being the Creator's Pet even though he had all the potential to become one of these. Plus he did have some decently-done heartwarming moments. One of Max's problems is that he's a borderline Bratty Half-Pint and Tagalong Kid to levels near being The Load. Whenever an episode stars him, it gives you the indication that he's going to start catching Pokémon for himself, but he never does (due to being underage). He promises one Ralts that he would come back and train it one day. He never actually does anything truly important to the story aside from being a character that May can interact with.
    • The classic Scrappy from the series is Ritchie, a clone of Ash who has no negative qualities and was introduced just to knock Ash out of his first tournament in the following episode. The writers proceeded to bring him back for a Johto mini-arc and then have two episodes in Chronicles focus on him.
    • Butch and Cassidy get a lot of crap for their transformation into the Terrible Duo of the spin-off series, since their usual popularity comes from being a more serious foil of Jessie and James.
    • Togepi is blamed for Misty losing her personality in Johto. It didn't help that it just sat in her arms and did nothing of any interest for four years (except the odd episode or moment). When her character was restored on leaving the regular cast, Togepi was swiftly put on a more permanent busfinally evolving into Togetic and staying behind to guard the Mirage Kingdom Togepi. Togepi's the only Egg-hatched Mon to get this, too - most likely because all the others receive Character Development and something to do (in fact, Larvitar, who only appeared in about seven episodes, is an Ensemble Darkhorse). This also leads to Misty being criticised for limiting Togepi's potential, which isn't easy to defend against. Ash's Phanpy, another egg-hatched Pokémon, actually got to hang out with him in the Battle Frontier when Ash usually pulls Bag of Spilling by leaving his Pokémon with Oak for a fresh start (which is just a paper-thin excuse for the series producers to introduce new Pokémon from the current new generation that Ash raises with him) And what a surprise- it Took a Level in Badass and evolved into Donphan!
    • Piplup has become one to much of the fanbase for the opposite reason. Its "forced mascot" status isn't helping matters, and Everything's Better with Penguins be damned. A lot of that stems from the fact Piplup pussed out on evolving when the fans were hellbent on seeing a badass Empoleon sooner or later. But no, it had to stay cutesy and hold onto an Everstone so it doesn't evolve. Hey, Pikachu, looks like you have someone else who won't evolve.
    • And lest any of May's Pokémon be left out of the pile, her Squirtle made a bad first impression with the entire cheapness surrounding its first contest victory and the hate hasn't stopped since. The show already had a beloved Squirtle, making May's a Replacement Scrappy that was possibly particularly disliked by people who prefer Ash's original team.
      • May's Munchlax is not popular, as it was largely The Load before the Battle Frontier arc, doing little but eating everything in sight. While it got better in the Battle Frontier, in which it finally got trained and became one of May's battlers, it didn't help that he lost a contest to Harley. To make matters worse, Ash already had a Snorlax, making Munchlax little more than an Early-Bird Cameo with additional screen time.
    • Ash's Oshawott can be a real Base Breaker for the same reasons as Piplup. While there are people who love the thing to death, a ton of others hate how much screentime he gets and how he is shoehorned into seemingly every episode. Even people who love Oshawott as a species find themselves loathing this specific one.
    • Ash's Pignite also gets a lot of flak for being a recycled Charizard and Infernape. The fact that Pignite as a species is already a Scrappy does not help his case. Evolving would have changed this, but no; it went the entire Unova series without evolving again.
    • The samurai from the early episode is universally hated for interrupting Ash when he's in the middle of catching a Weedle in order to challenge him, causing said Pokemon to call a swarm of angry Beedrill, which proceed to steal Ash's Metapod and force them into hiding. The samurai angrily blames and berates Ash for not taking responsibility, even though Ash tried his hardest and that all of this was the samurai's fault in the first place!
    • Tracey, though a large reason for hatred of this character is due to his unsatisfying replacement of Brock in the Orange Islands arc, he contributed so little to the group dynamic that he's seen as pointless. Example: Pokémon 2000. The only thing he did the entire movie was pull Misty and Ash back to dry land. Making matters worse, his role in the 2nd movie? It was decreased from the Japanese-USA transition, due to a deletion of several scenes, meaning even the guys in charge have it out for him (at least in the US).
    • An example that's a bit more recent is the Spiky-Eared Pichu from the 12th movie, who due to appearing in HGSS in place of Celebi is looking down two smoking-hot hate barrels at once. Game-wise, its stats are pathetic, it cannot evolve into a more-useful form, its moveset is brutally limited, and it replaced Celebi. In the movie, all it does is act cute and grab a key in a dire situation - something that just about any other 'Mon could have accomplished in the same situation.
    • Tobias, who, even among the trainers who eliminate Ash from official tournaments, really stands out in how hated they are. Firstly, he has extremely little buildup before his battle with Ash, only appearing in a few cameos. Then there's how he defeats Ash. He wins 6-2 over Ash, and the only two Pokémon he reveals from his party are Latios and Darkrai, two legendary Pokémon. It is never revealed how he obtained them, and he seems to serve no purpose other than to eliminate Ash. Many fans even took this entire thing as a huge slap in the face.
    • The anime version of Bianca from Pokémon Black and White was this in the four-part Club Battle arc. Aside from one battle, all she did throughout the tournament was mindlessly chase after a Pokémon that she wanted (Zorua) even though it isn't even hers, even to the point of offering to trade away her own starter Pokémon so that she could have it. However, the character development episode centered around her and her father was positively received, to the point where some consider her Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. After she Took a Level in Badass in the Clubsplosion, some people don't consider her a scrappy anymore.
    • Trip, Ash's Rival from Black and White, isn't well received by a lot of fans either. People either dislike him for being a weak replacement for Paul, or just find him and his interactions with Ash irritating, especially his insistence on dismissing Ash's home region. And for basically replacing Cheren, who many fell would've been a better choice of a rival... Thankfully, unlike Paul, Trip's abrasiveness is toned down later, and he isn't as much of a Creator's Pet.
    • Paul himself was a Scrappy to many people for his extreme Jerk Ass attitude towards Pokémon training and to anyone who questioned his methods, for being a Creator's Pet with a Misaimed Fandom, and for being Easily Forgiven by Ash after the latter finally defeated him.
    • Cameron. Introduced at the end of the Junior Cup arc, he displayed far greater traits of an Idiot Hero than Ash ever did. Not only did he miss the tournament, but he thought the Unova League took place in Ecruteak City in Johto. He also got Ash lost in the woods, and even his own Riolu is disappointed with him; affectionately giving a Face Palm at his actions. It doesn't help that one, he defeated fan favorite Bianca in what many perceived to be a cheap win, and two, the kid has scary-ass evolved Pokémon that prove to be a huge threat, like a damned Hydreigon and his little Riolu which seems to have gotten through Training from Hell like one would expect from Ash's Pikachu. To add further insult to the injury, he brings only 5 Pokemon to an official Unova League match of 6-on-6 against Ash. Worse yet, Cameron's Riolu has received a lot of hate due to how he mimics his trainer's hyperactive attitude. The worst of all is Riolu evolving to Lucario as a last ditch attempt to defeat Ash's Snivy and Pikachu in the league. And then it happened: Lucario defeated Pikachu, and Cameron won the battle against Ash, meaning Ash has yet again lost a major league, this time to such an air-headed trainer, and adding insult to injury in that Cameron was handicapped by having one less Pokemon than Ash. But as a bit of small consolation, Cameron lost to Virgil, who then went on to win the league.
    • Virgil also has notable hate for apparently having all of Eevee's evolutions and an Eevee itself, for the sake of making him "unique" as a trainer, but he was rather bland and not incredibly developed. To make matters worse, he spontaneously got to be in the tournament (by coincidentally getting all the badges), had almost no interaction with the main cast (at least Cameron shared tons of scenes with Ash), zero build-up (his introductory episode was the episode right before the tournament started), and wins the tournament when his Eevee knocked out a Druddigon with a rather overpowered move. This lands him firmly in Creator's Pet territory. He's basically a grown-up Ritchie.
    • Serena, who, ironically, was originally rather well-liked in comparison to past female companions (Misty aside). She's perceived by most fans as having no character of her own aside from her crush on Ash, and just overall not doing anything that contributes to the group (30+ episodes in, and she still hasn't caught a single Pokémon or participated in a battle). She draws a lot of criticism and many go as far as to declare that she and her Ship Tease with Ash are nothing more than a prop to draw in viewers.
      • Even Serena's Fennekin is this. Despite being Serena's only Pokémon, it has gotten barely any action and has even grabbed the Jerkass Ball on more than one occasion. This is in high contrast with Ash's Froakie and Clemont's Chespin, both of which are Ensemble Darkhorses loved for their quirky personalities and dexterity in battle. Not helping is her shrill annoying voice which can get just as aggravating as Piplup's according to some.
    • The Mewtwo from Pokémon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened. She is quite unpopular with the fandom for filling a role that many believe could have been filled by the well-loved established Mewtwo character from Pokémon: The First Movie and its sequel, for having a voice and personality that contrast sharply with said original Mewtwo, for having no explanation as to how a second Mewtwo is even possible, and for generally being the Fleeting Demographic Rule personified. Even Miriam Pultro, her English voice actress and One of Us, knew that the role would be controversial.
  • Pokémon Special:
    • There was Emerald, the least popular Pokédex Holder ever. His backstory and the ending of his arc helped ease the hate of him a bit, but even excluding Black and White, who are fairly new, he still barely has fans. The hate towards Emerald stems from the fact a lot of fans felt like Wally would've been much better for the role of Dex Holder. That and his freakishly stupid design.
      • Even today with the recent announcement of the XY chapter, Emerald is still glaringly unpopular compared to new characters like Lack-Two, X, or Y.
    • Gigi, White's star Tepig actress from the B/W arc, is quickly gaining universal hatred as she ditched White for N, allowing White to fall off of the Ferris Wheel and resulting in her becoming a barely conscious, sobbing wreck below.
    • You'd be surprised at the amount of hate being poured onto Yellow, who happens to be the nicest person in the entire manga. A lot of fans seem to hate her because she supposedly comes off as a Mary Sue, though she's anything but that, though she is more of a Base Breaker than an overall Scrappy, as she does have her fair share of fans.

    Other anime 
  • Akamega Kiru: The entire Wild Hunt group; which consists of a sadistic rapist/serial killer, a misogynistic pirate/rapist/murderer, a murder-addicted samurai, an insane singer/sexual predator, an amoral alchemist who experiments on people, and a paedophiliac/mass-murdering clown. They are universally loathed but didn't earn The Scrappy status until Chapter 46 when the male members of the group brutally raped and murdered the widowed wife and pre-adolescent daughter of the deceased Jaeger Bols, on his grave. After that there isn't a single fan who isn't waiting for their extremely gruesome and painful deaths.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi: Mayu Miyuki is widely regarded as the biggest Scrappy of the series, due largely in part to her clinginess to Kaoru and general cattiness with Cat Smiler Tina Foster. Behind her, Taeko Minazuki's young cousin Chika is a real hyper character with slight Mary Sue hints added for good measure. The fact her deeply tanned skin gives slight images of Ethnic Scrappydom doesn't help (undeserved, since there are dark-skinned Japanese).
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Japan, at least in the West. In early Western fandom, it wasn't an uncommon sight to see someone attacking him as "the Creator's Pet who hogs the spotlight and is ruining the anime" or claiming that Himaruya was exhibiting criminal Misplaced Nationalism by not detailing Imperial Japan's atrocities in a series based on the light-hearted side of history that takes great care not to mention Dude, Not Funny! events like the Holocaust.
    • At times, it really seemed like these haters were leaping on any and every excuse to bash him, even using the way some Japanese fans Sueified him in fanworks (which is pretty much what happens to America and Canada too in Western fandom) to deride his canon character as a Sue or claiming that he was a "harem lead" who had half of the entire cast in love with him (even though there's a grand total of one character who's made romantic/sexual overtures to him [maybe two, depending on your interpretation], and this is brought up in only a couple of strips). Fortunately, this doesn't seem to be as prominent now as it's become clear that Japan is just one character of an ensemble series and there are a lot of episodes/strips focused on England, America, Germany, etc. instead.
    • Korea and Sealand are two other early fandom scrappies and eventually got Rescued from the Scrappy Heap over time too. For Korea, it was simply a case of fans' memories of the ugly incident with Korean Moral Guardians getting the Hetalia anime pulled from TV fading with the passage of time; for Sealand, it was the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010 that endeared him to many fans who had previously seen him as only a Bratty Half-Pint.
    • Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire, being an epitome of Tastes Like Diabetes and having gotten quite the screentime in the anime, have garnered their fair share of haters throughout the run of Hetalia. Some of it is plain boredom and annoyance at two "stupid babies" being a Spotlight-Stealing Squad, but some of their detractors can get quite nasty. Especially with the idea that Holy Roman Empire just might be a younger version of Germany, which somehow makes Germany less of a "real man" (or just goes against their idea of history). The other younger versions of the characters have gotten hate and ridicule in spots, but nothing as extreme as some of the vitriol that a baby Italy and the one crushing on him can generate.
    • The Principalities of Wy and Seborga instantly generated fan backlash due to not being based off bonafide countries, coupled with them being portrayed as young children/adolescents and buddies of the Bratty Half-Pint Sealand. Wy's mouthy personality also hasn't helped her status.
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu:
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Baron is the show's scrappy. He's an idolizing twit who looks like a strong man but has a voice that is higher pitched than his three year old sister. He's generally incompetent, and mocked as the worst character even on the show. Still, he's done nothing to earn himself any pity.
    • Well, at least Haos players will get a reprieve when Fabia is introduced. However, Subterra players are already dreading the approach of Jake.
  • Bakuman。:
    • Takuro Nakai. Initially well-received by the fanbase because of his continuing determination to get serialized despite consistent failure in the past, Nakai lost any love from the majority of the readers when a little success went to his head and he began behaving like a complete Jerk Ass towards his former friend Aoki Ko, trying to pressure her into being his girlfriend when she needed his help. After leaving for a while, he's come back in an even harder to like position, as an assistant to the Smug Snake Nanamine who is extremely rude to the other assistants unless they're cute girls and doesn't seem to care about much except for the free space and pizza Nanamine is providing him with. There are still little glimmers of the nicer guy he used to be underneath the self-pitying Jerk Ass, especially when he gets back on the road to working toward his dream as Hiramaru's assistant. Until the mandatory redemption, this was probably an Intended Audience Reaction, but said redemption did in the end not waver many.
    • Another series scrappy is Miura, Takagi and Mashiro's second editor; unlike the wise and talented Hattori, an Ensemble Darkhorse, Miura is new, inexperienced, and not very good at what he does while Takagi and Mashiro are working with him. While he's worked to improve himself, his first impression as an incompetent Replacement Scrappy to such a popular character earned him a lot of hate, presumably influencing Hattori returning to being Ashirogi Muto's editor for PCP.
    • Shun "Dog boy" Shiratori, a rather spoiled would-have-been woobie who was the cause of a second breaking up of the lead team or so it would seem. The creators may have caught on with this one, because past his arc, the character is never seen or heard from again, unless one counts the hand wave cancellation of his series.
  • Battle of the Planets: 7-Zark-7 is hated violently by even die-hard fans. Actually a Western addition, rendered necessary by Moral Guardians when its parent anime was translated.
  • Ben-To: Class Representative Shiraume. Her chief character traits are slapping Satou and being a Psycho Lesbian to (mostly) Oshiroi.
    • Orthros because how incredibly overpowered they are. It's not that the Worf Effect was in well, full effect, but that they curb stomped the much-loved Yarizui, and as a result, she does nothing in the series' climax.
  • Berserk: Nina, the young prostitute of the Conviction arc. Many hate her for being a Dirty Coward, for the way she treated Joachim and for being completely useless to people who are protective of her, while she is too selfish and scared to help them back. Although she is very aware of her faults and does try to help, and has good reasons to be afraid.
    • Korkus, for being a massive Jerkass to Guts.
    • Puck wasn't very liked at his introduction. He got better, but not so much.
    • Isidro isn't well-liked either. Like Puck, some fans don't find his Plucky Comic Relief funny, and his Wrong Genre Savvy traits don't help either.
  • Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler:
    • Elizabeth, mainly because many fans dislike her for getting in between the Sebastian/Ciel pairing and find her irritating and sickeningly sweet. Not even her Character Development and the reveal that she's actually a Little Miss Badass has really helped: once that was revealed, the "Mary Sue!" cries were heard miles away.
    • Aloise Trancy. Aside from basically being a blonde Expy of Ciel with his own demon butler on his side, his whole role seems to consist of dirty backstory, strange, sexual talks with his butler (which is totally fine if it's between Ciel and Sebastian, but not between Alois and Claude) and crossdressing. Even when his backstory is revealed to make him sympathetic, he still is annoying and seeing his head explode is quite enjoyable.
  • Black Lagoon: The hatred among the fandom of Chaka is so great that he was voted the worst character in the series on a poll. Not that he didn't do anything to deserve it.
  • Blassreiter: Malek started as a whiny, cowardly child who was pissed at God for not handling his problems for him. Granted, he did suffer some serious discrimination and bullying due to being and Outsider, but that's going a tad overboard.
  • Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan has the title character, Dokuro. For the people who hate the series for being a cruel Sadist Show, she's the general root of it, brutally murdering Sakura for the dumbest of reasons.
  • Captain Tsubasa: The main character Tsubasa for being a Invincible Hero who always wins and a Flat Character compared to the other characters.
    • If there's a non-playing character likely to be hated in the fandom, it's either Kumi or Kanda.
  • CLANNAD: During the first season of the show, Nagisa was absolutely hated by a number of hardcore Kyou/Ryou/Kotomi/Tomoyo fans who could not accept the idea of her and Tomoya as the Official Couple.
  • Claymore: Raki had the misfortune of being the perpetual Distressed Dude and Non-Action Guy in a cast full of badass warrior women. The fact that he cries a lot and is very closely bonded to the main character, whom the fanbase loves to pair up with her female comrades, also doesn't help. His screen time decreases a lot as the series goes on, and he did Take a Level in Badass, which helps, though now the fans complain that he's too strong and fear he'll take pagetime away from the female characters.
  • Death Note:
    • Although her case is the same as Americans Hate Tingle, Misa Amane is a scrappy for the fact that she sticks out like a sore thumb, either endlessly talks about how she loves Light or whines about circumstances keeping them apart, and otherwise just calls a ton of attention to herself without contributing much. (And her main contribution to the story only serves to cast her as an Unwitting Instigator of Doom.) Per Word of God, Misa's entire point was to stick out like a sore thumb and feel out of place, in order to make the series even more chaotic and the situation more interesting.
    • Near has earned a Scrappy status from many fans who viewed him as a poor knock-off of L. Even the creator bashed him.
    • Mello receives the same treatment from some fans, though to a much lesser degree (presumably due to his being a more original character).
    • Demegawa. Fans considered him to be a Jerkass Expy of J. Jonah Jameson who's merely concerned with increasing his own profits. He even caused one of Light's plans to fail because of his Money Fetish!. Good thing Mikami kills him.
    • Takada. Whenever fans talk about her, it's either that she was a informed intelligent fool who easily fell for Light's charms or a stuck up jerk, particularly on how she treated Misa. She even gets plenty of flak from fangirls who swore to exact their revenge on her for killing Mello - though it's hard to imagine a worse fate for her than the one that actually transpired.
  • Detective Conan:
    • The Detective Boys. Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta are normal children who unknowingly befriend an undercover Teen Genius in a series filled with complex murder mysteries. Thus, they tend to ignore all his instructions of caution which puts their lives in danger or comes close to blowing his cover multiple times. They even view Conan as the lowest member of the group while trying to stop him taking all the credit for helping solve cases. They do get better in the manga, as they come to appreciate Conan's talent, start to develop their own abilities, and befriend another Teen Genius (Ai Haibara) who keeps them more in line, but this is generally not reflected in the anime fillers where they will remain in Scrappy status in the eyes of many fans.
    • While not as universally reviled as the Detective Boys, Kogoro Mouri seems to have his share of haters. This stems from the fact that he's a Jerk Ass Small Name, Big Ego who's prone to many Kick the Dog moments with Conan. Two stood out: One was when Conan, with logical reasoning, tried convincing Kogoro not to automatically assume a woman he's attracted to is innocent (She was indeed the killer), only for him to punch Conan. In one of the rare occasions he's actually confronted for hitting Conan, he respondes with "He started it by being annoying!" Another was the episode where he broke his leg. In the hospital, he didn't want to miss a Yoko Okino TV event. While Conan was out solving the case, the Detective Boys were wheeling him to the nearest TV, but were slowing down due to lack of manpower. When Conan shows up, Kogoro threatens to put him on the streets if he missed the show.
    • Sonoko Suzuki also has her fair share of haters, who accused her of being a Rich Bitch who is selfish, perverted, and arrogant to the point where she makes Shinichi look humble.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Mr Shu counts. An annoying, cowardly, and incredibly irritating Sadist Teacher who enjoyed whipping Gohan For the Evulz.
    • Babidi has a hatedom as well. Although you're supposed to hate him because he's evil, a lot of fans disliked him because of his frequent outbursts and a "bad" villain because he got other villains to do his work for him.
  • Dragon Ball GT: Pan and Giru. Most fans do not like either of them and consider them whiny and irritating. Especially during the Shadow Dragon Saga, Pan always gets in trouble by the other Shadow Dragons, specifically Nuova, Haze, Naturon and Rage Shenron.
    • Giru has it worse- he's actually Put on a Bus all the way through Baby's story arc because he's been totaled after trying to protect Trunks. Wonder why nobody tried to fix him in all that time...?
  • Elfen Lied: The bullies at Kaede's orphanage are probably the most hated children in anime—of particular note is an infamous scene where they force Kaede to watch while they beat a puppy she was caring for to death—especially the little girl who is widely believed by half of the fanbase to have been a Manipulative Bitch and shows up at the last second. (Said little girl is however occasionally subjected to Alternate Character Interpretation — we only have Lucy's biased account for her actually acting out of malice). As a side note, many fans were unhappy that the bullies' deaths were quick, wanting their deaths to be slow and painful.
    • Yuka, due to the fact that she is in love with her cousin and physically beats him up for no reason. Plus the fact that she goes into Wangst over things which are comparatively minor, in contrast to almost everyone else on the show - even when you have positive traits, being selfish in contrast to the other members of the cast is not the way to go with a character... Though odds are that her more unreasonable haters can probably find some way to blame her for Lucy's Moral Event Horizon crossing (which wasn't her fault at all).
  • Most fans of Eiken dislike Komoe for her squicky character concept (an elementary school student with very large Gag Boobs).
  • Eureka Seven: Eureka's adopted "children": Link, Mayter, and Maurice, or as most fans will say "the brats". In their first centered episode (Ep. 6), they seemed to have learned their lesson and started to become changed characters. Only to go back to their usual selves by the next episode. Not only are their voices extremely grating whenever they open their mouths, but they serve no real purpose other than to provide "comedy" in the form of torturing Renton, and to get Holland, Eureka, and the others in trouble (see episode 40). Even worse, during The Great Wall Arc (from about episode 40 up until the end of the series) they become important semi-major characters.
    • Talho's behavior in episode four didn't earn her any fans. She slave-drove Renton like a housemaid and then punished him when the Gekkostate didn't get the profits they were hoping for, even though he had little to do with that outcome.
    • Holland is even worse than Talho. Whenever things don't go his way, of he suspects Renton in the slightest of insubordination, he outright assaults him. Despite his Character Development, some people never let go of the fact that he took joy out of beating up a kid half his age.
    • The fact that he used to date Renton's sister and even recognized Renton as her younger sibling only adds insult to literal injury.
    • In the sequel Eureka Seven Ao: Truth is this for being an Outside-Context Villain with Combo Platter Powers in a series where there is no superpowers. at all. Not to mention his randomly killing people and other things.
  • Fairy Tail: Romeo. To be exact, while he was barely tolerable (just like the rest of the extras of the guild, most fans acknowledge that they're there but don't care), but in filler, this rocketed him into this status in both fandoms. One reason is his MUCH extended screentime, most of which is pointless; and another is because of the Ship Tease he gets with Wendy. The Japanese fandom, upon seeing him interact with Wendy, promptly flew into a rage.
    • Most God Slayers recieve this treatment too, because their magic is basically one big Informed Ability and they all are merely Smug Snakes. Chelia, however, is the only exception.
  • Louis El Bridget from Freezing is, without a doubt, the most hated character in the manhwa, and for more than good reasons: he regularly abused and molested his half-sister Satella, causing her to develop a crippling phobia of being touched and kick-starting a great majority of her issues. It was bad enough that, since he couldn't have his way with Satella anymore, he molested and raped his own Pandora Holly Rose because she looked like his half-sister. And the hatred for him only solidified during the Bali arc, in which he tried to make Satella come back to him, and gave Kazuya a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when he stood up to Satella, not to mention treated poor Holly Rose like garbage. The fact that he got a Karma Houdini, was Easily Forgiven by Satella in a prime example of Protagonist-Centered Morality, and had a very out-of-character Heel-Face Turn after pulling a No One Could Survive That only served to make his many haters rage.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • We are given one of the most horrific characters: Shou Tucker, for transmuting his daughter into a chimera, as well as having done the same to his wife prior to those events.
    • The gold-toothed doctor is also not well liked, often being referred to as a "bastard." This is because he almost kills Riza by having his goons slit her throat to get Roy to open the Gate. It's to be pointed out that both Tucker and the unnamed doctor lack the Evil Is Cool and Evil Is Sexy aura that many of the other villains have, which only serves to make them more unlikeable.
    • The Wrath from the 2003 anime probably doesn't have a very big fanbase either. Well, he could have, if those crystals he gobbled down from the Homunculi didn't make him Ax-Crazy.
    • Noah from The Movie of the first anime, Conqueror of Shamballa, is pretty disliked. It's fairly telling that she was heavily teased as a possible love interest for Ed, and yet everyone ships him with Alfons Heiderich instead.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Leonard Tessarossa. Sure, he was made out to be a (relatively) "honorable," Noble Demon whose intentions, extreme as they may be, could be considered grander and more for the greater good than anything Sousuke would care for. However, his cockiness and Insufferable Genius, along with his superiority complex have earned him great ire among fandom. He especially gets flak after manhandling Kaname and brainwashing her, causing her to become an angsting Damsel in Distress. And interestingly enough, being a Pretty Boy seemed to actually work against him, as numerous people have taken to despising him for being a Sissy Villain, calling him "Leotard". The funniest part is that he's supposed to be the most sympathetic villain that the series has (seeing how Gauron and Gates are psychotic, insane pedophiles), yet he appears to be the most hated.
    • Kaname gets this due to her tendency to assault Sosuke for pretty much doing his job.
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure gives us Pollun, the new addition to the magical girl duo's Non Human Sidekicks whose immature and whiny personality had a number of fans out for his blood. However, he does stop being as bratty towards the end of the series, and his more mature and considerate depiction in the following season, MaX Heart was much better received. Unfortunately, that same season brought Lulun, who is just as whiny and bratty as first season Pollun, if not moreso, and just as unpopular.
    • Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Milk is one of the most hated mascots ever, for being an annoying brat and deliberately causing trouble for the Pretty Cure, especially around the time of her debut. There are also people who absolutely HATE Coco's fairy form because his voice is so annoying that it not only makes your ear drums bleed out, it makes you wish you could rip out his vocal cords!
    • It's been shown that if you dare ruin how things should run in a Pretty Cure series, you will get hit with this. Ayumi Sakagami of Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage was hit with this because her screen time took up what fans felt should have been devoted to every other established character (even though it wouldn't save or improve the movie in any way). As well Aguri Madoka/Cure Ace of Doki Doki Pretty Cure became this because she was just the cherry on top of a series of Shocking Swerve actions. Her later Bratty Half-Pint actions just made it worse, especially since fans were recovering from Ako.
    • Speaking of Doki Doki, Mana Aida (aka Cure Heart) has also gotten a lot of flack for essentially being an overly bland and perfect Mary Sue and confirmed by Word of God Creator's Pet, taking up way more screen time than all of the other characters. She also doesn't have any realistic character flaws, giving the haters justification for calling her a Canon Sue. She is considered the main reason for the lowest broadcast ratings of a Precure season yet.
    • Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure has been in this category for awhile due to the fact that she's been an unrelenting asshole towards Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess. However, this turns into Jerkass Has a Point when it's revealed that Hime was the one who opened the Axia Box, letting out the Phantom Empire, this action causing the entire basis of the story. Megumi also has some haters due to her inhuman obsession with love and happiness which many people find nauseating.
  • Girls Bravo: Kirie. In the first season her regular (and rather brutal) beatings of Accidental Pervert Yukinari (sometimes for no reason at all), who's supposed to be her best friend, tendency to assume the worst of him if she should find him around a half naked girl, and unwillingness to listen to him explain his actions, did not earn her any points in the fandom. Neither did her tendency to verbally berate him if she suspected he was being perverted (which he wasn't) by calling him a jerk. Not to mention Kirie knows Yukinari has a fear of women (as a result of being bullied by them all his life) and developed an allergy to them because of it. One would question why she still keeps beating the crap out of him in spite of that. In fact, some fans say it's because of Tsunderes like Kirie that they grew to hate Tsunderes in general. She becomes nicer in the second season and her number of moments beating Yukinari decrease heavily. For some fans, it worked, for many, it was too little too late.
    • Fukuyama, an obnoxious pervert. Unlike Kirie, he get's no character development. Even The Cartoon Hero picked him over her to be in his Top 10 Most Hated Animated Characters list.
  • Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown. Many people calls him a weak, spineless young man, surrounded by stronger and more interesting characters. He gets Rescued from the Scrappy Heap later due to being the Cosmic Plaything and Taken A Level In Badass.
    • Souta turns into this after his stupidity gets Hare killed.
    • Arisa and some students after they stabbed Shu in the back. After he succeeds in breaking them out of the enclosing wall that would have doomed the city.
  • Hajime No Ippo:
  • Hayate the Combat Butler has Hayate's Abusive Parents. Even though their abuse is played for laughs, they make Mr. and Mrs. Turner look like Parents of the Year.
  • Highschool of the Dead:
  • Ichigo 100%: The author stated that many of the fanletters she got said "I hate Chinami!". Considering Chinami was an incredibly superficial Attention Whore during most of the series' run, the hatred is somewhat justified.
  • InuYasha:
    • Fans hate Shippo for being a smart-mouthed, whiney, useless Bratty Half-Pint.
    • Koga also falls into this trope for being a smug Karma Houdini.
    • Kikyo, especially for Inuyasha/Kagome shippers. Her tendency to show up right when Inuyasha's and Kagome's relationship is about to go to the next level doesn't help.
      • Same for Kagome, even though it's definitely not as prevalent.
  • Kaleido Star: May Wong from the second season, owed heavily to her initial snobbish attitude (until Leon decides to engage in a bit of painful "attitude adjustment"). Even after she does learn the lesson (and learns it quicker than Leon himself), fans simply will NOT stop raging against her.
  • Kämpfer:
    • Natsuru has scrappy status among fans for being incredibly dense.
    • The love interests come off as incredibly shallow; try to think of something positive they have done that wasn't some ploy to get Natsuru to like them. And remember that prior to meeting Natsuru, each killed other Kampfer for fun.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: While it's unclear where he stands in the Japanese fandom, Naito Longchamp was near-universally despised by a large percentage of overseas fans due largely to his goofy appearance and rambunctious personality. This only applies to the manga, however; the anime wound up writing him out of the plot entirely. However, this may be undergoing a reverse process — fans have claimed that Longchamp appearing may be the only thing that can save the show.
  • Keroro Gunsou:
    • The anime is known for Flanderization and Canon Sues, adding several new recurring characters or expanding their roles. One of the most despised anime-exclusive characters is Joriri, an unshaven bum who first appeared in the Chibi-Kero Flashback episodes. Basically a Perma Stubbled Expy for Adult!Keroro, he serves as a bad role model for the young tadpoles and engages in lots of scene-stealing antics. His first appearance bore a striking resemblance to one manga chapter focused on Giroro's relationship with his brother, leading fans to label Joriri a Replacement Scrappy. (The chapter was later adapted faithfully, but by then it was too late, and they'd found other reasons to hate him.) His frequent reappearances have him verging on Creator's Pet, particularly after he abruptly showed up on Earth and shacked up with the Platoon.
    • Kululu is deliberately written as a Jerk Ass, and it's obvious everyone else is supposed to hate him, but it doesn't help that he does little of interest. More specifically, he's less of a character and more of a plot device used to add machines or science-goes-awry scenarios to the plot.
    • The anime's version of Dororo gets a lot of flak for seeming like a whiny, degenerate hermit compared to his more "speak softly but carry a big stick" portrayal in the manga. He's commonly demoted to being the Sixth Ranger (even though it's a Five-Man Band), not present in many plots involving the rest of the Keronians, and while he tries to be the Only Sane Man against their more wicked ideas, he's nowhere near as assertive as his manga counterpart and ends up the Butt Monkey a lot. What makes this all even worse is that his partner, Koyuki, is still shown as outgoing in the anime, and constantly interracting with her friends, which only draws attention to the fact that meanwhile, Dororo seems to be sulking in a corner somewhere.
    • Natsumi for her condescending attitude, her blatant racism towards the Keronians, beating them even in times when they don't deserve it, and for her Common Mary Sue Traits. The Girls Day episode didn't help much either.
  • Kiddy GiRL-AND: Ascoeur draws a lot of flak for her high-pitched screaming and childish behavior throughout the series. She barely gets her act together as the show progresses, which many viewers regard as way too late.
  • Tiff/Fumu from Kirby of the Stars is this to a ton of people. Not only is she a know-it-all joykill, but she tends to get more screentime than Kirby himself and likes to bitch about everything and boss everyone around. It doesn't help that a lot of people consider her to be a Mary Sue and what basically is an anime version of Lisa Simpson.
    • Tokkori is debatably worse. Give Tiff/Fumu some credit, she's kind and supportive of Kirby. Tokkori, on the other hand, is a mean-spirited Jerk Ass who contributes nothing outside of being difficult and a jerk to Kirby.
  • Kotoura-san:
  • Yoshiko Tanaka from The Legend of Black Heaven is an example of this category, compared to everything that goes on in the series. She is also the reason for her husband, Oji Tanaka's initial mid-life depression.
  • Love Hina:
    • To say that Naru Narusegawa is hated by most of the fandom would be an understatement. Her unfair abuse of Keitaro Urashima had ended up rubbing most fans the wrong way and the fact that she's never called out on it had instantly pissed off a lot of fans, who have come to believe that Naru is nothing more than a Jerk Sue Karma Houdini. The fact that she ends up marrying Keitaro in the end didn't help matters either.
    • The hate also goes for Kanako Urashima: it generally stems from the feeling that she doesn't belong in the series, as she was introduced late and has a darker personality and back story that seems to contrast with the rest of the series. She also gets a lot more hate from fans of the anime, where she was portrayed as extremely flat, and didn't have time to develop like she did in the manga.
  • Lucky Star: Patricia Martin, for several reasons:
    1. Some felt that the character is insulting to Americans in general, particularly fans of Japanese culture.
    2. Patricia Ja Lee, who voices her in the English dub, sounds like a badly-pitched Minnie Mouse;
    3. She doesn't seem to "fit in" with a group of Japanese schoolgirls in a series about Japanese schoolgirls. She was intended to be an Affectionate Parody of American Otakus, not in any way mean spirited, but that fell flat for many.
  • Maburaho: The members of Kazuki and Yuna's class (and the two class representatives in particular) may be collectively the most petty and selfish class in anime, putting Kazuki on trial and trying to mete out punishments simply because he is friendly with Yuna. They even go so far as to sabotage a collaboration with another class just to spite Kazuki.
  • Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force:
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Anya is markedly less popular than most of the other characters. The two main reasons for this are her Bratty Half-Pint / Tsundere behavior (made worse by the fact that she appears extremely immature and petty compared to the rest of the cast), and because she has very little actual plot importance, making her presence seem kind of pointless. It doesn't help that you'd think Negi's childhood friend would play a big part in things or at the very least shake things up a good deal by appearing, but she ultimately didn't amount to much and was soon lost in the tidal wave of characters.
  • Mai-HiME:
  • Mai-Otome:
    • Tomoe gets a lot of fan hatred, as her crush on Shizurunote  being the sole motivation for her villainy is taken to excessively cruel and uncomfortable lengths (especially when there were quite a few legitimate grievances she could have had with Arika).
    • Sergey also gets a lot of hate in some circles, because his interactions with Arika and Nina make him come off as a Lolicon at times, even though it's Nina who takes the initiative, and also because he reminds some fans (visually) of Yuuichi (see above).
  • Mega Man NT Warrior:
    • Yai Ayano, the Rich Bitch trope taken to its most abhorrent extreme. Her role consists mainly of boasting, whining, deriding, screeching, and not developing many positive traits along the way. About the only thing useful about her is her money, which gives the other heroes some occasional firepower when they need it, but she didn't even earn it herself; her father did, so it's questionable whether Yai does anything good.
    • The worst was episode 34, "Lost Money Panic". In the course of one episode, Yai derides people who believe in donating money to charity, screeches her head off at losing all of her money, poo-poos her friends' attempts to help her, and doesn't even learn a valuable lesson about the error of her ways at the end. It's enough to make you yearn for an Anvilicious And Knowing Is Half the Battle segment.
    • Duo and Slur have a very firm claim to Scrappydom among many viewers, as the arguable mascots of Seasonal Rot in the "Stream" arc. Thanks to nearly-Godlike aliens coming and using the world as a big laboratory to pit good against evil, they forced the plot into a more formulaic status than it had ever been: Almost ceaselessly, the two overhear a person with a casual human flaw complaining about something and wishing absentmindedly it could be different, they give him a Navi to grant his wish but also threaten the world, Lan and Mega Man have to stop it; lather rinse repeat.
      • Slur took it Up to Eleven due to being an Obviously Evil Smug Snake villian, and specist to boot. Thus the fandom rejoiced when Bass killed her in the most humiliating way possible.
  • Mega Man Star Force: Luna Shirogane (Or Luna Platz). It didn't help that she was in a love triangle with the main character Subaru Hoshikawa/Geo Stelar and Misora Hibiki/Sonia Strumm, and some fans ship the other two only because Misora looks like Meiru/Mayl and Subaru looks like Netto/Lan from Mega Man Battle Network ignoring their personalities, which in some cases (like Subaru and Netto) are completly opposites. Things were also bad for her because of her Flanderization in the anime, which focused too much on her tsuntsun side and eliminating nearly any dere-dere]]. It's still a case of Americans Hate Tingle, since she is more popular in the japanese fandom than her love rival Misora.
  • Maria-sama Ga Miteru:
    • Touko (Drill-chan) is disliked by a fairly large part of the fandom because of her bitchy attitude, despite all the efforts of the creator to present her in a more positive light. The fact that Yumi keeps relentlessly pursuing her as her petite soeur only adds to this, since a lot of fans think that there are more suitable candidates— Kanako, for instance.
    • Compounding this is the fact that Kanako is called out for her initial bad behavior while Touko is never told to stop either by Sachiko or Yumi herself.
  • Metal Fight Beyblade: Masamune Kadoya. The reason being for him is he's your standard annoying shonen Idiot Hero with Idiot Hair and makes himself off as a Bratty Half-Pint most of the time. Simply put- the fanbase thinks he's a whiny pussy.
  • Mirai Nikki: Yukiteru Amano. To put it in simple terms, he's the main character of a manga in which 12 people are selected to kill each other for the honor of becoming God, yet is easily scared of everything. The way that he always lets Yuno hang around him despite all she's done might make some people think that he's got some nice morals but he's always doing it for his own protection. Once he finally does stand up for himself and act cool-headed, he only does it while becoming a borderline Villain Protagonist himself, disregarding all innocent lives that stand in his way of becoming God simply because as God, he thinks he'll be able to revive all the people he's slaughtered. He's told that even God can't revive the dead. Once he finds this out though, he kills all of his friends because Yuno, his yandere girlfriend, lied and said that they were betraying him.
    • Yukiteru's father, Kurou is probably the most hated character in the series. He only re-enters his son's life so he can destroy his cell phone to clear his relatively small debt (in all fairness, he seems to have no idea that this will kill him). He's a huge Dirty Coward who steals his son's parachute to escape from a collapsing tower, leaving him and his girlfriend to die, then stabs his ex-wife, accidentally killing her, when she tries to turn him in to the police for it.
  • Naruto
    • Sakura Haruno. First, some fans disliked her because she wasn't powerful enough and often let her fangirling over Sasuke take away from her potential. When Shippuden starts, she trained with Tsunade in medical arts and has became a competent ninja in her own right and it looked like she was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, but she quickly became a disliked character again after her fight against Sasori. People were disappointed that she didn't really do anything significant after that fight, and her fake love confession to Naruto, her inability to kill the defected Sasuke and her general crying and relying on Naruto again like in Part 1 didn't do anything to help in that regard.
    • Obito Uchiha. Originally he was an Ensemble Darkhorse, beloved for being the only good Uchiha; when he is revealed to be Tobi, who wanted to kill a baby, killed his sensei and his sensei's wife, treated the Tailed Beasts like nothing, caused the worst part of the Blood Mist era in Kirigakure, AND is behind the Uchiha Massacre, its easy to hate him. But his entire motivation (despite him denying it) is that Rin died at Kakashi's hands (completely disregarding the fact that said death was a Heroic Sacrifice; Kakashi had intended every bit to keep his promise to his dying friend). He wants to mind wipe the entire world for his own personal fantasy. He is also despised for being perceived as a sympathetic character all because Rin is killed by the Mist village as well as being Easily Forgiven by his former comrades (Including Rin, Kakashi and even Naruto) and his own mentor despite all the heinous acts he has personally done against them. His unpunished villainy as well as a poorly done selfish sacrifice made fans hate him even more.
    • The real Madara Uchiha is also viewed this way by some, even by those who once considered him cool, due to how ridiculously overpowered he's become over the series (Word of God even acknowledges that he made the character too powerful) and the escalation of his power through one Diabolus ex Machina after another. Other reasons for his scrappydom include his rather petty motives, such as being Always Second Best to Hashirama Senju.
    • Karin is also hated for due to being characterized as only being obsessed with Sasuke, essentially being a rip-off of part 1 Sakura. While initially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap after being stabbed by Sasuke just to kill Danzo despite healing him just now, after she reverts back to being obsessed and quickly forgived Sasuke, she becomes The Scrappy again to the point that fans hardly reacted when she was in tears over the fact that Sasuke is stabbed by Madara.
    • In a strange twist (both in and out of the story), Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the Evil Matriarch of the Naruto universe has joined the series' ever growing scrappydom right after her reincarnation. Though her character isn't in any way fleshed out for people to love or hate her based on it, she's already despised for being even more overpowered than Madara (such that Naruto and Sasuke claim her chakra is far greater than that of the Ten Tails), shifting the storyline unnecessarily to a new villain arc and making the already horrendously convoluted plot even more so. Add to the list, her resealing about only 30 chapters after her first mention, meaning she never gets any characterization beyond her lust for power and contributes essentially nothing to the story aside from extending its length and killing off Obito, meaning some will hate her due to her sheer pointlessness.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: While the main characters are all very divisive, some characters are flat-out Scrappies:
    • Pen-Pen as some consider such a purely implausible and "cartoon" character out of place in the middle of a dramatic and dark series.
    • Ritsuko Akagi gets flak for obsessing over Gendo Ikari and destroying anything involving Rei (the cloning aquarium, the Dummy Plug) out of a combination of insanity and envy, while the current Rei dies defeating one of the Angels, no less.
    • For people who sympathize with Shinji, Gendo makes this list for being the cause of Shinji's emotional problems.
  • From Nyatto!, Anzu. The general agreement among the readers is that the shark was jumped with her introduction, which draws many complaints the manga taking a turn from an unique story of a guy growing a relationship with his long-time pet kitty turned into a prissy catgirl that wants to turn him into her butler, to your standard harem series where the main character is always a Butt Monkey, as well Anzu often beating up, berating and punishing Shigeru for his perverted antics...when she is as much of a pervert as he is and yet Anzu always gets away with her own antics.
  • Ojamajo Doremi:
    • Since Pop wasn't given much of a role in the first place and was mostly a Bratty Half-Pint Annoying Younger Sibling for almost two seasons, she tends to be disliked by the fanbase. Most of her detractors claim that her presence in the story was unnecessary, and her personality pre-Character Development didn't help either.
    • Hana is also considered one of the least favorites of the fan community due to her qualities of being the Canon Sue (read: unrealistically perfect), a Dojikko (read: causes trouble), and somewhat of a Bratty Half-Pint when she gets upset (read: causes more trouble).
    • Out of all the classmates, Tamaki is probably liked the least. She brags about how her father never punishes her as opposed to the other girls in her class and thinks that punishing your child is "barbaric". She makes fun of Momoko and Hana during their respective first days of school, Momoko for technically being a foreigner and Hana for acting like a toddler.
    • Other than Tamaki, some of the male classmates were scrappies for one at least one episode. Notably the SOS Trio for teasing Naomi, and for the idiotic strategy they used to "beat" Mutsumi in a wrestling match.
  • One Piece:
    • Usopp tends to be less well-liked than the other Straw Hats, possibly because he's not as attractive and tends to be quite cowardly. In the Water 7 arc, when he, after learning the Going Merry was beyond repair and Luffy decided to get a new ship, left the crew and challenged Luffy to a duel over the ship, most fans agreed that he was in the wrong, and a fair portion believed that the incident was the final proof that he was more trouble than he was worth. However, said arc also resulted in him disguising as Sogeking and admitting that he was wrong in the end, which may have made up for it with some fans.
    • There's also Spandam, but that's an intentional case. Surprisingly, he's somewhat more popular in Japan, once making it on a top 30 characters poll.
    • Princess Shirahoshi can be disliked by many fans, due to her constant crying and whiny personality.
    • The most hated character in the manga, however, is most likely - as admitted by Oda himself - Absalom, The Dragon in the Thriller Bark arc. This is probably due in the most part to his perverted nature, as unlike other perverted characters like the heroic Sanji and Brook, Absalom's behavior is actually not Played for Laughs, giving off a dangerous and disturbing impression.
  • Ookami Kakushi:
    • Isuzu too to an extent—she didn't get as much hatred as Hiroshi (and some of it lightened up when she was temporarily Put on a Bus), but not everyone found her clingy, stalker-ish habits amusing.
  • Otogi Juushi Akazukin: Viewers almost unanimously hate Ringo. Her negative traits are even pointed out in the show, when her friends in her own world note how harsh she is toward her friends. When everyone else begins to trust Gretel, Ringo is, not surprisingly the only one against it, angrily at that. One episode even goes out of it's way to make her see that she's dead weight. Her aggressive personality isn't too surprising, considering she's voiced by Rie Kugimiya.
  • Otogi Zoshi: Kintarou looks like an example of the Bratty Half-Pint variety. Most of the characters are fairly serious, and then you throw in an obnoxious, super-strong kid.
  • Pandora Hearts: Jack Vessalius. When he first appeared, he was a mysterious, kind benefactor who wished to protect the amnesiac girl. Now, when it is quite likely that he has been the cause of the tragedy of Sablier and the true evil villain all along who manipulated everyone else all along. More than likely, many people will not love him anymore.
    • Vincent Nightray, for being a selfish, abusive sociopath who uses the hero's little sister's feelings for him to his advantage, and manipulates everyone. He also cut out a cat's eyes with scissors and mocked Alice simply out of jealousy.
  • The Prince of Tennis:
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Hitomi, an otherwise minor character, is in the scrappy heap for one little move that set a chain reaction in motion. To be more specific, she tells Sayaka that she has 24 hours to confess to Kyosuke, the boy they both like, before she does it. Unfortunately, Sayaka has recently learned about the true nature of magical girls and thus no longer considers herself human. She thus cannot bring herself to do it and falls into despair knowing that Hitomi will move in to claim Kyosuke, leading her closer to becoming a witch. The fact that Hitomi is not aware of what is going on, asking Madoka once but not getting an answer, and later feels responsible for Sayaka's death is not mentioned.
    • Kyosuke, Sayaka's love interest, also gets this treatment for the same reasons as Hitomi - only worse. Hitomi received a goodly amount of characterization before the event, but Kyousuke's character began and ended at 'violinist who got hurt and is now sad about it,' which makes it easier to justify his behavior as genuine apathy or malice rather than mere absentmindedness. He's also The One Guy in a series that runs on Les Yay, which gets him flak from the shippers as well; the politer Fan Fics either ignore him or quarantine him with Hitomi as soon as possible so they can get to the Kyouko/Sayaka bits. More justification for his Scrappy status came in the tie-in video game, in which he, in quick succession, refers to Sayaka as a "disgusting monster" and reaffirms his love for Hitomi. Even Gen Urobuchi got in on it, claiming that if they ever did get together, Kyousuke would most likely stand Sayaka up at dates to practice his violin. People will quote Hitomi's lines or defend Kyubey's philosophy, but the most positive thing most fans will say for Kyousuke is, "Well, he's not THAT bad."
    • Kyubey himself is almost universally reviled for his Lack of Empathy and manipulativeness, for being responsible for pretty much everything bad that happens in the anime, and for being a Karma Houdini. The fact that he is a Well-Intentioned Extremist whose goal is to save the universe from heat death does not redeem him in the eyes of the fandom. In a poll of "Most Unforgivable Anime Characters", Kyubey took first place!
      • As of Rebellion things are not looking good for him either, as his race attempted to control Madoka and reintroduce the Witch System for being more efficient than the one currently in place thanks to Madoka's efforts. This takes away the sole justification he had in the eyes of some fans. On the bright side, Kyubey haters were pleasantly surprised to find out he is no longer a Karma Houdini.
  • Ranma ˝: Happosai. A large number of fans have a serious dislike for him, some even going so far as to avoid watching episodes/reading chapters in which he plays a prominent role. The reason generally stems from the fact he is the Miniature Senior Citizens equivalent of a Dirty Old Man and a Panty Thief, while also being an evil Fair Weather Mentor Old Master, notable as being childish, selfish and immature, even compared to everyone else in the series. Generally, if Happosai shows up, he's going to either be groping and harrassing every female (born or made) in sight, causing trouble because he's a Jerkass, trying to get revenge on Ranma for interfering with him being a nuisance, or some combination of the aforementioned. It certainly doesn't help matters that most episodes with Happosai end up as a Karma Houdini for him. Most of the terrible things he does either goes unpunished because Genma and Soun are too cowardly to stand up to him without Ranma, or Ranma gets the blame when it's more obviously Happosai's fault. Not to mention that Happosai is one of, if not the definite cause of the series having a Bittersweet Ending. Mistaking the Jusenkyo water sent to the Saotome household for sake, and drinking it all up before any of the other characters can use it to cure their respective curses.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena:
    • Nanami Kiryuu is an Alpha Bitch, a Clingy Jealous Girl and a prominent face in the series' filler episodes, which causes many viewers to write her off as either an obnoxious nuisance or pointless comic relief. While it's been alleged that members of staff disliked her (supposedly the reason she only got a very limited role in The Movie, and as a cow at that) director Kunihiko Ikuhara is quite fond of her; apparently, she was modeled after a girl he liked when he was younger, but who never gave him the time of day. She wasn't integral to the movie plot, and Chiho Saitou was in charge of the manga (where she only appears in a single photograph) hence the discrepancy in her appearances between each adaptation. However, Nanami does become Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for many fans once episodes 31 and 32 roll around, in which she becomes just too pitiful to hate.
  • Robotech and Super Dimension Fortress Macross includes:
    • Lin Minmei is widely despised, especially among haters of princess-like pop divas and rabid Misa/Hikaru fans. A lot of this actually comes from the Robotech side of the fandom, where not only was Minmei's portrayal less moe and more annoying to Western sensibilities, but her voice actress... was perhaps not the best vocalist that could have been chosen for the role. When Macross saw an English-dubbed rerelease (as Macross, not as Robotech), the producers attempted to curb the hatred by hiring Mari Iijima, Minmei's original actress, for the role. This fixed the issues with her singing, but it also meant she was the only character who spoke with a heavy Japanese accent out of the cast.
    • One name: Lynn Kaifun. Whereas Minmay's actions can be seen as those of a confused, emotionally needy Naďve Everygirl attempting to survive in a ruthless world of adults, Kaifun comes off as less sympathetic and much more of a straight-up, abusive Jerk Ass. Not to mention that he kept railing on the military for being warlike murderers. While giant aliens are actively trying to kill the lot of them. He gets even worse in the final arc of Macross, when the Earth is trying to rebuild after being decimated, turning into a spiteful drunk who emotionally (and sometimes physically) abuses Minmei because she isn't in too big of a demand (and can only pay in paultry gifts for her singing), and just leaves without any real retribution for any of his crap. Also for a self-proclaimed pacifist, he sure does know how to do spinkicks, something lampshaded in the Robotech novel adaptations. Also, he was trying to get together with Minmei... his cousin. For many, this was quite squick-worthy.
  • Ronin Warriors: Depending on which segment of the fandom you ask, this role could be taken on by any combination of Natsuti/Mia, Jun/Yulie, Lady Kayura or Suzunagi from the OAV.
  • Rozen Maiden: Hinaichigo and Kanaria are easily the two least popular of the dolls, especially because they're seen as "less mature" than the others. Still, it's kinda sad watching Hina slowly wind down to her inevitable death. The biggest reason for the hate toward Kanaria is the fact that Ensemble Darkhorse Suiseiseki performs a Heroic Sacrifice to let her escape, which she responds to by foolishly going back and getting killed like an idiot anyway, rendering her death pointless.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Chibi-Usa, especially her English dub counterpart, Rini. While she was designed to have some intentionally annoying qualities, she was also shown to be a genuinely scared little girl away from home and caught in a convoluted plot of people trying to control or even kill her. The real trouble, however, started as she began to get much more screen time in the fourth season. Since that season was also associated with strange mood shifts and an extensive retooling of the original plot and a subsequent dip in the ratings, fans usually associate her with or even blame her for it. Part of the problem were the changes made in the DiC dub in the second season. Chibi-Usa was frequently punished in the Japanese version for being bratty. But since they couldn't show the heroine of the series spanking the bratty kid on American TV, Rini turned out to be far more of a Karma Houdini. She became much more tolerable in seasons 3 and 4, but it would be years before Americans even got the last third of season 2. The damage was done.
    • One of her English voice actresses, Stephanie Beard, made a song (parodying Eminem's The Real Slim Shady) that has an interesting parallel to Chibi-Usa. Although it was meant to describe her radio show persona, the lyrics contain similarities to Chibi-Usa's character, such as the mentioning of "copycats" (Usagi), and having an arrogant and semi-bratty personality.
  • Saint Seiya:
  • Saki
    • Teru Miyanaga, the eponymous main character's older sister, attracted a fairly sizable hatedom after it's revealed that she has, when asked, refused to admit that she has a sister, when Saki had seemingly done nothing to deserve this. Quite a bit of the fandom wants Teru to get her comeuppance, rather than reconcile with Saki, even though the narrative remains sympathetic to Saki's goal.
  • Sangatsu no Lion: Kyoko is almost always shown in a negative light in the series' narrative, verbally abusing or manipulating Rei, resulting in the audience generally regarding her with dislike, despite her sympathetic backstory.
  • School Days:
    • Makoto Itou, who was very likely intended to be a target of hate by his creators, due to being utterly reprehensible in addition to being a gigantic idiot.
    • This was reversed in the manga version: Makoto is still a big moron, but at least there he does care for the girls. Sekai, who is now a manipulative bitch, replaces Makoto in the Scrappy Heap.
  • Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi:
    • Chiaki is probably the most hated character given his stupidity that can only go so far in a yaoi series, to his insensitive nature (tell your best friend whose obliviously in love with you to go hook up with someone else after you already pissed him off with lying to him (which by the way is implied to be Yanase's Berserk Button as well as breaking your promise to hang out with him) and finally being a huge brat about everything despite being at least 29. Sure he has his Woobie moments especially in the novel where he was brutally raped by his other best friend Hatori but that goes out the window when 1. He forgives said friend in an unrealistic fashion and 2. Took a Level in Jerkass as a result of going out with him despite what Hatori done to him. So with each episode, you want to strangle Chiaki and it reaches its climax in the last episode concerning him where he rejects Yanase one last time and this time, he breaks down crying because Chiaki refuses to take him seriously. And what does he tell Yanase despite this? I'll call you back later. You're my friend after all. WHAT THE HELL CHIAKI?! Alas, it will be really hard to find someone who likes Chiaki after that episode.
    • Chiaki's boyfriend Hatori isn't any better. Despite having fans (who look past his faults and puts it straight into the Draco in Leather Pants territory), his actions in the series has turned a lot of people off and made people call him despicable human being. What did he do? Mentioned above he crossed the Moral Event Horizon for a lot of people when he brutally raped Chiaki all because he thought Yanase was going to win in the battle of love. The worse part is he's a Karma Houdini and gets to hook up with Chiaki. But it doesn't end there though. Hatori is possessive to the point that he tries to get Chiaki to cut ties with Yanase and their constant fighting HAS caused a rift between Chiaki and Yanase as shown in later episodes. There whole relationship is a Masochism Tango. The part that made people seal the deal was the same episode that made people hate Chiaki episode 16 where he apparently cheats on Chiaki with his ex-girlfriend (he didn't but that doesn't change the fact that he let her touch his hair in an affectionate manner) and because he met with her though, he cancelled the date that Chiaki was looking forward to because it was the last time the movie he wanted to watch was airing in theaters. However, the minute he finds out that Chiaki went over to Yanase's place, it is implied that he threatened over the phone and then broke into Yanase's house just to punch him in the face. Mind you, Yanase didn't fight back because he broke from Chiaki's confession and Hatori made it worse. Again, Hatori is a Karma Houdini despite his Kick Them While They Are Down moment and is the only one who is really happy at the end of the episode.
  • Shakugan no Shana: Kazumi Yoshida. Aside of the Die for Our Ship and Real Women Never Wear Dresses factors, there's the fact that people think she's shallow, boring, clichéd schoolgirl-in-love-for-a-classmate, steals too much screentime for her little romantic-anime antiques, has a formidable amount of Common Mary Sue Traits and, for the final blow, her impact to the overall plot is almost null. A quick Google search turns up comments on her such as "The single greatest flaw with this series is that she isn't dead yet."
  • Shaman King:
    • Pirika, Tamao and Chocolove. They do all have a good number of fans too though (Pirika and Tamao usually for shipping reasons, and Chocolove because he can be pretty cool despite the racial stereotypes.)
    • Lyserg and the rest of the X-laws (mostly Marco though out of them, but they all are still generally not liked AT ALL) are not very popular with the Shaman King fans, because they come off as self-righteous and Hypocrites... then there is the fact that they kill people they deem evil-rather viciously. Marco and Lyserg are the most hated out of all of them. Lyserg for whining all the time about how he's gonna get revenge for Hao killing his parents, then leaving Yoh and Co. for the X-laws, and continuing from there after acting like a preachy brainwashed, hypocritical idiot. Marco for being a bigoted, hypocritical ass who looked down on everyone not in the X-laws. Though this is mostly how it was in the anime, and where the hatred comes from. The X-laws and Lyserg show their character development much sooner in the manga than in the anime, therefore they grew better on the fandom, in the anime however, this character development only came near the last few episodes.
  • Slayers:
    • Amelia was definitely this for a while in the western fandom. In her first few episodes in the anime, she was a bratty little kid whose naivete, klutziness, and obsession with justice were flanderized to the point where it pushed her into Too Dumb to Live territory. Her first English voice actress made her seem even more annoying. Then the dub went on a year-and-a-half long hiatus, allowing that impression of Amelia to sink in with the fans. When the came back, Amelia was given a better voice actress (Veronica Taylor), and with time, she became more mature and better able to pull her weight in the group. However, the change was gradual and subtle enough that it couldn't overcome everyone's first impression of her, so some fans still hated her. The passage of time (several years), the shrinking of the fanbase (it's smaller, but also a good deal saner than it once was), and the translation of some of the original novels into English (Amelia's much more mature, has a good deal more awesome moments, and her idealism much less exaggerated) has softened fan opinion towards her considerably.
    • Sylphiel the shrine maiden was also this for the western fandom, and still is to an extent, because of her status as a demure and gentle, shrine maiden with poor combat skills (being restricted to The Medic for the most part) in a show filled with outspoken, strong females. She is also in love with Gourry, who in turn starts falling for Lina.
    • By contrast, while the anime-exclusive Filia is loved by Western fans, she only has a modest following in Japan. Meanwhile, the light novel writer, who was involved with the anime production Slayers TRY (which, mind, deviated completely from the original light novel series), hates all of the characters from that season, particularly Filia. The light novel illustrator, to this point, has only made one art of any anime exclusive characters (it's of Filia embracing Valgaav, and they're in the back of a group shot... cue Die for Our Ship for Fillia/Xellos fans).
    • From the fourth/fifth anime seasons is Pokota, the Bratty Half-Pint prince who is almost as powerful as Lina yet remains rather bullheaded until the final few episodes. Even compared to the earlier secondary protagonists, even Sylphiel, he's either ignored or disliked.
  • Most who watched Sonic X did not like Chris Thorndyke. His detractors argue that he's got lots of money and friends, but constantly relies on acting like the Lonely Rich Kid because he'd rather hang out with Sonic and his anthro brigade. Many fans complained that he (Chris) stole the sidekick role from Tails—which he pretty much did. Fans were especially furious when he stole Amy's important role in the Sonic Adventure 2 arc. He had more overall screen time than all of the other characters—more than even Sonic himself.
  • Sugar Sugar Rune: Waffle. The title of episode 30, "The Annoying Witch Waffle Makes her Appearance", is already a bad sign, and things just go downhill from there. She's a Bratty Half-Pint with a one-note personality (her obsession with Houx), and is always either getting into trouble herself or causing trouble for the main characters. Worse yet, she's an anime-original character. So fans know that any episode that features her prominently is guaranteed to be Filler that will not advance the main storyline.
  • Sword Art Online: Sugou, the Big Bad of the ALO arc, is considered one of the most hated villains of recent anime history. Although he was responsible for the imprisonment of 300 players after the SAO incident, one of which included the female protagonist of the story, it was ultimately his molestation/attempted rape on said female lead in front of Kirito that pushed him into scrappydom. He also lacks much of Kayaba's charms.
  • Tamako Market has Dera, the animal mascot comic relief. He's contributed to many a viewer dropping the show with his antics.
  • Tenchi Muyo!.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
  • Tokyo Majin: Aoi Misato. It's bad enough she is totally useless, and doesn't really help the other main characters. However, she constantly runs into danger trying to fight despite having no offensive powers and her friends telling to stay away. It gets worse when the characters begin to claim Aoi as courageous, despite her not really showing this trait. Also, Aoi wants to save everyone, including the enemies who have committed mass murder. Even worse, Aoi wanted to save the main villain (a person who committed a lot of murders), claiming "he didn't hurt anyone."
  • Tokyo Mew Mew:
  • The official manga of the Touhou series, Silent Sinner in Blue, introduced two Scrappy characters Watatsuki no Yorihime and Watatsuki no Toyohime. The fandom had been writing based on characterization that Lunarians, despite their antediluvian history and Magitek prowess, were generally some of the worst monsters in a series that makes other man-eating monsters affable; fans still didn't expect to find them so insufferably offensive. They didn't even win sympathy points when it was revealed they were the fools buried at the bottom of everyone else's schemes.
  • Transformers Armada: The three children due to being a trio of creator's pets. Alexis is somewhat less hated due to her role in Starscream's character arc but the others are largely despised.
    • Never mind the three main kids, there's the two bullies Billy and Fred — the latter especially for his constant whining, obsession with eating, and tendency to ruin otherwise well set-up scenes. In fact, the writers themselves wanted to get rid of them... they just never found the right time to do so.
    • Hot Shot is one of the biggest Scrappies of the franchise, although only partly thanks to his character — most people hate him for his design and his toys as well.
  • Transformers Energon:
    • Kicker. He's an annoying Jerk Sue who hates Transformers for stupid reasons, constantly complains, abuses the shit out of poor Ironhide, is often The Load for the Autobots, and is treated like God's gift to the universe. It doesn't help that he's never called out on his actions.
    • Brad Swaile, who provided the English dub voice for Kicker, has gone on record saying that he felt bad about playing him after he gained mainstream success with Death Note.
    • Most fans were on the fence about Cyclonus, an incompetent, lazy Decepticon with an annoying voice, but upon his reformatting into Snow Cat, he amassed an entire hatedom due to his constant, unneeded, nerve-grating yodeling.
  • Tsukihime: Ciel garners a lot of hatred, much to the frustration of her fanbase. Commonly listed reasons include her combative nature and simply not being as pretty or interesting as the other heroines. Some of this may be due to her being in direct competition with fan favorite Arcueid Brunestud throughout her route (some options require you to directly abandon Arcueid in favor of Ciel; Ciel also picks fights with her), though some Ciel haters make a point to mention that they just avoided her route entirely. Her lack of popularity has become a running joke in pseudo-sequels and doujinshi. It's shit, right?
  • Uta No Prince Sama: Haruka for being a Purity Sue and not being as interesting as her male co-stars.
    • Cecil is hated by both the anime and game fandoms for his Marty Stu-ness and how out-of-place he feels.
  • Wa Ga Na Wa Umishi: Rintarou. Hated from day one, even within the manga, he has scarcely gotten any better.
  • Wandering Son:
    • Fumiya gets a lot of hate from fans. He likes Chiba, which is already a bad part since Chiba is popular with shippers. He has a manipulative streak, and he's a liar. Then he started dating Chiba, which hasn't sat well with a majority of the fandom since it seems like an Ass Pull
    • Momoko is fairly disliked by a majority of the fandom. She only exists to be clingy toward Chizuru, and to get on characters bad sides. Unlike most other characters in the series, she has no Hidden Depths, despite having been in the manga for several years.
  • Yoriko from You're Under Arrest!. She comes off as a whiny, scaredy-cat load who does more trouble then good. What's bugs the fanbase more is that she gets one or two episodes a season all about her, compared to other characters like Aoi.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Anzu/Téa for either her excessive, condescending friendship speeches/lectures that bring the episode to a grinding halt every time, or for getting in the way of Yugi/Yami. It should be noted that the friendship obsession was a dub-addition — in the original Japanese show, Anzu was still a preppy cheerleader, but was much less preachy than the dub made her and didn't go into friendship speeches/lectures every episode; male characters like Yugi and Joey actually went on about friendship more. Still Scrappy material, but to a lesser degree.
    • There is also Mokuba, who is just a plot device to keep Kaiba involved in the plot, and constantly getting into trouble.
    • Rebecca in the first season. She acts rude when she demanded that Yugi's grandfather should give her the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card that Kaiba tore up in the first episode, whines whenever Yugi got the upper-hand in their duel, and accuses Grandpa of tearing up the card after Yugi chose to throw in the towel. She becomes more likeable, though, after having grown up in the interim between later seasons and returning to the show.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds:
    • Crow for initially being a huge screentime-sink despite having been introduced much later than all of the central characters. Solidified when he became a Signer at the end of the second season, despite not owning a dragon, one of the central qualifications for Signer-dom.. On the later episodes, he does get a dragon, but it looks nothing like the Fifth Dragon seen in flashbacks during the first season, which begs the question "WTF?"
    • Aki too. Since the two characters are largely competing for the same "position", there's two major groups of opinions on the matter: group 1, consisting of people who love Aki and hate Crow and group 2, consisting people who love Crow and hate Aki. Group 1 loves the Backstory of Aki and her Character Development. Group 1, obviously, hates Crow for the reasons listed above, but also because he pushed Aki out of spotlight. Group 2 hates Aki's Backstory, her Wangst, and didn't like the direction that her Character Development took her. Group 2 doesn't mind Crow stealing Aki's screentime because they hated her in the first place, and largely agree that the story was improved by having him instead of Aki. People in group 2 generally see Crow as a lovable Large Ham. Obviously this is a case of Broken Base.
    • The 5D's fans are pretty divided over who they hate more; Yusei comes under fire for being an Invincible Hero while almost everyone else is Demoted to Extra, Aki through Chickification and Rua's seen as an annoying kid who has no point in being around the main group. Hinted through preferences when it comes to shipping, it looks like Mikage, Carly, Divine and Sherry also fall into this by the first two threatening who fans believe Jack should be with, or with the latter pair, threatening the sacred Yusei/Aki pairing. The only one fans CAN agree on hating as a whole is Plucky Comic Relief One-Shot Character, Leo (who did try to flirt with Aki).
  • Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL: There's the manga-exclusive oneshot villain Captain Corn, mostly due to The Reveal of his true nature. He's an amusement park employee, so one would expect him to simply be a man in a giant ear of corn suit, right? Nope. Turns out he's literally a giant ear of corn, resulting from an experiment to bring him back from the dead that got contaminated with corn a la The Fly.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Keiko is disliked by many fans - curiously enough most of them are Yaoi Fangirls or believe that Real Women Never Wear Dresses, funny that. In the manga, however, Keiko does have more of a personality and it isn't revolved around Yusuke's.
  • Zero no Tsukaima:
    • The main female lead, Louise. Arguably one of the most short tempered tsunderes in existence, her constant abuse of Saito goes to truly ridiculous levels, even if he does have perverted moments at times that end up flanderized in the anime. The Light Novels, while having similar comedic undertones at first, paint Louise in a much more negative light as opposed to the anime. This may actually be the point, since the series is noted to be a deconstruction of what a relationship with a tsundere is actually like. She does get called out on this by Saito later in the light novels, but many fans can't forgive her regardless.
    • Saito gets a lot of hate from Louise fans as well due to his tendency to jump up and down on her Berserk Buttons and apparently being too stupid to learn that doing so will get him blown up. While most of Louise's Domestic Abuse can't be justified, most of the worst examples of such are triggered by extreme perversion on Saito's behalf, such as the time in book two of the Light Novels when he tried to undress her in her sleep.
  • Zoids: Chaotic Century: Thomas Shubaltz. He was kind of a jerk when he was first introduced, acting condecendingly towards Van and openly flirting with Fiona. Thomas later got a lot of character development that revealed him to be The Unfavourite living in his older brother's shadow, turning him into something of a woobie, and he reconciled with Van while getting over his crush on Fiona. Unfortunately his earlier behavior became a case of Never Live It Down, and he's often villified by Van/Fiona shippers.
  • Zoids: New Century
  • Osamu Tezuka's Reused Character Design: Ham Egg. Whether he's a nasty circus manager, a poacher who killed off the hero's parents, or an organ smuggler, he's found to be a total Smug Snake by fans.

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