Shout Out: The Simpsons

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    Season 1 

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

  • The title is a parody of the first line of The Christmas Song, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."

Bart the Genius

Homer's Odyssey

There's No Disgrace Like Home

  • The title is a pun on the line "There's no place like home" from The Wizard of Oz.

Bart the General

Moaning Lisa

  • The title is a pun on the Mona Lisa painting.
  • The video game Homer and Bart are playing is a parody of Punch Out.

The Call of the Simpsons

The Telltale Head

Life on the Fast Lane

Homer's Night Out

  • When Aput tells Homer that he looks familiar (due to seeing him on the incriminating photo), Homer believes he's confused him for Fred Flintstone.

The Crepes of Wrath

Krusty Gets Busted

  • A Little Night Music: When Chief Wiggum orders the clowns on the police line-up to come out, he says "Send in the clowns", a nod to the musical.
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: When Sideshow Bob is arrested, he admits his crime and that he intended to frame Krusty, exclaiming, "I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for You Meddling Kids," referring to the common ending line of most episodes where the Mystery Inc. kids foil criminal activity.

Some Enchanted Evening

  • America's Most Wanted: The television series "America's Most Armed and Dangerous" (where Mrs. Botz's true identity is revealed to the kids) is a parody.
  • South Pacific: The episode title is taken from a song from the 1949 musical.

    Season 2 

Bart Gets an F

Simpson and Delilah

  • The title is a pun on the legend of Samson and Delilah.
  • The scene with Homer running through town with his new hair is a parody of It's A Wonderful Life
  • The scene where Homer gets the executive washroom key is a parody of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?.

Treehouse of Horror

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

  • Burns' campaign speech is a recreation of the famous scene from Citizen Kane.

Bart vs. Thanksgiving

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

  • The scene where the children go out and play is a reference to the "Pastoral Symphony" segment from Fantasia.

Lisa's Substitute

    Season 3 

Stark Raving Dad

Like Father Like Clown

  • The plot is based on The Jazz Singer. Rabbi Krustofsky indirectly references it at one point.

Flaming Moes

  • Serveral references to Cheers are made, including the Flaming Moes montage.

Homer Alone

  • The title and Homer's scream is a nod to Home Alone.
  • The opening scene has Homer chasing Bart as if they were Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.
  • Marge's roar to the angry bystander sounds a lot like the MGM lion roar.

Colonel Homer

  • The title is based on Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager.
  • Homer says Lurleen's song hasn't stuck to him so hard since "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc.
  • The variety show Ya-Hoo! is a parody of Hee Haw.

Dog of Death

Black Widower

  • Sideshow Bob's prisoner number is 24601.

Bart's Friend Falls in Love

    Season 4 

Kamp Krusty

  • The scene where the children make wallets while Kearney beats the drum parodies Ben Hur.
  • The method Mr. Black and the bullies flee the camp during the rebellion parodies the James Bond series.

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

Lisa's First Word

  • The Krusty Burger Olympic promotion and the subsequent backfiring due to the Soviet boycotting of the Games was based on a McDonald's promotion that had the same results.

Marge vs. the Monorail

  • The opening scene is a parody of the opening sequence to The Flintstones.
  • Lyle Lanley and his plan to get the town's money with song and dance comes from The Music Man.

Selma's Choice

  • Inverted: the Bouvier family iguana being called "Jub-Jub" looks like a reference to "The Jabberwocky" ('the Jub-Jub Bird') or to "The Hunting of the Snark", but Word Of God says that it was just a random phrase coined by the writer, Conan O'Brien.

Brother from the Same Planet

  • The nun being blown away by the wind parodies The Flying Nun.
  • The scene where Milhouse writes "Trab Pu Kcip" parodies the "Redrum" scene from The Shining.
  • Tuesday Night Live is a parody of Saturday Night Live, with Bart noting that the show isn't the same without Joe Piscopo.
  • Dr. Hibbert offers Lisa a M*A*S*H coloring book.
  • Bart and Tom watch an episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Last Exit to Springfield

    Season 5 

Homer's Barbershop Quartet

  • Moe is selling clams painted to resemble Lucille Ball.
  • Melvin and the Squirrels are an obvious parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  • Many of the Be-Sharps' points of popularity parallel The Beatles.
    • In the 1980s, Moe's Tavern was called Moe's Cavern, a nod to The Cavern Club where the Beatles got their start.
    • Barney replacing Chief Wiggum is a reference to Pete Best getting replaced by Ringo Starr.
    • Bart asking if the Be-Sharps screwed up like the Beatles and said they were Bigger Than Jesus is a nod to John Lennon's infamous quote. Homer then show's him a record called "Bigger Than Jesus" with the Be-Sharps walking on water a la the cover to Abbey Road.
    • The finale of the Be-Sharps reuniting to sing atop Moe's Tavern is a reference to the Beatles singing on top of the Apple building.
  • Chief Wiggum watches The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and The Late Show with Joan Rivers.


  • There are numerous nods to Citizen Kane, starting with the title.
    • The opening shot from outside Burns' mansion.
    • The flashback to Burns' childhood, where he leaves his precious childhood memory behind for a life of riches and cold industry.
    • Burns dropping the snowglobe at the end of his flashback dream.
  • Burns tries to cover up to Smithers his dream about Bobo by telling him he was dreaming of The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. In the next scene, Homer is indeed dreaming about it.
  • The guards marching and chanting outside Burns' mansion are based on the Wicked Witch of the West's guards in The Wizard of Oz.
  • The ending, where Burns, now a head in a jar on a robotic body, runs away with Bobo, with a number of Homer-like humans enslaved by apes, is a parody of The Planet Of The Apes.
  • Burns' brother is revealed to be comedian George Burns.
  • Burns and Smithers' attempt to steal Bobo is based on Mission: Impossible.
  • Charles Lindburg and Adolf Hitler were both in possession of Bobo.
  • Burns and Smithers act in a bad The Honeymooners parody.

$pringfield: Or, 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling

Deep Space Homer

  • When Homer is on the centrifuge, he face distorts and resembles Popeye. Later during the launch, his face becomes that of Richard Nixon.
  • Homer imitates the final scene of Planet of the Apes when he finally gets the film's twist.
  • The Itchy & Scratchy cartoon references the chest-bursting scene from Alien.

Bart Gets an Elephant

  • The first part of a story – Bart being told he was the winner of an elephant, but then asked if he wants a $10,000 cash substitute – parallels a similar situation that happened on the 1950s version of The Price Is Right, where a contestant was shown an elephant, offered $4,000 and then insisted that they make good on the elephant prize. In both cases, legal threats arose and those in charge complied with the contestants' wishes.
  • These lines when Homer hits the statue come from The Sound of Music.

Burn's Heir

The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    Season 6 

Itchy & Scratchy Land

  • Many of Itchy & Scratchy Land's areas reference Walt Disney World. For example..
    • Parents Island is a reference to Pleasure Island.
    • There is a reference to the Main Street Electrical Parade.
  • The gags during the family's car ride are based on National Lampoons Vacation.
  • The helicopter ride to the park is a reference to Jurassic Park.
  • Pinitchio and Scratchtasia are parodies of Pinocchio and Fantasia respectively.
  • Roger Myers Sr.'s film Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors is a nod to Walt Disney's alleged antisemitism, as well as an inversion of the propaganda short Der Fuehrers Face.
  • The robots rebelling and going on a rampage is a nod to Westworld.
  • The joke about Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land is a reference to the low attendance of Disneyland Paris in its first years of operation.

Sideshow Bob Roberts

  • Bart gets The Flintstones talking phone in kindergarten. Henry Corden even voices Fred's recording.

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

'Round Springfield

    Season 7 

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)

  • Chief Wiggum falls asleep while looking over some of the evidence from shooting, and ends up dreaming of a place similar to The Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, with a backwards-talking Lisa standing in for The Man From Another Place.

Radioactive Man

  • The campy 70s version of "Radioactive Man" is reminiscent of Batman.

Bart Sells His Soul

  • The Comic Book Guy has a rare Mary Worth where she has advised a friend to commit suicide.
  • Milhouse tells Bart Alf is back in Pog form.

The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

Two Bad Neighbors

Summer of 4 Ft. 2

  • Lisa says that she heard the word "crustacean" on Baywatch.

    Season 8 

You Only Move Twice

The Springfield Files

Brother From Another Series

  • Frasier is a hit show on the NBC Television network.

The Old Man and the Lisa

  • When Mr. Burns tells Smithers that he is going to get that girl to help him and the following scenes with Lisa are from That Girl.

Bart After Dark

    Season 9 

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

  • After his flashback, Homer mentions that C.H.U.D.s attacked him after falling in the sewer.
  • Bart mistakes a Hasidic Jew for ZZ Top.
  • Bart sneaks into the headquarters of MAD.

The Principal and the Pauper

Lisa's Sax

  • Homer and Marge sing a version of "Those Were the Days" from All in the Family. The narrator then notes The Simpsons is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

  • Marge tries to get the money back on Jeopardy.

Das Bus

  • The title is a pun on Das Boot.
  • Principal Skinner banging his shoe on his desk at the Model U.N. meeting is a reference to Nikita Khrushchev's "shoe-banging incident" at the United Nations in 1960.
  • The plot about the kids on the island is based on Lord of the Flies.
  • The scene where Bart, Lisa and Milhouse swing across a ravine on a vine references Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Ralph's face paint resembles that of Peter Criss.

Lisa, the Simpson

Trash of the Titans

    Season 10 

When You Dish Upon a Star

The Old Man and The "C" Student

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

  • "Battling Seizure Robots" is a reference to a scene with rapid lighting flashes in the Pokémon episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" that sent 685 children into seizures.
  • Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, and Mothra all make an appearance.

    Season 11 

Grift of the Magi

  • The title is a parody of the short story The Gift of the Magi, but the plot is entirely unrelated.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

Behind the Laughter

    Season 12 

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

The Great Money Caper

  • The plot is based on Paper Moon, and Homer and Bart attempt to scam Flanders by selling him a bible they claim Maude ordered before dying, but Ned isn't fooled because he'd seen Paper Moon.
  • The title is from The Great Muppet Caper
  • Grandpa mentions The Sting 2 when he joins Homer and Bart.
  • "Magic Palace", the magic-themed restaurant the Simpsons visit at the beginning, is based on The Magic Castle, a Hollywood nightclub.
  • Marge's line "I didn't say that for clapping" is from a speech John Wayne once gave while drunk.
  • The ending lampoons the cliche of heist films always having a twist ending.


  • Gravey and Jobriath is an extremist parody of Davey and Goliath.
  • I.P.O. Fridays is a pun on the restaurant T.G.I. Fridays.
  • Homer's Imagine Spot about the risks of investing includes a reference to King Kong.
  • At the library, Homer has read books from Hop on Pop to Death Be Not Proud.

Children of a Lesser Clod

  • The title is a pun of Children of a Lesser God.
  • Professor Frink uses shoes padded with flubber.
  • In Homer's retelling of how he broke his knee, he was a giant in space and got hit in the knee by George Jetson's car.
  • When Homer is billed for the porno films he rented, he mentions Doctor Screwlittle.
  • The scene where Arnie Pie follows Homer in the stolen paddy-wagon is based off of the infamous O.J. Simpson car chase.

    Season 13 

The Blunder Years

Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge

    Season 14 

Special Edna

  • After watching a video of a teacher that tries to add humor to his lessons, the judges note Dead Poets Society has ruined a generation of educators.

I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can


'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

    Season 15 

The President Wore Pearls

The Regina Monologues

  • The title parodies that of The Vagina Monologues.
  • The scene where Homer circles the roundabout in front of Buckingham Palace parodies a similar scene in National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples, Teens and Gays

  • Roofi is an obvious parody of Raffi.
  • The scene of the babies attending the Roofi concert greatly resembles Woodstock.
  • The kids watching in horror as the "R" in the "Toys R Us" sign is turned frontward, especially Milhouse's expression, is a reference to the famous photograph taken during the Nazi occupation of France.
  • The scene of the Itchy & Scratchy statue being taken down with a tank parodies the destruction of the statue of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • The scene where the kids make the childless people love children by touching them parodies the ending to The War of the Worlds.
    Lisa: For all their disposable income, for all their leisure time, they had no immunity against God's lowliest creatures: children.

Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    Season 16 

Midnight Rx

  • Mr. Burns' plane, the Plywood Pelican, is a parody of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.
  • Ralph says "I'm cuckoo for contraband", a reference to the Cocoa Puffs tagline "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs".
  • The Canadian drug store "Dudley Do-Drugs" is a pun on Dudley Do-Right.

On a Clear Day, I Can't See My Sister

  • The title is a pun on On A Clear Day I Can See Forever.
  • Sprawl-Mart is a parody of Wal-Mart. Lampshaded with a banner saying it's not a rip-off of Wal-Mart.
    • The subplot is also a parody of Wal-Mart's controversies regard its treatment of their employees.
  • The family joins together to play "Tijuana Taxi".


The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star

  • When Lisa mentions that Latin is "the language of Plutarch", Homer confuses him with Mickey Mouse's dog.
  • The "Ministry Machine" is a parody of the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo.

    Season 17 

The Monkey Suit

  • The plot is a parody of the "Monkey Trial" of 1925, as well as the play it inspired, Inherit the Wind.
  • The conservative lawyer is seen feeding a deer and makes an allusion to Bambi to demonize evolution.
  • Marge has a picture of herself with a costumed Snoopy, which also advertises MetLife.

    Season 18 

The Haw-Hawed Couple

  • The title is a pun on The Odd Couple.
  • The Angelica Button books are a parody of the Harry Potter books.
  • Nelson breaks his camera in frustration and yells "Look what you made me do!", much like Annie Wilkes in Misery.
  • The scene of Angelica Button trapped in a giant hourglass resembles the climax of Aladdin.
  • In Homer's revised book ending, Wizard Greystache fights like Popeye.
  • The ending is a parody of Brokeback Mountain.

Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)

  • The title is a parody of the song "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair".
  • Opal is a parody of The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Homer's method of getting dressed is based on the opening sequence to Da Ali G Show.
  • The theme to The Streets of San Francisco plays when Homer speeds to Marge's art show.
  • Homer mistakes the giant Popsicle-stick statue of himself for that of Magilla Gorilla.

Rome-old and Julie-eh


  • Marge's screenplay Mrs. Mom (which Rainer Wolfcastle later plagiarizes) is based on Mr. Mom.

Marge Gamer

The Boys of Bummer

  • The title is a pun on The Boys of Summer.
  • Bart's ordeal references the public shaming of Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman for their baseball-related mistakes. Bartman would be referenced again when Homer (complete with jersey and headphones) catches one of the balls Bart was supposed to catch.
  • Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney sing an anti-Bart rendition of "Love Stinks" by The J. Geils Band.
  • At one point, Bart gets hit by a baseball and all his clothes fly off, much like Charlie Brown from Peanuts.
  • The voice and appearance of the baseball announcer are modeled after Vin Scully, the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • The phrase "The Isotots lose the pennant!" is based on the phrase "The Giants win the pennant!" when the New York Giants win the 1951 National League pennant.
  • The theme that plays when Bart watches the all fly through the air is based on the score from Rudy.
  • The plot about the game being replayed is based on The Best Of Times.

Crook and Ladder

  • Smothering Mother magazine is a Larry Flynt publication.
  • Napien is an obvious parody of Ambien. In fact, Lisa was about to call it that before correcting herself.
  • While sleepwalking, Homer stacks a bunch of VHS tapes like dominoes, the first one pushed being a copy of C.H.U.D..

Stop of My Dog Will Shoot

24 Minutes

  • The episode is a parody of 24.

You Kent Always Say What You Want

    Season 19 

    Season 20 

Wedding for Disaster

  • Maggie's Imagine Spot involves Marge being a parody of Godzilla and Homer as King Kong. Then Kong!Homer sits down and reads Apes magazine, a parody of People.
  • Patty and Selma's torture of Homer is based on the Saw series.

    Season 21 

    Season 22 

    Season 23 

Holidays of Future Passed

  • Maggie rides in a broken-down plane based on the ones seen in Mad Max.

Them, Robot

Lisa Goes Gaga

  • Blink and miss - the mirror showing Lady Gaga in the Vampirella costume.

    Season 24 

Moonshine River

  • When the Simpsons are in Times Square where we first see them in New York City to find Mary Spuckler there:
    Homer: Look at this place! Things have certainly changed since our ancestor Fievel came here!

Pulpit Friction

    Season 25 

    Season 26 

Treehouse of Horror XXV

  • The many different versions of the Simpson family at the end:

Waiting for Duffman

  • In the scene just prior to Homer taking the Duffman oath, a video briefly plays of a Duff-themed Game of Thrones opening, complete with music. Homer lampshades the absurdity of the situation with "Seems awfully overproduced".