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07:13:43 AM Apr 8th 2017
edited by RebelFalcon
Gino Weinberg of Code Geass. I've seen he has numerous fans in addition to haters, so would he not fit Base-Breaking Character more? Until this can be replied to, I hid his example on the page.

After consideration, I shall remove Gino from the list, as well as Empress Tianzi, for the given reason has no in show basis, as well as seeing no hate for her.
02:03:41 AM Sep 10th 2015
Cut out this example pertaining to Black Butler.

This is completely unture. I've seen plenty of fans for Lizzie in the portion of the fanbase I've stuck to and, in the most recent poll, she got eighth place. Plus, Sebastian/Ciel fangirls have been dying out. That, or I'm really good at avoiding them =3=
01:46:13 PM Aug 22nd 2015
How dare you put Team Rocket on the scrappy page when their the best characters in pokemon! and yet Iris isn't here and she should be on the top of the list! Because she's way more irritating then they are. In fact if I owned pokemon I'd have the T Rio do a heel face turn and make them the stars. and kill Iris off in the most brutal way I could think of!
08:05:47 PM Apr 6th 2015
Kill la Kill examples were meant to hated, shall they be removed, or given an explanation for there hatedom (like choosing to die in ways that denied the heroes and audiences the satisfaction)?
01:05:11 AM Apr 7th 2015
Hate Sink examples ought to be removed.
09:52:35 AM Feb 9th 2014
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I was the one who suggested Soi Fong, May's Munchlax, Koga, and Ritsuko Akagi. I hated Soi Fong the moment she said that she doesn't care who she kills, Munchlax for the reasons eventually mentioned, Koga for not receiving any blame during both arguments between him, InuYasha, and Kagome, and Akagi for killing Rei, thus turning me off from this anime for good. Also, even though I'm avoiding Madoka Magica like the plague (don't judge me), I think Kyouko should be a possible candidate for a Scrappy because not only do some people think of her as an Ensemble Darkhorse (why?), but she was a bitch and she kinda looks like a demon (I'm aware that she did get better like Rebecca, but still...).
10:22:19 AM Feb 9th 2014
That seems more like an argument for "hateworthy character" rather than "unpopular character", if you get the difference.
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