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Film: The Shaggy Dog
The Shaggy Dog is a 1959 Disney movie starring Fred MacMurray and Tom Kirby, about a brilliant but geeky teenage boy named Wilby Daniels, who takes a liking to a beautiful French girl who just moved in. While he and his friend Buzz Miller take her to a museum, Wilby gets separated from the group and accidentally bumps a case of rings over. When he gets home, Wilby discovers that one of the rings fell into the cuff of his pocket and notices a strange Latin inscription on it. After reading it over and over, he turns into a dog! The spell comes and goes constantly at embarrassing times, and things get even more complicated when he discovers that the girl's father and butler are actually spies sent to steal a government secret for the space program...

Partly based on a Felix Salten novel called The Hound of Florence, the movie was a hit at the time. It spawned a 1976 sequel (The Shaggy D.A. where a 40 year old Wilby runs for district attorney and his curse comes back), a TV remake in 1994 and a 2006 film with Tim Allen, whose only similarity other than a human turning into a dog at weird times is that the dad hates dogs and a conspiracy is afoot.

Not to be confused with a Shaggy Dog Story.

The Original:

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