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Drinking Game: The Simpsons

  • Every time Homer says "D'oh!", or Screams Like a Little Girl, drink.
    • Likewise, drink if he says, "WOO HOO!" or "WHY YOU LITTLE...!" and strangles Bart.
  • Every time Marge does her frustrated murmur, drink.
  • Every time Barney burps, drink.
  • Every time a celebrity does a guest voice on the show.
  • Every time Nelson says "Ha-ha!", drink.
  • Every time Mr. Burns says "Excellent".
  • Any time, Smithers or Patty's homosexuality is brought up, drink.
  • Every time the Comic Book Guy says "Worst (insert word) ever." CHUG THE WHOLE THING DOWN.
  • Every time Dr. Nick cheers "Hi everybody!", drink.
    • Two sips if it's an odd variation.
  • Every time Krusty says, "HEY, HEY!" followed by his goofy laugh, drink.
  • Every time Sideshow Bob says, "Hello, Bart." drink.
  • Drink for every one of Ned Flanders's goofy sayings.
  • Every time Abe goes to sleep in the middle of telling a long story, drink.
  • Drink every time Duffman says, "DUFFMAN!"
  • Every time Moe gets a prank call from Bart, drink.
  • Every time Mrs. Krabapple laughs ("Ha!"), drink.
  • Every time Agnes Skinner yells, "Seymour!", drink.
    • Every time Seymour replies, "Yes, mother", or some variation, drink.
  • Every time Superintendent Chalmers comes in and yells, "SKINN-ER!", drink.
    • Take another drink if Skinner gasps, "Superintendent Chalmers!"
  • Every time Maggie sucks on her pacifier, drink.
    • Every time Maggie falls on her face.
  • Every time Mr. Burns forgets Homer and asks Smithers who he is, drink.
  • For every Treehouse of Horror, drink every time Kang and/or Kodos make an appearance.
  • Take a drink for every film, TV special, etc. Troy McClure says you might remember him from.
  • If Milhouse's bed-wetting problem comes up, take a drink.
  • Take a drink if Apu says, "Thank you, come again!"
  • If Homer actually says, "Let's all go out for frosty, chocolate milkshakes!" or some variation, down a whole drink.
  • Take a drink if Dr. Hibbert laughs.
  • Take a drink every time something bad happens to Hans Moleman.
  • In "My Fair Laddy", take a drink every time the new gym coach says the word, "Bombardment!" If you take this one, make sure you have an ambulance nearby.
  • Take a drink if Sideshow Mel interjects with a hammy sentence.
  • Take a drink for every time Disco Stu says his name.
  • Take a drink for every child of Cletus that shows up in the episode you're watching.
  • Take a drink for every Non-Sequitor Ralph Wiggum says.
  • Take a drink for every time Gil predicts/hopes that his luck is finally turning around. Take another if he refers to himself as "ol' Gil" in the process.
  • Take a drink for every time Moe wishes he were dead or that someone would kill him. Take another whenever he actually attempts suicide. (Use caution when watching the Christmas episode segment which is entirely about Moe being suicidal.)
  • Take a drink whenever Yes Guy says, "Eeye-e-e-es!"
  • Take a drink whenever a telephone hotline plays hold music that's extremely inappropriate for the crisis at hand.
  • Take a drink for every time Professor Frink makes one of his Jerry Lewis-like nonsense sounds.
  • Take a drink every time Patty or Selma mention Mac Guyver or Grandpa mentions Matlock, two if someone else mentions it.

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