Bunny Ears Picture Prank

When a group of at least two people are getting their picture taken, at least one of them will stick their hand behind the other person's head with two fingers up, a la bunny ears. Alternatively done with shadow puppetry. Often done by pranksters and the like.

In America, it's a meaningless prank usually played on or by children. Its origin, however, is a reference to Cuckold Horns, signifying the victim of infidelity. In many countries, it retains this connotation and means "I slept with your wife."


  • In a 2012 Samuel Adams commercial, one of the brewery workers does this to another worker.

  • Superman II: Lex Luthor and Otis are hugging a wall while escaping from prison. A guard's searchlight illuminates Luthor's bald head from behind. Otis puts two fingers up behind Luthor's head, creating the bunny effect on the wall. When Luthor sees what Otis is doing he lets out a gasp.
  • The movie poster for Toy Story 2 showed Woody doing this to Buzz.

Newspaper Comics
  • FoxTrot's logo
  • The Far Side
    • The comic "The Holsteins visit the Grand Canyon", has a family of cows posing for a photo, with one of the children cows holding its hoof behind the other in imitation of this trope. Unfortunately, the hoof looked like a bow to many readers, causing some confusion.
    • Another comic features General Lee posing for a dignified picture at Gettysburg, with one of his fellow officers giving him bunny ears.
  • A Bloom County strip once showed Milo, determined to get an incriminating photo of Senator Bedfellow, disguise himself as an Arabian sheik and offer the senator money. The photo on the front page of the Beacon has Milo (still in disguise) giving Bedfellow bunny ears while sticking out his tongue.
  • Inverted in the Bizarro comic for 9-14-12. A Funny Animal rabbit cups his paws and creates human ears on the side of his father's head.

Video Games
  • Sims can sometimes be seen doing this in the family portrait on the lot loading screen in The Sims 2.

Western Animation
  • In an Arthur Imagine Spot, the group takes photos and Buster does this to Muffy. It should be noted that Buster is an actual rabbit.
  • The Simpsons: When Selma is longing for a baby, we see a picture of her and Chub-Chub, her pet iguana, which she's giving bunny ears to.
  • On Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Bloo plans to do this for the home's annual group photo, but he fails every time.
  • During the Batman/Joker team-up episode of Batman The Brave And The Bold, the Joker does this to the Bat-Signal.
  • Bugs Bunny does this bit to Daffy (after tying up his own ears under his chin) to fool a big dumb Abominable Snowman who's looking for "a little bunny rabbit to call my own".