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Film: The Absent-Minded Professor
I said it's Neddy the Nut flying his... old Model T.

The Absent-Minded Professor is a black and white 1961 live action Disney movie. Professor Brainard, the eponymous Absent-Minded Professor, forgets his wedding, not for the first time, but nonetheless succeeds in inventing a substance, flubber, which has mysterious properties including the ability to add kinetic energy with every bounce and flight. With this substance, he proceeds to foil the amorous attempts of a local real estate agent on his fiancee, cause the local basketball team to unexpectedly win their game, and to win the girl.

The movie has one sequel, Son of Flubber, made in 1963, and was remade twice, once in 1988 as a TV movie, also titled The Absent-Minded Professor which introduced the idea of a computer sidekick and once in 1997 as Flubber.

This film provides examples of:

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