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09:52:35 AM Feb 9th 2014
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I was the one who suggested Soi Fong, May's Munchlax, Koga, and Ritsuko Akagi. I hated Soi Fong the moment she said that she doesn't care who she kills, Munchlax for the reasons eventually mentioned, Koga for not receiving any blame during both arguments between him, InuYasha, and Kagome, and Akagi for killing Rei, thus turning me off from this anime for good. Also, even though I'm avoiding Madoka Magica like the plague (don't judge me), I think Kyouko should be a possible candidate for a Scrappy because not only do some people think of her as an Ensemble Darkhorse (why?), but she was a bitch and she kinda looks like a demon (I'm aware that she did get better like Rebecca, but still...).
10:22:19 AM Feb 9th 2014
That seems more like an argument for "hateworthy character" rather than "unpopular character", if you get the difference.
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