Film: The Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog is a 1959 Disney movie starring Fred MacMurray and Tom Kirby, partly based on a Felix Salten novel called The Hound of Florence, about a brilliant but geeky teenage boy named Wilby Daniels, who takes a liking to a beautiful French girl who just moved in. While he and his friend Buzz Miller take her to a museum, Wilby gets separated from the group and accidentally bumps a case of rings over. When he gets home, Wilby discovers that one of the rings fell into the cuff of his pocket and notices a strange Latin inscription on it. After reading it over and over, he turns into a dog! The spell comes and goes constantly at embarrassing times, and things get even more complicated when he discovers that the girl's father and butler are actually spies sent to steal a government secret for the space program. Now it's up to Wilby and his pesky brother (and eventually his dog hating father), to stop the spies before he (and his dad) both end up in the dog house!

The movie was a huge hit at the time of it's original release in 1959. It spawned a 1976 sequel (The Shaggy D.A. where a 40 year old Wilby runs for district attorney and his curse comes back), a TV remake in 1994 and a 2006 film with Tim Allen, whose only similarity other than a human turning into a dog at weird times is that the dad hates dogs and a conspiracy is afoot.

Not to be confused with a Shaggy Dog Story.

The Original:

  • Animated Credits Opening
  • Betty and Veronica: Allison, the girl next door that grew up with both Wilby and Buzz and the sophisticated and French Francesca. Oddly the two girls are civil towards one another, unlike the Trope Namer.
  • Butt Monkey: Wilby, and sometimes his dad.
  • Girl Next Door: Allison, as played by Annette Funicello, she's a very pretty girl whom both boys are interested in dating only to be somewhat forgotten when Francesca moves into town.
  • Jerkass: Buzz Miller, to some extent. He always asks Wilby for money to pay for his dates with girls, and always fails to pay him back, and when the new girl Francesca moves in, he makes it clear he doesn't want Wilby around, wanting to woe her in himself.
  • Two-Timer Date: Zig-zagged. Wilby's friend Buzz asks his usual girlfriend Alice on a date, and later without thinking, asks Francesca, the new girl who just moved in. Buzz asks Wilby to go with his plan: He will tell each girl that Wilby is nervous and has never had a date before, so to make him feel better, they will each dance with Wilby every other dance, and that way both girls will think they're with Buzz and everybody will be happy (except Wilby.)

The Remake has examples of: